[Download] Ed Reay – The Facebook Compliance Code 2

[Download] Ed Reay – The Facebook Compliance Code

Download The Facebook Compliance Code By Ed Reay

Download The Facebook Compliance Code By Ed Reay

The Proven Framework To Scale Offers To 100… 400… Even 1,000 Sales A Day On Facebook… Without Worrying About Getting Pounded By Facebook’s Dreaded BAN HAMMER

PLUS how you or your in-house copywriters can create high-converting Facebook compliant copy lightning fast

Being in a toxic “on again, off again” relationship with Facebook doesn’t have to be the norm.

It doesn’t have to be “part of the game” to constantly get your ads shut down or banned.

It doesn’t have to be “part of the game” to have a cortisol spike every time you launch a new ad because you don’t know if it’s going to go live or not.

And it doesn’t have to be “part of the game” to suffer conversion in exchange for compliance. (In fact, compliant copy can help increase conversion).

There’s a better way to play the “Facebook Ads Game.”

And my clients are playing it well.

They’re breezing past Facebook’s compliance protocols and sustainably scaling fast & furiously without fear of getting shut down or banned.

My Name Is Ed Reay. When It Comes To Facebook Compliance I’m The Guy 7, 8, And 9 Figure Business Owners Call When The Stakes Are High And It’s Do-Or-Die

Like reviving a multi-7-figure a year funnel that got mercilessly banned. Locking them out of $345,000 in monthly revenue.

Or helping “Facebook-Proof” a free + shipping book funnel in the political niche doing 2000 front end sales a day that got banned every time they spent $100K in ads.

There are plenty more case studies and examples where I’ve helped businesses and brands scale their offers on Facebook compliantly.

And I could toot my own horn about this all day.

But I’d rather let others do the tooting for me (especially since I gave up playing the trumpet years ago).

“Ed Is My Go-To Guy For Facebook Compliance. He Knows How To Make Compliances Fixes That Allow Your Copy To STAY On Facebook. And He’s Helped Many Other Of The Biggest Names In Direct Response” 

-Stefan Georgi, $700MM Copywriter 

And Co-Founder Of Copy Accelerator

“Ed’s Facebook Compliance Methods Helped Me Land A Job Writing Facebook Ads For Two Of The Biggest Direct Response Companies In The Freelance Space” 

-Gurleen Singh, Copywriter

“I Work As A Facebook Consultant And Facebook Copywriter For Massive Direct Response Financial Companies. Your Insights Have Given Me A New And Richer Perspective On Facebook Policies And Writing Compliant Ads That Convert” 

-Loren Pinilis, Financial Copywriter

“I’ve Used Ed’s Facebook Ad Writing Methods To Generate Facebook Ads In Less Than A Half Hour. My Copy Is More Fluent And I Don’t Feel Any Sense Of Anxiety When Writing” 

-Federico Fasan, Copywriter

“Ed Has Helped Me Become Much More Aware Of What I Can And Can’t Get Away With. So When I Go Back To Edit Copy It’s A LOT Easier To Point Out What I Need To Change. This Saves Me And My Clients A Lot Of Time” 

-Ryan Connolly, Copywriter

“Ed Is THE World-Class Expert At Facebook Compliance” 

-Scott Phillips, 8 Figure Financial Guru

“Had Trouble Getting Some Pretty Simple Stuff Approved. Now I Keep Ed’s Information In The Back Of My Mind. I Haven’t Had Any Approval Issues Since” 

-Kobe Gatsby, Media Buyer

“On Top Of Being A Great Copywriter, Ed Is Extremely Well Versed In Facebook Compliance And Works With 8 And 9 Figure Brands On Helping Them Be Facebook-Compliant” 

-Matthias Mazur, CEO Of Zuramedia

“Another Prominent Facebook Agency Reviewed The Page We Spent 7 Figures In Ad Spend On But We Kept Getting Banned. Now Thanks To Ed My Media Buyers And I Are Much More Confident”

-Teddy Truong, Veteran Media Buyer

“We Had 3 Ad Accounts Banned In The Span Of A Month. Now We’re Able To Scale On Facebook Without Getting Banned Or Shut Down. And If We Do Get In Trouble, We’re Able To Win All Of Our Disapproved Ad Appeals!”

-Blake Wyatt, Profit Manager For The Sales Mentor



And here’s the very first lesson I teach the clients that pay me $1500 an hour for consulting:

Even if it doesn’t seem like it with all the gas-lighting and emotional abuse it throws at you…

Facebook Wants You To Run On Their Network

Your advertising dollars are their revenue.

It’s what makes their stock prices look good to investors.

But they also have to create a POSITIVE user experience which is at the root of how to create Facebook compliant funnels that scale to the moon.

When you understand how to create funnels and copy that can create a GREAT experience for the user…

Facebook will love you and reward you.

Which is exactly what I’m going to show you how to do today.

The good news is you don’t need to relearn copywriting from scratch or write incredibly boring stuff.

You Can Apply What You Already Know About Copywriting And Marketing To Facebook Compliance

All it takes is a few of the right tweaks.

It’s incredibly simple when you use my Facebook Compliance Code Framework – or the FCC Framework for short.

For example, some people think that compliant copy simply means removing the word “you” from your copy.

In fact, I frequently use the word “you” in my Facebook compliant copy.

Which is why nothing makes me laugh harder than when people say:

“bUt YoU UsEd ThE WoRD ‘yOu!!’ ThAt’S NoT FaCeBoOk CoMpLiAnt!!”

It’s more subtle and nuanced than that.

And my Facebook Compliance Code Framework will pull back the curtain on WHEN and WHY it’s not okay to use the word YOU.

It’s not as cut and dry as removing simple words.

It’s also not about getting a new domain, new ads, new facebook page, new business manager, or changing your credit card.

And It’s NOT About Skirting Around Facebook’s Compliance Policies

Or trying to “game” the system.

That’s stupid.

Facebook is smarter than that.

I want to help you understand the SUBTLETIES.

To do that…

I’m Going To Decode And Simplify Facebook’s Complex And Vague Compliance Policies

And show you how to apply what you already know about good ol’ direct response principles.

In a way that creates high-converting Facebook compliant copy and funnels that’s actually INTERESTING to read.

Which also creates a powerful, positive experience for the Facebook user.

So they keep coming back to the Facebook platform.

This keeps Facebook happy and happy with you.

And Over The Next Few Pages, I Want To Show You What’s Working On The Front-Lines For 8 And 9 Figure Powerhouse Companies That Are Scaling Massively Profitable Facebook Compliant Funnels And Copy

I want to show you exactly what’s currently working for 8 and 9 figure powerhouse companies that are on the front-lines of scaling massively profitable Facebook compliant funnels and copy.

Not only that, in the next few minutes I want to share with you…

  • The “3 part Facebook Compliance Code Framework” that you can apply immediately to your campaigns making Facebook compliance far simpler and easy to understand than you could ever imagine.
  • How to make your funnel “Facebook-Proof” so when your competitors are scrambling to get back online after getting banned you’ll be able to double down on ad spend and take their slice of the pie.
  • The surprising truth behind why your ads could still get shut down even if your offer and copy are super squeaky clean (it can be as simple as missing elements from the footer or header, or a landing that page isn’t set up properly).
  • A unique opportunity for the right people who are ready to become Facebook compliance wizards fast.
  • Why appealing your ads is one of the worst things you can do when you suffer an account shut down or ban
  • Plus I’ll take you behind the scenes and share an actual case study breaking down how I helped that Zuck-Slapped multi-7-figure a year funnel run at scale again compliantly this time.

Like I Said Earlier My Name Is Ed Reay…

I’ve had the honor of speaking on stage at the prestigious Copy Accelerator in Austin 2019 about Facebook compliance and ad angles that work.

For the last 2 Copy Accelerator events I led the roundtable discussions on Facebook compliance methods that 7, 8, and 9 figure businesses need to know to survive and thrive on Facebook.

I’ve Worked Behind The Scenes With Some Of The Biggest Brands And Products Producing 7, 8, And 9 Figures A Year In Revenue On Facebook

The clients I’ve worked with range from the dating niche, the financial niche, biz opp, health, fitness, and even the political niche!

So if you’ve ever had an account get shut down or banned but saw a competitor running seemingly more “aggressive” ads than yours…

There’s a good chance they’re a client of mine stealthily navigating the treacherous waters of Facebook like a great white shark in a pool of crippled minnows. 

And in the next few minutes I want to show you how you can become a shark in the waters of Facebook too.

But Before We Get Into How To Become A Facebook Wizard I Want To Be Bloody Clear Who The Facebook Compliance Methods In This Letter AREN’T For:

They’re not for people in MLM or network marketing – I don’t support it. If you find yourself upset at that statement or trying to defend it like “but there are SOME good ones!” please close this page.

They’re not for beginner copywriters or marketers – if you have never written anything more than a Facebook post for your grandma to read, come back later.

They’re not for people who are looking for ad manager “hacks” or “tricks” to “get around” Facebook’s policies or run black hat. This is about following Facebook’s rules. This is white hat stuff.

Over time I’ve learned that these types of people have the lowest success rate when it comes to Facebook compliance.

Some because they’re short term thinkers. 

Others because they’re just not ready for Facebook compliance yet.

But enough about me.

We’re here because you want to know how to scale compliantly on Facebook.

I have a perfect case study example from a recent client that will exemplify some of the most important lessons you NEED to know about Facebook compliance.

It’s a classic Facebook nightmare:

One Of My Most Recent Clients Launched A Non-Facebook Compliant Offer Spending ~$67 To Acquire A ~$230 AOV Bringing In $345,000 In Revenue Per Month

The copy was pretty aggressive.

And it was scaling well on cold-traffic.

Then after a few months, they nearly hit the $1MM in profit mark.

An impressive milestone for any offer.

As the team was getting ready to celebrate their massive win and plan out their company pizza party, the inevitable happened.

Their Business Manager Got Banned Overnight

No explanation why.

Right before they hit the $1MM in profit mark.


They got Zuck-Slapped.

And what advice do most people tell you when your account gets banned?

  • “Change your credit card”
  • “Change your laptop”
  • “Make a bunch of new accounts”
  • “It’s just part of the game”
  • “Appeal your ads”

These can be useful.

But oftentimes they are dumb pieces of advice. (Especially the last two).

It doesn’t matter if you order so many cards through Amex they know you by name.

It doesn’t matter if you buy 23 burn laptops.

It doesn’t matter if you go full Nigerian prince and scam friends and family into giving you their ad accounts.

You’re still gonna be driving traffic to a non-compliant page.

And you’re gonna get shut down or in trouble for that.

But The Worst Advice Of All Those Is To “Appeal Your Ads Right Away”

That’s the WORST thing you can do.


I’ve heard more horror stories than I can count about people who got their ads rejected and re-appealed them before bringing it across my desk.

Because if you appeal your ad and they find that your stuff isn’t Facebook compliant they’re going to double down on their decision to ban / keep your account shut down.

You’re digging the hole deeper.

~~HINT: most people’s copy and funnels aren’t NEARLY as Facebook compliant as they might think. Every time someone gets shut down for “no reason” I look at their funnel and find their funnels are riddled with hidden problems~~

So if you’ve had your ad account shut down recently PLEASE read this letter until the very end.

They could’ve trudged on like most people do in this situation.

They could run through ad accounts and business managers like everyone else right?

They’re probably gonna get banned at some point anyway, right?

So What’s The Point Of Being All Squeaky Clean And Learning Facebook Compliance When You Can Just Get More Accounts?

I mean, most business owners and offer owners play that game.

They get by.

But what’s the point in just getting by when you can thrive?

That’s why my client didn’t use that approach.

They know that’s a dumb bandaid quick fix.

It ruins their relationship with Facebook.

It hurts their Cost Per Acquisition and ROI.

And it isn’t a long-term solution.

They Don’t Want To Have A Winner, Scale Up, Have Their Account Shut Down, And Start From Scratch AGAIN

They know they’d lose so much time and money and energy.

It’s this painful game of cat and mouse that never ends.

They also could’ve searched for the next stupid ad account “hack” to get around Facebook’s patrol bots.

But they know it doesn’t matter how many tricks you have up your sleeve.

Facebook is gonna find you and kill your ad account.

It’s not a sustainable long-term solution.

So they wanted a long-term strategy to make their funnel “built to scale.”

And they didn’t want to have to keep pivoting and trying out the latest greatest trick.

They tried going to other platforms like YouTube and native.

They got it kinda working over there.

But the returns just weren’t the same as advertising on good ol’ Facebook.

And no matter what they tried…

They Couldn’t Get Back To Advertising On Facebook For About A Month. 
They Missed Out On $11.5K/day In Revenue. Or $345,000 For The Month

So they hired me.

I came in. 

Used the FCC Framework and overhauled their funnel to make it Facebook compliant.

First I started with the VSL script.

I swapped it to a first person point of view so their claims weren’t so bold and direct.

Every claim was adjusted to be more creative and softer.

Swapped out some of the trigger words with softer, more Facebook-Friendly words.

Threw some disclaimers and citations on that bad boy.

I made some tweaks to the footer and the header with some key elements that were missing.

Gave them some new hard-hitting yet compliant Facebook ad creatives to test as a bonus gift.

They got their funnel setup again under my direction.

And guess what?

Once They Got Up And Running Again They Were Spending ~$70 To Acquire That Same ~$230 AOV!

A small $3 increase in Cost Per Acquisition in exchange for Facebook compliant copy that’s gonna allow them to outscale and outlast the competition.

For the first few weeks they still faced frequent disapprovals.

This is part of the process.

They were still in the dog house with Facebook.

So they needed a couple weeks for Facebook to see that they’ve adjusted their funnel to be Facebook compliant.

So we worked together to build up their reputation and relationship with Facebook after they’d tainted it (yes that does matter).

Now They Have The Peace Of Mind To Scale Past Their Competition Without Worrying About Shut Downs… Bans… Or Disapprovals…

And all they have to do to keep this gravy train running is to make sure the ads they run stay compliant.

It’s that simple.

So what’s the secret sauce?

It’s gonna sound overly simple and kind of obvious.

That’s because it is.

Facebook Compliance Can Be Simple If You Know What Facebook WANTS

The problem is they don’t tell you what they want.

They give you vague policies and community guidelines and expect you to fill in the blanks and connect the dots.

So you’re left trying to figure out what they want.

So when they ban your account or disapprove your ads you’re left scratching your head wondering why.

Facebook is this beast full of mystery that only a select few could attain and harness the full power of.

Until today.

Writing “Regular” Copy For Facebook Is Like Trying To Get A Girl To Date You When You Don’t Know What She’s Looking For

So you use pick up artist tactics.

The pick up artist tactics have worked a bajillion times for before so it’s very proven.

But Facebook, just like the girl of your dreams, is looking for something serious and long term.

So if you use some weird tactic… you’re actually going to put her off.

So no matter how good your “game” is, your tactics won’t work on her.

Not because you don’t have good “game” or because you’re not a persuasive or interesting guy.

Simply because it’s not what she’s looking for.

If you knew what she wanted couldn’t you tailor your message to her desires to get the girl?

It’s the same with Facebook.

If you don’t know what Facebook wants, it’s hard to tailor your message to what they want so you can compliantly scale on Facebook.

The Good News Is You Don’t Need To Relearn Copywriting To Write Facebook Compliant Copy

Nor do you have to sacrifice a goat to the Facebook Gods every time you launch a new funnel.

All you have to do is take the skill you already have. 

Learn what Facebook needs. 

Apply your incredible copywriting and marketing skills to what Facebook actually WANTS (just like in our little dating example).

And you’re off to the races.

So What Does Facebook Want?

I’ll tell you what it is in 2 very simple words.

User Experience.

They want their users to have a good experience on Facebook.

They want to appease their shareholders.

They want users to spend as much time on the platform as they can.

And they want to reduce the chances of getting lawsuits from unhappy customers, right?

That’s why it’s difficult to get approved on Facebook most of the time.

Because Most People Use Copywriting Techniques In A Way That Can Create A Bad User Experience

Calling out personal attributes and traits like, “Are you a single mother of 3 between the ages of 25 and 34?”

Making claims within a time frame like, “Here’s how to lose 10lbs of belly fat in 30 days.”

Facebook puts user experience above all when it comes to advertising with them.

So the goal is to give your user a good buying experience.

Especially since Facebook surveys buyers and asks:

– What the experience was like buying from you
– How good your customer support is
– How fast the product shipped
– The quality of your product or service
– Whether they’d recommend your product or service to family and friends

So customer-centric tech, customer support, a buyer friendly funnel, messaging, and a good product are more important than ever.

If you get enough bad reviews from a funnel that isn’t up to Facebook’s standards, you may suffer from hidden penalties…

Causing significantly more ads to get disapproved…

Drastically lowered Click Through Rate…

Increased Cost Per Acquisition…

And more.

That’s Why I’ve Broken Down User Experience Into 3 Key Categories, Which I Call The “The Facebook Compliance Code”

The Facebook Compliance Code Component #1 – Offer

The nature of your offer alone can decide whether you can scale on Facebook stress-free or not.


There are some things Facebook just doesn’t allow on their platform no matter what.

Most are pretty obvious.

However there are some offers and niches that Facebook secretly despises.

But they’ll never tell you that.

So you’ll try to launch a new offer to cold traffic on Facebook. It knocks it out the park out the gate.

And overnight you get banned.

So you start from scratch.

Try again.

And this hell loop keeps happening. 

But if you just knew what offers could be tweaked to be compliant… 

Or which ones just aren’t compliant by nature…

You’d spend your time putting your time and attention on eggs you know that’ll hatch and grow over time and be very fruitful for you.

Not dealing with constant bans. Shut downs. Disapprovals. headaches. 

And waiting days, weeks, or even months to hear back from Facebook.

Offers are incredibly crucial.

If you have a non-compliant offer or name it in a non-compliant way, you’re shooting yourself in the foot before you can even run the race.

So get that checked out before it’s too late.

Plus if you’re a copywriter you’ll be able to help clients come up with Facebook compliant offers and names which is a huge value add.

The Facebook Compliance Code Component #2 – Messaging

When you truly KNOW what Facebook wants (like we talked about earlier) you can easily adjust your marketing message to fit their needs and desires.

So compliance becomes far less of an issue than it used to be.

Because it will feel NATURAL to write Facebook compliant copy.

That’s why I focus on teaching how to THINK compliantly.

Not how to WRITE compliantly.

Because if you can THINK Facebook compliantly you can create Facebook compliant ideas. (if your ideas are Facebook compliant you can get away with more aggressive claims)

And if you can create Facebook compliant ideas you can write Facebook compliantly.

You’ll be able to trust your gut and know exactly what you can or can’t say.

You’ll be operating from a place of fully understanding and knowing what Facebook wants.

So there’s far less uncertainty and confusion around these poorly pieced together rules.

The Facebook Compliance Code Component #3 – Funnel Design

This is the ugly beast most people aren’t even aware of.

You can have a super compliant offer.

Your messaging could be on point.

But because of how your page is laid out your ads could get disapproved.

So if you don’t have certain elements on your page. Or if you have the wrong elements on your page (like having autoplay on your video or VSL)…

You could get shut down.

They wouldn’t tell you this, mind you.

I’m honestly not sure why.

But this is my experience after working with multiple 7, 8, and 9 figure companies running on Facebook at scale spending $100K-$11M+ a month in ads.

And what I teach goes far beyond that.

You can be spending $50M+ a month on Facebook ads for all I care.

That’s because I teach Facebook compliance to the max.

The Advice I Give Is Designed For People Who Are “One Wrong Word” Away From A Business Manager Ban

So you can rest easy knowing I’m gonna give you the most Facebook compliant stuff.

The other side of the coin is if you want to run a little more aggressive you can do that too.

Though I wouldn’t advise it.

That’s because I’m a big proponent of long-term thinking and HATE the churn and burn model.

So if you wanna stop running black hat and want to put on that shiny, clean, bedazzled white hat, you gotta have your wits about ya.

The problem is there’s so much misinformation and BS when it comes to Facebook compliance that nobody can really tell what you can or can’t say.

Which Is Why I Spent So Much Time On The “Done For You” Service Of Tweaking People’s Funnels To Make Them Facebook Compliant For A Pretty Penny

Because it’s far easier for me to just do it than to have to teach it.

I quickly realized I hate doing that.

It’s line-by-line proofreading.

As a creative it sucks the soul out of me.

If I wanted an admin job I would’ve gone to college to be a corporate drone.

Plus I can only help so many people if I’m doing it “done for you” style.

So it’s not really scalable.

There’s a lot of people who have issues on Facebook. 

So it would be selfish (although profitable) to limit it to just a few high paying clients who want white glove service.

So I made it publicly available that I do Facebook compliance tweaks over the phone.

As an extrovert this was super fun for me.

I started off charging $500 an hour.

My calendar got slammed.

Couldn’t take on any more people.

Then I charged $1000 an hour.

Again. Got slammed.

And now I charge $1500 an hour.

I Couldn’t Handle How Many People Were Throwing Money At Me To Learn Facebook Compliance

And honestly if you’d told this overweight boy with low self-esteem that people would be paying him $1500 an hour to get on the phone and flap his lips he would’ve laughed you out of the room.

Or cried and ate a donut.

Either way.

My private clients got a ton of success from working together in that one hour.

You know they get great results when they volunteer to shoot you a sick ass testimonial right after the call.

The problem is on every single one of these consulting calls I’d walk people through the FCC from scratch.




So it was like half the call was teaching the FCC framework.

And the other half was actually reviewing their stuff and diving into the nitty gritty.

Clients Love The FCC Framework And They Start To “See The Matrix” Once They Really Understand It

They were even starting to catch some compliance “slip ups” before I pointed it out to them.

Which is super awesome to see.

But I was getting exhausted doing the same song and dance every call.

So I tested teaching parts of this framework in my emails.

The lightbulb started going off in people’s heads.

Copywriters started feeling more confident in their ability to write Facebook compliant copy.

Some even landed big gigs with big names.

Offer owners and business owners finally felt a glimmer of hope that it’s really possible to scale up on Facebook without the constant grind of running through ad accounts.

I’m super humbled that the FCC framework is helping so many people.

I honestly had some pretty serious imposter syndrome about the whole thing.

Like “people already know about this. They shouldn’t need my help.”

But every time I taught something I thought everyone already knew, it was like something clicked in them.

And people started asking how they can learn more from me about Facebook compliance.

I Really Didn’t Want To Come Out With A Facebook Compliance Course

I always told myself I wouldn’t be the guy to launch a course.

The info product industry really doesn’t need ANOTHER course.

At least that’s what I thought.

But people kept getting their accounts shut down.

They’d come to me saying things like: 

“I spent hours making sure this ad was compliant, what happened??”

“Almost none of my ads got approved lately. It’s really been hurting my business.”

“Does Facebook just hate me??”

It hurts to watch brilliant businesses and copywriters that truly want to help people, get their ads shut down.

And it hurts to watch great copywriters struggling to write Facebook compliant copy for clients.

Or even worse. Writing copy that gets their clients accounts shut down.

And after seeing enough of this, the answer was clear.

I need to help people.

And as part of my mission to make this information as widely available as possible, I wanted to make it publicly available.

So I Decided To Create The Facebook Compliance Code

Nifty name. I know ;).

The goal of this brain child is simple. 

To help you or your clients scale fast & furiously on Facebook using high-converting, compliant copy without worrying about getting banned.

And if you can do that you look like a god / goddess who’s tamed the beast called Facebook.

It’s a rare skill set indeed.

And as time goes on more and more clients demand Facebook compliant copy because it simply makes their business better.


  1. More qualified customers
  2. Lower churn rates
  3. Higher quality customers who want to do the work
  4. Higher initial upsell rate
  5. Higher LTV
  6. Higher success rate
  7. More referrals and testimonials
  8. More ascension to backend products and services
  9. New revenue for your business / increased income stream by being able to consistently and sustainably advertise on Facebook
  10. Helpful for FTC/FDA regulated industries like supplements, because Facebook compliance gets you damn close to where you wanna be

You’ll Also Be Able To Outlast Your Competitors Because The Money Isn’t In Scaling Up Overnight On Facebook

It’s in being on Facebook for the long haul.

Because of how much stricter it’s getting, people are getting booted off consistently.

That means your competition.

So if you can survive on Facebook you become the king / queen of your industry by default.

Plus it helps if you get some feedback from ya boy Ed on how to not just have compliant copy but high-converting copy too!

And If You’re A Busy Business Owner You Don’t Have To Relearn Copywriting To Write Facebook Compliant Copy

Anyone who gets their hands on the FCC Framework, will be able to write copy normally, but with a few simple tweaks.

You can implement these tweaks rapidly and have punchy, high-converting Facebook compliant copy ready to go.

As I’ve mentioned a few times this is a LONG-TERM adjustment to your business.

It might take some time.

It will take some work and getting used to (though with the FCC Framework I’ll show you how to make it simple).

But once you “get” it, you’ll be able to happily scale on Facebook with few bumps in the road.

I don’t want to say it’s a “set it and forget” it method of scaling compliantly on Facebook.

However it’s the closest thing I’ve come across to that.

Now normally I’d go into the course modules and show you what we’re gonna cover in each of the 4 weeks.

However I want to get you some quick wins first.

I know how urgent it is to get this compliance issue sorted out asap.

This was supposed to be a 4 week program (and it is) however I know you wanna put out this fire ASAP and get the ball rolling.

You can’t wait 4+ weeks to have your funnels well equipped to go to war with Zuckbook.

You want a quick solution?

I gotchu.

 I’m Gonna Break The Flow Of A Good Sales Process And Introduce 2 Of The Bonuses You’re Gonna Get 

When You Enroll In The Facebook Compliance Code Today. K?

These two bonuses alone are worth the entire investment (which we’ll get to soon. Lemme build up this value first real quick)….

They’re the product of $11M+ in tested ad spend from clients I’ve done done-for-you writing for (not including the ad spend from clients I consult with).

They’re also the product of learning from and working with many of the giants doing 7, 8, and 9 figures in revenue per year.

Use these two bonuses to comb through your funnel and ads to craft high-converting, Facebook compliant, scale-ready funnels in no time.

In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if you did all that before we even have the first live class!

These Bonuses Will Be Unlocked Over The Next Few Days 

So You’ll Be Able To Start Using Them Almost Right Away!

Without further ado, here are the firsts 2 bonuses:

Bonus #1: Copy & Paste Compliant Claims

Bada bing bada boom.

You already know I got the goods.

This is just one of the reasons they call me the Facebook Compliance Candyman.

If there was one thing that’s been requested more than anything, it’s this.

Any time you want to make a claim on Facebook, go through this list.

Pick a claim you want to use.

Copy & paste it onto your copy.

And watch your ads have a significantly higher likelihood of getting approved!

Plus some of these claims are pretty nifty and creative.

This is an ever growing list so you’ll get updates.

If you’ve got a claim that you don’t see handled on the list, just lemme know and I’ll be happy to dig for a claim that supports what you’re trying to say.

Or create one on the spot that’ll work for you!

Bonus #2: The Complete Facebook Compliance Checklist

This is the same “mental” checklist I take my private consulting clients who pay me $1500 an hour to go through.

And you’ll have it right in your hands.

Before you or your in-house copywriting team launches a new offer, sales letter, or ad, walk through this checklist.

Or if your ads are getting disapproved or shut down, walk through this checklist.

And drastically increase the chances of getting your ads approved.

It takes all 3 components of the FCC Framework and puts it in a simple, easy to follow process that anyone can do – even if they’ve never even heard of the word “compliance” before.

It’s that simple.

Plus there’ll be examples and deeper explanations added in.

You’ll also get to see what elements you need on each part of your sales letter, VSL, or landing page to ensure maximum Facebook compliance.

NOTE: This is not a ClickFunnels thing you can download. I’m going to give you a sheet showing the most important parts of a funnel to ensure maximum Facebook compliance.

So you’re not going to have to wait 4 weeks to get your funnels battle-ready.

You can take these 2 bonuses alone and craft Facebook compliant copy and funnels from scratch.

But we’re not going to stop there.

We’ve got 4 whole weeks to cover (plus a few extra delicious bonuses you’re going to love getting your hands on).

So let’s get to what we’re going to cover in each week of the course:

Week 1 – What Facebook Wants & How To Create Facebook Compliant Offers From Scratch

In this week we’ll cover:

– What Facebook actually WANTS so you can adjust your marketing message and THINK Facebook compliantly

– How to create a Facebook compliant offer from scratch (or adjust an existing one to be more Facebook compliant).

– The sneaky but easy way to name your products to be Facebook compliant… AND sexy.

– Where to find out what products you should and shouldn’t advertise on Facebook.

– What everybody ought to know about the word “you.” Can you say it? Can you not? Here’s how to find out when you can and can’t say the word “you” on Facebook

Week 2 – Messaging (How To Think Compliantly)

 This is where the biggest issue lies.

Most people screw this one up without knowing it.


Because good copywriters have a hard time writing Facebook-Friendly copy.

So think of it this way: When Facebook shuts down your copy it means your copy was too good for them to handle.


So this week we’ll cover how to cool down your copy and get it Facebook compliant.

Week 3 – Funnel Design

Even if your offer and copy are super squeaky clean… just because you’re missing elements from your footer or header, or your page isn’t set up properly your ads could be getting disapproved.

So we’re gonna go over how to handle exactly that.

Week 4 – High-Conversion Compliant Copy Masterclass

“Facebook compliant copy has to be boring!”

I roll my eyes anytime someone says this.

You DON’T have to write boring copy.

The copy you write can be incredibly interesting.

But only if you do it right.

That’s why I’m going to show you how to write high-converting and SEXY Facebook compliant copy.

And the good news is writing Facebook compliant copy can be easy when you’re a good copywriter – or at least if you have solid fundamentals.

Because you can apply the skills you’ve already learned to this new method of thinking and Facebook compliance.

Plus we’re going to go over 5 of my favorite Facebook ad frameworks that are designed with Facebook compliance in mind.

They’re proven hooks and angles that work very well on Facebook, and are easy to implement and get approved.

Even if you’ve never written a single Facebook ad before.

Each week’s class is 2-3 hours.


So you’ll get to ask me any questions during each LIVE session.

The recordings will be hosted inside your private member’s area in case you miss a session or wanna revisit it.

So How Do You Get The Most Out Of The LIVE Class?

  1. Join the private Facebook group.
  2. Show up to the live weekly calls and ask questions. Remove distractions.
  3. Implement the thinking taught inside the class to your own business to make your campaigns more Facebook compliant.
  4. Ask questions and for support in the group.

Sounds like a sweet deal, eh?

There’s just one problem.

There’s a good chance this will be the only time I’m doing this live.

My calendar is really full from a consulting and done for you copywriting perspective. 

And there are only so many hours in a day. 

I’ve been prepping for months. I wanted to teach this LIVE and in person. 

Obviously that’s not gonna happen cuz of #Rona. 

So the best thing at the moment instead of giving you everything in person is a live online class. 

Plus by teaching the class online it actually lowers the ticket price and allows me to create more “mini-mes” who I can send clients to if they don’t have the budget to pay me.

So if you were to come back in the future and get the Facebook Compliance Code it’ll probably be the recording.

Don’t get me wrong.

It’ll still give you everything needed to navigate Facebook compliance.

But you won’t get the highest level of support from me and be able to get all your questions answered live.

And because I’m serious about moving fast, the cart is only gonna be open for a limited time.

That Means Registration For The Facebook Compliance Code Shuts Down On October 2nd at 11:59pm PST

If you try to register after October 2nd at 11:59pm PST I’m gonna refund your money.

Because the rest of the next week will be focused on “settling in” and getting you some sweet results before the first class even starts!

That’s my goal for you.

To give you some quick wins.

Then We’re Gonna Move Quickly Once The Classes Start On October 5th

That means there won’t be time to “catch up.”

So if you miss the deadline you’ll have to wait until the recordings come out.

And that’ll be roughly 2 months.

No second chances.

I want to reward action takers like my client who’s case study we talked about today.

If My Client Didn’t Take Action On Facebook Compliance They Would’ve Kept Losing ~$11.5k Per Day In Revenue (Or $345,000 Per Month)…

Which is a loss of $4,140,000 in revenue over the course of 12 months.

Yes. That’s $4,140,000 in revenue they would’ve missed out on if they couldn’t get it back up on Facebook by themselves.

Since I was able to help them revive their dead funnel… paying $5000, $20,000, or heck even $50,000 would be worth it to get $4,140,000, wouldn’t it?

And I’m soon gonna start charging $10K for a day of consulting to train up my client’s internal team members and copywriters on Facebook compliance.

But I’m not gonna charge you $10K to attend the LIVE 4 week Facebook Compliance Code.

I was thinking about charging $5K per head and capping it to 5 people where we really go deep into each person’s funnels.

So $5K for the full class and teachings PLUS full support from me and the group and you get every single question you have answered by me is pretty reasonable.

Especially when you consider that I was able to help get my clients’ funnel back on Facebook and back to earning multiple 7 figures a year, wouldn’t it be worth investing a measly $5K?

I’d say so.

That’s peanuts.

Plus There’s All The Benefits That Money Can’t Buy

Like peace of mind.


And excitement when it comes to advertising on Facebook.

You’re no longer on a tightrope.

You can think compliantly for Facebook.

So now you can begin to solve your own issues instead of scratching your head because Facebook doesn’t tell you what they want.

Now you’ll KNOW.

And be able to confidently navigate their treacherous waters while your competitors’ ships drown one by one and get weathered down in storm.

This isn’t about “getting around” Facebook’s policies.

This is about my interpretation of them to help you follow their rules and policies closer.

This way you have a far less likelihood of getting in trouble with them.

But I’m Not Gonna Charge You $5k For This

I was super close to doing that.

But I decided I’m going to give you an even better deal on this today because:

  1. A lot of people have been asking for a Facebook compliance course
  2. I keep hearing nightmare stories of ethical business owners and offers owners getting shut down for no reason 
  3. And a lot of copywriters get rejected from gigs because offer owners ask for compliant copy but they don’t know how to write it.

Plus it’s my mission to help 10 people have at least 7-figures of “stress-free” revenue in their business from advertising on Facebook.

By that I mean not having the stress and constant fear of getting their account shut down.

Or if their account does get shut down, they’re calm because they know they have the confidence to handle it.

Not just on their own. But with support from everyone in the group including myself.

But I decided to make it much more affordable than that so more of the right people can get their hands on the power of Facebook compliance.

What’s it costing you or your team to NOT be well versed in Facebook compliance?

How much are you leaving on the table every month by not being able to sustainably and consistently get approved and STAY approved on Facebook?

With that in mind, to get this in the hands of as many of the RIGHT people as possible… 

Your Investment To Join The “LIVE Launch” Of The Facebook Compliance Code Is Just $2000 Or 3 Easy Payments Of $750

After you click the button you’ll be taken to a secure encrypted check out page where you’ll fill in your information.

After you complete the check out you’ll receive an email with the information to log into the member’s area where all the recordings of the live classes are hosted.

As well as where all the bonuses will be hosted as they unlock over time.

In a few days the bonuses mentioned earlier to get you those quick wins will be on their way to your inbox.

And you’re not just getting 2 bonuses by enrolling in The Facebook Compliance Code…

When You Enroll In The Facebook Compliance Code Today 

You’ll Also Receive These 2 EXTRA Bonuses Over The Next Few Weeks:

Bonus #3: My Facebook Compliant Swipe File

You’re gonna get access to my ongoing Facebook compliant swipe file.

This is everything from Facebook ads to landing pages to sales letters that come across my desk.

Either from private clients (who’ve given me permission to share) or that pass me by as I’m scrolling on Facebook.

Bonus #4: Access To The Private Facebook Compliance Code Facebook Group

For the first 30 days of the program I’m gonna be extremely active in the Facebook group answering all your questions.

This is one of only ways to get my in-depth direct feedback and help aside from being a private client of mine.

Plus you get to connect with other business owners, offer owners, and copywriters running on Facebook.

So you won’t be alone on this journey to creating Facebook compliant copy & funnels that convert.

And look.

You can try the program now.

You’re Covered By My 30 Day “Love It Or Zuck It” Guarantee

Try it now risk-free.

And after you go through the program you can decide whether it was worth your investment or not.

If after 30 days you don’t feel more confident you can scale your sales on Facebook without worrying about getting shut down or banned I’d be more than happy to promptly refund your money.

However know that seeing as this is gonna be a live launch I’m gonna do my best to make this worth your dime.

And I appreciate you trusting me with your money and time.

You’ll get a prompt refund no questions asked.

So you really have nothing to lose and some nice Zuck Bucks to gain ;).

It’s up to you to decide.

I’m not gonna hard close you on this. 

Eventually YouTube is gonna also crack down on compliance.

So you’ll have to adjust to the new standard of marketing online.

It’s better to adjust now.

I know that there’s a good chance you may get shut down on FB or one of these ad networks. 

You’re gonna remember this exact conversation.

And kick yourself for not preparing and buying this sooner. 

I know you’re probably going to have to buy at one point or another other. 

Why not avoid the hassle and frustration down the road?

Why not take advantage of the chance to make your campaigns compliance-proof?

These compliance principles are universal.

So when YouTube cracks down too, your competitors are gonna be scrambling.

And you’ll be able to double down on ad spend and take their slice of the pie while they’re struggling to get back online.

And you’ll be able to avoid scaling up to thousands or tens of thousands a day then having it shut down and starting from scratch.

Why not take action today and avoid the headaches later?

This is only gonna be available until October 2nd at 11:59pm PST.

Once the clock hits midnight on October 2nd… this live version of the class is gone.

And I’m not sure if I’ll be doing another LIVE version for a while.


We both know getting ad accounts shut down is part of the game.

So you’re probably going to need this at one point or another.

Save yourself the time, headache, and frustration.

Get in now.

Thanks for taking the time to read my lil’ letter.

It means the world to me that you spent time reading this.

And I really hope to see you in the Facebook Compliance Code.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected] or shoot me a message on Facebook.

-Ed Reay

P.S. If you’re anything like me you probably skipped to the bottom to see what the deal is.

o here’s what I’ve got for you:

I’m going to give you my entire 4 week Facebook Compliance Code to help you or your clients scale fast & furiously on Facebook without worrying about getting banned.

Plus 4 epic bonuses.

Bonus #1 – The Copy & Paste Facebook Compliant Claims

Any time you want to make a claim on Facebook, go through this list.

Pick a claim you want to use.

Copy & paste it onto your copy.

And watch your ads have a significantly higher likelihood of getting approved!

Bonus #2 – The Complete Facebook Compliance Checklist

This is the same “mental” checklist I take my private consulting clients who pay me $1500 an hour to go through.

And you’ll have it right in your hands.

Before you or your in-house copywriting team launches a new offer, sales letter, or ad, walk through this checklist.

Or if your ads are getting disapproved or shut down, walk through this checklist.

And drastically increase the chances of getting your ads approved.

Bonus #3 – Ed Reay’s Facebook Compliant Swipe File

You’re gonna get access to my ongoing Facebook compliant swipe file.

This is everything from Facebook ads to landing pages to sales letters that come across my desk.

Either from private clients (who’ve given me permission to share) or that pass me by as I’m scrolling on Facebook.

Bonus #4 – Access To The Private FCC Facebook Group

For the first 30 days of the program I’m gonna be extremely active in the Facebook group answering all your questions.

This is one of only ways to get my in-depth direct feedback and help aside from being a private client of mine.

Plus you get to connect with other business owners, offer owners, and copywriters running on Facebook.

So you won’t be alone on this journey to creating Facebook compliant copy & funnels that convert.

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