[Download] Growth Strategist – The Growth Bundle 2

[Download] Growth Strategist – The Growth Bundle


Download The Growth Bundle By Growth Strategist

Download The Growth Bundle By Growth Strategist

The Growth Circle
Strategies, Tools & Resources
for Digital Marketers & Entrepreneurs

Access 50+ Strategies, Templates, Tools and Resources To Streamline Your Online Marketing.
Complete Tasks Fast & Fuel Your Company’s or Clients Growth… Without Spending Thousands of Dollars.


Get Instant Access to the Following Resources Today…
As digital marketers and entrepreneurs we’ve curated $7500+ worth of resources to help you streamline your business with the same strategies, tactics, swipe files and templates used by the best brands online… at a fraction of the cost!

Reduce FOMO of wondering what’s in those expensive courses and masterminds. Filter out the noise and fake guru fads. Level up on the latest strategies from the best minds in business. Save time. Save money. Increase confidence, credibility and clarity.

These resources make it easy for fellow marketers and entrepreneurs to finish projects fast and with results. These are actionable strategies and resources to put your marketing and productivity to the next level.

You’ll get lifetime access to the Growth Portal and ALL resources to keep you on top of your growth marketing game.

Scroll below to see all the resources you’ll access. The huge value. The results. Testimonials and FAQs. The purpose behind us sharing this. And how you can benefit…


The Resources…

E-commerce Mastermind Growth Notes
These growth notes are from multiple courses and masterminds that were created and presented by individuals who run and operate multiple multi-million dollar e-commerce stores.

These courses currently cost between $500 and $1500. The video content in the courses span over 5-10 hours long…

We’ve created the key Growth Notes, so you don’t need to spend that money. Condensed into digestible, actionable, affordable notes, you can start and scale your store using the shared methods… without paying the high price, and without listening hours worth of content.

You’ll access the whole ‘Growth Notes’ library to get the cliff notes from the Copywriting, Email, Paid Ads, and Social Media Masterminds and courses we’ve attended.
Value: $500+
Included with Bundle

Create a High Ticket Coaching Course:
Growth Notes
The latest addition to our ‘growth notes’ simplifies the key strategies and tactics that marketers and entrepreneurs use to create a high ticket product. Get the methods to create and structure your own high ticket coaching course or mastermind… without buying a high ticket coaching course or mastermind.

This is the holy grail of online income for many people. It’s the one that allows you to package up your passion, knowledge, and experience to make an impact on the world, and ‘scale to 6-7 figures’ in revenue each month. It’s the one that allows you escape the 9-5 (as they say), to stop selling time for money, and to free up time to live life. It’s how most online entrepreneurs make money today… usually by selling this formula to you.

If you want to build a high ticket offer, if you want to see how all the ‘Gurus’ are building their businesses, and what they are trying to sell you… these are the steps to take.

And they are in note form. No need to spend thousands of dollars and sit through 10 hours worth of video. Just the information you need to quickly get started to create a new income stream.
Value: $500+
Included with Bundle

Email Marketing Mastermind:
Growth Notes
Email marketing generates on average 3800% ROI. That’s $38 return for every $1 you invest. It’s the highest ROI of any marketing channel. More than FB ads, Social, SEO etc. It automates sales and creates massive scale… but only if done correctly.

These growth notes give you the inside ‘secrets’ of email marketing that are shared across multiple high ticket courses and masterminds. We also use these tactics to generate millions of dollars in revenue for our clients though email campaigns.

So, if you want to start generating more income for your business, and you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on an email course, this mastermind level strategy gives you a step by step system to succeed.

From the types of emails to send; campaigns to set up; campaign structure; the secrets to writing email copy; subject lines; optimising opens and clicks; to getting sales… the tactics and supporting templates will empower you to create high performing email campaigns to increase revenues and grow your business in a matter of days no matter how big your list is.
Value: $500+
Included with Bundle

The Growth Strategy
We have taken the frameworks, processes, hacks and ‘secrets’, the templates, tools and resources that are shared throughout the ‘inner circles’ of the leading marketers and brands in the world… we’ve put it in one place for you and your client to use…

From start to finish we’ll give you the flow of a Growth Strategy, from Branding and Business Intelligence frameworks, to Facebook, Sales Funnels, and Content strategies. We cover the main facets of growth marketing you need to have covered.

We sell customised versions of this strategy to clients for thousands of dollars. Now, we’ve compiled the steps for you to take and apply yourself without spending thousands of dollars. See below for contents…
Value: $2500+
Included with Bundle


Inside the Growth Strategy…

Facebook Ad Strategy
What do the worlds biggest spenders on Facebook do to generate results? What are the inside secrets?

  • ​​Advanced tactics taken from the worlds leading FB agencies managing $5m+ per month budgets
  • ​Insider campaign structure, tactics, & templates to set up and scale
  • ​Ad creation swipe files & templates to capture attention and to reduce CPAs

Value: $750
Included with Bundle


Sales Funnels
You know what Sales Funnels are, here’s how we summarise the information to clients and managers to get them to invest…

  • ​Swipe the framework we use to demonstrate to clients & CEO’s how they need to grow… and how you’ll help them do it
  • Swipe files, hacks, and maps in one place
  • ​Checklists and resources to build out funnels for clients fast

Value: $97
Included with Bundle


Email Marketing
Email is not dead. Streamline your process of setting up email campaigns and remove the guesswork…

  • Examples and swipe files that have made businesses and brands millions of dollars
  • ​Insert your own information, edit where necessary… generate sales on autopilot
  • ​Save hundreds of dollars in copywriters and set up fees

Value: $247
Included with Bundle


Paid Traffic
It’s not all just Facebook and Instagram. There are big opportunities for growth and scale across other paid platforms…

  • The other paid traffic channels to capture targeting leads and Sales
  • ​The YouTube strategy to lock in clients and managers into new campaigns
  • ​Using Linkedin, Adwords, and Retargeting to complete the funnel

Value: $247
Included with Bundle


The Content Strategy
How to build a content ready brand. The tactics, the strategies, the tools to capture attention in today’s online world…

  • ​Content Creation System that is generating brands and businesses millions of views and followers
  • ​Position your client or business for long term, exponential growth
  • ​Examples action points, ideas, and scripts for multiple content platforms

Value: $97
Included with Bundle


Social Media
Mastering social media to grow your following and build a community. Imitate the best practitioners in the industry…

  • ​The distribution model to create and manage your social campaigns to amplify content across all channels
  • Strategy, action points and resources for clear execution
  • ​Easy to digest structure to demonstrate to clients the need for social media management services

Value: $97
Included with Bundle


Conversion Rate Optimisation
Are landing pages converting? Is the checkout process optimised? What can we do to improve?

  • ​The fastest, cheapest way to increase sales without spending more money
  • ​Get quick wins for your clients to build trust and credibility
  • ​Checklists, hacks, and CRO best practices to massively increase conversions and profits

Value: $97
Included with Bundle

Build the Brand
The most successful brands all spend a lot of time (and money) on building and sharing their core story…

  • ​Cut out the expensive branding consultants and create your own foundation of growth
  • ​Access the insider framework to create and clarify your own story that will take a business to new levels
  • ​Generate months and years of sales content that you can share with your customers in multiple forms!

Value: $247
Included with Bundle


Business Intelligence
Most businesses miss this out, but these steps are crucial in shaping your whole Growth Strategy…

  • ​The formula to create a vision and purpose to attract, motivate and inspire customers, staff and investors
  • ​Skip the high consulting fees to go through the same process (or charge the high consulting fees to your clients)
  • ​​Intelligence exercises to asses clients current financials and goals, with tools, and metrics to position them for growth

Value: $247
Included with Bundle


Competitive Intelligence
Why spend thousands of dollars and years of testing when competitors have already done the heavy lifting and spending?

  • ​Reverse-engineering competitors business models and strategies to build opportunities for your client
  • ​Go behind the scenes of their advertising campaigns, sales funnels, landing pages and emails
  • ​Ethically steal competitors traffic and their customers

Value: $97
Included with Bundle


Your Customers
The difference between good businesses and world-class businesses with high conversion rates starts here

  • The short process to build out a hyper targeted customer profile
  • ​How to use this simple exercise to fuel your product & content marketing strategy
  • ​Get the psychological questions to hack sales and growth

Value: $97
Included with Bundle


Analytics & Reporting
Are the right metrics being tracked to give insights to develop your product and service, to optimize marketing campaigns?

  • ​The metrics we track to ensure clients and growth campaigns are data driven
  • How we automate the reporting process to save hours of time each week
  • Swipe the tools and resources used to make sure your marketing campaigns are tracked correctly

Value: $97
Included with Bundle


Automation & Scaling
Can you do it all yourself? Want to free up time? Want to build a specialist team? A remote team?

We’ll share the fundamentals to scaling a business to new levels to go to $1million, $10million and even $100million in revenue.
Value: $97
Included with Bundle


Growth Hacks
In addition to the Growth Strategy, we’ll share with you additional Growth Hacks and how to spot those opportunities.

We’ll provide case studies, tests, and ideas. and also expel growth hacking myths.
Get clients and managers/CEO’s excited.
Value: $97
Included with Bundle


Get the overview/summary of the growth strategy so you can use as a quick reference and checklist to start executing on

Remove analysis paralysis, remove indecision and confusion… make progress…
get results.
Value: $97
Included with Bundle


You know what Sales Funnels are, here’s how we summarise the information to clients and managers to get them to invest…

  • ​Add 10 high converting sales funnels to your resources at a click of a button
  • ​From Squarespace to Organify & more, use the templates to increase revenues
  • ​Use their proven designs, landing pages, sales pages, upsells and downsells
  • ​Simply add logos, images, and copy… and sell to your clients or use for yourself
  • ​Save thousands of dollars and hours of time in design & development
  • ​Instant value, proven results, premium quality

Value: $1500+
Included with Bundle


It’s very difficult to sell in the noisy world we live in. Conversion rates are decreasing, but video is the saving grace if done well. Here, classic sales copywriting principals and frameworks are integrated with digital video to create a high converting Video Sales Letter that will consistently increase sales and lead conversions…

  • Use the proven 12 step formula to quickly develop video sales letter scripts
  • ​Constructed by psychological triggers, time-stamps, themes, and cues…
  • Control customers attention to deliver the right words at the right time
  • ​Sell or deliver to your client and simply enter in their copy to boost sales!
  • ​An invaluable tool to save time and money, and to increase earnings and conversions

Value: $250+
Included with Bundle


Online growth is hugely dependent on how we sell the products and services. Having the sales pages designed and built is just the first part… now we convert the customers with a persuasive sales page. You’ll access…

  • The principles and structure from the best sales copywriters in the industry
  • ​The framework to build out your clients or your own businesses sales pages fast
  • ​Easily create strong, high converting sales pages for customers and clients
  • ​Save money on expensive copywriters
  • ​Increase conversions and sales!

Value: $250+
Included with Bundle


AND… You’ll Get Access to ALL Future Releases. Including…

More Mastermind Growth Notes.
In addition to the above Growth Notes of which you’ll immediately access, we are currently condensing over $10,000+ worth of additional mastermind level strategies, tactics, and resources that span over 50+ hours of video and reading time, as we continue to update the Growth Circle. These Growth Notes will go on sale at full price when released.. BUT if you purchase the Growth Bundle today, you will receive them at no extra cost!

  • Copywriting Mastermind
    The proven online and offline copywriting secrets to writing copy that grabs attention, sets you apart, and sells.
    Value: $499
    Included with Bundle
  • YouTube Mastermind
    Creating, managing, and optimizing paid media campaigns across YouTube to scale your revenue channels.
    Value: $499
    Included with Bundle
  • Social Media Mastermind
    The latest strategies for the most popular social platforms that will help you set up and manage campaigns to drive organic traffic and sales
    Value: $499
    Included with Bundle


  • Marketing Managers
    Get all of your team using the same templates and processes to stay aligned, to boost productivity, and to generate results fast.
  • Founders & CEO’s
    Don’t waste time and money on services and researching strategies. We’ve done the work for you. Use the strategies and resources to execute.
  • Freelancers
    Build your knowledge and skillset. Boost credibility. Then generate results from the execution tools… all while maximising your productivity.

Sharpen up your marketing and entrepreneurial knowledge to grow businesses.

  • Streamline your workload
  • Streamline implementation costs
  • Access the most effective and valuable tactics from the growth marketing space
  • ​Get everything in one place
  • Avoid high ticket course & mastermind prices
  • ​Build your knowledge and skillset
  • ​Access the strategies that work
  • ​Position your business for growth


Hey, It’s Luke, Founder of GrowthStrategist.com… let me give you a little background on how we got here…

Over the last 10 years, I’ve launched, invested in, and worked with a number of startups, SME’s, and large corporations across tech, media, health, and sports industries.

My first startup in football/soccer media funded my trip around the world when I was 23. My second led me to San Francisco which resulted in consultancy roles for eBay on their first foray into influencer marketing…

I then went into freelance consulting where I’ve worked with leading agencies who boast clients that include Adidas, Wrangler, Levi’s, & Spotify… Now, I work with athletes and businesses including 2x NBA MVP Steve Nash and multiple online businesses in different industries.

I work from my Laptop, either from Los Angeles that is currently home, or while I’m travelling the world with my wife… all while using my experience, knowledge, and passion to help people creatively grow their brands and business.

My goal is to make the information that is often hidden behind expensive courses and mastermind groups, more accessible. Without the hype of it being ‘magic’ and without the over promise of it making you rich without having to do anything.

The Problems…

If you are anything like me, and every other genuine digital marketer, entrepreneur and business owner out there, you’ll likely relate to these thoughts, questions and pain points while you build or work with an online business or client at any level, from startup to million dollar company…

  • “Sales funnels – I need to build one fast… How shall we optimise for conversions? Which landing page type should I use? Which software? What’s the best way to build it?”
  • “Video ads need to be created – What’s the best script to use? What’s the best structure? The best format? Where and how should we promote it?”
  • “We need to reduce the cost of our Facebook Ads? What’s the best campaign structure? What copy converts best? What are the advanced Facebook tactics? How do I scale them? Is our creative optimised?”
  • ​”Why does everyone say they are making ‘millions’ with that ‘one secret’? What’s actually in those ‘MasterMind’ groups? Is there a secret that I don’t know about? What am I missing?”
  • ​”What is everyone else doing? What are all the Marketing experts advising?
  • ​”Where shall we start? What’s the best way to scale? How do we get to $1million? How do we get to $10 million?”
  • ​”We don’t have time! We don’t have the budget!”

You get it!

As marketers, we always need to be on the look out for the latest info, tools and resources so we can perform well. And so we can manage our time efficiently.

I’m personally an ‘idealist’ by nature too, so I’m always looking for the best way to do things. The most effective, efficient way. I hate wasting time. I hate wasting money. I want to do what works and I want to do it fast.

The Solution

I decided to gather all of the strategies & tools that provided the solutions to the common problems above. I put them in one place to streamline my workflow, to make my life easier as a marketer, to give myself and clients direction, to save us time, save us money, and ultimately make us more money.

I use the resources to make millions of dollars in revenue for my clients, one of which I’ve recently taken from $3-$5 million revenue on a part-time, remote basis, in just over 12 months (while travelling in Europe)…

And now I’m sharing everything I use so you can swipe it all.

Now you’ll get:

  • The Growth Strategy ($2500+ Value)
  • ​Sales Funnel Templates: Premium, Pre-Built, Proven Designs ($500+ Value)
  • ​Video Sales Letter Script / Template ($250+ Value)
  • ​Sales Page Copywriting Template ($250+ Value)
  • Facebook Video Ad Template and Script ($250 Value)
  • YouTube Video Ad Template and Script ($250 Value)
  • ​Email templates and scripts ($500+ Value)
  • ​Advanced Facebook Ad Strategies ($1000+ Value)
  • ​Branding & Business Intelligence Frameworks ($500+ Value)
  • ​Social, Content, Paid, Sales Funnel, CRO Strategies ($1000+ Value)
  • ​Ecommerce Mastermind Growth Notes ($500+ value)
  • ​Copywriting Mastermind Growth Notes ($500+ value)
  • ​Email Mastermind Growth Notes (500+ value)
  • ​And much more

These resources will add significant value to your services as a marketer or entrepreneur. Use them to win clients, retain clients, manage effective campaigns and grow online businesses efficiently, without spending thousands of dollars on the same information elsewhere.

I’m excited to share them with you.


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