[Download] Jason Fladlien – Webinar Funnels 2

[Download] Jason Fladlien – Webinar Funnels

Download Webinar Funnels By Jason Fladlien

Download Webinar Funnels By Jason Fladlien

Create the Perfect Webinar Funnel:
Join Us to Build the Highest Converting Webinar Funnel from the Very Best in the World of Pitch Webinars, Jason Fladlien.
So You Can Drive More Traffic, deliver the perfect message, & Convert More Leads.

Leverage Your Brand and Entice Your Market By Crafting an Evergreen Webinar Funnel & Developing a Systematic Process with Proven Results ​
Join Jason Fladlien for this Webinar & Evergreen Funnel War Room Intensive where you’ll discover how to:


  • The three best ways to drive traffic to your webinars… and why you should focus on smaller, more tightly focused audiences instead of trying to simply fill up your webinar
  • Discover the secret to evergreen, automated webinars and why most of your next webinars shouldn’t start live
  • How to service companies to make a simple adjustment to webinars and sell more services at higher prices to better clientele
  • How to get your webinars integrated in the marketing of other businesses… (we recently did this Zoom, a $16 billion dollar company. It’s the easiest way to grow any digital business)
  • What to do after your webinar is over… (this usually doubles your profits at the very least)
  • What offers are hard to make work on webinars, and how these simple tweaks can make nearly any offer just crush it via webinars
  • How to get other people to do your webinars for you, so you can tap into the persuasion power of webinars without having to personally become an expert at webinars
  • Have an existing customer base? Use this one type of webinar to shake loose tons of revenue by focusing on a specific segment of your email list
  • How to improve any sales floor, call center or phone sales process by putting a webinar in front of it… (this clones your best sales person to work on your behalf 24/7)
  • The latest webinar innovations… Jason is typically 3-5 years ahead of the curve, so what will become common practice years from now, you can get in on the ground floor and start using today!

This is NOT a LISTEN & LEARN session.

This is an immersive implementation intensive, where you’ll walk away having started the foundation or adjusted your current webinar funnel process , knowing exactly what to do next, and watch prospects turn into customers at a rate you’ve probably not experienced to date.

This intensive will provide you with an actionable blueprint for you to take back to your business immediately. These workshops are named “intensives” because we truly can’t think of a more fitting word to term them. You will walk through each specific step, geared to your business. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to take everything you learned and craft the perfect plan for your product.

Intensives are intimate in nature and by design. This isn’t a room full of 250 people, where questions are kept to a minimum and exposure to those teaching is scarce. You and a handful of others will have DIRECT ACCESS. Intensives are exclusively for War Room members as part of the program, but occasionally we’re able to squeeze in a couple others… what can we say? We love to teach and see others run with it!


♦ Meet Your Mentor:

Jason Fladlien is known as the $100 million dollar webinar man. His pitch webinars have set records in the information, coaching, affiliate, and software space. Not only do many claim him the best webinar presenter out there, he is also considered the best teacher of webinars.

As such, people like Joe Polish describe him as “one of the top 5 living marketers on the planet.” Jason enjoys his role as Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Rapid Crush, Inc., a company who has pioneered many different digital marketing methods that are considered standard today.

Due to his unrelenting passion for achievement, Jason has risen to the top of several industries including selling physical products on Amazon, as well as digital products, software, and coaching.

By having so much success in many different areas of business, Jason is often called in by 7, 8 and even 9-figure companies to help them with their marketing and now wants to teach you everything he knows to elevate your business.


Why Evergreen Webinars & Funnels?
Jason’s spent 7 years perfecting his process, some yielding $9.7 million in the span of a week. And if you’ve hosted some webinars in the past & they didn’t work, it doesn’t mean webinars don’t work, it just means you played the game with the wrong playbook.

In this Intensive, Jason is going to teach you the right playbook. In two “intense” days, you’ll have the process from start to close, with followup & automation ready to implement the moment you find a wifi signal. You’ll get a step by step walk through and implementation guide for every step of the webinar process.

For those of you that do have an audience, you basically have a stash of unharvested revenue waiting for you to claim it. Jason will teach you just how to do that and make your audience want to attend more in the future. And if you’re thinking ‘I want to produce a webinar only after I know I can fill one,’ Jason’s mindset will help reframe yours so that you’re thinking the truth: It only takes a few people to transform and you can’t help but to get discovered by more.

If you want to perfect your pitch and double or even triple the success of your webinars (and your business as a whole), join us to learn everything Jason Fladlien has propelled thousands of other business owners to explode sales.

Who is this for?
This is a perfect fit for you if you… (any of the following)

  • Sell a product or service online
  • a business owner looking to expand sales pipelines and execution
  • Have done webinars in the past but decided against them because they didn’t produce what you were expecting
  • Haven’t done webinars in the past for some reason (we have a full blueprint to implement instantly)
  • Looking to streamline or automate your sales process
  • Looking for new revenue streams and want to take home a ready to deploy system ASAP
  • Need more leads but ultimately more sales!
  • You run the sales arm of your company (if not an owner) and looking to breakthrough sales goals in this next quarter
  • Want to learn from the very best and has countless proof to back it up

Who Is This NOT For?
Don’t apply if…

  • You’re only interested in raising sales now to break out of “today’s problem”
  • Have zero interest in being or putting someone else in front of others to close sales in a webinar
  • Don’t believe in webinars and not open to implementing again (with the right tools this time!)
  • You already have a fantastic system and not interested in optimizing or expanding further

♦ Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have a Webinar process?
That is great to hear! Webinars are one of the most lucrative & successful methods to making money online. Jason will be teaching his proven method to literally make millions in a matter of months if done correctly. Learn his process and tweak your already successful webinar funnel to ROI even more than you are now.
What if my product isn’t a physical product, or is a service like coaching?
Webinars are the number one way to effectively sell these types of services. Your Webinar and & Evergreen funnel built with Jason Fladlien’s process and insight will take you to the next level.
What if I sell a physical product?
Jason has dozens of clients who have taken their physical product and sold it to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world by implementing his webinar system.(Showing is believing!)
Are webinars a profitable avenue for books?
Yes. Webinar funnel systems work extremely well for books and brands. Jason has sold millions of books for clients and himself simply over his webinars. He will teach you exactly how to with yours too!
Where should I stay if I’m traveling for the intensive?
DigitalMarketer HQ is located in Austin, TX at:

4330 Gaines Ranch Loop
Austin, TX 78735

There are a few hotels in the immediate area we’ll recommend via email after you purchase a ticket. But downtown is just a short ~10-15 min drive so your favorite hotel line and many other options is still available at your discretion.

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