[Download] Joey Xoto – Fade To Black 2

[Download] Joey Xoto – Fade To Black

Download Fade To Black By Joey Xoto

Download Fade To Black By Joey Xoto

Want the ONE SKILL every business owner needs to comfortably charge top dollar prices, and KNOW you’ll make sales?
Discover The Astonishing Video Creation Secrets That Turned A Flat Broke Teenager Into The Founder Of A $30,000,000 Business

No Templates. No Apps. Get The Most In-Demand Skill On The Planet And Start Creating (And Charging For!) Videos That Are Truly Unique

I’m Joey Xoto, And If I Lost Everything Tomorrow, I Wouldn’t Care. This Is Why.
There were 2 days that changed my life.

Day 1
I was 9 years old at my cousin’s wedding. He gave me the cheapest, most battered video camera you’ve ever seen, and asked me to record their big day. I did, and haven’t put cameras down since.

Day 2
I was 21, at Paddington Station in London. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was recording the video that would lead to me generating over $30,000,000.

Back then, I was in an endless cycle of final reminders. I couldn’t pay for a coffee, let alone my rent.

I had almost nothing. No job, no house. I’d been bankrupt at 19. No wife – my girlfriend and I were in love, but I was far too broke to get married.

But There Was One Thing I DID Have… And I Owe It Every Cent Of That $30,000,000
I’ll say it again: video creation is the most powerful skill you can have.

  • Not SEO
  • Not copywriting
  • Not paid traffic

When you can create the kind of video that makes peoples’ jaws fall through the floor, you don’t need to do anything else.

But when most people think ‘video creation’, they think using an app. Editing a template and hitting a button.

Now, those videos are fine. They’re great tools. My own company, Viddyoze, is the biggest and best of those apps.

But when you’re using a template, so can everyone else.

Real Video Creation Is Making Something Truly Unique… And When You Can Do That, You Can Open EVERY Door
Back on that day in Paddington Station, I knew I wanted a business. I knew I wanted to make money online. But I didn’t know SEO, I didn’t know how to build websites, I didn’t know how to build a following on social media.

What I knew how to do was video.
So I spent an hour making a video that showcased what I could do. I showed off some decent camera tricks, but honestly, I didn’t think it was my best work. But I was on a deadline, and this was taking time from the stuff that would keep my landlord happy.

So I took my ‘meh’ video and sent it off to Alex Jeffries, one of the big gurus of the day.

He was so impressed he sent me $20k of training and – even better – recommended me to everyone he knew.

My inbox EXPLODED with requests. Some for training. Some for me to shoot video for them. All of them offering amounts of money that made my eyes pop out of my head.

After that day, I never had to worry about making rent again.

But Things Could Have Gone Very Differently…
That was the moment.

The moment I went from not knowing what I was doing to having the whole online world open up to me. And eventually, meeting my business partners and founding Viddyoze, which has generated over $30,000,000 to date.

Can you imagine what would have happened if I’d sent a ‘template’ video? Or one of those ‘I’m walking around talking’ selfie vids? I can tell you right now, I wouldn’t be here.

I Used These Skills To Springboard My Business… But There’s No Limit To What You Could Achieve

  • You want to create killer content videos
    that make your website the go-to destination in your niche? You got it.
  • You want to up your production game
    so your YouTube channel looks like you’ve got half of Hollywood on your side? You got that too.
  • You want to charge top dollar to clients?
    You got that in SPADES. We’re not talking charging $50 per video.

Creating Incredible Video Gave Me Something Worth Far More Than $30,000,000… And You Can Have It Too
Don’t get me wrong, the money and success are great. But the most valuable thing?

I’ve been broke. And I’ve been kinda OK, but always a bit worried that being broke was just around the corner. Sometimes that was worse.

But now, I’m confident that’ll never be a problem again.

Because when you build a business based on a proven, in-demand SKILL, you’ve always got something to fall back on. I could lose everything tomorrow – my business, my house, my bank account, my contact book. But as long as I have this skill, I can find clients, and I can get paid.

Imagine for a second, never having to worry about losing your job. Never having to worry about finding another client. Never having to worry about what the future may hold.

That’s what security looks like. Because when you’ve got a skill like this, it can never be taken away from you.

Gaining This Skill Took Me 20 Years. You Can Do It In 20 Days.

I’m 31 now.

I never ‘studied’. I never paid for one of those $10,000 26-week videography courses. I developed my skill in the trenches, by making videos for over 22 years.

And I’ve learned a thing or two 🙂

But here’s the thing…


99% of the time I spent was trial and error. When your camera has 5 bazillion different setting combinations, you spend a LOT of time finding out which ones work. If you just KNOW what works, you get there a lot faster.

That’s why video courses are so expensive. But right now, you can get my whole playbook… at a truly insane price.

This is
Fade To Black
This is everything I know.

It’s a lifetime’s work of testing, tweaking, exploring, investing, and fine tuning every aspect of creating the perfect video for marketers. And now I’m putting it in YOUR hands.

  • Content videos
  • Facebook Videos
  • YouTube
  • Serious videos
  • Fun videos
  • On-camera and off-camera videos
  • Video for leads
  • Videos for sales,
  • Video for ads
  • Videos to channel free traffic

Fade to Black will show you how to create all of them at an incredibly high level, without paying a fortune for equipment or breaking the bank on fancy software.

And even if you’ve never shot a frame of video in your life, even if you suffer from a mortal fear of being on camera…

No Fancy Equipment, Expensive Software, Or Previous Experience Required
This isn’t magic.

You will need some equipment, but it’s all affordable, and most of it you probably have. (Got a smartphone? That’s most of it right there)

As for experience… by the time you’ve finished this course, you’ll be walking in front of the camera as easily as Brad Pitt, and have the swaggering confidence behind it of Quentin Tarantino.

Over 40 Videos, PDF Transcripts For Everything, And ‘Imprinting’ Worksheets Build Into the Most Comprehensive Video Course The World Has Ever Seen
But don’t take that on trust. Have a look at what’s inside…

Module 1
The Building Blocks
All good skills are built on a solid foundation. This module gives you the grounding you’ll need to reach the highest level.

  • Where you are now and where you need to be: everything it takes to get a fine-grained understanding of how to create high-quality videos for marketers.
  • How the building blocks all fit together to create a profitable skill-set that’ll last you a lifetime.

Module 2
The 30 Million Dollar Video Anatomy Class
A great video starts with a great script… but this isn’t (just) about copywriting. For truly GREAT video, you need to understand how the whole thing fits together… and this module lays it all out and gives you a framework you can use to make your own masterpieces.

  • How to build an Avatar that speaks directly to you audience, have them feeling like you know them better than they know themselves, and desperate to do what you ask!
  • Use the 8-step FTB Method to create a winning script that’ll hook in your viewers for the entire ride, right up until you ask them to buy.
  • Create a KILLER hook using the infamous 3-6 second rule, and watch your video exceed all expectations.
  • Got nothing interesting to say? Doesn’t matter. With the ‘4P’ method you’ll be able to create a compelling story from thin air.
  • Ever found an offer that was so tempting you laid awake at night, unable to sleep until you hit the button? You’ll discover how to craft one.
  • The 5 Horsemen: some people manage to create incredible-looking videos that still bomb. And it’s because they did one (or more) of these five things.
  • Create videos ready to dominate YouTube with the YouTube Engagement Formula and let the world’s largest video search engine become your personal playground.

Module 3
The Simple Art Of Video
Why can some people create beautiful shots off-the-cuff with a smartphone, when others can’t manage it even with the best equipment? It’s because they understand video as an ART. And with this module, even a finger-painter can turn into Vincent Van Gogh.

  • The secret trick to framing the perfect shot. This is incredibly simple, always works, and when you know it you’ll never take a bad shot again.
  • How to create the classic creamy bokeh (ever seen those gorgeous blurred backgrounds that make the foreground come to life? Yeah, that)
  • How to switch focus fast for a super-dynamic intro sequence
  • What do they tell you on day 1 of video school? Always use a tripod. Yeah, no. Use a tripod when it’s RIGHT to use one – you’ll see when they help, and when they’ll wreck your whole shot
  • Why you should NEVER touch the zoom button… and what you should do instead (your shots will get ten times better overnight)
  • ISO, frame rate, shutter speed, aperture, waveforms… we’ll demystify your whole camera. You’ll know exactly what every button does, when to use it, and when to leave it the hell alone.

Module 4
Lights, Camera, Action
A complete no-holds barred guide to planning and shooting video. Usually, this module alone would be the entire course. For you, it’s just one piece.

  • Discover the 10 elements of a great video… including the one that everyone always forgets
  • How to choose the RIGHT type of video for the job (because if you get this wrong, that’s a lot of wasted effort…)
  • Ever been jealous of the guys who can just walk out on camera and rock out a script without it taking 37 takes? You’ll see how you can do it too… a lot faster than you expect
  • Plan your shoot like a professional, save your sanity with a 5-stage workflow, and conquer all shooting conditions before you ever remove your lens cap.
  • Never again spend time recording only to find out the lighting sucks in post-production. Follow this tried-and-tested guide and you’ll be ready for any conditions.
  • What takes half a second but can save you hours in editing? A simple clap, and you’ll discover how to use it.
  • The ABC rule for shooting incredible B-Roll (when you know this, you’ll never look at a carrot the same way again)
  • My personal video setup: you don’t need to use the same equipment I do. But if you want to know what my favourite toys are right now, I’ll give you the list.
  • How to work with the talent: especially when you’re doing videos for clients, you’re going to need to work with their actors and staff. You’ll discover how to explain your setup and what you need so everything runs smooth as butter.

Module 5
Editing Like A King
Did you know between 1981 to 2013, every Best Picture winner had also been nominated for the Film Editing Oscar? That’s because editing is the kingmaker, and this module is your masterclass.

  • How to choose an editor for any budget (Hint: I give my preferred choice, it’s a world class editor, that’s also LOW cost and I’ll show you how to use it throughout this module, but what I say here also applies to 99% of editors.)
  • Discover the 7-Step editing flow. that can help you turn any scene into a masterpiece… even if your filming went wrong
  • Transform raw video into pixel perfect footage ready to WOW any audience lucky enough to press play (with a selection of tutorials that cover Mastering Music, Buttery B-Roll, Awesome Animations and Classic Colour Theory to name just a few!)
  • Plus, grow fat with power using Xoto’s Advanced Editing Tricks! Seeing is believing with these high-level (some say crazy) editing tricks that’ve made my videos the most successful, most talked about and most copied videos online.

Module 6
Optimize. Publish. Convert.
Now you’ve got an incredible video, you need to make sure it looks as good on the internet as it does to you. This final module covers how to make sure your video will turn all the right heads.

  • Protect your hard work by using these proven techniques to optimize and export your videos… so they can be played back and watch as intended, with no cropping, pillar or post-boxing, or jumpy, choppy playback.
  • Uncover the 3 BEST platforms to publish on, learn when to use each one, then get your videos live so they can start earning, converting, and entertaining the masses!
  • The ultimate guide to attention grabbing thumbnails will make sure it’s your video that gets watched, shared, and bought from.
  • 3 Video Conversion Hacks to make you’re boosting your conversions from the minute you hit publish.

And That’s Not Even All
This is the biggest, most comprehensive, most value-packed video course that’s ever been created.

Nothing else even comes close… and certainly not for the kind of offer you’ll find here.

But it’s not the deal these people are raving about. It’s the results:

The quintessential training course for anyone who wants to make money making videos.

Consume consume consume! That’s all I could do once I unlocked “Fade to Black”. This course gives you the knowledge bank to build a video empire from the ground up. There’s information for up and coming YouTubers, advertising agencies, niche markets, and freelancers, and the price for the content is absolutely impossible to beat.

If you have four of the five fundamental skills necessary to create quality video content, why would you not want to learn about the fifth? If you have one of the five, you can’t beat this price for the other four. If you think you have all five… I would recommend you give this course a shot and see if you don’t learn something, I know I did!

Joey takes quick, impactful, engaging videos, and uses them to tell you how to make quick, impactful, engaging videos. You’re literally watching the product you’re being taught how to create, so there’s no question as to whether or not it works.

If you’ve been making videos for years, buy this course. If you’ve never made a video in your life, but are looking to start, buy this course. If you want to learn more about how to turn a hobby into a career, BUY THIS COURSE. I have spoken.
Ryan Banes

After being a long time user of the software, Viddyoze, I knew that the Fade to Black series would be well worth the watch! It did not disappoint. I particularly loved Joey’s clear and succinct delivery. The quality of the information is great. He gives you actionable items and steps to make quality videos that will convert! I am excited about taking my marketing videos to the next level! Thank you, Joey!
Angela P. Lewis, Music Producer/Singer-songwriter/ Serial Entrepreneur

I get asked to leave testimonials a lot but rarely do but in this case I have to say that FTB is seriously great training that anyone can benefit from.
Marc Gray

Fade To Black is a must for anyone wanting to create effective, high converting videos that truly connect with the viewer. Not only will you be encouraged by seeing what you are doing right, but you will learn so much about things that you didn’t know were so important! I can say that Joey’s training will take anyone from videos as a hobby, to videos that are in demand. In short, no matter what you know, or think you know, there are a ton of high value nuggets that will take your videos to a higher level!
Tyler Lebens – Ibiz Market Videos


This Is The Opportunity Of A Lifetime
You won’t find anything like this anywhere else.

It’s guaranteed to make every video you create as good or better than anything in your niche.

Just imagine it: your content videos being the ones people share. Your sales videos generating better conversions because you know how to use lighting and music for a one-two emotional punch before the script has even started. Your clients being floored with what you deliver.

Because this is what you could have, with Fade To Black on your side. When people think of incredible video, they’ll think of YOU.

So don’t spend $10,000 on instruction, and definitely don’t spend 22 years of your life.

What, You Want More? Because You’ll ALSO Get The Previously Unreleased Xoto ‘Desk Sessions’, Absolutely Free

The Fade to Black course is everything you need to find huge success with video.

But these desk sessions are special. In them you can watch over my shoulder as I put videos together in real time.

Plus, I’ll be covering some HUGE case studies that’ve taken me from broke teenager to founder of a massive successful 30 million-dollar company.

  • The $30,000,000 Viddyoze Story – This is the story of using video to make Viddyoze most successful internet start-up ever and there’s nothing in here that can’t be replicated.
  • The $600,000 4-Day Product Launch – A fascinating study of how we leverage b-roll and animations and some sneaky editing tricks to create a $600,000 sales video.
  • The Stock Footage Challenge – I was challenged to make a killer video using only FREE footage, the results were impressive, so if you’re looking to make killer video on a SERIOUS budget makes sure you check this out.
  • What do they tell you on day 1 of video school? Always use a tripod. Yeah, no. Use a tripod when it’s RIGHT to use one – you’ll see when they help, and when they’ll wreck your whole shot
  • Why you should NEVER touch the zoom button… and what you should do instead (your shots will get ten times better overnight)
  • ISO, frame rate, shutter speed, aperture, waveforms… we’ll demystify your whole camera. You’ll know exactly what every button does, when to use it, and when to leave it the hell alone.

Future Proof Yourself With The Most Valuable Skill You Can Learn Today
Video’s going nowhere. Knowing how to use it to create something unique is a fantastic way to earn a reliable income long into the future.

Because when you can create videos like this, you’re always in demand.

Which means no matter what happens in the future, you’ll always have the security of something you can fall back on.

Because software can fail. Fashions can change. And when your whole game is built on templates, you’re always at risk.

But when you’ve got a real skill, no-one can ever take that away from you.

And you can get started right now without risking a single penny.

A Small Investment Now Puts You In A Place Very Few Marketers Will Ever Reach
Sales. Subscribers. Engagement. It can all be achieved through the power of professional video… and the industry secrets you’ll discover inside Fade To Black.

The ability to create awe-inspiring video isn’t just a licence to print money… it’s an instant side-hustle… a way to make your blog, website and social media channels stand head and shoulders above the chasing pack… and an insurance policy in case ‘regular’ work dries up.

The videos and marketing skills you get in Fade to Black allow you to virtually create money from thin air, anywhere in the world.

Fade to Black is how you carve out a place online to call home.


The Fade to Black System Is ONLY Available For A VERY LIMITED TIME
And that means there’s two possible futures here.

You can pass up this opportunity. Walk away. Gamble on never finding that your business needs skill like this.

Or you can push that button and start creating videos that blow minds.

The second module alone is enough to get you creating video that could easily 10X your investment today, and that’s just a single video. The SKILL will be with you for LIFE.

And you’ll have all 6 modules, the bonus sessions, and the ability to create videos for your business, your niche and your clients for much higher prices than you’ll be comfortable with.

Trust me, you’ll get comfortable with it pretty fast 🙂

And remember, you do not risk a penny.

The ONLY thing you risk is missing out on the knowledge and strategies capable of transforming a flat broke teenager into the founder of a hugely successful 30 million dollar online business.

This is yours. And all you have to do to take it is click the buy now button below.

Don’t miss out. It’s time to go start shooting video like the pros.

Joey Xoto

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