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Download Now Selling Luxury Travel By Dean Horvath

A complete online training and implementation program to start your career selling Luxury Travel.
Even if you have no experience in travel and no contacts to sell to.

Are you frustrated with searching for a decent job that justifies your college debt?
Everyone says you’ll get a better job with a college education, but how long will it take? It’s frustrating. But you’re not alone. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York says that 44% of recent college grads are under-employed.

And, who wants to be stuck in a suit anyway? Day in and day out, working your butt off for someone else’s success? Wouldn’t it be great to have the freedom to work when you want? Where you want?

And be your own boss?

Or maybe……you’ve grown tired of the non-stop stress from work and are missing out on your kids growing up?
You know the feeling. It creeps in on Sunday night as you realize your weekend is over and it’s back to the office tomorrow. It’s like a fork stabbing you in the gut. Another dreary day at work. Sure, the money’s okay, but it’s sucking out your soul.

You’ll miss one more of your child’s dance recitals this week. And there’s that guilty feeling you have when you hand them a granola bar because you didn’t have time to make breakfast. Again.

Of course, it’s not your fault. You have to do what you can to pay the bills. This is the world we live in.

But wouldn’t it be great to be there when your kids get home from school? To help out on the next field trip? To do work you’re truly passionate about that can fit around your schedule?

Or maybe……you’re getting back into the work force but it’s impossible to find anything worthwhile and flexible?
Taking a few years off to raise your kids was the best decision you’ve ever made.

But, they’re a bit older now and it’s time to find some work. You know you can’t go back to what you did before. The long hours and inflexibility would be impossible to manage with your family’s schedule.

You’re looking for something that allows you to work when you can. While the kids are in school. Between chauffeuring them to soccer practice. After they go to bed. And wouldn’t it be great if you could work on something you can be passionate about? And make a great income?

Wouldn’t that be great?

I’ve Been There.
Hi, I’m Dean Horvath, and I’ve been where you are.

For years after graduating, I bounced from job to job, searching for something I could feel passionate about.

Finally, I landed a job in travel and I found my passion. But, I was working for a large, global company and they worked me to the bone.

So I opened my own luxury travel company called Mason Horvath Travel. It was an immediate success and grew to 20 people and over $20 million in sales.

But, I wasn’t happy. Like most entrepreneurs, I spend way too much time at the office. My home life was suffering. I was missing out on my kids growing up.

That’s when I made a change. I switched myself and all of my employees to Independent Luxury Travel Advisors.

Now we have the best job in the world.


It’s time to make a change.


What is a Luxury Travel Advisor?
Imagine spending your days discussing 5-star hotels and resorts, researching luxury cruise lines and advising your clients on the best things to do in Dubai.

This is the life of a Luxury Travel Advisor.

You are your own boss. You only work with the clients you like. They trust you to plan their travel to all parts of the globe. You put together their dream vacations and then monitor their trip to ensure everything is going as planned.

You work when you like, wherever you like.

The Huffington Post says the Luxury Travel Advisor is “The Best Job in the World”.

You work whenever and wherever you like.
As a Luxury Travel Advisor, you can work as much as you like.

It’s flexible. Need a couple of hours during the day to get to the gym? No problem. Or an afternoon to take your child to the dentist? It’s up to you. It all just depends on how many clients you choose to take on.

You have the flexibility to work wherever you like. Most Independent Luxury Travel Advisors work from home. But if you’re not the “home office” type, you can rent a desk in a local travel company.

The best part is that you can even work on the road. Travel the world and work from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Forbes Magazine says the role of Luxury Travel Advisor is a “Dream Job”.

Can you really travel for free?
When I tell people I’m a Luxury Travel Advisor, the first question I always get is “Do you get to travel the world for free?”

And the answer is…”Sometimes. And sometimes there’s a small fee. But either way, it’s an unbelievable deal!”

Luxury hotels and tour operators all over the world are eager to have successful Luxury Travel Advisors experience what they have to offer. They realize that once we experience their product, it will be much easier to sell.

Of course, you have to actually be selling luxury travel to take advantage of these opportunities. Once you are, you too will be travelling around the world in luxury!

Oprah calls it “The Happiest Job in America”.

It’s Your Time to Become a Luxury Travel Advisor –
The Best Job in the World.
I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from over 20 years in the travel business (while building a $20 million business and training over 125 new people to the industry) and created a comprehensive, step-by-step training and implementation plan that not only teaches you the mechanics of the job, but also the actual EXECUTION of how you can be successful right from the start.


This program is designed to kick off your career selling Luxury Travel with the foundation you need to get going. You’ll learn the exact processes I’ve been teaching to take your new clients through the entire planning and purchasing process, the “how-to” of where to find and book their travel, plus the entire marketing plan I’ve used to build a $20 million business!
The end result: A new career selling luxury travel, the opportunity to earn a six figure salary, the ability to fly all over the world, and, most importantly, a job you are passionate about that allows you the flexibility to live your life on your terms.


But what about Covid-19? No one is traveling right now…..
You might be thinking that this would be the WORST time to get into the travel business,
but that’s actually not the case.

Consider the following:

⇒ Wealthy People Love to Travel: There will be a pent-up demand for travel and they have the means to do it as soon as they can, even if the economy doesn’t fare well.
⇒ Bad Publicity for Booking Online: The news has been full of people waiting for hours to get through to online agencies like Expedia and Travelocity. Going forward, people will be much more likely to want to use a travel advisor to book their travel just in case something happens in the future.

There are also some unfortunate realities that the travel industry has to face:
⇒ Many Travel Agencies Will Not Make It: Unfortunately, many store-front agencies with high costs, employees and lease payments will find themselves having to close down and/or downsize employees in this time due to their costs.
⇒ Advisors Leaving the Industry: During this time, many people are leaving the travel business and look for other jobs, or using this as an excuse to retire.

This is a very exciting time in the luxury travel industry. Covid-19 has created a huge demand for travel, mixed with fewer travel advisors than ever before.

What does this mean for you?
There has never been a better time to get into the luxury travel business…as long as you’re looking at it as a career and not a “get-rich-quick” scheme.

Our group is constantly looking at ways to grow your business with new clients and yes, even sell some travel, even though the world is still shut down.


SELLING LUXURY TRAVEL™ is the first program of its kind that…

Teaches you how to make luxury travellers beg you to help them.
Every day, tens of thousands of luxury travellers are booking their trips online, but they have no idea how much better their trip would be if they used a Luxury Travel Advisor. I show you how to advertise directly to them and provide everything you need to say in your message so they are eager to book their trip with you.

Shows you how to earn their trust, even if you have no experience.
The key to turning a new prospect into a loyal client is to earn their trust. Most people believe you need to be a “travel expert” with years of experience to accomplish this. This simply isn’t true, as long as you follow my simple method.

Provides step-by-step instructions for how to plan and book luxury travel.
Okay, they’ve asked you to help them plan their trip. Now what? Where do you find it? How do you price it? How do you present it to them? I’ll explain the whole process in easy-to-understand steps.

Selling Luxury Travel™ provides everything you need to start your successful career selling luxury travel, even if you have no experience and no clients.

How does the Selling Luxury Travel™ course work?
The training is released in weekly modules and consists of easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you templates, swipe files, and resource lists. All of the training is online, contained in the private members-only site and the exclusive Facebook Community.

Selling Luxury Travel™ also includes interactive components where I answer questions and offers strategic advice to ensure that you remain on the path to becoming a successful Luxury Travel Advisor.

Plus, you’re a member for life. You can keep coming back to the course for review and remain active in the Facebook Community for advice and support.

The six-week online course topics include:

  • Industry Overview
    I’ll take you behind the scenes of the Luxury Travel industry, providing you with all of the background information you need to fully understand how travel planning is accomplished.
  • Advisor’s Role
    Understanding the role of the travel advisor is vital. Yes,we plan and book people’s travel, but there’s more. I’ll show you what the very best travel advisors do (the ones making the most money!).
  • Getting Set Up
    Setting up your own work-from-home business may seem daunting. That’s why I dedicate one whole module to a simple, step-by-step process to get yourself up and running in no time.
  • Getting Clients
    My luxury travel company has spent 10 years and over $250,000 perfecting a system to bring in an endless supply of luxury clients from the Internet. I’m going to teach it all to you!
  • Closing Sales
    How does a person spending $50,000 on a vacation trust someone who has no experience selling travel and doesn’t know anything about the destination? I’ll show you…and it’s easier than you think!
  • Booking Process
    This is the nitty-gritty of planning and booking your clients’ travel. I’ll clearly explain where to find the perfect trip for your client, how to present it to them so they can’t resist and how to book it.
  • Traveling At A Discount (Or Free)
    Your new role will open up a world of luxury travel opportunities for you. I’ll explain why it’s essential for you to travel in luxury, and how you can find luxury trips at a discount…and even for free!
  • Working From The Road
    You can work from anywhere with an Internet connection. And since you work in travel, why not take your office on the road? I’ll show you how you can efficiently work from anywhere.
  • Supplier Training
    A great Luxury Travel Advisor continually adds to their knowledge of luxury travel experiences because there’s always more to learn. I’ll provide you with a great foundation to start.

And so much more!

Plus 3 Gifts to Help You Succeed!

Lifetime Access to the Selling Luxury Travel Online Summit™ Recordings
The Selling Luxury Travel Summit was an online, live event recorded earlier this year, with over 30 expert interviews covering a wide range of topics developed specifically for the luxury travel advisor.

The world-class speakers are top luxury travel advisors, luxury travel suppliers, and marketing & social media experts who shared their best practices and tips that you can immediately implement to grow your business and make more money.

This is 30+ hours of expert content, all to help you learn more about the industry and grow your business!

Access To A Live Video Conference With Me Twice-Per-Month Where We Open It Up To Questions!
You may have questions as you make your way through the course, so I open myself up to live Q&A twice a month so you can ask me anything. But, your access doesn’t end there. When you’re up and running and working with clients, feel free to ask me any questions that come up!

Network With Other Course Participants In Our Exclusive, Member-Only Facebook Community!
It’s important to connect with other trainees going through the program. You can ask each other questions and get support from your peers. My team and I will be active in the group to offer guidance from an experienced point-of-view as well.

Lifetime Access to the “65 Ways to Find Luxury Travel Clients™ Course”
You’ll never be stuck worrying about how you can find clients, even if you have no connections of your own!

I’m including access to my brand-new course, “65 Ways to Find Luxury Travel Clients”. This is 65+ videos, each one with an in-depth description of a different way to find clients.
You only need 2-3 different strategies to grow your business, so you can look through all of these different options and choose the ones that fit your interests and personality.


You Get All Of This When You Start Today!

  • Easy-to-Follow Online Instruction Videos ($2997 Value)
  • A Full Implementation Plan for Your Marketing ($1897 Value)
  • Templates, Swipe Files and Resource Lists ($997 Value)
  • How To Set Up Your Company And Choose A Host ($497 Value)
  • Gift # 1: Lifetime Access to the Selling Luxury Travel Online Summit™ Recordings ($1997 Value)
  • Gift # 2: Live Video Q&A Conferences ($397 Value)
  • Gift # 3: Membership to our Facebook Community (Priceless…)
  • Bonus Gift: Lifetime Access to the “65 Ways to Find Luxury Travel Clients™ Course” ($2997 Value)

Total Value: $11,779

Enroll right now




Prices in US Dollars
Start the Course Immediately!

Wondering if this is the right course for you? Try it out!
I want you to be sure this is the right career path for you.
I’ve done everything in my power to make Selling Luxury Travel™ the simplest way to become a Luxury Travel Advisor and I’m certain you’ll succeed if you follow the course. But, I recognize this isn’t the job for everyone. So, I encourage you to join now, take a look at the first three weeks and if you realize it’s not for you, simply cancel the program within 21 days and you’ll receive a full refund. No questions asked.

Most common questions:

Q: How do you make money?
A: You earn money in three different ways. You earn commission from the hotels, cruises and tours that you sell. Also, in some cases, you apply your own mark-up to package itineraries. And the third way is that we advise that you charge a professional service fee in most cases.

Q: How much money can I make?
A: It’s difficult to provide income expectations because it really depends on the effort an individual puts in and whether they follow the systems and processes I teach. Because of this, I can’t make any guarantees. But, in saying that, I’ve been training advisors using the same system for almost ten years, so here’s a breakdown of some averages for successful advisors:
1st year: $20,000 Low. $35,000 Average. $50,000 High
2nd year: $35,000 Low $55,000 Average $75,000 High
3-5 years: $45,000 Low. $55,000 Average. $90,000 High
After 5 years: The “Low” and “Average” don’t change much after 5 years, but a Virtuoso study showed that said 34% of agencies say their top advisors make over $100,000 per year. In fact, great advisors continue to make more and more as they get more experienced and bring on an assistant or two. I know a small handful of advisors that make $300,000-$500,000 per year (with an assistant or two).

Q: What are the start-up costs?
A: Once the course is completed, your costs are quite minimal to get going. I provide you with a website template so all you need to do is click to change the wording and the images. If you’d rather have someone do it for you, we have a web designer in India that can do it for $50 or so (depending on how much you want done).

The website is hosted on a specialized web platform for travel advisors. The charge is $45 per month to host the website and use their technology. Their technology allows us to post travel blogs (a key component in your marketing plan) onto your site with no hassle, so the $45 is well worth the investment. You don’t need to use our template system to get started so this is an optional expense, although it will certainly help.

I recommend spending about $5-10 per day in advertising when you start out although that’s not necessary. I provide a number of different options to find clients. Some of them are free and others have a cost.

You can spend more if you want to fill yourself up with clients faster, if you like. This is done through Facebook advertising. I show you exactly what you need to do to manage your own Facebook advertising in a step-by-step video, but if you would rather have someone else manage it, we’ve teamed up with an expert that can manage it for you very inexpensively (about $50 per month).

Like I mentioned, I provide other methods as well, so the advertising cost is completely up to you.

There are no out-of-pocket up-front association fees to get started. Your host agency (whether it’s us or any other company) charges a percentage of your earning for our/their services, so you’re only paying something if you’re making something. The industry average is for host agencies to charge 30% percent of what you make, which is what we charge. Some host agencies also charge a small fee per month (under $50).

Other than that, there isn’t much else. You can get business cards printed if you like. You can have someone design a logo for you if you like. You can have some semi-professional photos taken if you like. But none of these are necessary and I recommend holding off until you’re bringing clients in. If you do have money to spend on these things right away, I think you’d be better off putting it towards more Facebook advertising instead of these things. Of course, it’s your call.

Q: What is a host agency?
A: Luxury Travel Advisors work similarly to a real estate agent. The agent is their own small business, and they have an agreement with a large company that helps support them so they don’t have to do everything on their own.

In travel, those large businesses are called “Host Agencies”. So a Luxury Travel Advisor would sign up with a Host Agency to help them with their accounting, invoicing, licensing, supplier relationships, Virtuoso membership, training, etc. All the added background things that you don’t want to have to manage on your own, so you can concentrate on selling!

There are many different varieties of Host Agencies, each offering different levels of support. The common way that you pay for the Host Agency is as a percentage of what you earn. The amounts can range from 10% of your earnings up to 50%, depending on how much support they provide, how much business you do and whether they provide leads. The great part is that you don’t pay anything unless you’re making money, so you don’t have to worry about up-front expenses before you get going.

I dedicate a whole module in the course on how to choose the best Host Agency for you. I go through all of the factors to look at and all of the different questions you need to ask yourself and them. There is no right or wrong answer, it’s just a matter of choosing the right one for you.

Of course, I would love for you to sign up with us as your Host Agency when you finish the course, although I wouldn’t want to pressure you to do that. Once you’ve had a chance to view the module on Host Agencies, you’ll be able to make the right decision for you.

Q: Do you need a license to be a travel agent?
A: For most states and provinces, you don’t need a license or certification to be a travel agent. The exceptions are California, Hawaii, Florida, Iowa and Washington in the US and Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia in Canada. If you live in one of these areas, don’t let that scare you. It’s quite easy to get a license and isn’t something that will hold you back.

Q: Is this Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)?
A: No, this is not mulit-level marketing or a pyramid scheme in any way. There’s nothing in the program about getting more people to work under you and you don’t make any money from anyone else selling travel or recruiting.

If anything, its like the real estate agent model. You are your own boss and you have a large organization that you belong to that helps you with your structure, training and accounting.

Q: How long is it until you start making money?
A: The course itself is 6 weeks long, so once it’s complete, you are officially a Luxury Travel Advisor and can start selling right away and earning money. Some advisors immediately reach out to family, friends and acquaintances and start booking travel right from day one. Others rely more on the marketing, which takes a month or two to get going.

The length of time it takes you to actually get paid on what you earn can vary, depending on the type of trips you sell in the first month or two. Some types of travel pay right away and others pay out after the client travels. For example, if you sell a trip to Italy leaving within a few months, you’ll likely get paid on it within a couple of weeks. But if you book a cruise departing a year from now, you wouldn’t get paid until the cruise departs, so there’s a bit of a wait.

It normally takes about 6-12 months to get a normalized income from commissions you earn on last-minute trips in addition to commission from trips you’ve earned in previous months. Because of this, I often tell people to start travel part-time for a few months until the income takes over what they are earning in their full-time job.

Q: What type of support do you offer?
A: The course itself is a membership site made up of 6 modules of comprehensive recorded videos and handouts. There’s a private members Facebook group where you can ask questions about the content and every two weeks I do a live Question & Answer session where I answer any questions thrown my way.

Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll sign up with a host agency and they are there to answer your specific questions in regards to suppliers, systems, etc. If you sign with our agency, you’ll also a have access to the private Facebook group made up of all of the experienced agents that are a great help.

I’m also available one on one for more specific and difficult type questions. For example, one student that recently finished the course is putting together a group tour with a friend and wanted to strategize how to work out the commission structure. These are things I’m happy to help with.

The great thing about this is that we’re all in this to see you succeed. The better you do, the better we do, so we want to be sure to support you the best we can.

Q: How long does the course take?
A: The course is six modules, with one module delivered each week for six weeks. The bulk of the course is recorded videos, so you can work through it at your own pace on your own time. There’s no time limit, so you can take as long as you like to finish, although it’s not possible to work through it faster than six weeks. This is partly due to the technology that doesn’t allow us to change the timing on an individual basis, but more importantly, because it’s extremely important to take your time with each module. The information provided is very important and the homework assignments are vital to ensure you will successful.

If the entire course was open all at once, many people would rush through the material simply to get to the end, without absorbing the important material.

I know the extra time it takes to work through the course seems like a waste of time, but trust me, a year from now when you’re a successful Luxury Travel Advisor, you will be thanking me!

Q: Do you teach the travel agent booking system (GDS, SABRE, APOLLO, etc)?
A: We don’t teach the booking systems anymore because the reality is that very few new advisors ever need them. They are antiquated systems and quite difficult to learn, and there are so many different ways to book travel nowadays. In fact, I know how to use the system and I haven’t even opened it on my computer in over two years! My course shows you the alternative methods to book travel.

With that being said, we do have free access to training for that system so it would be available to you if you wanted it, but to be honest, unless you’re selling corporate travel, I wouldn’t recommend it. You’re much better off spending the time learning about travel suppliers.

Q: What is the minimum time commitment?
A: There really is no technical “minimum” time commitment. You’ll get back based on what you put in, so the more hours you work, the busier you will be. But perhaps you only want to work part time? That’s perfectly fine. If this is the case, you only take on the number of clients you require to stay busy for the number of hour per week you want to dedicate to it. I know advisors that work less than 10 hours per week and others that work more than 60 hours per week, plus everything in between. It’s really up to you.


Is Perfect for You if….
If you find yourself nodding along with any of the following, then you’ll be working in the “Best Job in the World” in as little as six weeks if you enroll in Selling Luxury Travel™ now!

You’re stuck in a boring, mind-numbing job.
You have no passion for it and you see no future in sticking around. You get that stressed feeling creeping into your belly every Sunday evening, knowing that the weekend is over and you’re back into the work week in the morning.

You know you work too much.
You’re missing out on experiences with your kids and your partner is on your case. You can’t keep up at home because your boss needs you at the office. You rush through stories with your child just so you can get back to work.

You crave freedom.
The ability to work anywhere, at any time. The flexibility to be with your kids or to travel the world. You’re self-sufficient and don’t need a boss breathing down your neck every day. You have the drive to succeed.

You’re good with people.
Maybe you’ve always been a bit of a planner. People look to you for advice. You enjoy talking to people and want to be respected for your opinion. You want to do something meaningful for your clients.

You Have a Passion For Travel
And not just any travel, but Luxury Travel. Maybe you haven’t experienced luxury travel yourself (yet!), by the thought of 5-star resorts, luxury cruises and private yachts excites you. You can see yourself sipping champagne on a yacht in Cannes.

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