[Download] Chris Naugle – Money School 2

[Download] Chris Naugle – Money School

Download Money School By Chris Naugle

Download Money School By Chris Naugle

What if You Could Get All the Money Back for Every Purchase You’ve Ever Made and Create Wealth Through the Debts and Expenses you Already Have?

If You’re like Most Americans…


You’ve spent your entire adult life paying the banks, your creditors, and your expenses. At the same time, you’ve watched your retirement funds and legacy drastically fluctuate or evaporate in the markets. You’ve been taught to give up control of your finances and assume risk, and it is costing you your financial freedom. The wealthiest people know differently, and we want to share that with you. Here is what you will learn:

  • How to keep MORE money, stop living paycheck to paycheck.
  • If you want your debt gone, it can help you erase it…
  • If you want your kid’s college paid for, it can help you pay for it…
  • If you want your wealth increased, it can help you achieve financial independence…

This is what the Banks and the Wealthy Don’t Want You to Know

Let’s think about what banks do. They take your deposited money and they lend it out to Suzy Q who is now required to pay it back plus interest. That’s right. They lend YOUR money out and THEY earn interest on it (of which none of it is paid to you I might add).

So what if you could capture all the interest on your own money?

What if all the interest the bank makes on your money could be yours? You do this simply by taking loans from the method I will teach you in this training and paying yourself back with interest. That interest you pay back to yourself, just as you would be required to do if you took a loan from the bank. And now, using this method, you’ve got more money under your control earning more interest FOR you. Congratulations. You are now the bank.

Understand How Money Really Works

If we showed you how to make it work for you in your life, then the decision to start your own banking system would be an easy one right? Here is everything you will learn in this 55 minute training.

  • What The Money School is.
  • How to use Hidden Equity to become the bank and fund any real estate deals.
  • How to become a Private Lender (by using money that is otherwise sitting around) to fund other people’s deals.
  • How to use your primary residence/home to pay for your car payments.
  • How to use your employer sponsored retirement plan (401K, 403B, 457 Plan or Thrift Savings plans) to pay off your debt and put money back in your pocket.
  • How to understand stock market patterns and use these predictable patterns to your advantage.
  • How to actually buy low, sell high and how to not lose money.
  • How to diversify your money in these volatile conditions.
  • How to tap into the Trillion Dollar Source – IRAs. This will teach what SDIRA’s are and how to use SDIRA’s to dramatically increase your returns.
  • How it is possible to make an infinite return on your real estate deals using other people’s money, while helping them solve their problems.

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