[Download] Aaron Fletcher – Virtual Launch Intensive 2

[Download] Aaron Fletcher – Virtual Launch Intensive

Download Virtual Launch Intensive By Aaron Fletcher

Download Virtual Launch Intensive By Aaron Fletcher

Building a Detailed Game Plan For Success That’s Been Custom-Tailored to Your Exact Business

Launch Your High Ticket Offer in Two Powerful Days!

For the first time, you can experience the complete two-day Virtual Launch Intensive With Aaron and his talented team of performance coaches…
Gain and incredible “behind the scenes” look into the exact steps we use to map out every aspect of a coaching and consulting offer…
How to craft your Core Currency® – the ONE PROBLEM you’ll solve for your audience…

How to create an irresistible Million Dollar Message® that’s sure to grab attention and instantly turn a cold audience into ultra-motivated prospects…

How to use our Audience Builder@ strategy to create a large audience of motivated prospects for pennies on the dollar…

The Ultimate Lead Magnet® advertising method that’s proven to stop casual browsers dead in their tracks and pull them into your funnel for a fraction of the cost others pay for leads online…

My new Authority Amplifier video script you can use to convert leads to appointments within just minutes of them opting-in…

The Perfect Process® we use generate leads and appointments on auto-pilot without webinars or complicated funnels…

The 10 Enrollment Script® you can use to enroll high ticket clients each and every day with zero pressure selling tactics…

And much more….

BONUS: Includes Complete Workbook Filled With Templates!

Get the complete downloadable frameworks, cheat sheets and templates so you can map out every step of your high ticket consulting system as you go through the action-packed course!

♦ Your Instructor

Aaron Fletcher
After spending nearly 15 years working with large (high traffic) Silicon Valley brands like Nolo, Caring, helping of small business owners with their online marketing and advertising, I started my current company: Fletcher Method, Inc.

The mission at Fletcher Method is simple: to help business owners and online entrepreneurs like you rapidly get more customers, qualified leads and traffic online using proven and simple to implement strategies.

⇒ Course Curriculum

Virtual Launch Intensive Day 1: Part 1

  • Aaron’s Promise – Intro (0:28)
  • Course Overview (6:28)
  • The Perfect Offer – Intro (1:17)
  • The Perfect Offer – DNA (5:15)
  • 6 Growth Factors (0:45)
  • The Perfect Problem (9:32)
  • Avatar Framework – Goals Grid (4:12)
  • Currency Calculator (3:45)
  • Currency Calculator – 02 (5:00)
  • Currency Calculator – 03 (5:56)
  • Currency Calculator – Example – Walkthrough (9:27)
  • Currency Temperature Gauge (5:03)
  • Ask FB Groups – Ask Your Market (1:43)

Virtual Launch Intensive Day 1: Part 2

  • The Customer Journey – Currency (3:58)
  • Measurable – Manageable – Marketable (0:28)
  • Million Dollar Message (10:40)
  • Million Dollar Message Part – 2 (5:31)
  • More – or – Less – Exercise (2:20)
  • How It All Comes Together (2:30)
  • The Perfect Prospect Avatar Snapshot (8:32)
  • You Have Two Choices (4:47)

Virtual Launch Intensive Day 1: Part 3

  • The Perfect Product (2:39)
  • The Product Matrix (5:03)
  • The Product Ladder (3:33)
  • Profit Pyramid – Product Ladder (2:34)
  • Signature Solution – Prelude (2:57)
  • The 1% Rule (7:34)
  • Build Your Version Of The Signature Solution – Home Work (1:21)

…and more…

“So The Fletcher method actually helped us create our own signature solution, and in turn, was able to increase our revenues quite a bit.

Specifically, we were charging maybe 500, to maybe 1200 bucks for a strategy session. Now we consistently charge $5,000 for a three hour strategy session.

That’s a pretty big deal. We’re just adding more value, it’s more visual, the best thing I like about the Fletcher method, I think that the way that it’s structured into sections and courses.

So as you move through things, you may absorb the information a lot easier than someone else. But in other areas you might get stuck, and what you can do is you can pause or you can revisit that actual course for that area at another time.

Really think about it, you can leave it for a little while, come back and revisit it once you have more content in that phase and your signature solution. And that’s great, because it’s always there as a support mechanism, along with the community, which is always very receptive.

As long as you are there for constructive criticism and you listen. The Fletcher Method can always help any area of your business.”

– Pasqual Nocito

“I would absolutely recommend the Fletcher method for any body in business. Not only is it clear precise and it’s very easy to follow you can relate to it very easily. And it is a step by step process that is very easy to learn and apply to your business.”

– Michael Sugg

“Aaron helped me refocus and retargeting the actual market that I was trying to reach outside my professional consulting role. Then he provided simple straightforward tools and systems that I could not comprehend.

Thank you for helping me. If there’s anybody out there that really needs more help, and wants to have it, so it’s straightforward, simple, not too complex, and you’re not going into overload with information.

I urge you to look at the Fletcher Method. You won’t be disappointed.”

– Brian Hill

“Before the fletcher method I was overworked doing all the work myself, because I was so accustomed to it.

But now that I have a system that is transforming my clients… I’m able to hire, scale, step back and just look at the business grow.

Aaron has changed my life, Thank you!”

– Liz Pineda

“I want to tell you why I’m so happy that I found the Fletcher method. I spent a good two years trying to learn about digital marketing and content marketing.

I was really just floundering in a sea of information, I learned a lot of great ideas, but I didn’t know how to put them in the right order, I didn’t really know how to execute on them. And that’s what attracted me so much to the Fletcher method.

It provided a clear step by step process that I did not have before. Having this simple step by step process that cut out all the other noise and told me exactly what I needed to do.

I’ve made dramatic improvements in my business. Thank You Aaron!”
– Chad McAllister

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