[Special Offer] Tony Laidig - AI NFT Creator Bundle 2

[Special Offer] Tony Laidig – AI NFT Creator Bundle

Get AI NFT Creator Bundle By Tony Laidig

Get AI NFT Creator Bundle By Tony Laidig

“Easily Create Amazing, Jaw-Dropping Digital Art Using AI Robots to Sell as NFTs & Other Products EVEN If You Have ZERO Art Experience…”

Introducing the “AI NFT Creator Bundle”

The “AI NFT Creator Bundle” represents 1,000’s of hours of research, testing, experimenting, and creation. The Bundle includes 10 courses (plus bonuses) that reveal EVERYTHING you need to create stunning AI-Based Art as well as how to turn that art into NFTs you can sell!

Included in this Exclusive Bundle:

• Hybrid Illustration Styles: Vol. 6: AI Portraits, Landscapes, & Characters (6+ hours)
• Hybrid Illustration Styles: Vol. 7: Fractals, Particles, & Flames (5+ Hours)
• Hybrid Illustration Styles, Vol. 8: Creating Art Worlds (5+ Hours)
• AI Art Creation: The Next Level (4.5+ Hours)
• AI Art Creation: Advanced Strategies (6.5+ Hours)
• AI Art Kickstart (1.5 Hours + 162-Page PDF)
• NFT Art Creator (5+ Hours)
• NFT Launch Blueprint (5.5+ Hours)
• NFT Generative Art (coming May 2022)
• BONUS: Publishing NFTs to Foundation.app (coming April 2022)
• BONUS: Art Print Mastery course (2 Hours)

These Future-Proof Strategies Are Game-Changers!
The past few years have seen the emergence of two game-changing digital technologies: AI-Generated Art and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Of course, AI-Generated Art can take on MANY forms depending on the AI Models used and can lead to limitless, truly stunning works of art. The same is true for NFTs. NFTs are assets that carry a unique digital identity and can be traded between users on a public blockchain (like Ethereum), and have expanded to encompass all types of digital goods from Music to Art.

Why this is SO exciting for you and me is that, for the first time ever, ANYONE can create beautiful, creative art in digital form and secure it with a unique identity that can be sold! No longer are you left out of the creative arena because you cannot even “draw a straight line!” In fact, anyone, without any art abilities, can generate hundreds, if not thousands, of creative works that can be sold as NFTs on the many blockchains available today, like OpenSea. It is the perfect marriage of art and technology!

Below are some examples list NAMES of AI-Based Art I have created, including a list Name also which are now available for sale as NFTs.

  • Fantasy Portraits
  • Spirit Animals
  • Fantasy Landscapes
  • Planetary Portals
  • Artist Series Bear NFTs
  • Artist-Interpreted Robot NFTs

Over the past year, I have deep-dive explored EVERY AI Art technology that currently exists, generating thousands of illustrations, and the results are truly stunning, and with little effort. I have also mastered how to use AI-generated art as the foundation for creating digital composites that are truly next-level! And then there are the NFTs, all of which are AI-based! Those experiences have led to over 50 hours of methodical, step-by-step training that demonstrates the entire creative process in its many forms!


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Our Price : $25
Status: Instant Delivery

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