[Download] James Svetec – BNB Hosting Accelerator 2

[Download] James Svetec – BNB Hosting Accelerator

Download BNB Hosting Accelerator By James Svetec

Download BNB Hosting Accelerator By James Svetec

How To Become A Top Performing Airbnb™ Host & Host With Ease

BNB Hosting Accelerator™

  • ​4 Week training program
  • ​Full set of tools & templates
  • ​Community + Weekly Q&A Calls
  • ​Lifetime access
  • BONUS #1: Sub-dividing Airbnb
  • BONUS #2: Profit Without Property
  • BONUS #3: Early Mortgage Freedom
  • PLUS Over $500 in Savings!

♦ Absolute satisfaction guarantee
Try the program risk free and if you’re not happy with it ask for a refund within 14-days and we’ll refund you in full.

Introducing the BNB Hosting Accelerator™
The BNB Hosting Accelerator is a step-by-step guide that will teach you how to turn your property into a wildly profitable Airbnb listing. During this comprehensive 4-week training program, you’ll learn how to manage your listing completely passively while delighting your guests with a 5-Star experience and maximizing your returns.

The training is available in our e-learning system. You can complete the training from any desktop or mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any tech skills or any previous hosting experience. Everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program.

Tested and proven results
The strategies taught in the BNB Hosting Accelerator program have been tested and proven with over 100+ listings around the world.

Hosts from all around the world in 31+ countries have used the systems and strategies taught in this program to optimize their listings, dominate their markets, and take the stress out of hosting.

With over 5,000+ satisfied guests, we’re revolutionizing the BNB Hosting world for the better!

The perfect recipe for success
To stand out from the increasingly crowded marketplace on Airbnb, you need more than just tips.

⇒ Proven Process
All of the tips, tricks, and best practices took years to test, prove, and refine. We’ve distilled everything down into a simple, step-by-step system that’s tested and proven to eliminate the guesswork.

⇒ Tools & Templates
We’ve included tools and templates to simplify and organize each step of the process from setting up your listing to welcoming your next guests.

⇒ Winning community
Being surrounded by a supportive network of fellow hosts matters. Our students join a worldwide community of other high-performing hosts.

⇒ Expert mentorship
Everyone needs help and advice when tackling new challenges but true experts are out of reach for most people. Our students get 24/7/365 access to Airbnb experts on Facebook and weekly Q&A calls.

Learn the way that best suits you
Learn anytime, anywhere

⇒ Online e-learning platform
When you join BNB Hosting Accelerator you get access to our revolutionary e-learning platform. Watch the training videos in HD video and access the training online from any desktop or mobile device anywhere in the world anytime you like.

⇒ Complete set of tools & templates
When you join BNB Hosting Accelerator we include all of the custom tools and templates that you’ll need to run your listing like a well oiled machine. We’ve taken all of the guesswork out of hosting with everything from messaging templates, to setup checklists, to photography guidelines.

Program content and schedule
In just 4 weeks we’ll help you become a wildly profitable Airbnb Host. Here’s how:

⇒ Week 1: Understanding the Basics
In Week One we help you to understand the basics around how Airbnb works and how to get the most out of the platform. We also help you to set your initial goals and become “BNB Ready”.

⇒ Week 2: Preparing for Launch
In Week Two we cover everything you need to do in order to prepare your listing for its initial launch on Airbnb. We cover everything from setting up the property, to getting great photos of your space, to creating the perfect listing.

⇒ Week 3: Optimizing Performance
In Week Three we cover performance optimization. Here, we’re going to show you how to earn top-dollar for your Airbnb listing and ensure that everything is running smoothly. We’re also going to show you how to continually monitor and manage your finances to ensure that nothing gets overlooked.

⇒ Week 4: Streamlining Operations
In Week Four we’re going to show you how to streamline your hosting as much as possible using a combination of automation and outsourcing. We’re going to show you which software will free up a substantial amount of time for you, as well as how to find and train a cleaning team to deliver a top-tier service without requiring any micro-management.

⇒ Bonus Week
In Week Five we’re going to show you a number of other ways that you can make money on Airbnb with or without actually owning any properties! We’re also going to help you to invest profitably into properties for the purpose of short term rental, and leave you with over $1,500 in discounts and savings on lots of great Airbnb-related products and services!

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