[Download] Peter Chan Jr – Better Ecom Course 2

[Download] Peter Chan Jr – Better Ecom Course

Download Better Ecom Course By Peter Chan Jr

Download Better Ecom Course By Peter Chan Jr

EXPLODE Your Shopify Store By Getting BUYER TRAFFIC to FLOCK to Your E-Commerce Store WITHOUT The Stress And Hassles of FB’s Algorithm and Increasingly Expensive Costs!

One Time Special Offer For Today Only
100% Money Back Guarantee
The Better Ecom Course – 10 Module Program (usually $2500) (Only $197 Today!)
​Module #1&2 – Discover how to build a $100k Shopify Store
​Module #3&4 – Total Drop Shipping & Print On Demand Blue Print
​Module #5 – FB Ads & IG Ads & Influencers Master Class
​Module #6 – Unstoppable Google Shopping Network Strategy
​Module #7 – Snap Chat Ads Secrets
​Module #8 – $100k YouTube Ads Formula
​Module #9 – Copy Our $250k/yr E-Mail Marketing Funnels
​Module #10 – Transform Your Business With The Ultimate Outsourcing Formula
​BONUS #1 – High Ticket Dropshipping From USA Suppliers (11 vids) ($497 Value) FREE TODAY!
​BONUS #2 – Bing Ads (6 videos) ($397 Value) FREE TODAY!
​BONUS #3 – Constant Updates Throughout 2019 – 2020 ($997 Value) FREE TODAY!
​BONUS #4 – Facebook Mastermind Group ($97/mo Value) (Life-Time FREE TODAY!)
​BONUS #5 – “99 Problems But A Boss Ain’t One” Limited Edition T-Shirt! ($34.99 value) FREE TODAY!
Total Value: $2500
Your Price Today: $197
Your Savings Today: $2303

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You’ll learn how to tap into a UNSATURATED and UNTAPPED traffic sources before every other marketer starts to hop on this next year or so!

Just think about double and tripling your revenue WITHOUT having to compete against the BIG FB guru’s that are buying up all of the ads space making it so expensive and saturated!

In addition to learning the traditional FB & IG ads, you’ll also be learning traffic sources such as BING, YOUTUBE, SNAP CHAT, GOOGLE SHOPPING, IG, PINTEREST, and more!


In additional to learning the traditional Drop Shipping from Chinese vendors with horrible quality products and support as well as LONG delivery times. You’ll learn how to DROP SHIP HIGHER ticket products from USA suppliers!

Not only will this EXPLODE your profit margins with the same amount of ads spends, but this will also reduce the stresses of rely on Ali Express…

In addition to that, you’ll also get a FULL extensive study on how to use POD (print on demand). This will allow you to CREATE your own high converting products instead of competing against all the drop shippers in a saturated market!

Module 1 – The Basics

  • ​Gives a Basic Overview of the Entire ECommerce DropShipping Business Model (Designed For Beginners)
  • Explains what you’ll be learning in the academy along with the reasons of why each lesson will have a direct impact on your success.
  • Why choose Shopify as your go-to E-Commerce platform.
  • The Exact 4 Components to have in place in order to start and scale profitable ad campaigns.

Module 2 – The Essentials

  • ​Shows you the difference between setting up a store around a specific niche vs. a generic store which sells items in multiple niches. You’ll learn the advantages and disadvantages associated with each option…
  • Explains what you’ll be learning in the academy along with the reasons of why each lesson will have a direct impact on your success.
  • Never built a Shopify Store Before? No problem, we cover setup instructions in detail which include…
    a) Picking the Right Plan
    b) Setting up Shipping
    c) Getting a Domain Name
    d) Choosing a Theme, getting the essential pages, navigation right. etc.
  • ​Also covers the “Virtual Post Mail” technique which helps you to protect your privacy while shipping orders to your customers.

Module 3 – Dropshipping, POD, & High Ticket Products!

  • ​Print On Demand (POD) vs. Drop-shipping Products and their respective advantages/disadvantages
  • How to Research Creative But Powerful POD ideas and Fully outsource the designs
  • Learn how to find USA suppliers to drop ship your HIGH TICKET, HIGH MARGINS products that’ll help you make more money with the same amount of Ads Cost!
  • How to use Power Ad Spy (included with purchase) to Spy on Highly Successful Facebook ads and the products being sold via these ads.
  • Learn Fraud Protection as well as conversion optimizations to help you sell more HIGHER TICKET products that are being dropped shipped from the USA and not from China!

Module 4 – Basic FB/Instagram Traffic

  • ​A complete “insider-tour” of the FB Business Manager.
  • The exact list of words which need to get blocked from your Business Fanpage/IG accounts so that people don’t end up posting them on your page/s which ends up ruining your sales.
  • How to go about creating a Facebook Pixel and connecting your Shopify Store with the pixel. (Very Important Step that helps you track sales)
  • The Set Up Process for your FB Fan Page/Instagram accounts to make them “Sales-Ready”.

Module 5 – Additional Traffic Sources!

  • ​Learn how to use traffic sources in ADDITIONAL to just FB and IG. These are traffic sources that no one else out there is teach and utilizing in their Shopify businesses!
  • Leverage unsaturated and untapped traffic sources like BING, Snap Chat, YouTube, as well as Google Shopping!
  • Scale your business by 10x WITHOUT losing ROI on FB ads and crying when your ads accounts get slapped or prices increase!

Module 6 – Google Shopping Network!

  • ​Learn how to set up your Google Shopping Merchant Account with your Shopify Store!
  • Learn how yo set up your product descriptions in a way that will help you get the highest ROI and help you BEAT your competition when it comes to getting your products shown in the 1st page of Google Shopping Searches!
  • Get the EXACT strategy that will help you SCALE your GSN Ads and let you retain ROI without worrying about losing ROI when you’re scaling!
  • Find out how to take out NEGATIVE KEYWORDS as well as non-profitable products in you’re Google Shopping Network Ad Campaigns. This will help you DOUBLE or TRIPLE your Revenue with the same amount of Ads cost!

Module 7 – E-com Marketing Automations! (Abandon Cart Apps, E-Mail Marketing, Messenger, etc!)

  • ​Pick up the art of connecting your Shopify Store with your different marketing automation software accounts
  • Brush up on your emails, push and messenger broadcasting skills which would let you to sell new/more products to generate more revenue.
  • You have to realize that your email list will consist of different kind of people, with different behavior, profiles, and interests. But if your subscribers are so different, why treat them all the same? Get the hang of segmenting to make sure you stay relevant.
  • Get the exact email, push and messenger templates you’ll need to go about creating a powerful follow-up sequence.

Module 8 – Outsourcing and Process Automation

  • Once your ecom store becomes bigger, you won’t be able to manage all the tasks yourself…which is why you’ll need a team.
  • ​Get a Basic idea of how your team would look like.
  • Get the knack of finding amazing Virtual Assistants who charge $2-$5/Hour but do great work using sites like Upwork.
  • Get trained about training your Virtual Assistant to do the dirty painstaking tasks like communicating with your vendor, re-engaging fan pages, fulfilling products, offering support to your customers etc.
  • Learning how to use Trello to assign work to all your VA’s and keep a track of who’s doing what to make sure you don’t get lost.

Module 9 – Systematizing Your Business

  • ​Don’t want to lose a ton of money while running your ad campaigns? Use Peter’s “E-Com Shield System” that lets you track your ad spend, revenue to make sure you are always in the green.
  • Enlighten yourself with the good work habits which would keep you from being distracted and would help you to stay focused on building your E-Com business.
  • Get more organised by knowing how to plan tasks, to-do lists, creating systems and batches.
  • Get the exact email, push and messenger templates you’ll need to go about creating a powerful follow-up sequence.

Module 10 – Best Shopify Apps

  • ​Learning how to customize different apps inside your shopify store to achieve higher sales and conversions.
  • Using these apps aren’t mandatory but definitely help you to boost your sales.
  • Some of them include Abandonment Protector Plus, Best Currency Converter, Flexify, Lucky Orange, Minmaxify, Order Lookup, Retargetapp, Hurrify and more.

♦ Get A Full 100% Refund Of Every Penny You Paid – Our 30-Day “No Brainer” Money-Back Guarantee!
We are confident about this course material and hence we’re being able to offer you this guarantee. If you join the program, and you do not feel that you got at least 10X of what you paid for then I’m willing to give you a 100% refund guarantee no questions asked. I am confident that there is no other course like this in the market right now especially not for the cost that we are charging. We’re able to only make this insane refund guarantee only because we ourselves and our students make millions of dollars in sales by applying what we teach in our program.

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