[Download] Errol Gerson – Managing Money 2

[Download] Errol Gerson – Managing Money

Download Managing Money By Errol Gerson

Download Managing Money By Errol Gerson

Learn how to manage and make sense of your business’ finances to make informed decisions about its future.

  • 2+ hours of video lectures
  • Managing money handbook
  • Freshbooks and Gusto
  • Cash flow & break even worksheets
  • Lifetime updates

♦ Overview

What gets measured gets managed.
If sports teams never kept score during a game, how would the winner be determined? When it comes to your business’s finances, you have to keep track of money coming in and out to know if your business is profitable.

Learn to make sense of your cents.
If you own a business, it’s absolutely necessary to know the financial health of it at all times. This gives you clarity on what you can do when the time comes to invest in new tools, spend on company events, or put money towards a financial runway.

Set and meet your financial goals.
Without a financial goal, there’s no way to know if you’re headed the right direction. But when you learn to manage your money properly, you can pave a clear route for a financially sound future.

♦ Managing Money

Don’t be afraid to look at your bank account.

  • Master your money.
    Learn how to read and make sense of those numbers to know the ins and outs of your business’ finances.
  • Feel confident.
    Get the financial visibility you need to make informed business decisions that pave the way to success.
  • ‍‍Invest in your future.
    Avoid surprise interest and penalties. Set a solid financial runway for whatever life may throw at you.

♦ Inside This Course

Learn from the master
Your instructor, Errol Gerson, is part accountant and part philosopher. He blends these two traits together to teach the material in a way that’s easy to understand and make more sense of your finances.

See how it’s done
A 29-page informational supplement to the course with example financial reports, and a whole lot more.

Get the full scoop
Get clarity on how much money you need to keep the lights on and where the rest of it is going.

Cash Flow & Break Even Worksheets
Get clarity on how much money you need to keep the lights on and where the rest of it is going.


♦ From the instructor:

This course is meant to put financial control back in your hands.

Creatives are given all the necessary tools to hone their craft in design schools, but when it comes to giving them the tools to manage their design businesses, most design schools fall way too short.
The vast majority of people, especially designers, have an innate fear of dealing with money, since for the most part it is something that is not in your locus of control.
I was fortunate to study and major in Accounting during my time at the University of Southern California. I understood how large businesses, such as Fortune 500 companies, were keeping track of their finances, but I didn’t yet know how smaller businesses were doing this.
It wasn’t until I began teaching at ArtCenter that I slowly started to discover and understand the financial needs of designers. I decided to teach my students how to manage their money so they could grow their creative businesses, and filled the gap where design schools were lacking. I developed an easy-to-use, easy-to-learn system for my students that made them more comfortable with the subject of money.
This course is that same curriculum.
Managing Money was designed to help you, the creative, reduce risk and fear with the application of the easy-to-use tools. It is meant to help you gain back control of your financial life, and have a set of metrics that continuously allows you to manage your finances in both your business and personal life.
Learning to set budgets and build financial independence also allows you to invest more easily and create wealth along the way.
Within each module, you will begin to feel a sense of independence and motivation, and successfully manage your finances.
This course does exactly what I did for my clients; providing hundreds of creatives and creative firms with financial management and control. And now, it’s time I teach the same principles to you, so you can pave the way towards a financially secure future.

Errol Gerson
Errol Gerson has been teaching entrepreneurship, business and leadership skills to artists and designers for the past 43 years. He is as passionate about art as he is about business.


♦ Who this is for:
When the outflow exceeds the inflow, then your upkeep becomes your downfall.

This course is meant for anyone at any stage in their business to make sense of their finances. Plan your future with the material on accounting and finance.

  • Freelancers
  • Bookkeepers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Studio Owners

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