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Download The Ultimate Online Sales Masterclass By Paul Dang

Learn how to book meetings with your dream clients and close more deals even if you don’t have any sales experience.
Trusted by +100,000 Sales Professionals Across The Globe

♦ Why Learn Modern Sales
Learning how to sell is one of the most highly paid and valuable skills you can learn in today’s market.

You see, no matter how great a product or service, if you can’t book meetings with your dream customers and close deals, you can’t generate any revenue and make an impact in the world.

Without sales, a business can not survive.

Now, a common misconception most people have is that you have to be a “natural” to succeed in sales.

But this is far from the truth.

After training over 100,000 students across the globe, I’m convinced that sales is a skill that anyone can learn if they put in the work.

And with Sales Legacy, you’ll be learning everything you need to know about modern sales, whether you’re selling to small-medium businesses up to Fortune 500 companies.

I’ve personally tested these bulletproof sales strategies myself during my time at Oracle and Y-Combinator-backed startup, Lob.

So whether you’re looking to break into sales and start your sales career, accelerate your sales success, or even sell your own products and services, you’re going to get massive value from this course.

♦ What’s Inside Sales Legacy?
In Sales Legacy, the masterclass, you’re going to learn everything from cold emailing, cold calling, LinkedIn social selling, sales skills, presentation skills, how to close clients, and even how to get hired for high-paying sales roles at top tier companies like Oracle, Salesforce, and venture-backed startups. You’ll also get access to our very best sales and lead generation scripts and templates.

The curriculum consists of over +140 training videos and +15 hours of high-quality content and is consistently updated with the most relevant sales strategies and tactics that are working today.

  • Cold Email
    Learn how to schedule meetings with your dream clients consistently every month using cold email. And get access to be highest-performing cold email templates to start turning total strangers into paying customers.
  • Cold Calling
    Master the art and science of cold calling and book meetings with high-level decision-makers from small-medium businesses all the way to Fortune 500 companies. Also, get access to my proprietary plug-and-play cold calling script to sell your own products and services in your specific industry.
  • LinkedIn Outreach
    Learn the most up-to-date strategies and tactics to build your LinkedIn profile, connect, build relationships, and schedule appointments with high-level decision-makers.
  • LinkedIn Social Selling
    LinkedIn marketing and social selling strategies to create high-quality, engaging content to become a thought leader in your industry and generate inbound leads on LinkedIn. You’ll be learning how to create content using text, photos, videos, PDFs, downloads, and more.
  • Sales Skills + Closing
    Learn my proven Sales Legacy Methodology to sell your specific product or service in your particular industry and explode your sales. You’ll learn soft skills as well as get access to my proven step-by-step sales script that’ll walk you through exactly what to say and do from the moment you meet someone and shake their hand all the way to closing the deal.
  • Sales Career Coaching
    Get my best sales career advice on how to find, apply, and get hired at top-tier high-paying sales roles. You’ll learn how to identify the best companies to work for, how to get an interview, and how to interview like a pro and get hired for your dream role.

♦ Who Is This Course For

  • Breaking Into Sales
    If you’re looking to start your sales career with no prior sales experience, this course is for you. Our training will teach you everything you need to know to get started in sales, sales prospecting, sales skills, and how to interview and get hired for high-paying sales roles.
  • Accelerating Your Sales Career
    If you’ve already started your sales career, we’re going to show you the best strategies and tactics you can use to blow your quota out of the water and advance quickly in your sales career.
  • Selling Your Own Products & Services
    If you’re an entrepreneur selling your own products and services, we’re going to show you how to start and accelerate your business, find product-market fit and close more deals.

⇒ What People Are Saying

“I absolutely recommend Sales Legacy, as I begin to hire other sales associates, they will be using this curriculum if for no other reason than it is super easy to understand, and it will give everyone on the team a common language to refer to when implementing our sales strategy.”
-Jonathan F.
Sales at Comcast

“There are many books out there for sale, but Patrick’s class was easier to follow and digest. I appreciate his personal sales stories and challenges, which help me visualize a sale scenario and understand how I should respond.
On top of the mindset building, I learned a ton of soft skills and technical skills I can use on the job.”
-Joseph M.
Sales at Fastly

“…helped me sooo much during my job search, and thanks to you, I got my dream job at Salesforce in London. So thank you again for all your tips and techniques!!”
Sales at Salesforce

“Patrick helped my sales team and I go from a 5% Response Rate with cold outreach to a 50% to 60% Response Rate with 20% of prospects scheduling a meeting.”
-Liran E.
SDR Manager

⇒ Join The Sales Legacy Community

  • Community
    Join our Sales Legacy community with professional sellers all around the world. Get new perspectives and deep insights on what’s working now from like-minded individuals.
  • Monthly Live QnA
    Get access to monthly live QnAs with Patrick Dang and the Sales Legacy Community, where you can ask your questions and get immediate support and feedback. You’ll also get access to our private Facebook Group and Slack Channel so you can network with other Sales Legacy Members.
  • Consistent Updates
    Sales Legacy is consistently updated with the most up-to-date sales strategies and tactics working today. By enrolling in Sales Legacy, you’ll get access to all future updates to the course for free.

Ready To Join Sales Legacy?
Join Sales Legacy today to get instant access to all course videos, plug-and-play templates, worksheets, and the Sales Legacy community.

One Time Payment

  • +140 Training Videos & +15 hours of High-Quality Video Content
  • Access to all cold call, cold email, and LinkedIn templates, worksheets, and scripts
  • Access to all future course updates
  • Monthly live QnAs with Patrick Dang
  • Access To Private Sales Community
  • Mentorship from a sales professional

Meet Your Instructor Patrick Dang
Patrick Dang is an International Sales Trainer who’s helped over 100,000 students across 150+ countries take their sales skills to the next level.

He started his career in Silicon Valley at Oracle (one of the largest tech giants globally) and quickly became one of the company’s top performers in just one year.

Not only does Patrick have expertise selling into large enterprises, but also has a deep understanding of high-velocity startup sales as well as selling coaching and consulting services. Patrick is also one of the fastest-growing sales thought leaders on YouTube, bringing modern sales to everyday people.

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