[Special Offer] Shelley Hutchinson – LinkedIn Quality Leads Formula 2

[Special Offer] Shelley Hutchinson – LinkedIn Quality Leads Formula

Get LinkedIn Quality Leads Formula By Shelley Hutchinson

LinkedIn Quality Leads Formula By Shelley Hutchinson

Get High-Paying Leads Coming To You Every Single Day Through LinkedIn

Would you love to have a thriving business with as many high-quality, high-paying prospects coming to you as you need?

This is what the LinkedIn Quality Leads Formula can do for you

You see what I know from 20 years in marketing is that leads are the lifeblood of any business and without them you often have an expensive hobby rather than a business.

Perhaps you can relate to this?

Right now you might feel confused about how to market your business, and feel like you are going round and round in circles trying to figure out what will work for you.

You probably feel deeply frustrated that despite the efforts you put into your marketing on a daily basis you cannot seem to attract the clients you really want to work with,

You’ve been following all the marketing gurus advice, posting content everyday on social media, blogging, creating a website,

Yet instead of your expectation of a flow of clients, you’ve had a dribble of prospects coming to you who can’t afford to pay you what you truly desire to be paid.

You have a sense your ideal clients are on LinkedIn, but you have no idea how to reach your ideal clients through LinkedIn.

Some days you might find yourself questioning whether you are cut out for this and contemplate packing it all in.

I’m here to tell you DON’T, because YOU can do this!

The truth is it’s not your fault. You trained to become an expert in your field, not an online marketer.

And even though I have been in marketing a long time, and taught marketing to clients most of my life, the sheer amount of options available to us today to market our businesses can be overwhelming at times, even for me.

And I understand what it is like to be where you are.

In 2017 my Facebook sales funnel suddenly stopped worked, overnight I went from having a successful business to literally not having any money coming in. All the prospects coming onto calls with me couldn’t afford to work with me.

I didn’t know what I was going to do. I’d sunk so much money into Facebook Ads that I didn’t have any capital to fall back on and ended up having to let a lot of my team go, (including my best friend who had been working with me for years) and cut back on all my expenses.

But did this stop me sinking more money into ads? No! Following the advice of my then mentor I continued to plough money into Facebook Ads and started running automated webinars instead of live ones. I picked up a few clients but this barely broke even with the ad spend, so I ended up working for free.

I was floundering…not sleeping well and riddled with anxiety 24/7.

What saved me was taking stock of my situation and instead of doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome, I went back to the drawing board to figure out a whole new marketing strategy.

What I realised was that Facebook wasn’t working full stop.

I needed to change platform…and that’s when I realised LinkedIn was the best platform for me to use to attract my ideal clients.

The great advantage for me using LinkedIn was there was no risk, as there was no ad spend. It just required some of my time. The surprise for me was how quickly it produced results.

I realised that not only was LinkedIn the best platform for me, it was also the best platform for business owners such as Coaches, Consultants, Virtual Assistants, Service Providers and others to attract high-quality clients.

I started teaching my LinkedIn Strategy (which I teach in the LinkedIn Quality Leads Formula) to my clients and getting amazing results in literally just a few days.

You might be thinking, “This won’t work for me as I am new in business”.

I want to reassure you, many of my clients are new in business and haven’t even got a website or had a single client for their business yet….and my proven LinkedIn strategy still works for them.

Like my client David Stimson, who is a Counsellor and wanted to transition to providing leadership and mindset coaching to CEOs:

“Within 24 hours I had my first lead and within 5 days my diary was becoming full with appointments. It’s now 10 days and I’ve signed up my first CEO Client.”

I want to show you how you can get LinkedIn working for your business and start to get the results you deserve with your business.

That’s where my LinkedIn Quality Leads Formula comes in.


Here’s how this program will benefit you:

  • You’ll gain a consistent flow of high-calibre clients coming to you through Linkedin, so you never have to worry about where your next client is coming from
  • You’ll start charging what you truly desire for your services and get paid it
  • You’ll become known as the go-to expert in your field (even if you are new in business and haven’t had any clients yet!)
  • You’ll overcome your fears of being visible and confidently put yourself and your business out there online
  • You’ll be supported by me, our team and our incredible community of business owners on this program for an entire year

Here’s what you’ll learn on this program:

You’ll learn my proven Linkedin Quality Leads Formula that I have taught to hundreds of entrepreneurs over the past three years.

Following this proven process has resulted in many new entrepreneurs getting fully-booked with clients, and led established entrepreneurs to double and triple their revenue in just three months.

The Linkedin Quality Leads Formula works for all different types of business owners and has specific videos within the 12 modules for those who work B2C, B2B and MLM. So whatever your business type you’ll receive the right advice and strategy for your business.

“I made $170,000 in 5 months following Shelley’s formula”
“I joined this program because I had never used Linkedin before and I needed someone to guide me to know how to use Linkedin to position the business professionally and get opportunities and business.

This program helped me become more confident in approaching new people through Linkedin, build connections, write posts on Linkedin and attempting the uncomfortable..e.g. videos!

In the past 5 months on this program during the pandemic, I have increased my average ticket value drastically and made $170,000 in sales through Linkedin. Plus, I have been nominated to help Pharmacy stores convert to Vaccine Centres which is huge for my business.

If you are thinking about this program, I would say it’s a no-brainer to join. Shelley has a lovely way of communicating the process, is backed by a lovely team and your positive can-do attitude has really helped me.”

-Bharat Mistry – Brand Consultant & Printer For Pharmacies
Linkedin Quality Leads Formula Student


“I gained 2 clients for my Health Coaching program in 6 weeks”
“I learnt so much on the 5 Day Linkedin Challenge that I decided to join the Linkedin Quality Leads Formula because I didn’t really know how to use Linkedin.

This program helped me make the decision to go for quality clients rather than quantity and how to tap into that premium market. It showed me how to profile myself more effectively and take action on Linkedin on a regular basis.

I created my first every health coaching program from scratch and within 4 weeks I gained my first client which paid for my program 3 times over. Within 6 weeks I gained my second client.

5 months on I am fully booked with 5 premium health coaching clients consistently and have made over $20,000.

I am so glad I responded to Shelley’s Linkedin Challenge and program, because Shelley comes from quite a spiritual place. And when you follow Shelley’s process and do the work – it works!”

-Steve Denby – Health Coach
Linkedin Quality Leads Formula Student


“I launched my business from scratch & am fully booked with clients”
“I joined the VIP Program because I had absolutely no idea about how to find clients. I was also a completely new Coach and I didn’t have a huge amount of confidence about my coaching skills.

I thought I had a sense of who I wanted to work with but when I arrived on the first group coaching call, Shelley helped me separate my fictional idea of who my ideal client was and understand who is really out there and who I can really work with.

Following the process and with Shelley’s support I quickly got a lot of chemistry calls booked in. Sales is not something I am skilled at so I did have to learn how to sell myself.

Over the past 4 months I have gone from converting 20% of all my discovery calls to converting 70% of the calls I have with prospects. I typically have around 20 discovery calls each month and I am now converting 15 of them to clients each month making $35,000 a month.

I have actually been worried that I am not going to be able to accommodate all the clients I am gaining now.

If I hadn’t done this VIP program I would not have succeeded in getting my business off the ground. This program launched my business – it’s been the difference between having a business and not having a business.”

-Liz Citron – Career Coach
VIP Program Student


“I had my first $20,000 month whilst on this program”
“I already had clients when I decided to work with Shelley on the VIP Program (formerly known as Client Generator Program) but I knew that there was more I could be doing and a bigger impact I could be making on the world.

When I met Shelley I immediately connected with her, the experience she has in marketing and business and also her own experience as a coach and someone who knows how the mind works. And supports people to be able to keep developing the mindset they need to keep expanding and growing their business.

For me it was a no brainer to work with Shelley. I gained 7 clients during 12 weeks and had my first $20,000 month in my business.

Which was incredible because it has allowed me to expand my business and take on an admin assistant so I can reach out and grow what I am doing both personally and professionally.

I was surprised by the additional mindset work with meditations that was included in the program and helped me get my business to this place. I will forever be so grateful to Shelley for this.

If you are considering joining one of Shelley’s then stop hesitating, because whether you are relatively new to your business or whether you are someone who is already successful in their business but know that there is more then Shelley will help you with that.”

-Joanna Naughton – Mindset Coach
VIP Program Student


“Thank you for my business, really.”
“I felt accountable to the group, that was a huge help to keep the momentum going. You do have this wonderful momentum that goes with the program, but I found the VIP gave me that extra, hang on you’ve actually got to turn up and have the work done! So that was really helpful. I loved getting the feedback from my colleagues in the group and being able to listen to you give them feedback, that was really helpful. And just the whole experience around what to charge. As you suggested, we did that exercise with each other of being the potential client and talking us through the discomfort or the resistances and that was a fantastic eye-opener for me. That actually gave me the courage to put the right price tag on my offer and I mean, I literally had to hold my breath but I did it and I got a client before we even finished the program paying top fee that I felt was appropriate for my work and she signed up for a second set of 12 sessions!”
-Nancy Cogswell Transformation & Leadership Coach
VIP Program Student

Here’s what’s included in this program:

  • Lifetime Access to the 12 module Linkedin Quality Leads Formula (worth $1,500)
  • Bi-weekly Q & A Calls with Shelley Hutchinson for an entire year (worth $1,500)
  • Private Support Group (worth $500)

Read what our students say about working with us:

“The LinkedIn lead generation strategy Shelley has devised has been effective yet simple. Setting it up takes minutes and costs are extremely low.

Within 24 hours I had my first lead and within 5 days my diary was becoming full with appointments. It’s now 10 days and I’ve signed up my first Senior Leader – CEO Client and I have a growing number of people very interested in my program.”

-David Stimson
Leadership & Mindset Coach

“Shelley has taught me to how to use LinkedIn and its tools to generate new leads for my businesses. I had no idea how powerful a tool LinkedIn could be for my businesses. She helped me fine tune my profile to help reflect how professional I am.

Shelley has a lovely way of delivering the content. She really encourages you, and get you to think about what you are doing and why you are doing it. She helps focus you on what is important and is a very positive person. I would highly recommend working with Shelley”

-Paul Caden
Property Professional & Investor

“Working with Shelley has been a game changer for me and my business. Shelley has been instrumental in helping me work with the right clients who will benefit from my gifts.

Since applying Shelley’s LinkedIn Strategy I have gained 1300 new LinkedIn Connections, held 17 appointments and gained 4 Management Professionals as Clients, making over $16,000.”

-Louise Seabrook Scrase
Team Coach For Managers


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Original Price : $2997
Our Price : $25
Status: Instant Delivery

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