[Download] Jason Bell – Birthday Marketing Formula 2

[Download] Jason Bell – Birthday Marketing Formula

Download Birthday Marketing Formula By Jason Bell

Download Birthday Marketing Formula By Jason Bell

Hundreds Of Businesses In Your Zip Code Will Eagerly PAY YOU $500 Per Month For Your Help…

Discover How A Simple 3-Step Process, A Hidden Facebook Feature, And An Automated Tool Can Convince Local Businesses to Pay You $500
Per Month, EACH, & Be Absolutely THRILLED To Do It…

From the desk of: Jason Bell

Dear Friend,

Dead in the water…

That would be the best way to describe the situation most local businesses are in right now, all over the world.

Restaurants, mom & pop shops, car washes, boutiques, hardware stores, hair salons, you name it. They’re getting no or not enough customers to keep functioning properly.

Many of the local businesses are permanently closed.

And many industries are devastated, leaving over 100,000,000 people all over the world – jobless. According to Statista & International Labour Organization, the working hours lost in 2020 were equivalent to 255 MILLION full-time jobs.

People aren’t coming in.

Governments around the world are NOT helping. And the statistics are definitely not in favor of local businesses – with 65% of them not surviving their first 10 years in business.

Now, you can look at this reality we’re in and say one of these two things:

  1. This is a disaster. Everything is going down the drain. We should all just curl up, tuck tails between our legs, and wait for all this to pass.
  2. The world really is in chaos. Businesses are facing huge problems. Which means there are some amazing opportunities to bring solutions to these businesses, help them, and make money as a result.

The Rest Of This Letter Is For People
Who Either See The World As Option #2 –
A Place Of Opportunity & Abundance –
Or Want To See It That Way…

Problems are the doors to opportuniy.

Because that’s what the world is for my clients and students.

For people like Niya, who got on a call with a restaurant, showed her the system. I’m about to tell you here and got herself a $600 per month deal.

For people like Scott, who got a business to pay him $1,500 per month to implement this system I’m sharing with you today.

For people like Kent, who got two local business clients to set up 3 campaigns for them, for which he charged a $1,300 set up fee, plus he puts $1,950 per month in his pocket.

And for people like Jerry, who got a client to pay him a $1,495 set up fee + $695 per month for a 6-month contract. That’s a total of $5,665 in 6 months in Jerry’s pockets. And for just an hour or two of work.

So here’s the big question:
“What Is This Opportunity
That Gets Local Businesses EXCITED To Pay Us $500+ Per Month?”

It’s using this simple 3-step campaign to get more leads & customers for local businesses, with nothing but a hidden Facebook Ad feature, and an automated tool.

As you can see, it’s a pretty straightforward campaign:

STEP #1:

We’re going to reach potential customers with a simple Facebook Ad & its hidden feature.

STEP #2:

We’re gonna get them to take action on the page – which they’ll be HAPPY to do, and you’ll see why in just a minute.

STEP #3:

On a specific day,
they’ll visit the local business & become their customers.

The quality of the leads we’re getting for local businesses from this simple campaign is so high, that a local business can easily see a 5x to 10x return in its investment in your service.

Even after the first month.

And because you’ll be able to produce such amazing results for your local business clients, they’ll be HAPPY to pay you $500 per month or more, just to keep this new campaign up & running for them.

Put yourself in their shoes.

If You Had A Local Business And Someone Shows You How You Can Get $5 Or $10 For Every $1 You Pay Them, What Would You Do?
Give them as many $1 bills as possible, right?

The same thing happens here.

And that’s the first great thing about this business model – you’re offering your clients something they both NEED and WANT. Something that brings them measurable results.

Something of great value.

The second great thing about this model is that, unlike some other models where you need hundreds or thousands of customers to make a decent income, here you can do it with just a handful of clients.

You need only 5 local business clients paying you $500 per month, and you’ve created $2,500 per month in recurring monthly revenue.

These can be 5 businesses in your neighborhood you regularly do business with & KNOW they could use more customers.

Or these could be ANY local businesses all over the world.

This is a universal problem for local businesses all over the world. And the solution you’re learning about today is applicable to any corner of the world where Facebook is available.

Which is about 99.9% of the world.

This is, to the best of my knowledge…

The Easiest & Quickest Way To Start Your Own Business.

Or To Just Supplement Your Monthly Income.

Let’s start our journey with a quick test.

If you’re reading this on your computer, do me a favor: open a new tab and go to Google.com.

Now, type in, for example, “restaurant near me” and hit Enter.

Do a quick count of the restaurants on that map. Every one of those restaurants on that map is a potential $500 per month client.

And that’s just restaurants.

This also works for:

  • Jewelry stores
  • Coffee shops
  • Wellness and spa centers
  • Car washes
  • Hair salons

And ANY other type of local business.

To put things into perspective, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are, on average, 188 businesses per zip code in the U.S.

Some have more, like Manhattan. Some have less.

But the national average is 188 businesses per zip code.

If we apply simple math here, you’ll see that…

Just Within 5 Zip Codes Around You
(Which Is A Few Mile Radius) There Are
Over 940 Businesses Who NEED More
Quality Leads And Customers.

So keep reading carefully, and I’ll show you how to set up just ONE Facebook Ad & use ONE automated tool to get local businesses EXCITED to pay you $500+ per month for it.

And remember – you need just a handful of them to say YES to create a significant recurring monthly income.

But before we move on, there’s one key question we must answer.

Is This Opportunity The Right Fit For You?
Based on my 10+ years of experience & thousands of people I taught this model, I strongly advise you to pay attention to this model if you are:

  • Looking to generate extra income on the side to support your family, pay off more of your debt, buy a better car, cover your rent or mortgage, afford a better vacation, etc.
  • An employee who wants to replace its 9-5 income and escape the rat race.
  • A stay-at-home mom/dad who wants to supplement the family budget with just a few hours of work a month.
  • An employee who likes his/her job but just wants to make more on the side for a new car, a vacation, a house, or just to save more money.
  • Someone who just wants to make extra money without slaving away at a job & working crazy hours.
  • Someone who tried almost EVERYTHING to make money online & failed.

Keep reading until the end, and you’ll see why this opportunity is unlike anything you’ve seen or tried so far.

The Biggest Obstacles When Trying To Start An Online Business – Eliminated!
One more thing you’ll also love about this model is that it doesn’t require things that are known to be the biggest stoppers for a lot of people who want to start their own business.

So with this business opportunity, you don’t need to know, have or use:

  • Blogging
  • Content Creation
  • YouTube
  • Podcast
  • Dropshipping
  • Shopify
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Warehouses
  • Inventory
  • Team
  • SEO
  • Advanced tech skills
  • Amazon FBA
  • Facebook Groups

My students don’t use any of these things, yet they’re still getting great results and making money with this model.

Before I share with you my 3 secrets that will help you get more leads and customers for local businesses & turn that into a $500 per month income, let me tell you something about myself.

Who Am I & Why You Should
Pay Close Attention To What I Have
To Say To You Today

My name is Jason Bell.

I’m a business & marketing consultant. A software developer. A 7-figure business owner.

I’m a former athlete.

And I’m married to a wonderful woman & I’m a father of two.

I have a wonderful life.

But, things weren’t always that great.

I don’t come from a wealthy family. I don’t come from an entrepreneurial family. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth.

Life was tough. And everything I have now, I had to work hard for it.

My dream was never to become an entrepreneur. When I got into college, my goal was to get a degree. Get a good job. Start a family. And work until retirement.

But, as it usually happens, life had different plans.

After I got out of college, I found out my girlfriend is pregnant.

I’m Gonna Be A Dad!

A wonderful & terrifying feeling at the same time.

Wonderful because I couldn’t wait to have kids and hold them in my arms. And terrifying because I had no idea how am I going to support my family.

The choice was clear – get the first job I can.

It was a decent job. I could provide a roof over my family’s head. I could put food on the table. But that was about it.

There was no room for even the smallest luxury.

I didn’t like my job. I was miserable. I literally was living a life of quiet desperation.

The only bright spot in my life was my family. I couldn’t wait to come home and spend time with them.

I couldn’t live like that anymore.

I Decided To Make Some Drastic Changes In My Life.
Like Starting My Own Business.

Because I didn’t know any better, I started a lot of businesses. And I tried a ton of business models. Name a business model and I probably tried it.

Needless to say, I didn’t have much success with almost any of them.

I even started a cleaning business, just so I could deduct $500 or $1,000 a month from my rent.

But the moment that changed everything happened one day at the local Chamber of Commerce.

I was talking to people about my business. How I don’t like where it’s going. How hard it is, and so on.

And then, a friend of mine who I consider to be a family asked me a question that changed everything for me:

“Jason, What Do YOU Want To Do In Life?”

I didn’t know what to say.

But that question occupied my mind. And after long thinking, it kinda hit me.

I love marketing.

I learned how to promote my business.

I love helping people.

And I love local-type businesses.

And so I started developing some simple marketing solutions for local businesses. Things like SMS reminders and stuff like that.

But in 2013, a client came with a different problem. He said:

“Jason, I Love How You Helped Me Retain
More Customers. But Do You Have Something To
Help Me GET More Customers?”

So I started testing some things out and, shortly after he reached out, I had the first version of the system I’m sharing with you today.

And for the last 8 years, I’ve been perfecting the system. But instead of guessing, I’m perfecting it based on the real feedback from my clients. And my students’ clients.

How good is that system?

Well, good enough to get a local client to keep paying me $500 per month since September 2015.

That’s over $33,000 from just ONE local client.

But it’s not just local businesses I’m helping.

Over the years, I taught thousands of regular people how to use my tools & solutions, and help local businesses in their areas.

And get paid for it.

Today, I want to see you in that same group.

But before we move on, I want to make something crystal clear.

My results and the results of all of my students are not typical.

You should know this, but I can’t promise you’re going to make $10,000 per month. I can’t even promise you’re gonna make $1,000 a month, or even $100 a month.

It all depends on your resources, your work ethic, your motivation, and your desire to learn and implement the system that I’m going to show you today.

The only thing I can promise you, is that I’m going to show you the exact system my students and I use to build successful businesses.

Now, before I reveal my three big secrets, I do want you to promise yourself one thing.

I Want You To Promise Yourself That Once You See This System Is As Easy As I Say And Can Work For You, You Will Take Action To Get It Started.
Because the reality is, if you fully commit, like I did when I first stumbled upon this strategy, you absolutely can have success and achieve your dreams.

Sound fair? Great.

Then, let’s get into…

My 3 Big Secrets For
Getting Local Businesses…
To Pay You $500 Per Month For Just 1 Hour Of Work!

Birthday Effect: How To Get Local Businesses To Pay You $500 Per Month To Send Them A Consistent Stream Of Most Responsive Buyers…

The sad fact is that businesses all over the world are failing.

And it’s not just because of the recent lockdowns. The problem is much deeper.

According to a survey done by Business Insider, these are the top 5 reasons for businesses failing – according to the business owners themselves:

  • 86% said it’s because of the cash flow problems…
  • 42% claimed it’s because there isn’t enough interest for their product or service…
  • 29% said it’s because they ran out of cash…
  • 23% think it’s because they don’t have the right team…
  • 19% said they’re out-competed…

Notice something interesting here?

4 Out Of 5 Of These Problems Are
Money Or Marketing Related!

If only they could have more people coming through the door who leave more money in their business, a lot of the businesses would still work.

But getting more customers is not a new problem for local businesses. It was hard even before the 2020 events. It only got harder since then.

Another devastating fact I recently saw in Small Business Trends: 58% of small business owners can only afford less than 5 hours per week on marketing activities. And marketing isn’t even one of their primary skills.

All this brings us to one conclusion:

Local Businesses Desperately
Need Help With Marketing.

And when there’s a problem in a marketplace, that means there’s an opportunity to bring solutions to the table.

And get paid.

In this case, YOU are the one with the solution to the most pressing problem almost every local business owner faces – you’re helping them bring more customers through the door.

OK, at this point I can sense the question that’s floating in the air:

But Jason, I Know NOTHING About Marketing Or Business. How Can I Help Them Get More Customers?
Valid question.

My answer: you don’t need to be an expert!

How so?

Because with the strategy I’m showing you here and with the system I developed, you’ll have in your hands EVERYTHING you need to flood local businesses with paying customers.

And that’s possible because we’re going to get them customers using a yearly event when people are proven to be more likely to open their wallets and spend money.

That event?

People’s Birthdays!

You see, on any given day, over 898,000 people in America celebrate a birthday. Globally, over 21 million people.

And, as stats from Alliance Data show, people are more likely to spend money on their birthday. More specifically, they’re willing to spend more money with businesses that are having some special deal for their birthday.

For example, the National Restaurant Association did a survey that showed that over 70% of people dine out on their birthday.

And they calculated that the average order value is $78.

But let’s put aside the stats for a second and let me ask you:

Have YOU Ever Taken Your Significant Other For
A Dinner On Your Or Their Birthday?

I know I do. And for my wife’s birthday, we spend about $150 – $170 on dinner.

But let’s stay within the $78 range.

Let’s say you want to help a restaurant in your neighborhood you really like. And let’s say you get them only 2 people who celebrate a birthday per day.

According to the NRA data, you’d bring $4,680 EXTRA each month to that restaurant.

If they pay you $500 to set up this simple campaign for them, that means they’re getting a whopping 800% return on their investment.

OK, so now we have an interesting situation.

On the one hand, we have people who spend more money on their birthdays, but they want some kind of a special deal. Something to feel special and appreciated.

And on the other hand we have local businesses who NEED more customers who are willing to spend more money with them.

So what’s the solution here?

How do we bring these two groups together?

The Answer Is Shockingly Simple – Online Coupons!
You know those birthday postcards & coupons you used to get (or maybe still getting) in the mail?

Well, we’re taking that same concept and taking it online.

Instead of direct mail, we’re using simple Facebook Ads (with a twist) to reach people who celebrate birthdays. And instead of printed postcards and coupons, we’re using digital ones.

And by doing that, taking coupons online, we’re actually combining two channels that business owners themselves say they’re the most effective for them – coupons and online advertising.

Big brands have been doing this for a long time.

Like Dunkin Donuts with their DDPerks program.

But local businesses didn’t have the resources to implement such a system quickly and easily.

Until now.

Thanks to you, they’ll be able to implement a similar birthday campaign big brands do.

And because you’re making it possible for them to reach the most responsive customers, and get them to their doors…

Local Businesses Will Gladly Pay You $500 Per Month
To Keep That Campaign Up And Running.

But I’ll let you be the judge and say if it makes sense for them to keep paying you $500 each month.

Take a look at this example.

One of my student’s clients (an Italian restaurant) got 475 new leads.

Meaning, they signed up for the coupon.

Out of those leads, 117 came to the restaurant to use the coupon. On average, they spent $30.

Total result – over $3,300 in extra income for this restaurant. And that’s after only 3 weeks of the campaign running.

I want you to put yourself in the shoes of the owner of this Italian restaurant.

If Someone Comes To You And Helps You Bring $3,000 More In Your Business After Just 3 Weeks, And He/She Only Asks For $500 In Return, Would You Keep Paying?
Of course you would!

It’s like a magic ATM where you put a dollar in and get $5, $6, $10 back.

And best of all, this campaign is very simple and straightforward. It has only 3 steps:

STEP #1:

Reach potential customers whose birthday is coming up in a week, through a Facebook Ad…

STEP #2:

Get them to sign up on a page to get their coupon…

STEP #3:

On the day of their birthday, they come to the business to redeem their coupon…

  • Digital Coupon Redemption Is Projected To Rise By 94% By 2022 (Juniper Research)…
  • 53% Of Consumers Expressed A Desire For All Coupons To Be Digital (Inmar)…
  • Less Than 1% Of Businesses (Over 31 Million In The U.S.) Use Facebook Ads…

So when we combine the insight we have from hands-on experience with our clients with the third-party data available, we come to a single conclusion:

Digital Coupons Combined With Facebook Advertising Are A Marketing Holy Grail For Local Businesses!
And with the tools I developed, you can set up this entire digital coupon campaign in an hour. And get paid $500 or more per month to keep it running.

And once you set up this campaign for one client, you’re done.

Move to the next one.

Or reach businesses in the next zip code.

Or in the next state.

Or in the next country.

There are no geographical boundaries with this model.

Now that you know how the system works, does it seem like something you could see yourself doing?

My student Fletcher thought so.

Shortly after joining, he landed his first client. And scheduled 5 more business meetings in that same week.

Now, moving on to Secret #2.

One Email To $5k+ / Month: How To Use Just ONE 74-Word Email To Get Local Business Owners To Your Door, Virtually Begging You To Give You Their Money…

You now know how the system works.

And now it’s time to see how to get yourself local business clients who would pay you $500 per month to set up this kind of campaign for them.

One of the key reasons people don’t see success with any business model is they get discouraged very quickly because they don’t see fast results.

So to keep yourself motivated and keep going, you need to get quick wins. You need to get your first client and see money in your pocket as soon as possible.

To do so, you need to go after what we call a “low-hanging fruit client.” As the name suggests, it’s the type of clients that are easy to sell to.

For our service?

The Low-hanging Fruit Are Clients Who
Are Already Paying For Advertising!

They’re already using direct mail to distribute their birthday postcards.

The problem is, it’s not that easy to target only people who are having a birthday within a week. So make sure you pay close attention to your mailbox. Maybe even ask your neighbors to tell you when they get a postcard like that.

They already have some type of birthday offer, like buy one, get one.

And maybe they don’t use postcards to distribute them. Maybe they have some local kids hand out fliers on the street. Or they give them out in their places of business. Make sure you collect those.

Some of them will use Valpak to distribute their coupons.

Which works for some businesses. The problem is, businesses typically pay about $500 per mailing zone. And you’re stuck in an envelope with several other coupons. So make sure you collect Valpak coupons. Businesses you find inside can be your best (and easiest) clients to get, because they are WILLING & ABLE to invest money into marketing.

And finally, look for businesses that are promoting themselves on Groupon (or a local version in your country).

If you go after businesses that are on Groupon, not only you’ll get easy clients, but you’ll also do a HUGE service to these businesses by taking them off of Groupon.


Because Groupon forces businesses to give huge discounts to customers. Usually about 50% of the retail price. But on top of that, they’re taking a 50% fee of that discounted price. So with your birthday coupon campaign, you’re going to get them more customers, but without ripping them off.

That’s one way to do it.

But you can (and should) also look for businesses that are not currently profiting from coupons and online advertising.

Remember, local business owners have less than 5 hours a week to spend on marketing. And most of them do not have any marketing skills.

So they’ll go for easy (and expensive) solutions like Groupon.

Or, more likely, they won’t do any advertising.

You can find them in several ways.

One is to simply use Google and type:

#1: [type of business] near me – for example, a restaurant near me, or jewelry near me…

#2: [type of business] [city/town] – for example spa center Spokane, WA…

You’ll get a list of businesses near you, with their names, reviews, and contact information.

The other way you can find potential clients is through Yelp.

Simply head over to Yelp.com, look at the type of business you want to work with, and pick a location.

Just like with Google search, you’ll find a lot of potential clients, along with their contact and other information.

As you find businesses you want to contact, add them all to a single spreadsheet.

Also collect all the data you see along the way (like reviews for example), because you never know how and where you might use them later.

Now that you have a list of potential clients, it’s time to reach out to them.

And since I’m a big fan of keeping things simple, we’re going to use one simple way to reach out to potential clients. One that is proven to work, simple, and free – email outreach.

We’re going to send one simple email to potential clients, and get them to raise their hands if they want more information.

A Simple 74-Word Email That Opens The
Doors To Potential $500 Per Month Clients…

This is an example of an email my students use to reach out to local restaurants:


Quick question

Email body:

Hi [Name], would you be interested in getting your business in front of [1000s] of people in the [City] area, who are celebrating a birthday and are looking for a nice place to dine?

If your business can benefit from an additional 5-6 birthday parties each week, reply with a quick YES and your best number, and let’s quickly chat about it.

I can also shoot you some info, just let me know.


Your Name

That’s it. That’s the entire email we send out.

Sounds simple? It is. And for a good reason. The goal here is not to sell this service.

The goal is to get business owners who are interested in getting more clients to reply and request more information.

Does it work?

Yes, it works. My student Meghan sent out only 4 emails like this and within 5 minutes she had an appointment with a potential client.

One thing to keep in mind, tho. Not all of the people you reach out to will reply.

  • If they reply and they’re interested, great. Schedule an appointment and explain the process and next steps.
  • If they reply and are not interested, great. Move on to the next potential client.
  • If they don’t reply at all, great! Move on to the next potential client.

You Have Something Of A Great Value To Offer To These Business Owners – If They Don’t See That Value, There’s No Reason For You To Stress Out Over It.

There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

31.7 million “fish,” to be precise. That’s how many small businesses there are in the U.S. right now. And almost all of them need more customers.

Also, remember what we said earlier. There’s an average of 188 businesses per zip code in the U.S. That’s a significant goldmine right there.

So with those numbers in mind, let me show you how little it takes to create a nice recurring monthly income.

On average there are 840 zip codes in every U.S. state.

And let’s say you decide to work only businesses that are within 5 zip codes around you. With 188 businesses per zip code, that’s about 940 businesses within your reach.

If only 1% of them say YES to your offer, that’s 10 clients.

Multiply that with $500 per month, and you’ll see you’re already at $5,000 per month in recurring revenue.

You Need Only 1% Of Business From 0.6% Of Zip
Codes In Your State To Create A $5,000 Per Month
Recurring Monthly Income!

Think about it – how would an extra $5,000 per month impact your life and home budget?

All these numbers are possible for one simple reason. This system brings results for your clients!

Take a look at these client success stories my students sent me:

A Greek restaurant got 6 new leads after only 2 hours of the campaign going live.

A Pizza restaurant got 709 leads, with 25% of them turning into immediate customers.

And just look at the results Scott’s clients are getting as a result of him implementing this birthday offer campaign for them. These are phenomenal results for local businesses all over the world.

With This Birthday Campaign,
You Can Bring Similar Results To Your Local Clients.
And Get Paid $500 Per Month For Doing It.

The only limits you have are those you set yourself.

Dan, one of my students, decided that there are no limits. So after only 2 days of starting working with me, Dan got his first client for $400 per month for a 90-day trial.

Now that you know how to find clients, let me show you how easy it is to set up an entire birthday campaign and keep it running.

1-Hour Automated Revenue: How One Hidden Facebook Ad Option + An Automated Tool Can Help You Get More Customers For A Local Business With Just 1 Hour Of Work, And Turn That Into A $6,000 / Year Income…
So you know that the key to our campaign is reaching people who are having a birthday within a week and making them a birthday offer.

The big question that comes from that is:

But how do we know who’s having a birthday soon?

It’s simple – Facebook tells us!

The reason I love Facebook is that it gives you a lot of options to target a specific group of people.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert. We need just one targeting option, and all you have to do is to know where to click to find it.

Once you select the city/town in which your client is located, you just need to go to Detailed Targeting. From there, pick Demographics, and then Life Events.

Under Life Events, you’ll find an option called Upcoming Birthday.

All you need to do is click on it, and voila!

You’ve just successfully targeted all the people in your client’s town who have a birthday within one week.

That’s it.

We’re not doing anything else. This is how my students and I set up our Facebook Ads.

Feeling like a Facebook Ad Expert yet?

And what’s best about this type of ad targeting is that, since it’s tied to an event and not an interest, every 7 days it’ll be new people who see this ad. So once you set it up, there’s no need to update this ad for months.

This is exactly how you can bring dozens, even hundreds of customers for your local business client for just $5 per dayad budget.

An ad budget that your client pays for!

So now you have an ad for your client that targets people in your client’s area who are having a birthday soon.

But what’s next? What happens when they click the ad?

Well, there are two options.

One, you can get them to call the business and give their information to claim the coupon. But that way you’re getting hundreds of people to call the business. Your clients may like more leads and customers, but they’re gonna end up crazy and frustrated.

The other option is to…

Let The Automation Do All The Work.

Earlier in this letter, I showed you this page on the right.

This page is crucial for the success of the campaign, because this is where people will leave their contact information to get their birthday coupon.

And with the tool I developed, you can create a page like this in just a few clicks.

Over the past 6 years, I’ve invested over $100,000 of my own money into creating, developing, and maintaining a simple-to-use-tool you can use to set up an entire birthday campaign for your clients in just a few clicks.

With This Birthday Club Software, You Can
Have An Entire Birthday Campaign Up & Running,
Along With A Facebook Ad, In Just 1 Hour!

Just look at the power of this tool and this campaign in action.

My student Saeed used this software to get 80 leads for his client for a total of $5. Prior to that, they were paying $2.5 PER CLICK!

That’s how powerful this software is. That’s why local businesses are THRILLED to pay $500 per month for this service.

Let me ask you:

Can You Follow A Simple Fill-in-the-blanks, Step-by-step System I Showed You To Create A Campaign?
Well, if you knew how to open your email, click the link, and read this letter all the way through here, I’m pretty sure the answer is YES.

And since this campaign will keep bringing new customers to your local client’s door each day, they’ll be HAPPY to pay you $500 per month to keep this campaign running in perpetuity.

Just think about this…

If they pay you $500 per month for 12 months (and we have clients who’ve been with us for years), that’s $6,000 in a year.

$6,000 for just ONE hour of initial work to set up the campaign, and some 15 minutes per month for potential maintenance and reporting to clients.

It’s amazing.

And that’s just one campaign. But what if you do:

  • 5 campaigns x $6,000 per year = $30,000 per year
  • 10 campaigns x $6,000 per year = $60,000 per year
  • 20 campaigns x $6,000 per year = $120,000 per year

It is possible.

With The Right System (That I Showed You Today) And With The Right Tools (You Can Get Access To Today), You Are The Only One In Control Of What’s Possible.

Quick Recap Before We Move On…
We covered a lot of things today.

  • We talked about how local businesses are not getting enough people through the door and are in desperate need for more customers – not just because of the lockdowns, but because they don’t have the time or knowledge to focus on marketing.
  • For you, this is an opportunity to help them get more customers & get paid in the process.
  • We learned that people are more open to spending money around their birthdays – but they prefer some kind of a special birthday offer.
  • For local businesses, the most effective channels are coupons and online advertising.
  • Thanks to the technology, we can now combine the two, and deliver those old-school birthday coupons through digital channels.
  • Creating digital birthday coupons with special offers is the best way to get customers through your local clients’ doors – and you’re making it possible for them to have that kind of campaign and bring customers.
  • Since you’re solving their biggest problem, local businesses will be happy to pay you $500 per month to keep this system running for them.
  • Thanks to the special software I developed, this is a set-it-and-forget-it system that will take only 1 hour to set up.
  • Finally, you don’t need to have any previous marketing knowledge or experience, because we can provide you with everything you need to set & run an effective and profitable campaign for your local clients.

From this point on, you have three choices…

You can choose to do NOTHING with everything you learned today. That’s fine. You can go on with your life as it is.

Your second choice is to take what you learned here today and try doing everything on your own. That’s also fine. But you must know that on that path await you: months and years of trial and error, failed attempts, and loss of money. That’s simply how learning and growing works. And I wish you all the best.

But if you want the safest and fastest route to cash in your pocket, then I suggest you make choice #3 – leverage my knowledge, experience, and this amazing tool I created, and let me walk you through every step of the way.



Birthday Marketing Formula

Birthday Marketing Formula is a tested, step-by-step system to help you get paid $500 per month for 1 hour of work helping local businesses get more customers.

So how does Birthday Marketing Formula work?

Once you get access to, you’ll:

  • Go Through This Detailed, Step-By-Step Training & See How All The Parts Of The System Work…
  • Follow My Straightforward Process To Reach Out To Potential Clients & Turn Them Into Paying Clients…
  • Use The Done-For-You Material & Software To Get Great Results For Your Clients…
  • Keep Repeating #2 & #3…

There’s really no reason to overcomplicate things. We have already created everything you need to find local clients & deliver great results. You just need to implement it.


Here’s What You Get When You Join Birthday Marketing Formula Today…

#1: Birthday Marketing Formula Masterclass
The Birthday Marketing Formula Masterclass is a full 7-module video training program in which I’ll walk you through every step of the way – from finding potential clients to bringing amazing results for them & getting paid month after month.

In these 7 modules, you’ll hear:

Module #1: Charting The Route –
You’ll Discover The Best Types Of Businesses To Go After & What To Charge For This Service ($500 Per Month Is Just The Beginning)…

Module #2: Finding Your Best Clients –
Who Are Your Best Potential Clients & How To Find Them (Follow These Tips & You Won’t Waste Your Time On Businesses That Won’t Pay For Your Services)…

Module #3: Building The Prospecting Machine –
How To Setup The Automated System That Shows The Value Of The Birthday Formula Without You Having To Explain It…

Module #4: Prospecting: Reaching Out –
How To Reach Out To Potential Clients So That They’ll Reply Back Excited To See What You Have To Show Them…

Module #5: Selling The Service –
Prospects Replied & Want To Hear More – Now What? Discover How To Present Your Service Even If You’re Not A Skilled Salesperson…

Module #6: Delivering The Service –
You’ll Learn How To Deliver Amazing Results To Your Clients & Make Them Happy To Write You A $500 Check Every Month…

Module #7: Advanced Methods –
Now That You’re Making Some Money, It’s Time To Show You How To Turn It Into A True Local Marketing Empire…
Inside this Masterclass, you’ll get over 14 hours of in-depth training where I’ll walk you through every step of the Birthday Marketing Formula.

Now, you already saw the kind of value & results you’ll be able to bring to your local business clients. And you saw why they’ll be thrilled to pay you $500 per month to set up this campaign for them.

So even if this Masterclass helps you get only ONE $500 per month client who stays with you for a year (and we have clients who stay with us many years), that’s $6,000 per year.

That’s why I believe it’s safe to say this Masterclass is worth $1,997.


#2: Birthday Club Software – Free Access For 3 Months
Earlier in this letter, I showed you a powerful, yet simple-to-use software you can use to get more customers for your clients – the Birthday Club software.

Without it, it will be technically challenging, complex, and expensive for you to run these birthday marketing campaigns, because the Birthday Club software automates almost the entire process for you.

Over the last 6 years, I’ve invested over $100,000 into the development and maintenance of the Birthday Club software. That alone tells you a lot about the amount of work it took to create something like this.

So right now, my students & members are paying $197 per month to use this software & create birthday marketing campaigns for their customers.

But, as part of this special deal today, you’re getting FULL access for 3 full months.

And listen: if you follow everything I teach inside the Masterclass, 3 months is more than enough to get one, two, maybe even five new clients. And turn them into $500 per month income. Each.

After joining the Birthday Marketing Formula, Alfredo took action on the strategies I shared inside the Masterclass. And shortly after he joined and implemented everything, he posted in our private Facebook community saying he got 3 new clients.

That’s $1,500 per month after only a few weeks since joining.

As I mentioned, the retail price for the Birthday Club software is $197 per month.

And when you join Birthday Marketing Formula today, you’ll get access for 3 months. Which is a $591 value.


#3: Local Marketing Agency Community

When you join Birthday Marketing Formula, you’ll also get access to a private Facebook group where you can network with fellow members as well as myself and my team.

You can come in and ask questions.

Get help whenever you face an obstacle.

You can connect and network with like-minded people and form friendships and even partnerships.

You can help each other succeed by creating focus groups and bouncing your design ideas off of each other.

And you can see what works for other people & implement the most successful strategies to get even better results, faster.

Normally access to a group like this is no less than $97 a month.

But you’re getting it free, as part of your Birthday Marketing Formula deal today.


#4: Birthday Marketing Formula Coaching
Listen: the last thing I want is to give you this software & the entire system, and then just let you waste your time figuring out the next step.

I want you to start seeing results and getting money into your pocket ASAP.

Just like Shannon, my student, did.

Shannon signed up for the Birthday Marketing Formula on Saturday. And got the first client the next Monday!

That’s $600 per month after just two days!

Now, I can’t promise you’ll see this kind of result in just two days. But I can help you along the way so you could have the same opportunity to achieve something like that.

That’s why, when you join the Birthday Marketing Formula today, you’ll get two group coaching webinars.

So, this entire package, including the Masterclass, 3-month access to a Birthday Club software, community, and coaching, is worth at least $5,752.

I could easily change that much today, and it would be more than a fair deal.


Because you need ONLY ONE $500 per month client to stay with you for a year, and you’d break even.

But there’s no way I’m gonna charge you $5,752 today.

Or even $4,997.

At $2,997 it would be a steal. But I’m going to charge you that much.

Not even $997.

You can join Birthday Marketing Formula today and get everything you need to start making $500 per month per local client for just 1 hour of work, for just one payment of $697.

Do this quick exercise.

Grab your pen and paper and write down 5 businesses you regularly visit or buy from, that could use more customers.

You need only ONE of them to say YES to your birthday campaign offer to cover your investment.

That’s the beauty of this model – it’s simple. And it works.

But we’re not done yet.

You’re Getting Much More When You Join Birthday Marketing Formula Today…

BONUS #1:Unlimited Birthday Club Software Accounts

Let’s say you got a client with multiple stores/locations.

Or a franchise.

Or let’s say you took massive action and got 5 new clients. Or 20 clients. Or 50 clients.

Well, good news.

With the Birthday Club software, there’s no limit to how many clients you can add. How many campaigns you can set for them. And how many coupons are you going to create.

There are NO account limits.

Which is a HUGE money-saver.

BONUS #2:Done-For-You Marketing Funnel

We all want you to succeed. And to start making money. Fast.

But you can’t do that if you don’t have people asking coming to your door, asking to set up a birthday marketing campaign for them.

So to help you get more leads & clients, we’re giving you a completely done-for-you marketing funnel.

In this funnel, you get an article – an advertorial – and a landing page.

The goal of these two components is to give people a general idea of what the birthday campaign is. And to pre-sell them on the concept.

Then, when they reach out to you for more information, they’ll already be familiar and interested. Which will make the sales call much easier.

To start using this funnel, you just need to fill in the blanks with your information.

Now, to get this on your own, you’d need to spend $1,000+ just on a copywriter. Plus coding and designing.

BONUS #3:Done-For-You Website

Your success is everything to us.

And we want to help you succeed and get more leads and clients who can’t wait to pay you $500 per month to set up this birthday campaign for them.

Because of that, we’re also giving you a professionally designed & developed one-page website.

The goal of the DFY Marketing Funnel Bonus is to get people to reach out for more information about birthday campaigns.

The goal of this website is to do the entire explanation of the campaign for you!

To create a website like this, even on the lower end, would cost you $1,000.

Hiring pros? Even more.

But for you, it’s included in the Birthday Marketing Formula.

BONUS #4:Fast-Track Resources Pack
Here’s the truth about success in business – this and any other:

The sooner you get in front of potential clients & the sooner you get them results, the sooner you’ll see profits in your own pocket.

So to help you with getting in front of your client & getting them results fast, we’ve prepared a huge resource pack.

Inside it, you’ll find:

  • Postcards
  • Sales Scripts
  • Explainer Videos
  • Coupon Graphics
  • Ad designs
  • And Much More

Creating all this on your own, even at the lower end, would cost you over $2,000 in copywriting & design fees.

I know because that’s how much I paid to get it created for you.

BONUS #5:COVID Survival

You’re gonna love this.

This is another HUGE money-making opportunity for you. With similar potential as the Birthday Marketing Formula.

Here’s what it’s all about.

During this COVID crisis, almost all businesses got hit. But, without a doubt, restaurants took the biggest hit.

Many are closed or just scraping by.

Some did manage to keep some money coming in with food delivery, but they’re being killed by UberEats and DoorDash fees.

So the solution for many of the restaurants is to have their own online ordering, food delivery, and take-out system. The problem is – they have no idea how to create it.

That’s where you step in with this COVID Survival bonus.

Inside it, you’ll get a tool you can use to set up the entire online ordering system for restaurants!

It’s very simple to use.

You can create the entire online ordering system in just a few clicks.

And the end result looks and works PERFECT.

Inside this system, you can also track sales and other important metrics. And help your clients see the benefits of this system.

In addition to this tool, I’m also giving you full training on how to sell the system, how to set it up, and other important details.

Just like Birthday Marketing Formula, this is a set-it-and-forget-it system.

And based on our previous experience (and the experiences of our students), you can easily charge $197 per month to keep this system up & running.

You need just ONE restaurant to say YES to this service for a year, and you’ve covered your entire investment. And made a profit.

Pretty cool, right?

BONUS #6:Directory Profits
This is another opportunity for you to make more money as a result of joining the Birthday Marketing Formula.

Here’s what it is.

With Directory Profits Module, you have the ability to create a “digital birthday offer directory” for an entire local area. And practically dominate the market.

You see, with the regular way of creating a birthday campaign, you’re taking a potential customer to one offer. And then to a thank you page.

That’s it. A classic 1-to-1 model.

But with the Directory, you’re actually profiting from multiple local businesses at once!

Here, when a potential customer clicks the Facebook ad, he/she still goes to a landing page to enter their data and claim the coupon.

But, instead of taking them to a thank you page that only confirms they sign up, we’re taking them to a page where they can…

Claim MORE birthday offers from other local (but non-competing) businesses!

So instead of profiting from just a 1-to-1 campaign, you’re profiting from a 1-to-many campaign, because you’re going to charge EXTRA for businesses to be on this page.

How cool is that?

This way, you’re keeping customers excited, because they now get even more cool birthday stuff. You’re keeping your clients happy, because they’re getting even more leads and customers. And you’re happy, because you’re maximizing your profits with the same effort.

Inside this bonus, you’re getting both the tool and the training to make all this possible.

BONUS #7:The Hybrid Bot Campaign
Chatbots are one of the hottest marketing trends right now.

And with open rates of over 80%, some marketers compare them with email marketing, saying that chatbots are now where email was in the late 90s and early 00s.

Whether that’s a correct comparison or not, the fact is – chatbots WORK.

They get people’s attention. They make it easier to automate communication with people. And they help you catch even more leads than you’re doing without them.

For example, when you set up the bot, you can start a conversation with people who left a comment on your Facebook Ad.

And what’s best, this entire conversation will sound natural, just like if there was a live person replying from your end.

Chatbots are very easy to set up.

In this bonus, I’m showing you everything you to know – A to Z – to properly set up chatbots & get even more leads & customers for your clients.

With everything we mentioned so far – from core offer to these amazing bonuses – we came to a total value of the Birthday Marketing Formula of $15,507.

And all this can be yours. Today. For just ONE payment of $697.

Here’s What You Get Inside
Birthday Marketing Formula:

  • #1:Birthday Marketing Formula Masterclass – 7-Module Video Course (Value: $1,997)
  • #2:Birthday Club Software – 3-Month Access (Value: $591)
  • #3:Local Marketing Agency Community (Value: $1,164)
  • #4:Birthday Marketing Formula Coaching (Value: $2,000)

Plus, 7 Amazing FREE Bonuses:

  • Bonus #1:Unlimited Birthday Club Software Accounts
    (Value: $2,400)
  • Bonus #2:Done-For-You Marketing Funnel (Value: $997)
  • Bonus #3:Done-For-You Website (Value: $997)
  • Bonus #4:Fast-Track Resources Pack (Value: $2,000)
  • Bonus #5:COVID Survival (Value: $2,364)
  • Bonus #6:Directory Profits (Value: $997)
  • Bonus #7:The Hybrid Bot Campaign (Value: $397)

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