[Special Offer] Andy Hafell - Tube Takeoff 2.0 2

[Special Offer] Andy Hafell – Tube Takeoff 2.0


Get Now Tube Takeoff 2.0 Andy Hafell

Get Now Tube Takeoff 2.0 Andy Hafell

Finally A Step-By-Step Video Course That Reals The..

“Unique Way To Grow, Monetize And
Automate Your Youtube Channel
Without Ever Having To Make Videos”

Anywhere In The World, Part-time Without Any Experience

Andy Hafell
Shows YouTubers how to get far more views and salesin far less time using simple videos

I was a skeptic..
I can’t make Passive income on Youtube?
Only people that are charismatic with a big and amazing lifestyle can make money on youtube… right?
If you’re here, then you’re most likely looking for a way to generate a consistent passive income online…
Am I right?
Maybe you want the freedom to be able to bring home the bacon (pounds of it) while doing whatever the heck you want…
Whenever you want to?

Such as…

Blowing $2,000 on a new MacBook just because you were bored…
Taking a vacation to an exotic location and it DOESN’T dent your bank account a single bit…
Upgrading to a bigger crib just for the heck of it…

Look, I know this might seem too good to be true.

However, me and most importantly my students have been able to experience huge success online.

Truth be told though, you can ALSO experience struggling. A ton of it.

Times have changed. Like it or not, but certain ways to make passive income simply DON’T work anymore.

You could also do things like…

“I Was Quickly Going Down The Painful Road Of Trial And Error With No Passive Income In Sight”

  • Try to buy cheap products and sell on Shopify or Amazon, where the chinese powerhouse will lowball you whatever you do…
  • Invest in the stock market and get a measly 8% yearly return – and that’s if you’re lucky! and there is not a big massive pandemic or recession
  • Chain yourself to a desk to write a best selling book (or a few) – if you’re able to compete with already established best-selling authors…
  • ​Invest in real estate and rent it out to others – if you have a spare $100,000 to invest…

Let’s face it…

Doesn’t the above just sound like a recipe for total failure for someone like you?

The good news is, there’s a BETTER way.

And it doesn’t involve finding $100k+ to invest in real estate, being chained to a desk at your 9-5, or getting measly, wimpy returns from the fat cats on Wall Street.

Chances are, you know what affiliate marketing is…

It’s simple — you sell other people’s products, and when a transaction is made, you get a percentage of the sale.

Affiliate marketing is HUGE.

And I’ve figured out a way to automate it that’s never failed me or my students.

Therefore, turning it into passive income.

Companies like Amazon, Best Buy, Clickbank are paying out billions of dollars in commissions to thousands of people just like you.

And what if I told you that they are doing a lot of the work for you?

They make the products. They manage the support team. They hire coders.

If you were to create your own product, it’s not cheap. Far from it!

When you start youtube and affiliate marketing you will have…

No Product Creation
If you want people to buy your product, you need to entice them in a certain way that makes it so they actually WANT to buy your product. An affiliate product has already done that for you.
Expect to shell out $5k for one.

No Customer Support
You’ll need spend hours in your email inbox talking to rude and annoying people
or hire a full time customer support team to take care of it all if you wanna be free.
This can easily cost you $1k.

No Paid Traffic
Start facebook ads and wake up one morning to a message saying your ad account has been banned for no reason at all. Then Sherlock Holmes your way through vague ad policy.
This’ll easily set you back another $2-10k…

With Youtube & Affiliate Marketing, There Is None Of That MESS Involved!
Okay, now you know how awesome affiliate marketing is.

However, I also have to tell you…

Even though most of the work is done for you, it’s still possible for you to fail with affiliate marketing.

Because if you use the wrong techniques and strategies, you can end up losing more money than you initially invested!

And I do NOT want that to happen to you…

That’s why I’ve decided to finally let the cat out of the bag by revealing my secrets as a six-figure affiliate marketer.

My students results speak for themselves.

Just See The Results My Student Mark Has Been Getting.


“Tube Takeoff” is a digital video course featuring a mixture of hard Youtube teaching and instruction, along with psycho analysis of Youtube Videos working for me, and sometimes for my other members.

So you’ll see what’s worked and what didn’t work… What I’m doing in various niches (I have 4 channels now)… How I’m building my channels… And how you can apply what I’m doing to your Youtube Channels.

Each Module is packed with actionable techniques (and even templates, in some cases) designed to…

Get Your Channel Lots Of Views and Sales The Same Day You Use Them!

“Why Are You Giving Away Your Secrets?”

So, why am I deciding to finally let the cat out of the bag?

What’s in it for me?

After all, I already do pretty well for myself using the same step-by-step process that’s being taught inside Tube Takeoff.

The truth is, I could be greedy and keep all of my secrets to myself.

And I’d continue to rake in six figures every year.

Everything would stay the same for me.

However, there’s a problem far too big that NEEDS to be addressed.

It’s getting nasty out there.

Recently, there’s been a huge influx of different crappy training courses that teach you strategies that (maybe) worked 10 years ago…

When you use the wrong system, it’s not unusual to LOSE more than you invested.

You’d be shocked to know how people I’ve talked to that have lost;

Hundreds of dollars…

Thousands of dollars…

And even TENS of thousands of dollars.

Let’s not even talk about the MASSIVE Time investment without any results…

This is a major issue that needs addressing, and that’s why I’ve decided to let the cat out of the bag by revealing my secrets.

I am 100000% certain you don’t want this to happen to you!

When you have Tube Takeoff, there’s no reason for you struggle anymore.

That’s because…

I’m NOT Special, This Only Works Because it’s..
Proven & Tested ✔️
Tube Takeoff is NOT based on any unproven theory. Unproven strategies cause you to fail and lose more money than you initially invested.

This is a PROVEN step-by-step process based on time tested results from students. Tube Takeoff sets you up for success, period!

Up To Date ✔️
You’d be surprised to see how many supposed experts are teaching techniques that stopped working decades ago.

Frankly, it pisses me off. That’s why I’ve decided to make EVERYTHING in Tube Takeoff up to today’s standards.

Works For Anyone ✔️
Our success stories are from all walks of life. 20-year-old students, stay-at-home mom’s, fathers and even grandmas.

Tube Takeoff will produce game-changing results for you regardless of where you live, your age, or your skin color.

Systematized ✔️
We’ve made Tube Takeoff into a proven, step-by-step process that anyone can follow to start a wildly profitable passive income affiliate business from scratch…

It’s simple – follow the steps and profit massively!

Reliable – Works Consistenly ✔️
If you’re anything like me, you’re absolutely TIRED of those loopholes that might work insanely well for a week or two, but afterward, the income stops flowing in. Talk about a bad deal!

Tube Takeoff has been proven to produce results for years on end and it will ALWAYS work.

Get Instant Access To Tube Takeoff Now!
My student Mark, a father from the UK was able to generate a cool $788.62 in affiliate commissions.

And this came in passively, all by following the same exact process in Tube Takeoff, with zero experience…

Andy Hafell – Tube Takeoff Founder
I was just like you at one point – spending embarrassing amounts of money on crappy products and coaching while seeing no success. My friends & family constantly criticized me, telling me to give up on this “online thing” and go get a normal safe, secure job.
But I didn’t listen to them.

I persisted while they made fun of me. One thing lead to another, and I finally was generating some passive income online!

It was AMAZING to prove the naysayers wrong.

Over time, that income kept growing… and growing… growing.

And it’s still growing to this day.

When you get Tube Takeoff, you’re getting access to the same proven, time tested, step-by-step process that my students and I are using to generate life-changing results – from literally ANYWHERE in the world.

Why Tube Takeoff 2.0 Is Different…

You see – most systems leave you alone with a bunch of videos and training…

But the problem is, you might get confused. You might have a question or two.

So, that’s why I’ve made the decision to make Tube Takeoff not just a training course, but as a tribe as a whole.

We as a tribe help each other out.

That’s what people love the most about Tube Takeoff.

And I am always advising the members of Tube Takeoff on a daily basis, by answering questions in our private FB group.

So if you’re feeling stuck, you will NOT be left alone to figure it out.

Even better, you won’t get access to just me, but you’ll get the support of a whole tribe designed for you to…
Are You Ready For Your Channel To Take Off?

I’m Going To Throw In $3,685 Worth Of Fast Action Bonuses For Free!
Bonus #1 – Perfect Video Scripts & Templates
There are three base requirements for any video.

1) It gets high watch time.

2) It instantly hooks them with something that makes it harder for them to leave than to stay

3) And it seamlessly transitions into selling your affiliate product at the end without being “salesy”.
It has taken me years decoding viral YouTube Videos and Expert Copywriters to find the perfect video script and Template. It took me a really long time to figure it out.

Now, I have three scripts and templates that you can literally copy and paste to make amazing Tube Takeoff Videos.
Bonus #2 – The Tube Takeoff Startup Pack
What’s in the Startup Pack?

1) 132 Best Tube Takeoff Niches
2) 250 High Paying Affiliate Program List
3) 31 Piggyback Channel Ideas
Many don’t know where to start or what to sell.This is the pack you need if you say to yourself:

“Andy, I want to do this, but I don’t know what to make a channel about.”

Literally blindfold yourself and pick any of them and you can be successful.
Bonus #3 – Complete Channel Design
Most people SUCK at Digital Art or Graphic Design.

I’ve reviewed 100’s of YouTube channel and it’s a common problem across the board.The problem is, it’s 10X harder to grow without a nice channel design.

That’s why, I’ll give you access to my private graphical designer so, he’ll make you…

1) The Banner Design.
2) The Logo Design.
Bonus #4 – First 1000 Sub Snowball Template
Initially, the First 1000 sub shortcut involved a lot of creative thinking.
With a lot of trial and error and failure, I’ve created 27 copy & paste templates you can use to get subscribers fast.

And I mean REALLY fast. Model or, simply copy & paste these to get the fastest results.
Bonus #5 – 30 Day Success Checklist
Many start and all of a sudden they’re stuck and ask themselves:

“So, what do I do now?”

That’s why i created this 30 day success checklist, so you never get lost.

All you need to do, is check off each box every day in the next 30 days. And every box you tick, you’ll get closerto…

More money, success and financial freedom.
Bonus #6 – Copy & Paste Hiring Scripts
I have spent thousands of dollars hiring low quality people.

A lot of lazy and unreliable people that didn’t finish work on time. I thought that was just because i hired them for super cheap..

But, I found that the only reason I hired these bad workers was because my bad hiring script.

You do NOT have to hire bad people, because I’m giving you my private hiring scripts as a special bonus. I am obsessed with getting really high quality workers for the lowest price possible…
Bonus #7 – Tube Takeoff Tribe – Mastermind
Many students say that they had no idea there were communities like this andthey would happily pay full price for just access to the Tube Takeoff tribe.

When I made my YouTube Channels, I had to do it ALONE with no one to ask for help.

It will cost you a lot of Time and Money trying to figure it out by yourself.

When you get access to the tribe…

1) I’ll review your Channel
2) I’ll review one of your videos

3) Any hard questions I’ll push a button on my laptop and film a video answer

4) Any questions you have you or my community manager will answer in the group
A 30-Day Passive Income Youtube Game Plan.

Get Instant Access To Tube Takeoff 2.0 Now!
My student Linda, a grandma from the United States was able to generate over $30,000 using the same process being taught in Tube Takeoff.

This proves that anyone (including you) can see BIG results by applying Tube Takeoff…

Say GOODBYE To The Outdated Ways Of Generating Passive Income…
Say goodbye to the huge investments that traditional ways of generating passive income require.

With Tube Takeoff, there’s no need to invest an arm and a leg to succeed.

Are you ready to take advantage of the internet era to start generating life-changing sums of passive income?

When you finally taste success, you’ll NEVER want to work a normal job again.

It’s so amazing, but you have to feel it for yourself.To help as many people as possible succeed, I created Tube Takeoff.

So you, (yes, YOU) can get closer to tasting online success for yourself.

It’s like a high that you’d never believe.

Tube Takeoff is the only system you will EVER need!
I Cannot Possibly Make It Easier For You To Get Lots Of Views And New Sales With Youtube!

Ready To Start Generating Passive Income?
My student Delania got these results using the same exact system (Tube Takeoff 2.0) that you can access for a massive discount.

But, the spots are limited. You must act fast.

So go on, and click the button below to SECURE your spot before someone else does..


Isn’t there too much competition on YouTube already?
Not at all, it might seem that way at first. If you get a video that gets 7 million views, that didn’t come from a bank of views, it came from the 3.2 billion people that are on the internet every single day.

How many videos do they watch and share every week? Do you think they’ll go back to reading books, blogs and newspapers or watch more and more videos as we move on in the digital era? Youtube has unlimited views to go arround
What if i’m not good at public speaking / don’t have an outgoing personality?
Viewers on Youtube are always seeking to relate with people similar to them. There are tons of niches and communities that you can tap into with the exact personality you already have. Think about it, when you were in high school, did everybody want to play sports?

Or was there groups of acting, musicians, gamers or chess players that huddled around and formed their own tight friends group. Even though they were not the outgoing personality types. No matter how shy or introverted you are, you can find people that want to relate with you.
My hobbies are really niche / weird / random. Will this program still work for me?
I promise your hobby is not too weird or niche. We’ve found incredibly successful channels in topics like:

Building satisfying things with magnets, Video games, sci-fi storytelling ASMR, Making Slime, reporting on only Tesla news, Restoring old rusty tools, dwarf poodle dog training, Toy Reviews, Coke and mentos experiments, Driving over things with a car, cocktail recipes, ice sculpture making. There is no end to small niches that are getting millions of views on YouTube, The strategies i’ll show you will work for you no matter the niche.
What if I don’t know what i’m passionate about?
No worries, I show you over 100+ niches you can take inspiration from and find something you want to make a channel about.
I’m a full-time student / have a full-time job. Will i have enough time to start a channel?
Absolutely Yes! My student Chris was working 40+ hours as a nurse with two kids of 3 and 6. He would find a couple hours during the week nights and weekends to make videos so he could quit his 9-5 job and live a life of freedom and abundance.
What if I don’t have any filming / writing / editing experience?
You can do this without any prior experience. I teach you both the technical and strategical steps to be successful
What if I don’t want to be on camera?
This is why i made the course. The course is catered mostly to people that don’t wanna be on camera where all you need to do is talk into the microphone and edit some simple visuals on top of it.
What sort of equipment will i need to start a channel? and how expensive will it be?
All you need is a smartphone and a laptop
All i have is a crappy old laptop and a smartphone with a cracked screen. Are you telling me I can start a YouTube channel with that?
Yep! Many of my students talk into the microphone on their phone and edit on their phone or even just a tiny laptop. I asked one of my students for a picture of their laptop and it was a little bigger than my hand with this tiny little keyboard and the screen had broken off the hinges. You have everything you need to be successful.

100% Money Back Guarantee!
We are serious about our program and want you to be serious too. Therefore, we will refund your money 100% if you are not happy with the program within 60 days of purchase.

This Unique Youtube Training Makes Passive Income The New Norm

  • Over The Shoulder Youtube Growth Training
  • ​Over The Shoulder Youtube Affiliate Marketing Training.
  • ​Ultimate Guide To The No-Face Youtube Method
  • ​Ultimate Guide To The On Camera One Take Wonder Method
  • Full Niche Channel Research Training Using My Methods.
  • ​Ultimate Guide To The Internet Marketing Niche On YouTube
  • Complete Youtube Channel Setup & Training.
  • ​Complete Amazon Affiliate Marketing Video Method Blueprint
  • ​​Complete Clickbank Affiliate Video Method Blueprint
  • ​​Complete Digistore24 Affiliate Video Method Blueprint
  • ​Complete Clickfunnels Affiliate Video Method Blueprint
  • ​​​Complete WarriorPlus Affiliate Video Method Blueprint
  • ​​​​​Complete Jvzoo Affiliate Video Method Blueprint
  • ​Complete CJ ​Affiliate Video Method Blueprint
  • ​Youtube First Page Ranking SEO Training.
  • ​Private Inner Circle With Me & Other Members.
  • ​Weekly Videos Including Q&A Sessions
  • ​Instant Youtube Channel Launch And Snowball Strategy
  • ​Making a Youtube Automation Assembly Line
  • ​Hiring One Person to Do All The Content Creation
  • Fill In The Blank Scripts for Finding and Hiring Employees
  • ​Instant Access & Lifetime Updates

[This Special Offer are products that we acquire at extra cost. It’s our way of bringing you brand new cutting-edge course at a massive reduction in price to you. Each member who is interested in accessing download links immediately will need to pay small amount to access the course.]


Method Details : Sales Page Link
Original Price : $997
Our Price : $25
Status: Instant Delivery

   For proof and payment detail, please email: [email protected]

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