[Download] Jamie Atkinson – 28 Days Podcast Profit Lab 2

[Download] Jamie Atkinson – 28 Days Podcast Profit Lab

Download 28 Days Podcast Profit Lab By Jamie Atkinson

Download 28 Days Podcast Profit Lab By Jamie Atkinson

At Last! Discover The Real Secret To Launching a Wildly Profitable Podcast in 30 Days
( Even If You Have ZERO Experience, Audience or Tech-Skills! )

I’ve Gotta Ask You Something…
What’s The #1 Most Influential Social Media Platform On The Entire Planet Right Now?
You Guessed It! PODCASTS!

“I Get It…But I’m Overwhelmed and Have NO IDEA How To Start Podcasting!! Let Alone Monetize it!”
Trust Me… I Felt Exactly The Same As You…

And it’s not just us! There are a ton of people that feel the same way…

And Even MORE Types of Businesses Who Think The Only Way To Make Money With Podcasting Is In ‘The Long-Game’…

✅ ​Digital Entrepreneurs & Internet Marketers
✅ ​Corporate & B2B Companies
✅ Coaches & Consultants
✅ Agencies & Service Businesses

The Podcast Profit LAB™ Was Created Because We Know The SECRET to Fixing Your Podcasting Problems…

You’ll Be Spared From Any of The ‘Tech Drama’ or Headaches That Most People Experience…

You Know What? We’re Even Going To Have All Of The Toughest Parts DONE FOR YOU So You Can Avoid Spending $5,000+ On A Podcast Launch Package…

Just Swipe Our Editable And Fully Customizable Templates And Read Off Our Done-For-You Scripts.

With The Strategies We Share In The LAB…You’ll Actually Be Able To MAKE MONEY Before Your Podcast EVEN Launches!

We’re Going To Guarantee Your Success With Our LAB LAUNCH Roadmap & Monetization Strategy:
( Not to Mention 3x Weekly LIVE Group Coaching and Q&A
As I Hold Your Hand Through The Entire Process )

We Will Lead You To Success Using Our Podcast LAUNCH Roadmap.

Why Do Most Podcasts Never Make It Past 7 Episodes?

Before we begin, there’s something important you need to realise…

Most people come into podcasting THINKING they won’t make any money for a while…

We’re talking 6-12 months… WHY?

Because In Podcasting, your goal isn’t to sell products or services… it’s to find your dream customer, create amazing content that pulls them in & then build products & services to give them a solution to their problems…

At least… that’s what EVERYONE ELSE will have you believe…

While that’s all well and good, and playing the long game with Podcasting can be huge for your business, most businesses will NEVER get there unless they find a way to make it profitable.

Our Preferred Way To Launch

Creating Both Amazing Long-Game Content That ATTRACTS An Audience That Trusts You

While Also…

Creating Sales Opportunities BEFORE Your Podcast Audience Grows

That Way… If You Want To Fully Automate The Process & Just Spend One Afternoon A Week Recording Podcast Episodes, You Can… Because Your Podcast Is Producing Revenue!

What you get when you join the Podcast Profit LAB™…
Podcast Profit LAB Program
Podcast Profit LAB Workbook & Guided Program Including DAILY Training

We Hold Your Hand And Guide You Through The Entire Process Of Launching Your Podcast:

✅ A Complete Interactive Workbook + Printable Check List
✅ A Trained Podcast Profit LAB Coach to Guide You Through the Program
✅ Private Access to Your Own Devoted Accountability Group for 24/7 Support and Feedback
✅ 3x Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls with the Coaches and Jamie for Live Training and Support
✅ Secret Podcast Profit LAB Facebook Group with a Network Full of Podcasting Alumni
✅ ‘The LAB Launch Roadmap’ To Catapult You To The Top 200 Of The Charts
✅ 40 HOURS of Daily Sessions For An In-Depth Walkthrough of The Exact Process to Follow
✅ Daily 1 Minute and 3 Minute Videos (For Those Days You Just Want The Bare Essential Training)
✅ 60-90 Minute Deep Dive Sessions on Each Topic (For Those Days You Want To Go Really DEEP)
✅ Weekly Q&A with Jamie Atkinson To Answer Any & All of Your Questions LIVE

Pre-Training: Undertake Your Podcast LAB Prep Training
Get mentally prepared for the next 4 weeks and get clarity on everything you will need to successfully launch your podcast. We’ll guide you on what equipment you’ll need and how to mentally prepare for talking into the microphone.
We will set the stage for your podcast and make sure that you understand exactly WHO you’re serving and help you create a show which will be unique & attractive to your new audience.

What We’ll Accomplish:

  • Easy Equipment & In-House Audio Setup
  • Comfortable Space Preparation Guide
  • ​Your Podcast Identity Pillars Questionnaire
  • ​Roadmap Breakdown
  • ​Competitor Research Training
  • ​’Begin The Hype’ Soft-Promotion Guide

Week 1: Mastering Your Podcast Strategy & Nailing a Successful Brand
Through daily workshops we guide you through the process of aligning your messaging and content to deliver amazing value & attract your perfect listener.
We help you get comfortable in your own skin behind the microphone & help you create an amazing show outline & script so you know exactly what to communicate to your ideal listener in your Intro.

What We’ll Accomplish:

  • Building Your Podcasting Persona Session
  • Record Your Trailer Episode
  • Nailing Down Your Podcast Identity Pillars
  • Your Listener Avatar Walkthrough
  • Create Your Show Identity
  • Outline Your Publicity Sheet
  • Write Your Intro Script + Music Selection
  • Guest Outreach Templates
  • Your BOLD Brand Identity

Included Resources:
✅ Customizable Publicity Sheet Landing Page Templates
✅ Customizable Cover Art Templates
✅ Branding Masterclass by PR Expert & TedX Speaker
✅ Music Selection Sources & Guide
✅ Interactive Daily Worksheets

Week 2: Content Planning, Content Creation & The LAB LAUNCH Strategy
Week 2 is all about strategy and putting your show’s pieces together in time for your launch.

We’ll give you all the guidance & resources you need to start batching your content creation & designing a podcast launch using The LAB LAUNCH Strategy.

You’ll be given our High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass along with email + messaging templates to land your ideal guests and keep your podcasting growing strong.

What We’ll Accomplish:

  • The LAB Launch Strategy
  • 12-Month Content Creation Guide
  • Batch Your Episodes & Episode Structure
  • Record Open & Close Episode Loops
  • Begin Guest Outreach
  • Basic Podcast Editing Training
  • Show Notes Guide + Template
  • Episode Title Hook Training
  • Uploaded Your Episodes

Included Resources:
✅ Episode Structure Breakdown & Interview Questions​
​✅ Podcast Editing Mini Course by Our Expert Editing Team
✅ iTunes, Spotify, & Google Syndication Walkthrough Guides
✅ ​Interactive Dream 100 Guide
✅ Interactive Daily Worksheets

Week 3: Podcast Launch Week & ‘Podcast Sales Secrets’
Our LAB Launch Strategy enables your podcast to been seen by your ideal listener in it’s first few weeks. The aim is to help you reach a wide audience, rank on
iTunes Top 200 Charts, and simultaneously begin building up a strong subscriber base of podcast fans that will support & share your episodes.
Your Launch week is all about maximising your exposure online. This includes going live/posting/promotion every day.

By following the steps outlined, you’ll be able to ‘Hype’ your product launch and get your audience rushing to your podcast on launch day. We will also work with you during launch week to maximise your exposure.

…and don’t worry. Even if you don’t have an existing audience, you’ll be able to crush this week with our simple “Can I ask a favour?” strategy.
The Biggest Part of this whole product launch is contained inside this week, ‘Podcast Closing Secrets’. We’ll outline the EXACT approach you should follow to get 10-20 Red Hot leads coming into your pipeline every single month.

This approach allows you to interview your ideal customers on your Podcast, and walk away from the interview with amazing content & the EXACT steps you should follow to close the sale.

What We’ll Accomplish:

  • Recorded Your Launch Day Content
  • Implemented the Hypest-Hype Strategy
  • Finish Recording Content For Launch Week
  • Schedule Your First Week’s Episodes
  • Create Your Day 1 Review Launch Team
  • Podcast Sales Secrets Method
  • Sales Podcast Interview Outline Guide
  • Target Customer Attraction Method

Included Resources:
✅ Attraction Marketing & Promotion Guide
✅ Facebook Group Hacker Software
✅ ​Show Note & Blog Post Templates For Your Show
✅ High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass
✅ Editable Day 1 Review Tracker
✅ Interactive Daily Worksheets

Week 4: Grow & Scale | 100 Day Strategy For Success
We outline the core strategies you need to create continued growth & exposure for your podcast. Now that your show is live, we’ll also show you how to turn your hard-work into consistent leads for your business.
We show you how to implement key systems for managing your podcast & Include Open Mic Q&A to cover any other questions or queries you may have.

The final piece of the puzzle we help you unlock is the psychology behind the sale. We show you how to talk to your prospects about your opportunity, how to open up your guests to talk about their pain points & challenges and how to structure your sales pitch so your prospects say YES… all without sounding “salesy”.

What We’ll Accomplish:

  • Launch Your Podcast!
  • System for Creating Consistent Leads For Your Business
  • Systems for Success – How to Automate Important Tasks
  • ​Unlock The Growth Strategies for Your Future Success
  • ​Sales Structure Psychological Training
  • ​Access Pain Point + Challenge Question Sheet

Included Resources:

✅ Podcast Launch Checklist
✅ Word-for-Word Sales Scripts
​✅ Podcast Closing Secrets Mini Course
​✅ Sales Structure Masterclass
​✅ Podcast Systems Trello Board
​​✅ Interactive Daily Worksheets

But’s That’s Not All You’ll Get….

‘Podcast Closing SECRETS’ Sales Process

One of The Biggest Things Holding Most Entrepreneurs Back From Launching a Podcast Is NOT Being Able to Monetize for MONTHS…
The whole framework of the Podcast Profit LAB™ focuses on helping you build a powerful podcast launch, so that you can attract high-quality guests who are your PERFECT Target Customer.

The Podcast Closing Secret’s Sales Process breaks down EXACTLY what you need to know so that you can systemise your podcast to consistently produce 10-20 high quality leads for your businesses high ticket offers, month-in, month-out.

Using the Podcast Closing Secret’s Method, you’ll be able to:

✅ Identify The Pain Points & Challenges Of Your Target Customer
✅ Build A Powerful Bond Between You & Your Prospect
✅ Open Up Powerful Sales Opportunities WITHOUT ever sounding ‘Salesy’
✅ Access Higher Tier Clients Who Would Otherwise Be Inaccessible To You & Your Business
✅ Use The Podcast Sales Secrets Scripts To Grab Your Prospect’s Attention & Use Emotion To Close The Sale

Discover A BRAND-NEW Way To Create Consistent High Quality Appointments… Without EVER Needing To PAY For Any ADS
While Building Out Engaging Content At The Same Time
The Podcast Closing Secrets Method allows you to not only sell to your prospects in a comfortable and safe environment…

But It also gives you deep levels of insights into the behaviour and psychology of your target customers.

Podcast Interviews have the rare ability to cut deep to a person’s past, their identity and some of the most bizarre and incredible stories that wouldn’t come up in regular conversations.

This RARE level of depth & connection is what makes podcasting so interesting. But at the same time, it also gives you as a business owner, a rare connection with your prospect.

These levels of trust & connection are some of the CORNERSTONES of high-level selling. This method higher quality deals, more frequently and with a deeper connection to the prospect, meaning less problems!

Offer Launch Blueprint
Want to Know Exactly How I Made $12,410 in a Brand New Market, with a Brand New Audience, with NO Ads, NO Product & NO Existing Audience in an Un-Tested New Market Completed from Scratch in Just 7 Days?
Some of you might be thinking, “but what If I don’t have a product?”

Even if you’re starting from the beginning, I wanted to give you everything you could need to be successful.

Offer Launch Blueprint takes you behind-the-scenes and shows you exactly how I launched this VERY offer (the Podcast Profit LAB) back in May 2019.

It breaks down:
🔥 How I built my initial audience
🔥 How I built the offer
🔥 How I built up credibility LIVE
🔥 How I pre-sold the audience, before they ever heard my offer

In Offer Launch Secrets I’ll show you my 7-day Launch Strategy, give you the exact funnel and swipe files & teach you the behind-the-scenes secrets on exactly how I launched a 200 person Facebook group and achieved everything above.

I taught this exact same method to my student Brendan Kelly who sold out his Beta program and generated $4,970 in sales 6 days after launching his Facebook group. This stuff really works.

Access To Our High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass + Scripts!

Masterclass Curriculum
​✅ Video 1 – Why Guests Aren’t as Hard to Reach As You Think
✅ ​Video 2 – How to Use Online Tools To Find Your Ideal Guests
​✅ Video 3 – Facebook Audio Note Method
​✅ Video 4 – ‘Ol Fashioned Email Method
✅ Video 5 – The Linked-In Email Method
✅ Video 6 – The ‘Trojan Horse’ Method
✅ Video 7 – The Instagram Story Message Method
✅ Video 8 – The ‘Lumpy Mail’ Method
✅ Video 9 – The ‘Cartoon’ Personalized Postcard Method
✅ Video 10 – The Audacious Exposure Method
✅ Unlock Your #1 Guests.

Our High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass will cover some of the most effective strategies that you can implement to gain access to the most influential guests…

Through the combined experience of several expert podcasters, you’ll be able to UNLOCK the secrets of how to get powerful guests onto your show & how to leverage those appearances to LEVEL-UP Your Podcasting Game.

Whether your goal is to interview guests using the ‘Podcast Sales Secrets’ method to offer them your services… or you’re looking to expand your podcast audience using a high-profile guest, this Masterclass has you covered.

The Group Hacker Tool

Siphon Free Traffic
What If You Could Get Waves of Your Ideal Client adding You on Facebook?

What if You Could Do it With a Single Push of a Button?

A fan favorite among LAB alumni, the Group Hacker Software Tool allows you to do just that!

The Group Hacker Tool Has Been One Of My Secret-Weapons For The Last 12 Months. It’s My #1 Tool That I Used To Attract Endless Free Traffic To My Offers.

It’s The Thing That Allowed Me To Scale To Multiple 6-Figures Without Using Any Paid Advertising.

Podcast Closing Scripts & Interview Questions
Never Be Without Something to Say Ever Again!
Never Interviewed before? Not good at sales? Don’t worry, we’ve helped dozens and dozens of students in your exact position.

Just use our word-for-word podcast closing scripts that have made our students tens of thousands of dollars…you can’t go wrong…just read the script!

Podcast Agency Blackbook, Systems, & Templates
Swipe our Systems, Templates, and Editable Files
And Save Yourself HOURS of time, Energy, and THOUSANDS of dollars!

Our Podcast Trello Systems Allow You To Both Manage A Full Editing Team OR Simply Manage Your Own Schedule For Podcasting With Ease.

Both Of These Trello Systems Cost Me $5,000 To Have Built… You Get Them For FREE.
Podcast Agency BlackBook
What if we gave you access to all of Jamie’s Podcast Agency contacts for everything from VAs and editors, to funnel builders and graphic designers, and more!

Locked inside the Podcast Agency BlackBook You’ll find all the contacts you need to run a successful business.

One Of The Most Time Consuming & Frustrating Part Of Hiring A Team Is, Well… Hiring A Team!
One of the big goals of The Podcast Profit LAB™ is to help you focus on creating an amazing podcast that generates you income in the first few months.

One of the benefits of bringing in revenue is it allows you to pay for systems. To help make that process as easy as possible, we’re throwing in as an extra all of our Hiring Assets & Systems.

Podcast VA Job Description & Full Support Documents
From Prospect to Delivery
Hiring a VA or Podcast Editor can be a daunting process. We’ve developed an intensive interview experience which allows you to acquire the very best team member for your position.

We save you hours and give you the fully completed description, hiring Google form, questionnaire and interview advice to make your hiring process as seamless as possible.
Team Processes – Trello Board
How do you manage your new team? What tasks do you need to make sure they have completed?

How do you keep track of everything that they are doing & completing?

We give you access to all of those answers and help you manage your team using Trello, one of the easiest to use project management tools available.

Everyone’s Favorite Part About The Podcast Profit LAB™ …..

Podcast Profit Coaching Program


Did You Know Less Than 5% of People Who Buy Online Courses Finish Them?!
Curious to know what our percentage of completion for the LAB is?
A Whopping 73%
That basically translates to “When You Buy This Course, You’re Going to Get Your Money’s Worth”

Want to Know Why We Are So Much Different Than The Other Online Courses Out There?

Because we aren’t just a course…

We’re a Coaching & Accountability Program.

Our dedicated and highly trained Podcast Profit LAB Coaches are alumni of this very program and have been chosen for their stellar abilities to get the most out of people. They’ll hold your hand as you launch your chart-topping podcast and fly through this program.

We are dedicated to your success. We designed this exact program around getting you the results you need.

Human Accountability ✅ Live Coaching Calls ✅ Editable Templates ✅ Q/A Sessions ✅ Daily Video Summaries ✅

Our entire business is centered around you and your successes. You are never a number to us.

You’re our podcasting family.

Get Access To Your Own Podcast Profit LAB Coach & Accountability Team
As a new Podcast Profit LAB member, you’ll get assigned a Podcast Profit LAB Coach.

You’ll also be assigned into an accountability team (made up of other new LAB members) of no more than 10 to ensure each member is getting the necessary feedback and attention they deserve.

Each team is led by one of our AWESOME LAB Coaches. Our coaches have all gone through this exact program so they know what you’re going through and are always available to offer support and answer questions.

Feel free to go to your coach or your podcasting family “team” with any questions, feedback, or support you need.

Each team communicates through their own private Voxer group for 24/7 accountability.

Your coaches job is simple… to move you through the different stages of the Podcast Profit LAB… 👇

LIVE Coaching Calls 3x a Week with Coaches and Jamie
Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you can expect LIVE zoom calls with the coaches and Jamie for extra special trainings, exercises, and Q/As. Get all the support, clarification, or feedback you need on these calls.

Get Access To The Secret Podcast Profit LAB™ Facebook Group
You’ll get 6-week access to this group, giving you a private community to connect with both me, my team, and our army of podcasting alumni. As with most high-level coaching programs, the biggest value is often in the networks created.

We Love To Have Big Groups Coming Through Our Coaching Program… So We Incentivize You Guys… The More People That Join, The More You Get!

Content Launch Secrets 3.0 Mini Course

One of The Biggest Things We Hear Entrepreneurs Say Is The Don’t Know WHAT to Talk About…
The whole masterclass focuses on helping you create 12 months of content in just a few hours.

What we’ve done is turned our signature masterclass into a 14-day mini-course complete with videos, templates, calendars, and guides to build your machine and crank content out!

In this mini-course you’ll…
✅ Learn How to Create 12 Months of Content In 2-3 Hours
✅ Learn Why Publishing Is So Powerful
✅ Learn How to Overcome Stage Fright
✅ Figure Out Your WHO
✅ Understand Content Secrets Principles
✅ ​12 Month Content Creation Guides & Template

Instant Podcast Closing Masterclass (Streamed LIVE)
Because “Make Back Your Investment Over the Weekend” Masterclass Was Too Long of a Name
Cut the line and listen to Jamie’s hottest, most-actional tips for going out today, landing interviews, and closing deals.

In this masterclass you’ll…

Traffic Secrets Dream 100 Tour
Get on 3-5 Shows Per Week On Autopilot

In this masterclass you’ll learn how to target your dream 100
​ and train your virtual team on perfecting podcast outreach.

Your Next Offer & The Copy Vault
Want to Steal Jamie’s Email Copy?
This vault holds all the re-targeting and copy Jamie has ever written, updated constantly.
Want the #1 Secret to Making More Money?
Make. More. Offers.

This program delivered in short but sweet emails, teaches you exactly how to make more offers.
What You Will Be Walking Away With
After The Podcast Profit LAB Program…
✅ ​8 Episodes Ready For Your Launch Day
✅ 40 HOURS of Daily Workshops Guiding You Through The Process
​✅ Podcast Cover Artwork That Demands Attention
✅ ​High Quality & Professional Intro/Outro
✅ Personally Branded Online Publicity Sheet
✅ Fully Syndicated Podcast & Podcast Hosting
✅ High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass
✅ Launch Day Review
✅ Viral Launch Strategy & Contest
✅ The BOLD Podcast Branding Strategy
✅ ​Show Note & Blog Post Templates For Your Show
✅ Podcast Sales Secrets Monetization Method
✅ Mass Podcast Distribution Strategy
✅ 10-20 High Quality Leads For Your Business
✅ Podcast Editor Training
✅ COPY & PASTE VA & Podcast Editor Hiring Assets

We Deliver Amazing Results &
Our Focus Is on YOU

Our #1 goal for the Podcast Profit LAB™ is to help every single person that comes through our program to achieve amazing results.

It’s this passion for helping entrepreneurs which led us to creating this product in the first place.

Here’s what some of the people we’ve helped have to say…

Chantelle Turner | The CULT-ure Method & Stronger Mommy

“Jamie’s ideas on how to generate income with your podcast are stellar!… If you are thinking about launching a podcast or you already have one and you’re struggling with how are you going to generate an income from it, you 100% need the Podcast Profit LAB.”Chantelle Turner | Clickfunnels Speaking Team

Kurt Miller | CNP Tech (Security Based Company)

“I have to tell you… I was sceptical about a podcast. Where do they come up with the ideas for talking endlessly? Well, let me tell you how. They must have Jamie in their lives, because he see’s things in a way that I’m simply blown away by each and every time we have a session.” – Kurt Miller

Ilonka Ras | Six-Figure Secrets (Agency Owner)

“I am super thankful for you. Thank you for having this amazing ability of extracting all the good stuff from my brain and putting it on a piece of paper.” Ilonka Ras

Oxana Ungureanu | Brand Owner

“I really appreciated that Jamie has a good understanding of what makes a podcast rank for visibility. Oh and one more thing, talking to Jamie reminded me of Gary Vee, and my promise I’m behind on, making the most of underpriced attention. I really wish I was there when Facebook started, I wasn’t… but I have my second chance with Podcasting.” Oxana Ungureanu

My Unbeatable Satisfaction Guarantee
I am incredibly serious in using the Podcast Profit LAB to help you grow your business, and I want you to be serious too.

Therefore, if you do the homework & show me that you’ve made an effort, and are still unhappy, I will refund your money 100% within 30 days of purchase.

Meet Your Podcast LAB Coach

Meet Jamie Atkinson
Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought… I really thought I’d be further ahead by now? Those were the thoughts of Jamie Atkinson every single day for the last few years.

Jamie has been travelling the world full-time since 2017 and has spent the last two years building and failing at different businesses. 

Jamie realised though as he was doing this, nobody was talking about the failures, the challenges, the struggle…

No…The problem was, nobody was talking about the REAL stories of entrepreneurship. That’s when Jamie knew he needed to make a difference.

He’s now on a mission to build his million dollar business completely from scratch, by helping Entrepreneur’s everywhere create and launch their own Podcasts which not only impact their listeners lives but also bring in high amounts of income for their business.

Frequently Asked Questions
Have a question about the Podcast Profit LAB? Check out our frequently asked questions and answers
 Who is this program designed for?
The person who will get the most out of this content is somebody who is looking to launch a podcast to accompany their existing business. You could be an agency, a coach, a service-based business or somebody who sells any product.

To get the most out of our monetization method, you’ll want to have a product you can sell for $1,000+.
 What if I don’t have a product or service yet?
Although our monetization strategy is focused around selling a product or service over $1,000, we designed the LAB around what we know makes people follow and listen to you. The process we go through will show anybody who has a desire to launch a podcast the EXACT steps you should follow to build an amazing podcast launch.

While you’ll get the most out of this training if you have a product… if you don’t yet have a product or service this is still an amazing program for you.

Why? Because It’s much easier to build and sell your product/service ONCE you have an audience that is already paying attention to you. They will tell you want they want and all you have to do it build it!
 Do I need to have a big budget to launch a podcast?
Nope! Launching a podcast really on requires some basic recording equipment that I recommend you invest in which costs you around $100… Remember, you’ll need a decent computer / laptop to record, edit and distribute your content with.
 What if I don’t have any following, list, blog or YouTube channel yet?
It doesn’t matter! Our program will work for you whether you have an existing audience or NONE at all! Our strategy for launch revolves around using guests on your show alongside awesome content you’ll create to grow your audience, even if you’re starting from ZERO!
 I’m worried that I’ll get overwhelmed and unable to make progress, what if that happens?
Many people have this fear, and it’s completely normal! One thing you need to realise is that if you’ve ever gotten overwhelmed, stuck or not finished a course you’ve started… it’s not YOUR fault! It’s on us as course creators to build a program that gives you the support you need.

Every single day of the Podcast Profit LAB we will be walking you through the content LIVE, and also including a Q&A session! So if you’re stuck, can’t progress or need extra support, all you need to do is ask. We’re here to help you get through this program, as I’m looking for amazing testimonials and case studies from this launch! If you guys get stuck, it looks bad on me! So trust me when I say… I’ll do everything in my power to make you a success.

Remember, this process is as much about STARTING as it is about having a PERFECT launch. You can always improve your podcast over time, but there’s never been a better time to start than now.

When’s the best time to plant a tree? 30 years ago. When’s the next best time? TODAY. 🌳

Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee
We are serious about our challenge and want you to be serious too. Therefore, as long as you do the homework and show that you made an effort, we will refund your money 100% if you are not happy with the program within 30 days of purchase.

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