[Download] Jacob Caris – Fast Cash Rolodex 2

[Download] Jacob Caris – Fast Cash Rolodex

Download Fast Cash Rolodex By Jacob Caris

Download Fast Cash Rolodex By Jacob Caris

7 Closely Guarded ‘Cash On Demand’ Strategies You Can Start Using TODAY…

JC’s Fast Cash Rolodex Has Been Unlocked!

In my 10 years experience working with businesses of all shapes & sizes…

From multi billion dollar companies through to one person startups in the online space…

The biggest issue is ALWAYS cashflow.

Nearly all businesses die because they simply cannot generate enough cash.

The ability to literally generate cash on demand is VERY rare in business & few entrepreneurs & business owners possess the strategies to make this a reality.

Since I started building my online business in 2017, and to this day as we tackle scaling from 7 to 8 figures, I am ALWAYS on the lookout cash generating strategies.

Having strategies like this at your disposal does more than just bring some fast cash through the door…

It gives you control & confidence.

You can make decisions about the direction of your business, the offers you’re going to make, the clients you’re going to work with & the content you’re going to create WITHOUT ‘needing’ to do anything.

This has a significant flow on effect to your brands positioning & your ability to charge premium prices too.

That’s why I created this program…

So entrepreneurs like you can turn the tables on the game & protect your future & your businesses future.

The Fast Cash Rolodex arms you with the playbook to start generating sales TODAY with these little known fast cash strategies.

It’s all well and good to have a ‘long term’ focus, but if you can’t start making sales NOW your business will die & ‘long term’ won’t even exist.

Jacob has built his online business from 0 to 7 figures over the last 4 years quickly becoming a leader in the information marketing arena.

He has won several HIGHLY sought after awards, helped hundreds of students breakthrough online & is highly regarded as a top expert in the digital marketing industry. He is known for his direct, no BS approach to sales, marketing & business.

In short, Jacob knows online business & he knows monetisation. Here’s just a snapshot of his results & achievements in the digital marketing space….

The Fast Cash Rolodex is a program the market has been BEGGING for & it has finally been delivered in style.

It is a course for serious entrepreneurs who want to arm themselves with tightly held secrets & strategies to generate cash on demand in their business.

It is a straight to the point, no BS training revealing a playbook with SEVEN strategies you can start using today.

The Obvious Yet Difficult Reality Is:

Your Business Needs Cash To Survive.

Sadly, Most Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Do NOT Have Strategies To Generate Cash On Demand Leaving Their Business At Serious Risk Year Round.

This leaves them vulnerable, weak & exposed to competitors, industry changes & market conditions.

Not having strategies like the ones revealed in the Fast Cash Rolodex for your online business is the equivalent of driving a car, blind folded, the wrong way down a one way street.

It’s insane.

An online business needs 3 things to function like a well oiled machine; something to sell, people to sell it to & strategies to extract the maximum amount of cash from your audience as possible & ascend them to your highest value offers.

Chances are if you’re on this page you’ve got something you want to sell & you’ve probably got some kind of audience.

An email list, a FB Profile, a Group, a YouTube Channel?

You’ve been creating content & trying to build your audience but just hasn’t been able to really nail monetisation.

You’re sick of ‘waiting’ for the day you can cash the check from the hours & hours spent creating content & ‘nurturing’ your audience.

The problem is, when most entrepreneurs try & do this, they fall flat on their face due to impotent & ineffective cash generating strategies.

Maybe your coaches & mentors have told you to just ‘provide value’ & the sales will flow because you are so helpful to your audience?

How’s that working out….

You simply cannot leave sales, cashflow & monetisation up to chance.

You MUST tackle it directly & you must start today.

That is what the Cash Flow Rolodex allows you to do.

Any ONE of the strategies taught inside the Cash Flow Rolodex program are enough to 10x your investment this week…

But if you’ve followed me for any length of time (or purchased any of my programs) you know I overdeliver. Period.

So we haven’t limited this program to one strategy.

We’ve opened the whole Rolodex & hand picked SEVEN absolutely killer cash siphoning strategies that you can start implementing today.

If you’ve got something to sell & some people to sell it to…

These strategies are the missing piece between your phone lighting up with those juicy Stripe & PayPal Notifications…

Or another Facebook notification from that clingy freebie seeker in your DMs wanting more for nothing (you know who I’m talking about).

As I Said, The Fast Cash Rolodex Includes SEVEN Strategies You Can Start Implementing TODAY!

Let’s Break Them Down One By One:
FCR Strategy #1: The EECSG (Catchy Hey?)

This Strategy Is A Beast.

It Arms You With The Ability To Have A ‘New’ Offer Every Single Month…

While Doing Little To No Extra Work & Creating Nothing New!

People Love New & They Pay Big Money Simply Because Something Is New.

This Allows You To Leverage This Without The Leg Work Of Building A New Program Or Any Content.

Scarcity, Urgency & ‘New’ Are Huge Buying Triggers.

Now They’re At Your Disposal Year Round To Trigger A Huge Buyer Rush & Cash Influx Into Your Business As Soon As TODAY!

We’re Just Warming Up, On To Strategy #2…

FCR Strategy #2: The HPPWW Method

Quick Tangent, I Know These Strategy Names Suck So Far. I Don’t Have Time To Come Up With Fancy Titles To Seduce You Into Buying This Program. They Work & That’s All That Matters. So Lay Off The Lack Of Creativity On My Part! If You Like Cash, Jump In.

Back To The Show…

I’ll Give You A Hint; The WW Stands For Win Win.

That’s Exactly What Happens Here. A HUGE Win Win.

The HPPWW Method Generates Fast Cash While Allowing You To Deliver HUGE Results For Your Audience.

PLUS With This Strategy You Will Immediately Extract Your Highest Quality Prospects & Most Loyal Fans.

When Done Well (Just Follow The Training Inside The Fast Cash Rolodex)….

The HPP Method Allows You To Get Paid To Sell More Stuff To Your Best Prospects Without Any Hard Pitch.

In Short, You’re Getting Paid To Get Paid. Enough Said.

Strategy #3 Inbound…

FCR Strategy #3: The Modified Cash Machine

A New Spin On An Old Classic.

This Strategies Stacks On The Buying Pressure To Produce Huge Cash Over 3 – 4 Days.

This Is One You Can Use Over & Over Whenever You Want To Hugely Overdeliver For Your Audience….

Make A Truckload Of Cash….AND

Get Paid To Identify Your Best Prospects.

This Badass Little Strategy Is Another One From The Rolodex Where You Can Easily, With A Few Tweaks We Reveal In The Training, Ascend Prospects To Your High Ticket Offers.

Paid On The Front End.

Paid On The Back End.


Let’s Kick It Up A Notch.

Strategy #4 Is Fun AF (You Should Do It Today When You’re Inside)….

FCR Strategy #4: The MC Formula

The MC Formula Is A Proven Recipe To Give Your Audience Exactly What They Want, Fast.

You Can Do It Over & Over Again & It Is The Perfect Platform To Light The Path To Your Premium Priced Products & Services.

This Is One Of The Fastest Ways To Go Live With A New Idea Or Offer.

Literally Plug & Play The Absolutely FIRE Copy Template We Give You Inside.

Share It With Your Audience.

Collect Cash.

And My Hands Are Getting Tired Of Typing It Over & Over But, Yes, This Is Another Baller Strategy That Allows You To Pump Your High Ticket Offers.

Seeing A Pattern?

We Love Getting Paid To Get Paid. If You Don’t Already, Best Jump In Now.
FCR Strategy #5: The QFCP Drop

Got The Need For Speed?

Like Seriously Fast Cash?

This Is Your Go To.

This You Can Literally Could Do In The Next 15 Minutes To Generate Seriously Fast Cash (And Then You Can Do It Again & Again).

We Give You Our Proven Copy Template.

Plug In Your Particulars.

Let It Loose To The Masses & Get Ready For Your Phone To Go Cha CHING!
FCR Strategy #6: The Neverending New Strategy

Remember Back When We Were Chatting About Strategy 1?

It Was A While Ago I Know…

I Said People Love New?

I Wasn’t Lying & It’s Still True.

That’s Where The Inspiration For The Neverending New Strategy Comes From.

This Allows You To Very Quickly (Like In The Next 10 Minutes) Lob New Hooks Into Your Audience To Fish Out Your Best Leads…

Then Hit Them With Your Tried & True High Ticket Offers.

There’s A Few Ways You Can Roll With This One & We’ve Got You Covered With All The Options, Copy Frameworks & Strategy Intricacies In The Training.

Nearly There….
FCR Strategy #7: The Secret Offer

This Is The Definitely Of Less Is More.

The Secret Offer Juices Up Any Email, Video, FB Post & Lets You Make Cash From It.

It’s A Psychological Trigger Overload & Is So Simple It Just Works.

Do It. Enough Said.

Now I know I said there were SEVEN strategies to fill your bank with cash asap.

And there actually was when I finished the first cut of this program.

But then I thought…


I want to give them just One. More. Thing That’ll Shift Your Mindset & Business Forever If You Embrace It & Implement It.


We’re Throwing In An Extra Undisclosed Bonus That Leverages The HELL Out Of Buyer FOMO.

We’ve Leveraged This One Twice This Year Both Times Producing 6 Figure Months.

This Alone Is Worth 10x The Price Of The Program But We’re Keeping It A Bit Of A Secret. You’ll Have To Join To Get The Details.

See What I Did There?

Buying Triggers….

For each strategy we’re arming you with everything you need to learn, understand & then quickly implement.

Once inside the program you’ll get access to a detailed training video stepping you through an individual guide for each strategy that covers:

1. A 30,000 foot strategic overview so you can quickly understand how the strategy works & what it is all about…

2. The mind bending psychological buying triggers being deployed so you can not only use the strategy but DEEPLY understand why it works…

Too many programs fall short in this area. They say click here, do this, do that & hope it works. BYE!

That is of no help to you.

Understanding not only how stuff works but WHY it works will hugely amplify your results with these strategies and will unlock your ability to flex & weave these strategies into your own variations.

My programs create leaders & dynamic thinking entrepreneurs. Not clones & robots.

3. The core components of each strategy so you can quickly get everything together & get moving…

4. The step by step action plan to implement the strategy without any confusion (I’ve also included a number of pro tips & recommendations for best practices along the way).

These strategy guides area all available for you to download inside the private members area so you can have them on hand whenever you need them.

In addition to the core strategic training, we’ve left no stone unturned in providing you with templates, frameworks & a number of done for you sales resources so you can implement with speed.

You can take our done for you copy templates & scripts, plug in your particulars & go live.

The program is to the point, actionable & results focused for TODAY, while arming you with the deeper level thinking & training to really understand why the strategies work.

Aside from the obviously benefits of cash on demand…

Being able to send an email or put up a FB post & regularly bring in chunks of cash for your business….

Aside from the security that provides….

Cash control gives you power.

The power to say…

“I want THAT car.”

“I want to go to THAT resort.”

“I want THAT bottle of wine.”

These strategies don’t just have to be used when things are tough or you’re starting out.

Cash on demand strategies can be used at a moments notice to unlock the lifestyle you want.

But Let’s Go A Little Deeper Than Cocktails & Lambos…

I said cash control is power…

And it TRULY is.

When you’re in control of the cashflow in your business you don’t NEED to do anything.

You don’t NEED any one particular client.

You don’t NEED to take on any projects you don’t want to.

What it does is it lets you control your own economy.

A critically important lesson I learnt from Dan Kennedy is how the basic economic principles of Supply & Demand are directly transferable to building a profitable information business.

Your time is the supply.

How badly your customers want to work with you is the demand.

If you are NOT in control of your cashflow, your customers are in control of you because you need them.

Instead of how it MUST be…

You have to be in the position of power otherwise you will NEVER be able to charge premium prices…

Step away from your business & escape your clients questions.

Put systems & layers in place to control the supply of your time.

The game changes when you’re in control of your cashflow.

All of these things are back in your hands.

The 2nd & 3rd degree flow on benefits of these strategies must be seen to be believed.

We’re getting into some pretty deep stuff here…

But as I said, this is only for serious entrepreneurs with real aspirations of building their online empire to top 1% levels.

So you simply have to know this stuff otherwise it’s not achievable.

I didn’t really need to do this & I almost didn’t.

But these strategies have served me very well & I want them in your hands so you can see the insane results they’ll generate you.

So you can be back in control of your cashflow.

So you can stay in control of your customers.

So you control your business like a boss should from this day forward.


So when your life changes because these strategies put you back in the drivers seat…

You’ll go…

“Hey, that program was insane. What else has he got?”

If this is our first time doing business, it’ll be a good precedent for future transactions.

If we’ve done business before, this is another chapter in the journey where we take things up another level for you.

With that said, here’s some awesome bonuses to seal the deal…

BONUS #1: Attract High Quality Prospects With MONEY
There’s nothing more frustrating in business that constantly dealing with uncommitted & unqualified leads you cannot afford to pay you what you’re worth. Thankfully, there’s a formula & checklist of things you MUST be saying in your content & copy to repel these people while simultaneously drawing in the people who CAN pay you.

You can start integrating the techniques in this training TODAY & watch the freebie seekers run for the hills.

BONUS #2: The Goodwill Bank Generator
The more goodwill you build with your audience, the more cash you can extract using the strategies taught inside the Fast Cash Rolodex. You generate goodwill by helping your audience & providing value through content. To make sure you’re flooding your prospects with valuable stuff every day & juicing up the goodwill bank we’ve included a step by step training on how to generate endless content that builds massive goodwill FAST!

BONUS #3 The Facebook Group SGM Roadmap
Every business needs leads, eyeballs…ATTENTION! An awesome way to do this & to build a thriving leadflow is with a private Facebook Community. Jacob & his clients have generated HUGE results with these groups over the last few years. This training breaks down the exact process to setup, grow & monetise a Facebook Group ASAP!


If you’ve got an online business, you’re in the process of starting one or you’ve always dreamed of working from laptop & earning cash online…

The answer is a resounding yes.

These strategies are evergreen & can be transferred to different niches, different products.

We focus on information products to maximise margins & recommend you do as well if you’re serious about growth.

For a single investment today you can secure the future of your business with control over your cashflow.

You can start using these strategies today & come back to them week after week, month after month & year after year.

What’s that worth to you?

That’s the question you really need to ask yourself.

If you’ve got as many fast cash strategies in your arsenal as you can handle, this isn’t for you & you can leave this page.

But if the cupboard is bare when it comes to battle-tested strategies that leverage insanely powerful psychological buying triggers to extract & ascend buyers from your audience….

The Fast Cash Rolodex is definitely for you.

With that said…

I do NOT want you to invest in this program if you are the type of serial buyer who does nothing & never implements.

I do NOT want you to invest if you’re someone who just snoops on courses & then refunds.

I do NOT want you to invest if you have nothing good to sell that will genuinely help people.

This isn’t some ninja takeaway selling strategy (although that stuff does work really well – especially when you have control over your audience)….

This is me being frank & upfront about the people I have no interest working with & who simply aren’t suitable for this or any of my other programs.

But, if you are someone who gets stuff done…

You take responsibility for your own results & implement what you learn…

You sell genuinely valuable & helpful products that your market needs & wants.

I look forward to seeing you inside the private member’s area so we can get to work implementing these cash siphoning strategies into your business today.


Jacob is the founder & CEO of Caris Digital, a 7 Figure Business specialising in helping clients achieve big results online through the high ticket information business model in conjunction with proven digital marketing strategies.
Jacob is one of less than 100 people to win the highly sought after ClickFunnel Dream Car Prize for being a top affiliate to the software company.

In 2019 he attended the Funnel Hacking Live Event in Nashville & was presented with the award on stage by the Companies Founders.

In May 2019 Jacob was recognised as a top affiliate for a high ticket information company called Legendary Marketer.

He was asked by the founder to speak at their exclusive Mastermind event in Orlando about his transition from consulting to full time online business & his strategies to achieve success online.
In August 2019 he was invited to a private event in Las Vegas with top affiliates from the Knowledge Business Blueprint launch (one of the biggest launches in internet marketing history).

Jacob placed 11th overall & was able to achieve a 6 figure day.

In November 2019 Jacob hosted the first ever ‘Super Affiliate Live’ Event on the Gold Coast in Australia.

The event was attended by a small group of online entrepreneurs & covered strategies to achieve extraordinary results online.
Jacob launched & heads up the Super Affiliate Accelerator Course & Coaching Program which has changed the landscape of the High Ticket Affiliate Marketing space.

The program has over 500 students & has some of the best results in the industry, turning beginners into super affiliates.

Jacob is a mentor to hundreds of aspiring digital marketers & online entrepreneurs.

He specialises in the sale of high ticket information products using proven, powerful & ethical digital marketing strategies.

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