[Download] JeaFx - Forex Trading Academy 2

[Download] JeaFx – Forex Trading Academy

Download Forex Trading Academy By JeaFx

Download Forex Trading Academy By JeaFx

Smart Money Made Simple

Dramatically increase your Risk vs Reward

Trading is HARD! it’s near impossible to find success with traditional methods like trend lines & chart patterns in today’s volatile markets.

You need a simplified SMART MONEY approach.

This is how I found my success & this is how I’m going to help you find yours.
Fast-track your path to profitability with my mentoring & education.


JeaFx Trading Academy
Become a lifetime member of my trading academy & start your journey to profitability

£ 495
One Time Fee

  • JeaFx Trading Academy
  • Trading Community Access
  • Weekly Video Breakdowns
  • Request Based Content
  • Monthly Meet-ups
  • Personal Support


All Important Guidance
After years of struggle & loss I finally found the keys to consistent trading. I did this without a mentor or any guidance and I can honestly say it wasn’t a pretty journey!

I have a passion to help others achieve trading success without going through the same struggle & loss that I encountered, I believe everyone deserves a trusted mentor to guide them to success & that’s where I come in!

I run a free Discord server where I share trade setups, market breakdowns & educational videos with hundreds of members from around the world. The channel will also keep you updated with all my valuable YouTube & Blog content so make sure you subscribe!


Been here since pretty much the start and coming from a different Forex team, I have to say hands down best team to join if you’re looking to start trading the Forex market, I’ve learned alot from all his educational videos and the amount of support James provides makes learning very easy. Jeafx has definitely built a life changing team.
Dan S | UK

“Been brilliant so far! What an amazing team you have put together, Making money & also increasing my knowledge on the forex market. Starting to change my life financially bit by bit.”
Callum W | UK

“I just want to thank you for setting this team up; I Couldn’t ask to be apart of a better team, everyone is knowledgeable and offers great advice. The team is welcoming from the very start no matter what level or where you are in your trading journey you will feel welcome….
Tom S | UK

…The best thing about the group is that it feels as though everyone is in it together. All wanting the same thing for each other. I feel as though my trading has come on leaps and bounds in this group and that the whole team is able to bounce ideas off each other to get the best results.”
Tom S | UK

I have been trading for a couple of years and I must say I have a couple of blown accounts under my belt but ever since I joined James’ private team Things have been better; My trading skills and analysis have sky rocketed up since joining the team. James’ videos and support brought me to study fundamentals and technical analysis like a champ”
Sam M | SA

“Great experience so far! We chat and discuss pair which makes trading fun and gives you a clearer picture of what’s happening. Amongst the team we’ve created a bond like no other & we support each other at all times through and through. “
Jack M | USA

“My main purpose of joining James’ team was wiping some losses and i wasn’t keen on learning, but his systematic disciplined approach helped me to learn a lot about trading. He is available enthusiastically regarding any question or problem you have about markets & trades he’s taking at any time. If anyone thinks about joining the team you must be aware that there is no reason that you can’t feel the same confidence and good sense that I have. Put doubts aside and join us for a better future…”
Ali J | UK

“Great experience on the team so far, I joined as a total beginner and I am developing my knowledge & skills quickly with the content in the members area & server, and with the help and accessibility of James as a mentor”
Gary I | UK

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