[Download] Harmon Brothers – How To Make Your Ads Funny 2

[Download] Harmon Brothers – How To Make Your Ads Funny

Download How To Make Your Ads Funny By Harmon Brothers 

Download How To Make Your Ads Funny By Harmon Brothers

Avoid the pitfalls of “bad jokes” and learn to write, film, and edit “funny”—so you can capture more eyeballs, generate more laughs, and see more sales.

How to Make Your Ads Funny is a 3-part course that will take your ads from kinda punny to seriously funny.

Join Daniel Harmon, Chief Creative Officer at Harmon Brothers as he pulls no punches in laying out the secrets to creating funny, memorable, and shareable ads.


If you’re a business owner, advertiser, or marketer, you know that it’s harder than EVER to stand out from your competition.


Because people are bombarded by between 4,000-10,000 marketing messages each day.

They’re tired of being force-fed “salesy” ads that give them nothing in return, so they tune out, get distracted, and don’t listen to your message.

Boring ads aren’t necessarily a problem if you love wasting advertising dollars (or hate humanity).

What? You’re not a billion dollar company?

That’s why you need to be able to understand and leverage the most powerful weapon that advertisers have ever used.


It’s like steroids for advertising. Except it doesn’t screw with your fertility.
Humor can help you win the fight for customer’s attention.

Imagine if you could…
 ​Inject effective humor into your advertising
 ​Create funny ads that people share with their friends
 ​Hear new customers tell you that they saw your ad and purchased BECAUSE your ad made them laugh
 Watch almost any TV show or Movie, and immediately recognize the comedic tools that are being used, then use them for your own ads?

Those are just a few of the things that this course, HOW TO MAKE YOUR ADS FUNNY, will do for you.

A WORD OF CAUTION – this course won’t ruin humor for you, but it will cause you to watch comedy through a different lens.

Because you’ll finally understand the strategies, techniques, and tools that professionals use to generate laughs.

In the wrong hands, this knowledge could be extremely dangerous. (Putin wanted to access this course, but for obvious reasons, we declined).

In the right hands (hopefully yours) this course could be life changing.


 Over 3.5 hours of concise, actionable video content
 ​Over 70 digestible videos that will explain and breakdown comedic tools you can use to write, direct, and edit funny ads.
 3 actionable workbooks with exercises for strengthening your comedy chops in the writing, filming, and editing phases of your ad.
 Membership to the exclusive Harmon Brothers University Facebook Group for personalized braintrust feedback on your content (we’ve had students say this alone is worth $3k to them)
 FREE BONUS COMING SOON: 500 page joke bank that classifies jokes into 70+ categories from our lead writer, Dave Vance (Squatty Potty, FiberFix, Purple).

 ​​You love watching funny ads (i.e. the Super Bowl ads are more important than the game)
 ​​You struggle to add humor to your own ads
 ​​You want to leverage the same techniques that billion dollar brands use to make their ads funny (think Budweiser, Geico, State Farm, etc).
 ​You’ve created “funny” video ads that only get pity-laughs
 ​​You believe that your brand or product needs to be funny, but you have no idea where to start
 ​​You hate bad ads that try too hard to be funny and end up being gross, distracting, or just simply not funny
 ​​You know that comedy is valuable for advertising, but the only thing funny about you is that you graduated with a degree in accounting (we’re looking at you, Dave S.)
 ​​You want to make your video ads funnier but just don’t know how
 ​​You believe that COMEDY is something that can be LEARNED

 ​​You already have too many customers, too many sales. Successes can be rough, right?
 ​​You hate laughter, joy, and orphans.
 ​​Think that “funny” is something you’re born with, and can’t be learned
 ​​You’re not interested in marketing or advertising. Why did you even come to this site?
 ​​​You have credit card debt (take care of that first before purchasing this course)
 ​​​You’re wanting a step by step method to writing an entire ad that sells (this course is focused on how to use comedy in ads – but we do have other courses for that here).

“Hysterical, fresh, brilliant advertising. The power to laugh together reminds us of the good things we share and makes our world brighter!”

-Kim Elison
Write Ads That Sell Student

Q: Will this teach me how to sell?
A: No but it will teach you the elements of writing, filming, and editing ads that use humor—and in our experience, that aids the selling process.

Q: How much is the course?
A: For a limited time, this course is $297. If that feels like a big investment, it probably isn’t for you. This was designed for advertisers, marketers, and entrepreneurs to help them learn tools of comedy to make funnier ads. If you’ve ever made an ad before, you know how expensive it can get. This small investment can help you take your ads from “at least my Mom thinks it’s funny” to “this ad is hilarious, I have to send it to my friend.”

Q: How is this different from Write Ads that Sell?
A: Write Ads that Sell teaches the Harmon Brothers 7 step formula and the exact process we use for writing an ad that sells. Make Your Ads Funny is 100% focused on tools and techniques for injecting humor into your ads. (We seriously don’t cover any persuasion in this specific course)

Q: Do you offer courses for an entire company?
A: Great question. Please reach out to us at [email protected] to tell us about your specific needs.

Q: Why can’t I learn this from your book?
A: The book, From Poop to Gold, tells the story of our origins as a company, our 3 Pillars of Creative Success, and the clients that we’ve worked with to overcome obstacles and disrupt the world of advertising.

There are a lot of different books about comedy. However, there’s nothing that we’ve found that covers how to use comedic tools when writing, filming, and editing an ad. That’s why we created this specific course.


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