[Download] Brittany Lewis – Top Seller Secret 2

[Download] Brittany Lewis – Top Seller Secret

Download Top Seller Secret By Brittany Lewis

Download Top Seller Secret By Brittany Lewis

Revealing My Simple 3-Step Method That Helped Me Reach Consistent $100k+ Years On Etsy Since 2014…

(and I did it all ORGANICALLY, without social media, paid ads, or marketplaces like Shopify or Amazon!)
You see, the real secret is in leveraging Etsy’s built in traffic stream (70 million shoppers PER YEAR).

When you know exactly how to make the Etsy search algorithm your BFF like I learned how to, your shop will skyrocket with less effort and unbelievable results!

Listen, after 4+ years of working with print on demand sellers of all types (and being a seller myself for 7 years) I know a thing or two about what holds you back from breaking through.

You want a serious print on demand business. You know you have what it takes, but everything you do (even when you feel as if you’re doing everything “right”) just doesn’t seem to take off like you imagined it would.

There’s conflicting information everywhere. It’s likely you’ve spent hours watching YouTube videos and came out the other side even more confused than before. Well, I’ve got some great news… What if I told you that you can now stop the desperate search and escape the maddening guessing game? Everything you need is in one place right here.

If you’re ready to go from ‘spinning your wheels’ to effectively scaling your business with the right strategies but you need someone who’s been there, done that to guide the way…



All successful businesses begin with effectively identifying where the most viable opportunities lie. Print on demand is no different. Without the proper identification of ideal customers, niches, and in demand designs, nothing else will matter to the growth of your shop. This module teaches you next level identification – where to look, how to decide, and ultimately what choices will maximize your growth long term.

In module one, you’re going to learn:

  • Potent, no-nonsense trend researching (AKA in demand product identification) and methods to collect/save your findings in an organized and easily manageable way.
  • Verifying trend research results through a highly accurate and simple resource (erank.com) that will allow you to quickly decide, based on specific parameters, whether to “take or toss” ideas.
  • The exact processes and resources (checklists/templates) I use for my own shops to identify the gold mine niches that few (if any) other sellers are taking advantage of.

Using the strategies I created and intricately detail in this module, I increased my own shops sales and revenue by over 50% when I first began implementing these steps.

They worked for me and they’ve been easily replicated by thousands of my students too!



Once you’ve gathered the right information and narrowed down your product, customer and niche decisions – none of that is any good until you optimize it. Which is where this module comes in with what many of my students have dubbed the “gold mine” amidst everything I teach. It’s truly that juicy!

In module two, you’re going to learn:

  • How to find, select, and structure keywords to create optimal titles and tags to get your listings in front of more shoppers organically. There are 80 million+ shoppers on Etsy each year. The right keywords get you in front of the right buyers, and your business soars as a result.
  • How to master utilizing the right listing photos to captivate your customer and create the irresistible urge to click and find out more about your product – even amidst a sea of competitors in search results. The competition is no match for expertly chosen listing photos.
  • Overall listing optimization to create the ideal customer experience and sustain a high conversion rate (how effective your listings are at converting browsers into buyers) through description, pricing, shipping (and more) details.

Optimization is transforming a listing from mediocre performer to best seller status. It’s a non-negotiable in a 6-figure shop!



Development is the ever-evolving process of taking your business to new levels all the time. Your shop’s expansion depends on this phase and it’s something I’ve boiled down to an absolute science over the years. It’s one thing to be good at identifying trends and creating good designs… It’s a totally different thing to know how to build a consistent, booming business over time with those trends and designs! This is a piece of the puzzle that most sellers are fully missing and that’s what the development phase is all about.

In module three, you’re going to learn:

  • How to take what you’ve learned in module 1 & 2 and expand on this information by testing, collecting real time data, and building out on what’s working (affectionately coined my “scientist/ detective/gymnast” phases).
  • How to pay close attention to specific signals your customers are sending you about what they’re wanting that most sellers miss entirely.
  • How to continue to smash your goals and develop a strong brand, customer base, and product offering that stands the test of time.

If you’re amazing for a long term, full time business – you have to be an expert at long term development strategies.

HAVE WE MET? I’m Brittany.


I’ve been an Etsy seller for 7 wild and crazy years. I built my 6-figure annual shop having taken zero courses (they weren’t around back then!) and with zero experience in online retail.

When I started I was living with my parents at 24 years old and within 4-5 months of opening my shop I moved out. With no other source of income, I went full time on Etsy.

In 18 months I was in the top 1% of sellers. I worked 12-14 hour days on my shop for a very long time. I was determined to make it work. I tried everything.

If it didn’t work, I quickly discarded it. If it did work, I ran with it.

The culmination of all this trial and error was what prepared me, 7 years later, to be able to turn around and teach other sellers ONLY the things that worked and can be effectively replicated.

I’m here to help you win. Period. I hope you’ll trust me to be your guide. I guarantee you won’t regret it. Let’s do this!

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