[Download] John Crestani – Super Affiliate System 3 2

[Download] John Crestani – Super Affiliate System 3

[Download] John Crestani – Super Affiliate System 3 3

Download Super Affiliate System 3 By John Crestani

Imagine Working Anywhere Anytime and Make Money While You Sleep

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What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing strategy that involves you (the Affiliate) actively promoting and connecting business’ product, service, or sites to customers.

You, as the successful affiliate, are rewarded a commission when a sale has been transacted with each and every time.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing
Easy Setup – An affiliate needs to:

  • Sign-up with an affiliate program
  • Pick a product
  • Paste your tracking code to your website
  • Wait until a customer makes a purchase of the product

You earn commissions with each sale whenever a user make a purchase on your site.

Low Overhead – As an affiliate marketer, your primary responsibility is to connect customers to the product you have selected.

  • You do not carry inventory.
  • You do not have to facilitate customer service.
  • You do not deal with tracking or shipping.

The merchant will take care of the rest.

Anywhere, Anytime – With a computer and internet access, you can work anywhere in the world in any timezone.

Passive Income – Once everything is set up, with the right strategy and action plan (which is why you’re here, right?), you’ll be generating income while you’re sleeping.

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing
Working Alone – Most affiliate marketers start out as a one-man army. Be sure to keep a work-life balance and remember to spend time with your friends and family.

Choosing the Right Product – As an affiliate marketer, you want to select a product that sells, product research can be time-consuming.

Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme – There is no magic to affiliate marketing, you will not get rich overnight. The Super Affiliate System PRO (rebranded from Internet Jetset System) can help you in identifying and avoiding many rookie mistakes and pitfalls, generate traffic to your site, jump start advertising on Facebook and Google, and many more.

Before delving into the Super Affiliate System PRO (rebranded from Internet Jetset System), let’s spend a little time with the creator of the system.

Who is John Crestani?
Can the real John Crestani please stand up?
John Crestani, creator of Super Affiliate System PRO (rebranded from Internet Jetset System), is an internet marketer who has been featured on Forbes, Inc., Affiliate Summit, Yahoo Finance, and Home Business.

John is at the helm of multiple companies and has made over $2.9 million in 2016.

He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

His expertise includes:

  • internet marketing
  • business development
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • conversion optimization

And much more.

Below is a video on how John made $2.9 million last year from affiliate marketing. Video courtesy of Project Life Mastery

Overview of Super Affiliate System PRO

(Rebranded from Internet Jetset System)

What You Will Learn

Super Affiliate System is the ultimate blueprint to start your home-based anywhere in the world affiliate marketing business.
Imagine John Crestani can help you create an online business from scratch.
John Crestani’s team have also vetted out the best tools and marketing funnels so that you can jumpstart your journey towards financial freedom immediately.
This system will provide you, a rock-star entrepreneur, with all the templates that you need to succeed. Landing pages, ads, emails, affiliate network referrals, and weekly coaching with John Crestani – all the tools that you need to make money from your customers.
To date, the system consists of 42 informational videos and 34 Show-Me-How videos that provide step-by-step on how to achieve your Super Affiliate status.
Super Affiliate System takes about 6 weeks to complete with over 50 hours of high quality recorded training that will make you an affiliate rockstar from zero to hero.

Developing the Entrepreneur Mindset

  • How to navigate the affiliate marketing landscape and avoid possible landmines
  • Earning your first commission
  • Joining at least 10 affiliate programs with little or no experience
  • John Crestani’s 24-minute exercise that allows you to overcome any obstacles that you’ll face

Choosing Your Niche and Offers

  • Systematic approach on how to choose a niche that will be profitable
  • Tell the difference between low and high commission networks
  • John Crestani will identify 7 high commission networks that will pay more to the affiliate (you) than the product owners

Creating Ad Campaigns and Structure

  • Create Adwords ads
  • Create Youtube ads
  • Create Facebook ads
  • Create Bing ads
  • Create LinkedIn ads
  • And other ad networks

Developing Effective CopyWriting

  • Taught by 7-figure student, and copywriting wizard, Ronnie Sandlin
  • Learn 5 key points to a profitable ad
  • How to gain people’s trust
  • How to speak to the reptilian brain

Weekly Webinars

  • Access to live monthly webinars taught by John Crestani
  • Receive up-to-date potent marketing advice in promoting your products
  • Opportunity to have John review your marketing strategy, copywriting, and etc
  • Access to the entire webinar archive, this is a hit with new affiliate marketers

Scaling and Automation

  • How to use survey funnels
  • How to use media buyers
  • Scaling from 1-20k
  • Learn from real world case studies

Week 1 – Setup

  • How to make your first commission
  • How to get approve to your first affiliate networks so you can start earning commissions
  • How to setup your ads, presell pages, and affiliate links, no prior experience required
  • How to setup facebook ads that convert on broad audiences
  • How to leverage affiliate networks and their representatives so that they work for you, for free

Week 2 – Choosing Your Niche

  • How to create the right mindset to help you succeed even if you’ve never been successful in any other business before
  • How to figure out the niche and affiliate offers that will work best for you
  • How to choose an ad network to specialize on
  • How to create competitive advantages for yourself as an online marketer

Week 3 – Advanced Marketing Skills

  • What copywriting is, and how you can write highly profitable headlines for your advertisements
  • 5 keys to a profitable presell page
  • How to tap into people’s deepest emotions to hypnotize them to buy
  • My 17-step copywriting method that works
  • Advanced optimization tactics that will allow you to take affiliate campaigns from barely breaking even, to being massively profitable

Week 4 – Facebook & Google Advertising

  • How to create facebook advertising campaigns that generate clickthroughs and ROI
  • How to stay compliant with Facebooks complex and ever-changing policies so that you never get an ad account shutdown
  • How to understand all the different metrics in advertising so that you can safely navigate your way to profitibility
  • How to leverage Google’s advertising network to consistently generate clicks and sales to your presell pages

Week 5 – Youtube Ads & Native Advertising

  • How to setup Youtube ads so that you can get penny clicks, quick way to scale up profitably
  • What native advertising is, and how you can use native advertising networks such as Taboola, Outbrain, and MGID to fuel your affiliate marketing business
  • How to use a clicktracker to do even more advanced optimization on your advertising campaigns.
  • Secrets to profitable video ads on Facebook
  • How to structure your advertising campaigns effectively

Week 6 – Scaling and Automation

  • How to use survey funnels to supercharge your facebook conversion rates
  • The $240k solar campaign case study
  • How to scale affiliate campaigns from $1000/day profit, to $20,000+ per day profit
  • How to hire and manage media buyers, and build an organization around your affiliate marketing campaigns


What Separates Rockstars from Amateurs

The tools below are what separates a professional from an amateur, a man from a boy, and a black belt from a white belt. The arsenals below if used properly will help you consistently generate profit and scale up over time.

Buyers Data
The list of buyers data will help you effectively target customers who would most likely buy your product. It’s almost like having a crystal ball!

Ad Templates
John Crestani has done all the hard work for you. He has created the best of the best, creme de la creme ads for you in different industries, so that you can you drag and drop your ads into various ad networks with the peace of mind that you know it will convert customers.

Presell Pages
No coding skills, no problem! These pre-built landing pages will help you attract customers on day one.

VIP Pass to Affiliate Networks
John has worked out deals with different affiliate networks so you get easily get accepted to their program. It’s like having an all-access VIP backstage pass!

Access to the Super Affiliate Community
You are who you are based on the top 5 people you hang around the most. Same can be apply in the affiliate world. You want to surround yourself with like-minded people who are driven, hard-working, and desire to be financially independent.

Live Weekly Coaching Sessions
John Crestani personally host the sessions every week, rain or shine. He’ll be there every step of the way to hand-hold and guide you through your affiliate journey. Remember to take notes and drink lots of coffee. It is information-rich. This is on top of the 50 hours of high quality recorded content.

Super Affiliate System PRO Course Preview

Super Affiliate System PRO (rebranded from Internet Jetset System),  blueprint for making money online, without having to deal with all the supply-chain issues eCommerce entrepreneurs face, and none of the time-for-money headaches that come from running a ‘consulting’ business.

Super Affiliate System PRO (rebranded from Internet Jetset System), my introductory series to affiliate marketing. This video goes over how to get people to view your link recommendations. In affiliate marketing, your business lives and dies based on how much traffic you can send. Zero traffic, zero potential for customers, zero potential for commissions.

Super Affiliate System PRO (rebranded from Internet Jetset System), If you’d like to become a part of the Super Affiliates, you can become part of my monthly coaching program, and training course.

You can own
Super Affiliate System PRO, worth $4,985,
with an investment of
ONLY $997.
That’s nearly 80% off, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Super Affiliate System comes with the following:

  • No-questions-asked 30 day money back guarantee, there is zero risk for you to try
  • Instant access to the entire Super Affiliate System PRO library with over 50 hours of video content, login anywhere anytime
  • Learning how to create an online business from scratch, jump-start your business like you’re on steroids
  • Interactive coaching, John’s hand-picked coaches that will provide you with all the guidance you need, this is a big hit with new affiliate marketers
  • Support from our community income earners, you are the value of the 5 people you meet, be prepare to meet like minded people who are just like you
  • Arsenals of best tools and resources to jumpstart your affiliate marketing journey, don’t let the technical slow you down, let us do the vetting for you so you can focus on what’s most important to you



After purchasing Super Affiliate System PRO (rebranded from Internet Jetset System), what else do I need to buy to get started?
For starters, you will need a website and a domain name.

Web hosting can be as low as $5/month and a domain name can be purchase for as low as $10/year (in some instances it can be lower!).

Compared to other businesses, these are downright cheap startup costs. Seriously….Your affiliate startup investment is about the cost of about 2 Starbucks drinks every month.

With my $997 purchase, what do I get?
With your purchase of Super Affiliate System PRO (rebranded from Internet Jetset System), you will receive:

  • Instant access to John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System PRO courses on paid advertising
  • Thru experiments, testing, and using John’s own money, you gain access to his strategies and methodologies on how to run a successful paid advertising campaign
  • Learning on How To Create an Online Business from Scratch, jump-start your business like you’re on steroids
  • Perpetual Support from the Super Affiliate System (rebranded from Internet Jetset System) community, you are the value of the 5 people you meet, be prepare to meet like minded people who are just like you
  • Reliable, Creative, and Supportive place to share your ideas or get inspiration, sometime you will need a sounding board to see if it’s a great idea
  • Arsenals of Best of Breed tools and resources available at your fingertip, don’t let the technical slow you down, let us do the vetting for you so you can focus on what’s most important to you

Is there a monthly fee?
No, the Super Affiliate System PRO (rebranded from Internet Jetset System) is a one-time charge.

Your purchase entitles you to weekly webinars hosted by none other than John Crestani himself. Many members find this invaluable in their journey. Get ready to take notes!

All purchases are backed with a 30-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back-Guarantee. What do you have to lose?

What kind of a computer skills do I need to get started?
If you are on this site, you already possess the skills needed to take this course.

John will hold your hand and walk you thru it all…step-by-step…on what to do.

Some videos are action-packed with content, you might consider watching it a few times to let things sink in.

Anyway I can see what’s inside Super Affiliate System PRO?
The folks over at Mr Product Reviews did a review on what’s inside Super Affiliate System PRO. You can read all about it or you can watch the video review below:


Carlos Valiente was working a 9-5 corporate job, in a location he didn’t want to live in. Today, he is earning 6-figures as an affiliate marketer, and live wherever he wanted.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary

Kent Sayre has been massively successful applying the principles that were taught, such as copywriting, data analysis, and research. Kent was already a successful marketer before he started my training course, but was able to take his business to the next level, growing his revenues massively.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary

Ryan Dinnebeil is an affiliate marketer from New Jersey, and I interviewed him in this video on his progress and success as he is going through my affiliate marketer training program.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary

Quentin is a college student majoring in marketing. He is one month into the program. He is especially proud of the fact that he has made enough money to pay for his tuition this quarter instead of relying on his parents.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary

Ahsan Habib was John’s student on Super Affiliate System & Internet Jetset System. In this video, Ahsan will share with you actual data of his earning in last few months from his Facebook ads.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary

Still on the fence? No problem!
Super Affiliate System PRO comes with a no-hassle, risk-free, 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfy with the product, simply return it for a refund.

Imagine Yourself on the Beach. Go and Make Money Now!

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