[Download] Hooman Nouri – YouTube Mastery 2

[Download] Hooman Nouri – YouTube Mastery

Download YouTube Mastery By Hooman Nouri

Download YouTube Mastery By Hooman Nouri

Ready to grow your channel and make more money?

With YT Mastery, You Will Get:
⇒ 50+ Videos: OVER 50 VIDEOS covering everything from Starting your channel to going viral and monetizing.
⇒ Exclusive Content: There has NEVER been a course like this by someone with over 4 million subscribers
⇒ Proven & Field-Tested: The advice inside isn’t just ‘theory’ – these are the same techniques I personally use
⇒ Inner Circle Access: Access to a private, invite-only group where you can ask me questions directly
⇒ Bonuses: Special bonuses that aren’t available anywhere else.

♦ 30 Day Guarantee
No question asked 30 day refund guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back. Rock solid guarantee…

⇒ Secure Payment
All orders are through a very secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy…

What if I start YouTube without this program?
Starting YouTube without a proven-to-work, field tested program made by an Elite YouTuber with hundreds of viral videos and millions of subscribers is the equivalent to going to war without any weapons, a team, a map, any form of training and completely clueless – you’ll be guaranteed to fail.

Why isn’t this program free?
We’d like to keep this group as small as possible to give each student the required attention. We also don’t reward procrastinators. By willing to invest in yourself and your future you’re showing your dedication, seriousness towards becoming a successful YouTuber. Those 2 are the only things you need to qualify for this program.

Why is this program only available to a handful of students?
We didn’t make this program for the money. We did it to help you. Keeping submissions open and available to an unlimited number of people would not allow us to give each student the special attention he or she needs.

How can you ‘Guarantee’ my success?
Because you’re not the first aspiring YouTuber with 0 subscribers I’ve worked with. I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you start from 0 and build channels that today get millions of views and earn thousands of dollars every single month. Many of my top students have even given me their testimonials to use on this website. Their words speak for themselves.

What if I join, don’t get the results I was hoping for?
Unlike most programs out there we GUARANTEE your success. If you join and don’t get success just Email our support within 30 days for a FULL refund. No questions asked.

How much money would I need to spend on ads to market my channel?
Absolutely none. I’ve built my own channel from 0 to 4,500,000 subscribers without spending a single dollar on any sort of advertisement. It’s easy to grow organically if you have the right tools and the right knowledge.

Would this program help me grow my channel about cars? Fitness? Fashion? Makeup? Gaming? Vlogs?
Learning how to do YouTube successfully is like learning how to build a building. Once you learn how to properly build the foundation, a strong core, and construct it from ground up you can pretty much build any kind of a building. A school, movie theater, hotel… The same applies to building YouTube channels in different genres. The same strategies, formulas, and tactics apply no matter what genre of videos you’re making.

What if I want to start but don’t know what kind of videos to make?
It’s not about what YOU want to make. It’s about what the VIEWERS want to see. You simply pick the genre of videos you’d like to create. I’ll show you how to use powerful tools that after scanning through billions of hours of recorded data tell you what is currently trending on the internet.

What if I don’t have enough time to spend on YouTube?
No YouTuber no matter how big they are now ever started doing YouTube full time right away. None of us had the slightest clue that one day our channels would become so popular making us tons of money. Nearly all of us used to work 9-5 jobs, went to school while doing YouTube part time until our YouTube channels made us enough money to quit everything and focus entirely on YouTube.

What if YouTube isn’t the right career for me?
No matter who you are, what things you like and what you’re into there is an audience out there on the internet with similar interests as you. All you have to do is create videos YOU enjoy making and with the right tools and approach you’ll be able to gather a community of viewers around you that also enjoy that type of content. You also have 30 days to give being a YouTuber a chance. If it’s not for you we give your money back. No questions asked.

What if I’m too shy to be on camera?
Of course you’re camera shy. You’ve never been on camera for more than a few minutes. It’s something new and out of the norm you’ll have to get used to. There is strategies, tricks popular YouTubers use to seem so fun and confident on camera. These same strategies are also used by actors, news anchors, singers, and more. In this program we will teach you everything you need to know in order to feel and appear confident and comfortable on camera.

What if I don’t have any camera equipment?
Most popular YouTubers including myself starting YouTube using a camera with video quality equal to of a potato’s. It’s after re-investing some of the money we earned from YouTube back into our production that we upgraded to fancy cameras. You only need a basic $50-100 camera or just a phone that has a decent camera to start.

What if I don’t know how to edit videos?
Editing videos is very similar to editing pictures. How was your first time editing an Instagram picture? Fun, but a little confusing right? After doing it a couple times you finally got a hold of it. It’s the same with editing videos. In this program we’ll show you how to properly structure and edit your videos in order to make them fun to watch and viral worthy.

What if I don’t have a computer or editing program?
Whether you’re a MAC or PC user both computer systems come with a FREE editing program. MAC has iMovie, PC has Windows Movie Maker. Both programs have more than enough tools for you to be able to make awesome videos. Later you can upgrade to Final Cut Pro on MAC and Adobe Premier on PC but you don’t really need them. There is also plenty of awesome free video editing apps you can download right to your phone. This is truly a blessing as it wasn’t available in 2014.

What if I try and fail?
Having access to a powerful program like this is like having me right there with you holding your hand through your YouTube journey. You’re guaranteed to succeed. Plus you have 30 days to get a full refund if you felt being a YouTuber just isn’t for you.

What about the fact that I’m broke?
You’ll stay broke if you don’t get up and take action. It doesn’t need to be YouTube. Even if your goal is to be a millionaire by selling pens door to door you’ll first have to invest in a supply of pens to start with. It just comes down to finding something you love and are passionate about, investing in it, working hard and smart until you get success.

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