[Download] Kevin Holloman – Mass Rank Mastery 2

[Download] Kevin Holloman – Mass Rank Mastery

Download Mass Rank Mastery By Kevin Holloman

Download Mass Rank Mastery By Kevin Holloman

Financial Freedom is Only a Click Away

Mass Rank Mastery is for anyone who is looking to make a financial change in their lives.

Whether you’re looking to earn an extra $500 per month, or $5000 – this course shows you how to achieve this. With no ad spend, all while using other peoples products.

Who Am I?
For those that do not know me, my name is Kevin Holloman. I started this journey about 3.5 years ago, after picking up Greg Jeffries course SEO Affiliate Domination.

During this time I was employed for 10 years with a local beer distributor. After taking the SEO Affiliate Domination course, I decided to take a part of the training, and add my own strategies to it.

Within 7 months, I was able to purchase my family a new home; which was a dream of ours for several years. Approximately 2 months later, I went self employed and never looked back.

Mass Rank Mastery is exactly how I did it; and I want to share it with you too.

There is nothing special about me. I did not have years of marketing experience. I am not a salesman or anything like that. I am simply someone who set a goal, and worked to achieve it.

Now, I want to teach YOU how to do the same.

This course walks you STEP BY STEP through:

– How to Pick Your Website Name

– How to Choose Your Products

– How to Build Your Website

– How to Choose Your Keywords

– How to Structure Your Articles

The COMPLETE process is shown in an “over the shoulder” video training. Watch me build a website from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mass Rank Mastery about?
Mass Rank Mastery is my approach to SEO with Affiliate Marketing. It is not the normal, complicated SEO strategies you may be used to. It is out of the box, and allows you to make money much quicker than standard SEO. Even if you do not own a product, or pay for ads.

I’m new, will this course work for me?
I created this course with the beginner in mind. You do not have to be “tech savvy”, as you watch over my shoulder step by step throughout the course.

How long is the course?
Although I plan on constantly updating this course – for now you could sit down for around 6 hours and get through all of the steps. I designed it this way by making the videos all action steps. It also makes things easier to go back and find, if you were to get stuck on a certain part.

How much money can I make?
This depends on you and how much action you take. The sky is the limit. Some make as much as $40k per month doing exactly what I do.

How long before I see results?
I like to tell people 90 days. I have seen people make money within days. And, I have seen some people take 4 months or so. This is SEO based training. It takes time, but very little money.

Is there ongoing support for this course?
Mass Rank Mastery has a very active Facebook group. You can get answers to all of your questions from myself, or other students. I also do a live weekly Q&A call within the group, to ensure your success.

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