[Download] Dan Koe - Web Design Wealth 2

[Download] Dan Koe – Web Design Wealth

Download Web Design Wealth By Dan Koe

Download Web Design Wealth By Dan Koe

Discover How You Can Make A Full-Time Income In A Fraction Of The Time It Would Take To Get A College Degree

I’m guessing you are like me… 

You want to work from your laptop while travelling the world.

You want to spend more time with friends & family while also having extra time for yourself.

You don’t want to worry about your next credit card payment or emergency expense.

The problem is, you don’t know what you need to do to achieve this! There are so many courses out there… but 90% of them give you a quick fix instead of the information you need to succeed in the long run.

Breaking: Entrepreneurs Are Failing Before They Even Start

It hurts my heart to see future entrepreneurs spinning their wheels:

  • Charging $300 for a service when you could be charge $3000
  • Not understanding where your next client will come from
  • Not understanding that your success is dependent on skills OTHER than web design
  • Struggling with making enough to pay the bills or transition out of their full time job
  • Not being able to pull in consistent money because they are chasing a quick buck

I was in a similar situation a few years ago.

I was living with 6 roommates, struggling to pay $320 for rent while working part-time at a print shop.

I KNEW it was time for a change. Something wasn’t working and if I continued down the same path, I would never succeed.

Fast forward a few years and I have learned the timeless skills needed to have a successful web design business.

In other words – I’ve learned how to make $2500+ with my keyboard and mouse.

Web Design Is The Best Skill For Beginners, No Questions Asked

I’ve tried every business model imaginable. I failed at all of them.

  • Instagram theme pages
  • Shopify dropshipping store
  • Freelancing with SEO, FB ads, etc.
  • Starting an eCommerce brand
  • Trying to sell artwork prints

And many more…

My problem here wasn’t my skill set, it came down to many other factors, like consistency.

Long story short, I committed to freelancing with web design and saw immense success.

Now, why do I think web design is the best skill for you to learn? Because it pairs with any other skill imaginable.

Want to learn Facebook ads down the road? You will need to know how to create a high converting landing page.

Want to freelance with copywriting? Imagine being able to design the web page that the copy will be written on.

If you learn web design first, you can start making big money while adding onto your skill stack.

Don’t forget, web design is easier than ever to learn and requires very little work to make a few thousand dollars.

Introducing Web Design Wealth – A Sneak Peek Of What’s Inside:

✅ How to create amazing websites FAST

Breaking down the #1 freelancing myth and how to avoid it

✅ The mindset shift that will take you from freelancer to business owner

The main skill I use to charge more for my services

✅ The best way to price your services

How to get around the question, “Can I see your previous work?”

✅ How to beat your competition to high paying clients

How to reduce the time you actually spend working

✅ How to get a consistent flow of new clients

Everything you need to say and do once you land a client

✅ Everything there is to know about the “Referral Machine”

How to not do any of the work yourself

✅ 3 ways to create recurring monthly income

Who Doesn’t Love Free Bonuses?

✅ A 10 step checklist for on-page website SEO

✅ Private Discord Server so your questions aren’t left unanswered

Limited Time Bonus Offer:

For a limited time you can get my course Websites That Work for FREE with your order

You will now have the knowledge to:

1. Create websites worth $1500+

2. Get clients to pay you that much

This offer is your all-in-one solution to replacing your income in record time.

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