[Download] Grant Ambrose – 0-100K Case Study 2

[Download] Grant Ambrose – 0-100K Case Study

Download 0-100K Case Study By Grant Ambrose

Download 0-100K Case Study By Grant Ambrose

Watch me over-the-shoulder as I start a new store and scale it to over 100K/month in 30 days

This is EXACTLY what I wish I had been able to watch before I started with Ecommerce

Early-bird price (limited-time only): $497 1997

This Early-bird price is heavily discounted and only available for a limited-time only
As an initial launch, I am offering early entry into this Case Study for a select few people to test the Case Study and provide feedback and get honest testimonials for use in Marketing and to better the Case Study (if required) while I complete the remainder of the Case Study. After this, the price will increase.

In this Case Study, you are able to watch me do everything over-the-shoulder live – from finding the winning product to launching the initial ads, to optimizing our website and scaling facebook ads to gross $11,376.49 in ONE day and make over $1000 in daily profit.

People who have claimed this deal are already learning LOTS and getting their first sales!

I wish I had this exact Case Study when I was first starting Ecommerce because you get to look over-my-shoulder and see all the strategies I’ve used to make over 4 MILLION in sales with my stores. You see:

  • How I found this winning product and why I knew it was going to be a winning product
  • The only types of products I sell and why
  • How to read your Facebook Ads data and optimize your store to increase your Conversion Rate and make more money from your traffic
  • How to structure your Facebook Ads campaigns when testing a product
  • The Facebook Ads I run to make 11K/day with the store (see the types of campaigns active
    When I first started making sales with Ecommerce, I wondered what a Facebook Ads account looked like that was making 10K plus a day. In this case study, you get to see.
  • Retargeting with Facebook ads by being more strategic
  • How to set up your Profit / Loss sheets and Order fulfillment sheets
    Most courses focus on helping you get sales but leave out everything after the fact. I remember getting my first sales and not having any idea how to send tracking numbers, fulfill orders, or record profit / loss. Here, I show you the set up I have developed over my years of doing Ecommerce. I 100% wish I had seen something like this when I first started.
  • How to automate fulfillment using CSV files and move to bulk fulfillment using CSV so you can fulfill hundreds of orders in minutes
  • Most Importantly: Learn from my mistakes so you save time and money. I don’t leave out anything in this Case Study
  • See what it looks like when I am bulk ordering 500 units of our product
    See how to pay suppliers, as well as how to manage your stock and record everything.

The Case Study is split into TWO main sections which are VITAL to running a successful Ecommerce business

SECTION 1: Product Funnel Optimization
In this section, we focus on everything related to optimizing our product funnel and store design. We see trends in our Facebook Ads and then optimize our store based on that data to significantly increase our AOV, add Upsells, increase our Conversion Rate, and evolve our store over time to better sell our product and get ready to convert LOTS of Facebook traffic.

  • How I found this money-making product
  • How I knew this was going to be a winning product (the signs you should look for)
  • How to create the BEST video creative using my exact softwares and format
  • See me launch my initial ads in Facebook Ads Manager and be PROFITABLE on day 3
  • See me create our Facebook business page
  • See me review our Facebook Ads data and make changes to my website which boost our conversion rate
  • … and MUCH, MUCH more!

SECTION 2: Facebook Ads
Here is everything Facebook Ads related. We do a review of the first 4 weeks – one video for each week and we go through the Ads we launched at each stage, why we launch each type of ad at that point in time. Here, you get to see the progression of going from first testing and validating a product through to scaling it to our Lookalike audiences and our worldwide countries (and how we do it profitably).
Then, I separate each Facebook Ads strategy into its own video lesson so you can easily index it and refer to it when you need. This includes how we scaling some campaigns to THOUSANDS with over 2 x ROAS.

  • See how I scale Facebook Ads to 11K / Day
  • See how I set up Retargeting for this product
  • See how I find highly-profitable audiences using more obscure Lookalike Audiences
  • See how I scale out worldwide and sell globally PROFITABLY
  • See how I Scale Up using advanced Facebook Strategies like Bidcap, Target Cost and more bidding strategies (extremely important)
  • … and MUCH, MUCH more!

BONUS SECTION!…You see how we fulfill the orders and get Tracking Numbers to our customers to reduce chargebacks and refunds.

BONUS SECTION!…You will see how we set up some emails in Klaviyo to make an easy 10% extra revenue on Automation (very valuable)

There are currently 54 videos in there filmed ready to watch, including what the winning product is!
*** Here is the Course Outline below. Everything listed below is available to watch RIGHT NOW with more being filmed (See below)

Please note: as I film the remainder of the course, I might adjust some lessons, including PLANNED lessons, based on feedback or what I see as a better fit during filming. Take the below as a guide only when purchasing the EARLY-BIRD discounted rate.

♦ Course Content


  • Welcome to the Case Study
  • Using the Case Study software
  • How It Went videos: What they are in this Case Study
  • The current website with the 100K Winning Product


  • How I found this winning product
  • The ONLY type of products I test and sell


  • This is the BEST type of Video Ad you should be creating to sell your ecommerce products
  • How to download a Video Ad from Facebook so you can edit it yourself
  • The software I use to edit all my videos and highly-recommend
  • Removing the captions and watermark from the competitors Facebook Video Ad
  • Creating our initial Video Ad
  • Creating variations of our Video Ad quickly!
  • The main things to change when creating Video Variations for your initial Video Ads


  • Creating our Initial Facebook Ads on our Facebook Business Page
  • Proper Campaign / Ad Set / Ad structure for testing our product
  • Finding and choosing Interests for our initial Ad Sets
  • The power of a PPE Campaign
  • Summary of our Initial Ad creation process


  • Calculating our Profit / Loss for the first few days


  • Choosing our Upsell products and my tips on the best types of Upsells
  • Introduction to A/B Testing
  • How to set up the A/B testing software I recommend
  • We have a PayPal ERROR! – How to diagnose when things go wrong on our website
  • How to install Hotjar for when things go wrong next time
  • Pre-purchase Upsell Introduction
  • Pre-purchase Upsell setup to increase our AOV
  • Optimizing our Post-purchase Upsells
  • How It Went: Post-purchase Upsell strategy


  • Buying the products to make our own creatives for ads


  • How to make money with Lead Capture retargeting – Introduction
  • OptinMonster Exit Intent Popup setup
  • OptinMonster SlideIn Popup setup
  • How to set up Listagram with A/B testing
  • How to turn Listagram into a money-making machine on automation


  • Our Ad Account is DISABLED! Here’s what to do
  • Our Cashflow Problem
  • The result of our disabled Ad Account


  • Creating our new store and getting ready to run ads again
  • Recognising the problem with our Product Funnel
  • Optimization One: Related Product

..and more….


⇒ What I have planned to film and added to the Case Study

Order fulfillment
I still need to film the videos which cover how to fulfill orders using Automated one-click software, as well as BULK CSV fulfillment. I’ll show you how to send Orders to your suppliers and then send the tracking numbers to your Customers once you get them.

Banking setup and How I set up my business
I’ll run you through how I set up my business, including banking, legal entities, and how you can do the same (I’m obviously not a lawyer but I can share what works for me).

Facebook Ads strategies
I have a lot of data and strategies in my Facebook Ads account that I have used to scale out to find new profitable audiences and then strategies I have used to Scale Up budgets to these audiences. Currently, I need to film and upload most of this section as I have been focused on actually running the ads and havent had enough time to film the strategies. These are next.

Email Marketing and Facebook Ads
I want to cover some concepts in how to use Klaviyo and email marketing to make money from Facebook Ads in this business

Ecommerce got me out of debt and has allowed me to finally save money
I was in Vancouver and it was actually snowing outside, and I was at home by myself and I had got my first few sales. I was looking at what the heck scaling was and how the heck I should go about doing it.
Really, actually writing this text right now I remember being there at that moment being like wtf is this a dream. It was a crazy feeling seeing my first sales come in.
In the first week of me getting my first sale I was duplicating campaigns to budgets over $100 and made $8,000 gross that first month.

My second month ever dropshipping, I grossed over $181,500

My third month ever dropshipping, I grossed $393,100

For as long as I could remember, probably since i was 18 (so the good part of 8 years) I had been in about 5 grand debt. It was actually a never-ending cycle.
To make matters worse, my girlfriend and I at the time did Coachella in Palm Springs California and a trip to LA on our way to move to Canada, so I was in debt again!

Guess how much….

Yep, $4,882.19 AKA $5000 debt on the credit card. It’s as if I wrote this fairytale pre-planned but this is literally my life.

So, January 2017 before dropshipping I was in my 5K debt happy place.

Then I start dropshipping at the end of January and this screenshot below is of my Credit Card a month later in the end of February…

wait…. -$7,647.26 ? Yep! I actually OVER-PAID my credit card because my credit card limit was like $6000 from memory and I was spending $5000-7000 on Facebook Ads a day and needed the extra money in there.
Then a month later at the end of March….

I had OVER-PAID my credit card $21,831.83 EXTRA.
And… I had paid off my debt. The financial year ended a bit later here in Australia in at the end of June and I paid A LOT off my university debt with some of the profit I had made with this ONE PRODUCT.
That’s exactly what happened in my bank accounts from debt to having some money left over and over-paying credit cards and paying off my university debt. All in 6 months.
Now, I can’t guarantee this will happen to you. I am just sharing my story. It surprises me and to be honest I am proud of what I managed to do.

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