[Download] Jeff Sauer – Google Ads Bootcamp 2

[Download] Jeff Sauer – Google Ads Bootcamp

Download Google Ads Bootcamp By Jeff Sauer

Download Google Ads Bootcamp By Jeff Sauer

A 5-day Crash Course on Profit-Driven Advertising for Google Ads

Set your budget and profit-maximizing targets using the Data Driven Google Ads calculators
Build the winning account structure that Google doesn’t want you to know about
Uncover hidden, low-cost keywords that convert your customers
Execute the one optimization strategy that always leads to PPC success

What I spend on Google Ads vs what I spent on your course and the money I have *SAVED* has paid for itself 10 times over!

In this course we’ll cover…

The Rules of Profit-Driven Advertising
Implement The Five Rules you need to maximize your profits on Google Ads

Budgeting and Profit Maximizing
Set YOUR Data-Driven budget and targets for Google Ads (and avoid wasted ad spend)

Healthy Account Structure
Build the account structure that will outperform Google estimates… and your competition

Keyword Targeting
Uncover low-cost keyword opportunities that are already converting your customers

Account Optimization
Turn your Google Ads account into an ROI increasing machine that produces better and better results over time

5 Modules | 5 Lessons | 7 Exclusive Resources | 2.5 Hours of Content

“Jeff and the team at Data Driven go so much further than anyone else offering training on similar topics. They don’t do cursory overviews and then upset you on other bigger products. They do deep dives, giving you insight into every step along the process; whether you’re learning about ads, analytics, social media or anything in between.”

About The Instructor

Jeff Sauer
Hi, I’m Jeff Sauer. I’ve been recognized by PPC Hero as one of the TOP 25 PPC experts multiple times over the past decade.

I am also a professional data analyst and a partner in a 5x Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Business award-winning Marketing Agency in St. Paul, MN.

But more importantly… these days, I am a full-time educator. Since 2015, I’ve launched several successful online training programs while helping over 17,000 students master PPC Marketing, Data Analytics, and Agency Business Development.

“My mission is to make learning digital marketing easy and fun for you! “

Your Quick-Start Guide to Advertising on Google Ads with Confidence and Control

Get Results From Google Ads Faster

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