[Download] Jason Hornung – Academy of Advertising 2

[Download] Jason Hornung – Academy of Advertising

Download Academy of Advertising By Jason Hornung

Download Academy of Advertising By Jason Hornung

This Is What’s Working With Digital Advertising Today
AcademyOfAdvertising.com helps entrepreneurs, media buyers and
marketing agency owners to make ads pay!

Get proven strategies, processes and systems being used RIGHT NOW on
every major ad network to create & scale profitable ads…

You’ll also get help implementing these strategies into your advertising
from our founder, Jason Hornung.

Profiting From Ads Isn’t Wizardry. It’s Basic Science & Simple Math.
AcademyOfAdvertising.com gives you simple frameworks and formulas that lead to massive results.
Our teachers and students are in the trenches, optimizing and scaling profits every day,
not wasting time on things that don’t matter.

We help overwhelmed & overloaded people doing ads
This is the vast majority of advertisers today. They follow tons of “gurus” spouting off the latest do hickey funnel whiz banger new ad trick of the month… Constantly shifting from one idea to the next – never seeing anything to completion. They’re confused, lose money on ads or never even start because they think advertising online is “just a scam”.

Become calm & calculated professional media buyers
This is the rare person in the digital advertising space. They focus on creating ads and offers which provide value to their audience. They cut out all the “guru” noise and build things for helping their customers. They stick to plans, follow instructions and win consistent daily profits with advertising.

Here’s How It Works.
AcademyOfAdvertising.com gives you everything you need to be profitable with digital advertising. No fluff. No B.S. You’ll get straight to the point training videos, ad templates, funnel templates and expert guidance so you can make your ads pay, today! Even if you’ve never run an ad before…

  • Proven Methodology
    We took all the guesswork out of creating and scaling profitable ad campaigns. You follow step by step instructions battle tested with $30 million in profitable spend.
  • Constant Updating
    Ad networks change fast! We’re publishing multiple new videos weekly so you can stay on top of what’s making money with ads now.
  • Expert Mentorship
    The devil is in the details. Success comes from applying the tactics and strategies you’ll learn to the specifics of your scenario. Get 24/7 access to world class advertising experts in our private Facebook group, weekly livestream Q&A’s and email.
  • Media Buyer Community
    Many of the world’s leading media buyers, advertisers and marketing agency owners are proud members of AOA Profit Society. You’ll be able to collaborate, get advice, make new connections and grow with like minded people.

Why Does AcademyOfAdvertising.com Work, When Others Fail?
Most advertising courses teach basic pre-publish skills like setting up campaigns or creating an ad. This creates clueless advertisers who don’t understand the big picture and can’t fix problems when they go wrong once a campaign is live. To create and scale profitable ads consistently, you need to have the “full stack” of pre-publish & post-publish skills.

You’ll learn the following at AcademyOfAdvertising.com

Pre-Publish Skills:
1. Market Research
2. Offer Creation
3. Funnel Creation
4. Ad Creation/Copywriting
5. Audience Selection/Targeting
6. Establishing Goals & Metrics
7. Setting Up Tracking Systems
8. Creating Automated Follow Up Systems

Post-Publish Skills:
1. Reading & Evaluating Data
2. Optimizing Ad Campaigns
3. Optimizing Funnels
4. Optimizing Offers
5. Scaling Winning Campaigns
6. Maintaining Profits
7. Sales Scripts

Learn The Way That Works For You
All of AcademyOf Advertising.com’s courses come with online, physical, social, live and simulated materials. You can access the material anytime, anywhere and whatever way you prefer!

Customized Online E-Learning Portal
Watch training videos in high-quality 1080p HD, listen to mp3 recordings or read the text transcripts. Access the training online from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like.

Boxset Of Physical Workbooks
We ship you a boxset of physical training materials to provide the ultimate learning experience. Learn online through our custom portal, through classic workbooks or both.

Interactive Media Buyer Community
Join a no-nonsense community of professional media buyers on the same wavelength as you. Our 300+ members collectively manage over $20 million of monthly ad spend and are happy to share their wisdom and insights with other members so they can succeed with ads today. Get inspired, ask questions, and generate sales!

Expert Coaching On Demand
Get personalized coaching from our founder Jason Hornung. Together, you’ll troubleshoot problems and develop plans of action for achieving profits. All courses include
24/7/365 support.


Live In-Person Events
Attend live in-person events at our company headquarters in Portland, OR. Learn in an immersive “real world” environment, network with some of the most successful advertisers on the planet and get the cutting edge tactics working today.

Join The Winning Team ⇓
15,908 people around the world have used AcademyOfAdvertising.com (AOA) Profit Society to start their own business, improve their knowledge, grow their existing business and change their life.

Nick Fullmer
“In May we did over $200,000 in revenue (our first 6 figure month) and it was all due to Jason and being able to get his feedback and guidance on my advertising. If you do what he says, you will get results!”

Nic Carson
“You’ve helped me turn my dream into a reality. I went from nothing to a full blown agency that’s helping clients scale to 7 figures! Check out these results :)”

Josh Jordan
“Jason helps our business grow much faster than I originally ever anticipated and again he help us build a 7 figure business..”

Sam Ovens
“I attended Jason’s workshop & learned first-hand from him on managing Facebook Ads. After that meeting, I went from a novice to a weapon in Facebook.”

Frank Kern
“Jason’s work consistently brings me back anywhere between $1.99 all the way up to $3 for every dollar I’ve spent with him. He is my friend, my former client, and now my traffic guy.”

Mike Dillard
“If you’re thinking about working with Jason Hornung and his agency I’ve been a client now for about 3-4 months and it has been an absolutely awesome experience.”

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