[Download] Convertedu – Conversion Marketing Certification 2

[Download] Convertedu – Conversion Marketing Certification

Download Conversion Marketing Certification By Convertedu

Download Conversion Marketing Certification By Convertedu

This training will help you generate higher conversions throughout the entire Conversion Marketing Lifecycle – from converting more Internet browsers into website visitors, visitors into leads, leads into customers and customers into promoters – in proven and actionable ways.

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  • Browsers to Visitors
    Create a successful owned media strategy: determine your brand archetype
  • Visitors to Leads
    Use lead magnets and content upgrades to grow your email list
  • Leads to Customers
    Increase engagement with this lead nurturing follow-up sequence
  • Customers to Promoters
    Build customer loyalty while you increase company profits

Learn Then Do Method
This course is designed to build your understanding and know-how through practical application of the methodologies in conversion marketing – the same methodologies Leadpages used to rapidly grow its business.

⇒ 47 – Videos
⇒ 30 – Downloads
⇒ 21 – Exercises
⇒ 53 – Resources

Rapidly Increase Your Website Traffic
Generating awareness and attracting your target audience is the first stage in the Conversion Marketing Lifecycle. By using a mix of paid, owned, earned and shared media, you’ll attract, then convert Internet browsers into website visitors.

Videos Included:

  • How to Grow Your Business
  • Copy That Converts
  • Paid Media

10X Your Lead Conversions
Converting visitors into leads is essential to growing your business. In this section of Conversion Marketing, you’ll not only learn about the tools and techniques for conversion, you’ll also learn how to create compelling calls-to-action and thank you pages.

Videos Included:

  • Irresistible CTAs
  • Lead Magnets and Content Upgrades
  • Creating Multiple Conversion Opportunities

Convert Leads into Customers
Boosting conversions from leads to sales is one part science, and another part art. In this stage we’ll give you helpful tips and actionable techniques for nurturing your leads and converting them into customers using effective pricing strategies, sales pages, and high-converting checkout pages.

Videos Included:

  • Lead Nurturing
  • Marketing Automation
  • The Four Pillars of Pricing

Convert Customers into Promoters
Delighting your customers through their on-boarding and post-sales experience is a crucial stage in your long-term success. Learn key retention and value-enhancement practices to wow your customers, turning them not only into repeat buyers, but promoters who recommend your brand, and what you offer to others.

Videos Included:

  • Building Customer Loyalty
  • Soliciting Customer Feedback
  • Win/Win/Win Opportunities

⇒ Subject Matter Experts

Paid and Owned Media

Shared Media

Earned Media

Copywriting for Conversion

Lead Magnets and Content Upgrades

Positioning, CTAs, Pricing Models and Communications

Pricing Strategies

Avatars, Landing Pages, Sales Pages, Customer Feedback

Thank You Pages

Customer Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction, Creating Win-Win Opportunities

Sales Page

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