[Download] Jacob Caris – Super Affiliate Accelerator 2

[Download] Jacob Caris – Super Affiliate Accelerator

Download Super Affiliate Accelerator By Jacob Caris

Download Super Affiliate Accelerator By Jacob Caris

Unlock The Little Known Secrets Of The “MOCA Blueprint” So You Can Earn High Ticket Affiliate Commissions FAST…

Hi, I’m Jacob Caris (that dude awkwardly holding a steering wheel)…

I’ll introduce myself fully in a moment.

But before I do…

I want you to remember 4 VERY important letters (likely the most important 4 letters you’ll read all year…)





These 4 simple letters are the key to unlocking the time, location & financial freedom you crave with your online business.

Unlock MOCA & you’ll feel like you’ve got cheat codes to the internet.

Unlock MOCA & watch the competition start asking “how the hell are they doing that?”

Unlock MOCA and watch EVERYTHING change for you.

We’ll come back to MOCA shortly.

Stick with me for the next few minutes & I’m going to reveal to you the exact rinse & repeat blueprint you can plug into today to:

✔ Build a multi 6 figure (or even 7 figure) branded high ticket affiliate marketing business
✔ Align the core pillars of your money mindset so you can attract high quality customers on demand
✔ Craft unique high ticket affiliate offers in hours, not weeks, so you can watch your competition weep at your speed of execution while they’re twiddling their thumbs
✔ ​Predictably convert leads & prospects into customers like clockwork using time tested strategies so you can close like a pro (even if you’ve never sold anything before)
✔ ​Grow an audience of raving fans who want to buy from you over & over again
After diving into the world of affiliate marketing in 2017 and attempting to piece together the puzzle through trial and error, spending money on courses, coaches, mentors, programs, events, I started to notice patterns…

Success crumbs.

Clues of how this whole thing came together for some, yet so many struggled.

I kept working at it through 2018, testing and tweaking, experimenting like a mad scientist in their hidden underground laboratory.

As my results started to stack up & the affiliate world started to take notice, everything came together in when I posted a $100k DAY with high ticket affiliate market.


I cracked it.

The framework.

The blueprint.

The formula make this whole thing work.

As you can probably imagine…

It was a wild ride watching things really blow up.

But then the inevitable question popped up…

Is it just me?

Or can this work for anyone?

So I went to work assembling a small group of testers to plug into my blueprint, here’s a quick look at what my students had to say….

Blake Recently Had His First 1K Day With Affiliate Marketing & His Brand & Audience Continue To Grow FAST!

“The Best Mastermind Group That I’ve Ever Been A Part Of…” – Blake F

Joshua’s Loyal Tribe Is Growing, His Authority & Brand Are Compounding & Sales Are Starting To Flow In Every Week!

“This Is The Best Investment I’ve Made So Far Into MYSELF and My Business.” – Joshua O

Jamie Struggled With Affiliate Marketing For 8 Years Before Working With Jacob. In Their First Month He Did 10K By Doing Less!

“Making An Investment To Work With Jacob Is Hands Down One Of The Best Things You Are Going To Do…” – Jamie G

After 4 Years Of Struggling, Robert Now Has A Clear Plan To Grow His Audience & Brand & Cracked His First High Ticket Sale In 2 Months. He’s Going From Strength To Strength

“Working With Jacob Has Been A Real Revelation…” – Robert W

Pankaj Is Now A Rising Star In The Affiliate Marketing World, Is Seen As A Free Traffic Authority & Has Students Of His Own
“He Gave Me The Exact Blueprint Of What I Needed To Do In My Affiliate Marketing Business” – Pankaj S

Paul Struggled For 12 Months Before Joining SAA. Now His Social Engagement Is Through The Roof, He Is Generating Fresh Leads Daily, Making Sales AND He’s Now Coaching Others & Getting Paid For It!

“I’ve Had Numerous Commissions…I Have Never Got A Sale In The 12 Months Previous” – Paul G

Andrea Has Undergone HUGE Personal Growth In SAA, Is Now Building Her Tribe & Brand & Is Ready To Blow Up Her Business In The Next 6 Months.
“SAA Has Provided Me With So Much Personal Growth I Can’t Even Put A Monetary Value On It” – Andrea G

After sitting behind the scenes for some time, James is now taking things to the next level through his personal brand.
“I’ve Managed To Bring More People To My Sites & Into My World” – James H

After A Year Of Struggling, Overwhelm & Confusion Dan Joined SAA & Just Had A Big $1K Day Online By Simplifying Down The Whole Process!

He’s On The Path To More Time Freedom & More Control In His Life.

“It Was SO Worth The Investment, I’m Learning New Things Every Day”…”It’s Been One Of The Best Investments I’ve Made In My Journey So Far”
– Dan M

Greg Is A Multi 6 Figure Super Affiliate & ClickFunnels Dream Car Winner Who Crushes Passive Income With SEO
“If You Have The Opportunity To Work With Jacob I Would Highly Encourage You To Take Advantage Of It” – Greg J

Nhi has become comfortable being uncomfortable. She is building a brand & audience, making high ticket sales & growing every day.
“I’ve Been Able To Make High Ticket Sales & I Even Have My Own (Facebook) Group” – Nhi B

As you can see, it isn’t just me.
My students LOVE it.
Many have gone from being stuck to finding the light.
A plan.
A strategy.
A blueprint to get results.
And THAT’s why I’m so excited that you’re here today!
Now if you’re like the vast majority of people trying to figure out this ‘online business’ thing…
You’ve probably invested in courses & program before.
Invested your time.
Your energy.
Your money.
AND, if you’re really like the vast majority of people online, you’ve probably been let down and you’re STILL stuck.
The truth?
It’s not your fault.
You’ve been promised some stupid plug & plug, done for you, turn key system where you can flick the traffic switch and get results.
If you’re here with me today, chances are you’ve realized….
This does not exist.

That crazy hyper automated push button process is a myth, made of pixie dust and sold for $7 on the Warrior Forum.

That’s where this is different…

The MOCA blueprint I teach my students is rooted in proven marketing & sales principals that have been around for decades (CENTURIES)…

And we accelerate it to the modern day to crush it.

The marketers out there peddling the next brand new traffic source or super funnel system or hack or loophole that no one else has ever seen give this industry a bad name.

They spend their days & nights twisting & contorting the same old crappy info into new pretty packages with a cool name & a logo & do it all again.

They keep honest people who’re trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together stuck for their own gain.

Why would they want you to succeed?
They need you to buy the new thing next week.
We’ve all been there.
I’m sick of it & enough is enough.
Now if you’re still reading this, it means there’s hope for you yet…
It means you still believe in the power of an online business…
You just need something real.
Something with longevity.
Something that can work today, tomorrow & in 10 years time.

So you can rest easy knowing your business won’t die with the next algorithm change or platform slap.

I want you to mark today’s date in your calendar.

It’s the day everything CAN change for you.

You can stop jumping from the latest trend to hack to loophole.

And start building a real business.

You’ll be able to look back on TODAY & realize it was the turning point.
You’ll only be able to do this if you join me today.
Otherwise tomorrow comes.
Then the next day…
And chances are?
If you leave this page & do nothing….
You’ll stay stuck.
Like 95% of people out there right now.
No plan.
No blueprint.

Wandering aimlessly with 0 chance of hitting their goals.

That is why I need you to take what I’m about to share with you very seriously – so you don’t become another statistic.

Join the few with a REAL plan & escape the masses who wish they had one.

I’ve spent my entire adult life involved in business.

As a fresh faced 20 year old I started working in the finance world restructuring some BIG businesses.

Helping them fix their cash flow.
Lean down.
Whatever the situation.

This took me from my home in Australia to New York for 2 years to play with the big boys on Wall Street.

It was there in early 2017 that I discovered the world of affiliate marketing.
I knew this was big.
I could see the power early.
I became obsessed with figuring it out.

Over the next few years I went on to make multiple 6 figures, crush launches, speak on stage & completely change the direction of my life.

From a corporate finance drone to a dude with a laptop & a strategy to sell lots of high ticket stuff.

That’s where our story brings us back to MOCA…

(Remember those 4 important letters I told you to remember)

There are millions of people ‘interested’ in building an online business.

There are just as many who have seen the power of the affiliate marketing business model, yet have sat spinning their wheels for months, years and even decades.

The reason so many are struggling is they aren’t following the MOCA blueprint…

Mindset (M)
Offer (O)
Conversion (C)
Audience (A)

If any piece of this puzzle is missing, not refined or set up the right way or just not quite dialed in…

It is VERY hard to make the whole thing work.

It starts with mindset.

Most people think an internet business is all about click this then click that then click this.

But we can only do that ‘click by click’ stuff when the stuff between your ears is dialed in.

That’s why you should ALWAYS start with mindset.

Get that dialed in & you’ll be unstoppable.

Then there’s the offer.

Too many people online start putting out content or running ads without being able to answer the very simple question…

What the heck are you ACTUALLY selling?

It may seem stupid or obvious or whatever…

But so many people get stuck without an offer.
No offer = no sales.
No sales = no cashflow
No cashflow = no business (my finance career taught me that lesson from Day 1).

That’s why we get that sorted ASAP!
Then comes the big C…
This serves 2 purposes.
Extract & sort.

A simple process to extract leads from your market & sort them into buyers & non buyers.

It can be as simple as a conversation or as fancy as a multiple step funnel.

Point is, you need one & I can show you how to get it set up FAST!
We need eyeballs.
An audience.
People to see our stuff a few times & then move into our conversion process (that we spoke about above).

That is MOCA.

Get those 4 things dialed in and watch the game change for you.

That’s exactly what you can plug into today when you join my brand new Super Affiliate Accelerator Mastermind.

Here’s the details….

The Super Affiliate Accelerator Mastermind is focused on helping you build a STRONG personal brand, grow an audience of loyal fans & learn the REAL strategies you need to monetize these assets with high ticket affiliate marketing (so you can crush your income goals asap).

 People Looking For A Different Path To Generate Income Online Using Proven, Powerful & Ethical Branding & Marketing Strategies
 People Who Understanding The Power Of Selling High Ticket Products & Are Willing To Learn The Skills To Unlock The HUGE Potential Of This Business Model
 People Who Want To Learn Real Marketing & Sales Strategies That Have Stood The Test Of Time – Not Copy & Paste, Turnkey “Overnight” Strategies
 People Who Are Sick Of Spinning Their Wheels & Want Step By Step Strategy Training To Hit Their Goals
 People Who Understand The Power Of Mentorship & Coaching To Fast Track Their Progress
 People Who Want To Tap Into The Energy & Power Of A Community Of Likeminded People On A Similar Journey & Level Up Their Circle Of Influence With 6 & 7 Figure Online Earners
 MOST IMPORTANTLY, People Who Are Serious & Ready To Get To Work – If You’re Lazy & Want Someone Else To Do It For You, This Is Not For You


SAA 6 Figure Strategy & Training Portal
Contained Within The Private Training Area Are The Step By Step Training Resources You Need To Grow A Powerful Personal Brand, Build A Tribe Of Loyal Followers & Unlock The Skills Within You To Monetize These Assets With High Ticket Affiliate Marketing.

As An SAA Members You Will Be Armed With The Little Known Secrets To Craft Irresistible High Ticket Affiliate Offers, How To Sell Like A Seasoned Pro (Even If You Have No Experience) And Organic & Paid Strategies To Generate Endless Leads & Grow Their Brand & Audience.

You’ll also receive all future updates to this portal with your SAA Membership. (Real World Value = $4,997)

SAA Private Mastermind Facebook Group
The Power Of Surrounding Yourself With Likeminded People Is Unparalleled. The Power of ALSO Surrounding Yourself With 6 & 7 Figure Affiliate Marketers Who Have Achieved The Success You’re Shooting For Is Truly Priceless.

As An SAA Member You’ll Get Access To The Private Mastermind Facebook Group To Connect & Network With Other SAA Members, Rub Shoulders With Super Affiliates & Get All The Guidance, Mentorship & Accountability You Need To Crush Your Goals. (Real World Value = $1,997)

SAA Weekly Coaching & Mentorship Calls
As An SAA Member You’ll Plug Into The Weekly Group Coaching & Mentorship Calls So You Can Connect Directly With Multi 6 Figure Super Affiliate & 7 Figure Entrepreneur Jacob Caris And Get Your Questions Answered LIVE.

This Will Also Ensure You Stay Accountable To Yourself & Are Taking Massive Action Weekly To Weekly. If You Get Stuck You Can Ask The Mastermind Group For Help, Or Just On The Call Live & Get Your Questions Answered. This Will Really Separate You From Your Competition – You’ll No Longer Feel Alone On This Journey.  (Real World Value = $5,997)

Exclusive Member’s Only SAA Affiliate Program
We Are Sick Of Seeing Aspiring Super Affiliates Stuck In The ‘Learning’ Phase. This Usually Means They Aren’t Earning (Big Problem!). As An SAA Member Your Skills Will Be On The Fast Track To Sky-Rocket Your Business Results & People Are Going To REALLY Start To Pay Attention To You (Especially When You Follow Our Attraction Marketing Training).

We Want To Arm You With As Many Ways To Earn As Possible So We Plug Our Members Into The Exclusive SAA Affiliate Program That Pays 40% High Ticket Commissions On Each Sale. Time For You To Stop Just Learning & Start EARNING! (Real World Value = $4,997)

The Whole SAA Package
SAA Has Been Strategically Crafted To Provide You With The Success Trifecta Of Strategy, Mentorship & Accountability You NEED To Hit Your Goals Online.

When You Look At Why So Many People Fail Online, They’re Usually Missing One (Or More) Of These Pieces In Building Their Business. You Can Plug Into Everything When You Join SAA.

You’re also going to get access to these bonuses when you join the Super Affiliate Accelerator TODAY!

Bonus #1: Super Affiliate Story Formula
Your Story Is Your Biggest Marketing & Money Making Asset. It Is Unique To You & No One Can Steal Or Replicate It. It Can Be An Amazingly Powerful Money Making Tool IF You Know How To Harness It & Share It Correctly. I Paid One Of My Mentors (Who’s Done Over $250m Online) Over $10,000 For Training & This Simple 3 Step Story Formula I Learnt Has Made Me A TON Of Money & Built Me A Strong Personal Brand Online That Will Continue To Pay Dividends For Years To Come.

Bonus #2: Super Affiliate Email Formula
“Gurus” Over Complicate Email Marketing SO Much. It’s Really Simple. In This Training We Get Down To The Fundamentals You Need To Know & Implement To…You Guessed It…Actually Get Paid!

Bonus #3: 100k in 4 Months at 19 Years Old (Case Study)
When I See People Getting Extraordinary Results (In A World Where Most People Do Nothing) I Pay Attention. I Saw This 19 Year Old Kid CRUSHING It With High Ticket Affiliate Marketing ($100k in 4 Months From Scratch), I Put My Money Where My Mouth Is & Got Him To Reveal His Secrets Exclusively For My SAA Students.

Bonus #4: Done For You Personal Brand Site
When You Join SAA Today & Start Implementing The Steps To Build Your Powerful Personal Brand…People Are Going To Start Paying Attention & QUICKLY! You’ll Need A Hub For Your Brand To Send Them To. We’ve Got You Covered With A Done For You Personal Brand Site You Can Have Set Up In 30 Minutes.

Bonus #5: Legendary Marketer Platinum Secrets
Jacob’s Exclusive Bonuses He Gives To His Legendary Marketer Customers Are Yours To Share With Your Customers. Jacob Is The 5th Overall Commission Earner With Legendary Marketer – These Are CRAZY Valuable & Will Help You Get Moving FAST!

Bonus #6: Many More Undisclosed Bonuses
Our Students Are Regularly Treated To Bonus New Training & Resources To Level Up Their Mindset, Refine Their Monetization Strategies, Sell More Expensive Stuff & Continuously Tap Into Lead Sources That Others Simply Aren’t Using. We’re On The Front Line Here.

The Super Affiliate Accelerator Mastermind is lead by Jacob Caris.

After forging a very successful corporate finance career in Australia & New York, Jacob wanted a new path & challenge. In early 2017 he discovered affiliate marketing and after much trial & ever unlocked a 3 step process to crush it time & time again. He’s best known for achieving a $100,000 day on a launch with Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi & Russell Brunson.

Jacob has sold over $1,000,000 of digital products online, runs a highly engaged private community of over 3,300 budding super affiliates and is SERIOUSLY committed to his students results through simplicity, fundamentals of sales & marketing & the high ticket affiliate model.

Flanked by the amazing SAA Coaches Jamie & Chris, the whole team looks forward to working with you to crush your goals!

 ClickFunnels Dream Car Winner ($140k+ In Total Commissions)
 Legendary Marketer 6 Figure Club (#5 All Time Commissions)
 11th Overall In KBB 1.0 Launch By Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi & Russell Brunson (100k Comms In One Day)
 Spoke On Stage At Legendary Marketer Mastermind Event In Orlando In May 2019
 Hosted Super Affiliate Live In November 2019 On The Gold Coast In Australia


Jamie is a FB Ads & High Ticket Sales Specialist with an Agency & Finance background who is now bringing these skills to the Affiliate Marketing game & crushing it.

Chris is a copywriting & story-telling expert with a flair for IT & Systems. He’s been involved in numerous online ventures and brings a wealth of experience to the table for the SAA Members.

Let’s Cut To The Chase…
Look, you’ve seen the process I have used over & over to crush the high ticket affiliate marketing game.

You’ve seen that my students love it & it is changing their lives DAILY.

The price of the Accelerator Mastermind is ONLY going up as I continue to add more & more strategies & training.

So the way I see it you have three options:

Option #1: Do absolutely nothing and stay exactly where you are right now.

If you’ve already got a system dialed in to generate high ticket affiliate commissions, grow your brand & audience daily…

Then maybe you don’t need to join the Accelerator Mastermind today.

But if you’re still not hitting your income goals & you are committed to building a real business online long term, that leaves you with two other options…

Option #2: Do it yourself.

You can try to take the MOCA Blueprint I’ve laid out for you on this page & put the pieces of the puzzle together on your own.

Figure out the core mindset pillars you need to tweak to make this work.

Find products to sell & work out how to craft an offer to actually stand out.

Test & experiment & try over & over to get a process working to extract leads & sort out buyers.

Figure out what to say to the world to get them to pay attention to you & your brand.

And then hope the stars align & you can make it all work.

If you’re willing to set aside the likely years of experiment to make that happen, you might be able to pull it off.

Option #3: Let me show you the way

Join the Super Affiliate Accelerator Mastermind & get the step by step strategy training & mentorship you need to make this happen WAY faster.

Join a community of rising superstars & existing super affiliates all on the same path.

I’ll fix your mindset.

I’ll show you how to find products & craft an offer to stand out.

I’ll show you how to get your conversion process humming.

I’ll give you the exact frameworks to build your audience & brand starting TODAY!

Now of these three options, ask yourself…

What is going to be easier for you?

You see, there are two types of people in this world…

Those who only dream about achieving their financial goals without ever taking any action to make it happen…

And those who are ready to take action when the opportunity presents itself.

Most people will tell you they want to build an online business.

They want to live the ‘laptop lifestyle’

But we both know very few actually make it happen.

It’s just the truth.

Most people will keep dreaming…

While the few who are actually serious about their financial future will take action.

Since you’ve read this far, I think you’re one of the few special ones…

One of the people who I would actually want to work with as a student…

Believe me that’s not everyone.

I say no to people A LOT – perks of not NEEDING them to buy.

(thankfully I know from experience that most of THOSE types stopped reading already).

If I’m right & you’re still with me…

I’m ready to accept you into the Super Affiliate Accelerator Mastermind so you can start building the high ticket affiliate marketing business you deserve.

Only you can decide.

Click the link below to get started now & I’ll see you on the inside.

To your success,

Jacob Caris

P.S I’m constantly levelling up the training & systems in the Super Affiliate Accelerator & REGULARLY increasing the price to keep numbers in check & only bring in ideal candidates who will use the information & take action. There’s a VERY real chance that if you leave this page today without joining the next time you see it (and you will) the price will be higher. Remember – money loves speed. Get started today.

What Is The Super Affiliate Accelerator?
The Super Affiliate Accelerator Is NOT A Course. It Is A Full Mastermind That Includes All The Strategy Training, Accountability, Mentorship & Community YOU Need To Hit Your Income Goals With Affiliate Marketing. SAA Focuses On Helping Students Implement The High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Model To Get The Maximum Return On Investment For The Time They Spend Building Their Brand & Audience. The Key Here Is To Build A Sustainable, Long Term Business & Audience WHILE Developing The Fundamental Marketing & Sales Skills You Need To Have An Abundant Online Career. We Do Not Believe In Copy & Paste, Turnkey, Loopholes, Hacks & Overnight Strategies. We Build Real Brands & Businesses For Today, Tomorrow & Years Into The Future. If You’re Looking For A Solution That Doesn’t Require Work. Do Not Join SAA. If You’re Ready To Start Taking This Online Game Serious, Learn Real Mindset, Marketing & Sales Strategies. See You On The Inside.

What Is The VISION For The Super Affiliate Accelerator?
SAA Is Already The Best Training Resource & Mastermind To Learn & Implement High Ticket Affiliate Marketing. But We Are Never Satisfied. We’re Always On The Front Line Testing, Tweaking, Researching & Investigating Strategies, Leaders & Opportunities For Our Students To Level Up Their Mindset & Their Profits. Everything We Learn & Find Comes Back To SAA.

Who Is This For?
It’s Very Simple. This Is For Anyone Serious About Getting Results With Affiliate Marketing. BUT It Is Not For You If You’re Looking For Someone Else To Do The Work, Copy & Paste Solutions and Are Not Interested In Building A Real Brand & Business. If You’re Sick Of Jumping From Product To Product, Loophole, To Hack, To Trick & Want To Build Something Long Term & Sustainable Starting TODAY! SAA Is For You & We Look Forward To Seeing You On The Inside.

How Fast Can I Get Results?
This Is A Question We Get A Lot & If We Simply Cannot Answer Because We Do Not Know You, Your Work Ethic, How Far You Will Take The Strategies, How Much You Will Immerse Yourself In The Mastermind etc. If Anyone Guarantees Your Results In A Certain Time, Run Away – They’re Lying. With That Said, We Have Students Making Sales Their First Week. The Training & Mastermind Are Implementation Focused. Enough Learning, Let’s Get To Work!

Why Is This Different From Other Affiliate Marketing Programs?
The Vast Majority Of Affiliate Programs On The Market Teach Tricks, Hacks, Loopholes. These Might Work & Get Some Quick Wins, Sure. But For How Long? If You’re Serious About Building A Real Online Business You Need To Learn REAL Marketing & Sales Strategies You Can Apply To Any Platform And Crush It. At SAA We Don’t Just Create Badass Affiliate Marketers, We Create Legacy Forging Business Builders.

Why Is The SAA Refund Policy?
My results & my students results & testimonials speak for themselves – there is little doubt that the strategies taught in SAA work.

Accordingly, we therefore do NOT offer a money back guarantee. We have a STRICT no refund policy.

The information & resources contained within the SAA Training Portal, Private Mastermind Group & discussed in detail on the Group Coaching Calls is HIGHLY valuable. It is well in excess of the investment.

If you will not do the work or are not committed to learning & implementing the content inside SAA, please do not join.

If you’re the type of person who joins programs, goes through the information & asks for refunds – do not join this program. A refund will not be provided.

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