[Download] Clark Kegley – My Best Journal 2.0 2

[Download] Clark Kegley – My Best Journal 2.0

Download My Best Journal 2.0 By Clark Kegley

Download My Best Journal 2.0 By Clark Kegley

Cool if I tell you a quick story?

I don’t typically open up, but here goes nothing…

It started like any other day. One moment, I was complacent and at ease.

The next moment, I got an email (which was totally out of the blue) that dropped a huge bomb on me :

U N E M P L O Y M E N T.

So there I am.

Broke, in debt, back against the wall.
Nowhere to turn for help, guidance and support.

I was feeling it big time.

I was $40k in debt and couldn’t afford my student loan payments.

I was isolated and alone. All of my friends moved away to pursue bigger and better things, and were absolutely crushing it.

Whenever I’d take my girlfriend out to dinner, I would pray that she’d choose a spot with a dollar menu (wishful thinking, amirite?).

She ultimately dumped me and handed me a self-help book as a parting gift (titled “Get Your Sh*t Together”… perfect).

And the thought had come up, maybe I needed some help.

But I told myself: If I wait for someone else to come in and fix my life, I’m just settling for whatever dumb luck comes my way.

I’m willingly giving up my control, power and freedom over my life to whatever opportunity blows in with the wind. I’m basically looking for permission to be successful.


I refuse to let my life run by luck.
I refuse to settle for whatever comes along.
I refuse to ask for permission.

So it was time to sack up or shut up.

I decided to take stock of my current situation, my skills, my interests, my desires, MY LIFE.

In the past I would think:

“How can I find a coach?”

Luckily I flipped the question and asked:

“How can I coach myself?”


This requires a tool to track my thoughts, feelings and ideas. I needed to have conversations with myself. And there lies the power of journaling.

It’s a way to coach myself.

May sound silly to you, but going all in on journaling (the right kind, not “dear diary” crap) took me from in debt in mom’s basement…

… to building a six-figure (and growing) business:

… to spending back-to-back months doing round the world trips, buying my dream car, and attracting my dream woman:

…to internationally touring as the drummer for one of my favorite bands. Even opening for Post Malone on tour…

having a real impact through my YouTube channel, and just living the life of MY dreams as a twenty-something-year-old guy.

So you wanna learn more about this whole journaling thing?

If so, keep reading.

This page walks you through the exact process I’ve honed over years of trial and error.

This is what I continue to do every year to coach myself and create my dream life.

But it wasn’t just me….
having a real impact through my YouTube channel, and just living the life of MY dreams as a twenty-something-year-old guy.

So you wanna learn more about this whole journaling thing?

If so, keep reading.

This page walks you through the exact process I’ve honed over years of trial and error.

This is what I continue to do every year to coach myself and create my dream life.

But it wasn’t just me….
We Get Photos of Real Student RESULTS every single day….


What’s Included?
Here’s exactly what you’ll get when you take action today…

Lifetime Access to Member’s Area ($297 Value)
Even if the price triples…
You’ll have lifetime access to the member’s area and all future updates locked in.

Complete MyBestJournal Program ($197 Value)
Unlock The Power to Coach Yourself
You will get access to the original lessons from MyBestJournal. By the end of these, you’ll know exactly how to set up, start, and transform your journal into the best book you’ve ever read.

NEW: Journal Flip Throughs ($97 Value)
Exclusive Big Ideas
I’ll be super transparent and give you the BEST lessons I learned through seven years of journaling. These have NEVER been released on YouTube or anywhere else.

NEW: Expanded Bonus Section ($97 Value)
Top Level Videos For You
Get access to curated video selection to enhance your growth.

The Workshops ($97 Value)
Slash YEARS Off Your Journey
Get access to the world’s best journal workshops. You will be able to gain new insights, breakthrough roadblocks, and recharge your motivation in every area of life.

Facebook Members ONLY Group Coaching ($97 Value)
Stay Motivated and Inspired Year Round
Inside you can post questions, successes and get feedback from hundreds of other success-driven members.

Mp3 Versions ($97 Value)
Take MyBestJournal Wherever You Go
Every unit in My Best Journal 2.0 comes with both PDF and Mp3 versions so you can take the content with you wherever you are.


NOTE: the following are REAL students of MyBestJournal.
None of the following people were paid for their opinion.

“…I would recommend this to anyone who wants more out of life… I saw a really big boost of happiness in my life.”

“I NEVER saw myself as someone who would keep a journal… I’ve seen the benefits, and I can’t wait to see the next 1,5, and10-years of me using this journaling!”

“I decided to take Clark’s course… when I did, I found it was nothing short of awesomeness!”

THOUSANDS of REAL MyBestJournal Students Have Gotten Results.
We get pictures every day from people just like you using this system to unlock their untapped potential!


This material works. Thousands of students from my courses have gotten results. You will too. All the risk has been removed for you:


Why should I journal in the first place?
“Knowledge is power.” You’ve heard that, right?

The truth is, you can have all the knowledge in the world… but if you don’t actually DO something with it, you’re completely powerLESS. You have to set what you learn into action. Gnaw on it, fine tune your mental “diet”, take action.

As Derek Sivers would say: “If more knowledge were the solution we would all be billionaires with six-pack abs.”

You may have noticed that people don’t “do” what they know. The secret of the world’s most successful people (billionaires and six-packers alike) is that they DO what they know. They take massive action.

Imagine how your life would change if you were able to effortlessly swap procrastination for action.

Picture yourself waking up with limitless energy instead of hitting the snooze button three times. My journaling system is something you will be able to use for years to come. No expiration date! It’s my mission and purpose to get you results. I want you to live at your highest potential in life. If you want that too, just click the big ugly orange button below!

I get that the course teaches me to journal and coach myself, but what’s actually in the course?
Here’s the technical stuff:

1. More than 4-hours of exclusive, never before released HD full video walkthroughs. I’ll hold you by the hand and show you EXACTLY how to coach yourself and set up your entire journal to make it the best book you’ve ever read.

2. FOUR amazing workshops that will sky-rocket your personal success and fast track your growth. Students have said these workshops alone were worth double the cost.

3. Complete PDF worksheets, and MP3 versions for each lesson.

4. Access to future content and updates FOREVER. If something new comes out, you will get it for free!

what if I buy this product and it doesn’t work for me?
Then no worries!

I’m so confident you’ll My Best Journal 2.0 that it comes with a full 60-day money back guarantee.

If it doesn’t work for you, just shoot my team a quick email within 60-days and we’ll call it good. All the risk has been removed for you.

Has anyone taken you up on the 60 day guarantee? And aren’t you worried about people just watching then refunding?
Yeah, of course.

Some people never went through it and asked for a refund. No worries. Other people went through it all and decided they didn’t want to try my system. Again, all good.

And other people refunded with no explanation. It happens. My team takes care of refunds so there’s no worries there. As for people buying, fully knowing they will refund… still not worried.

In my experience, people like this who don’t invest in themselves by ponying up a little money don’t get any benefit from free stuff. After watching they likely move on to some bright and shiny object (and still wonder why they’re failures).

It’s their loss.

All my students get free updates to the course for life (these days I mostly use my journal for business growth… who knows what good stuff could be added to the course in the future).

Isn’t this journaling thing only for women?
MYTH: Dear Diary… aka journaling is only for feminine types or women.

TRUTH: This stereotype comes from movies and TV with 12 year old girls twirling their hair and writing in their little pink diaries. A lot of badass legends kept a journal.


– Albert Einstein
– Bill Gates
– Thomas Edison
– Gandhi
– General George S. Patton
– Mark Twain
– Charles Darwin
– Beethoven
– Hemingway
– Benjamin Franklin
– Isaac Newton
– John D. Rockefeller
– and the list goes on and on…

They all kept journals.

The greatest minds throughout history all have a method of using a journal.

Success leaves clues.

When I realized all this, I became obsessed – I wanted to know how they journaled so I could model their success.

Years of research and testing later I developed a system that works and works WELL.

Like I said, I wish everyone would journal, but it’s as they say…

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink (but I’ll sure as hell drown that horse trying!).

If the right kind of journaling can and does lead to insane success, yet “nobody” is doing it, where do you want to stand in that equation? Do you want to be like everyone else?

why not just do this all digitally?
Yeah if you’re in a pinch it’s okay to type out some thoughts on your computer or phone.

But research shows that handwriting trumps typing. Experts say handwriting can lead to improved understanding, retention, recall, creativity, critical thinking, conceptual development and problem solving.

can’t I just learn this stuff on my own?
You could – but it took me 8-years of struggling just to piece together what I’ll show you inside My Best Journal 2.0. Why do it the hard way? I’ll give you everything you’ll ever need to coach yourself and use your journal for years to come.

how is this product delivered?
I want you to get started coaching yourself instantly. After you sign up for MBJ2.0 – you’ll get an email with all your login credentials. Create your account (30 sec) and you’re in! It’s really that simple.

what if I want the course but can’t complete it right away?
Life gets in the way sometimes. No worries – My Best Journal comes with lifetime access to the member’s area. Whenever your schedule frees up, just log in and start learning!

how much time does this course take?
There is around 4-hours of never before seen content and 4-hours of bonus recommended watching content.

So there’s the major questions answered.

Don’t forget, if you want to try the course (even refund it if you hate it), then now is the best time ever in the history of My Best Journal. That’s cause I’m giving a 90% discount. (only $97 for lifetime access).

p.s. – I call this “The Mafia Offer” because it’s SO good you can’t refuse 🙂

Did I tell you about my serious F.O.M.O (fear of mission out) problem? Here’s how it went down for me:

My Instagram was loaded with EPIC accounts. I mean young people doing insane stuff with their lives. Tropical islands, endless boozing, wads of cash, new gear, 6 pack abs, unlimited freedom, no problems and zero f*&^s to give.

I should have been inspired, but instead I constantly felt like I was missing out. I felt I was missing some secret to living a dream life. For a long time I spent my nights scrolling through crazy accounts wishing I had it as good as other guys.

I spent my days asking myself (as I scrubbed toilets at my dead end job): “Why not me? Why do they get to live that life and I don’t?”All that stuff got me so depressed. I was down on myself and felt helpless. But like I said before, I snapped. And I made the most dead simple change to my self-pity questions.

Instead of “Why not me?”

I asked: “Why NOT me!?”

See the change in tone? One comes from this poor little Clarky mentality, while the other says: “What’s REALLY stopping me?”

As in, if they can do it, why can’t you do it, CLARK!? Why can’t I create the life I want? Not necessarily the booze filled party, but MY dream life. Changing that one question set me on a course for a new life. I shifted from pouting to planning. From reaction to action. From watching to playing.

That’s when I began to take action. I began to invest in myself more than anything else I spent money on (free videos are great, but you really only value for what you pay for). It’s when I began to achieve what I really wanted out of life.

Here’s the thing: There are those who watch other people’s success, and there are those who go out and DO IT themselves. Just think about that if you’re considering trying my method of journaling.

Remember, you get 60 days to try it. Considering you can watch all the content in a day if you had to, you could literally go through the course 60 times and refund if you so desired.

So let me ask…

Why NOT you? Why CAN’T you live YOUR dream life?

Rooting for your success. You got this.

Refusing to settle,
Clark Kegley

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