[Download] Julian Cole – Strategy Finishing School 2

[Download] Julian Cole – Strategy Finishing School

Download Strategy Finishing School By Julian Cole

Download Strategy Finishing School By Julian Cole

15 Years Of Strategy Training Shared With You Right Now

Progress to a leadership role in strategy with the Strategy Finishing School.


The BIG-T Strategist model gives you a:

  • Strong foundation in the strategy craft with 9 modules
  • BIG-T modules (Diplomacy, Management, and Selling Strategy) that elevate you to leadership


The School includes lifetime access to:

  • 80+ video lessons
  • Private Facebook Group (1000+ members)
  • Private mentorship groups
  • Access to Julian Cole

The Ultimate Course For Strategy Misfits

If you are…

A blindfolded strategy misfit who has never been taught the fundamentals of strategy

Looking to gain confidence in your process and role

Transitioning from another discipline to strategy and need some practical information

In a part of strategy where you’re dealing with the creative industry…


Master the skills of strategy needed at the 3 levels of your career

The modules help you at the three levels (Strategist, Strategy Director and Head Of Strategy).

Chapter 1 – Strategy Fundamentals (Strategist)

Chapters 2-8 – Research, Insights, Briefing, Brand Strategy, Comms Planning, Advertising Effectiveness, Business Strategy (Strategy Director)

Chapters 9-11 – Diplomacy, Management, Selling Strategy (Head Of Strategy)

Learn whenever, wherever. Access all the content immediately.

You get access to all the content in the School right away.

No gated access or waiting for school to start.

The course was designed for busy strategists, meaning if you need to learn something right away you will have a video and template ready for you.

Join a private community of world class strategists

Become a part of our private Facebook community, which consists of the other members of the Strategy Finishing School; a vibrant, trusted, and talented network of strategists that you can easily bounce ideas off with.

Save your time with templates you can copy/paste

You will have access to the Strategy Finishing School Library, which is a Google folder containing presentations and templates that have saved Julian and other strategists hours of presentation creation time.

You can copy and paste templates including strategy set up decks, content strategy, scoping strategy, comms planning, strategy department vision, to over 100+ frameworks that are designed for you to swipe and save.

A partner for your whole strategy career

All Strategy Finishing School members have lifetime access to the content, allowing you to always refer to the content throughout your career.

It was designed to help you at each stage with different content bespoke to that role.

The content in the school is also getting updated every year based on the new demands of the members of the Strategy Finishing School.

You’ll get industry recognized certification

When you complete the first chapter of the Strategy Fundamentals, you will get the Strategy Finishing School certification.

The certification is recognized by Chief Strategy Officers at leading companies around the world and has led to a number of members being hired into leading strategy roles.


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