[Download] John Whiting – Bulletproof Mind 2

[Download] John Whiting – Bulletproof Mind

Download Bulletproof Mind By John Whiting

Download Bulletproof Mind By John Whiting

Eliminate Fear, Doubt & Frustration.
For Good.

Have you tried everything?
Self help books
​Positive Thinking
​Forcing yourself
​Motivational Videos & Audios
​Suppressing, coping or ignoring

But you’re still…
 ​Being plagued by fear of failure, self-doubt, roller-coaster emotions and confused as to why nothing you’ve tried works to get over it?
 ​Frustrated that you’ve applied every self-help strategy in the book, only to find it only gives you a quick boost in motivation before it quickly runs dry… & you don’t know why?
 ​Sick of not having the energy, focus & consistency to achieve your ambitious goals?
 ​Being stopped by overwhelm & procrastination that makes even the smallest tasks feel enormous, no matter “how bad you want it”?

There is a real, lasting solution.

What’s inside the Program?
Everything you need to eliminate what’s holding you back and become unstoppable.

Step 1: Understand the Mind
The Truth about the Mind…
The root causes of fear, doubt, frustration and depression and how to eliminate all of them
​The anatomy of negative thoughts and how to get rid of them
​Why “positive thinking” doesn’t work and what to do instead
​The science behind why traditional “personal development” doesn’t work and continually leaves you searching for more
​The two ways to get any result in life and which one is guaranteed to leave you feeling better (and actually achieving your goals)
​How to make lasting changes quickly without meditation, tons of books, conditioning, massive action or forcing yourself
($497 Value)

Step 2: Clear Your Charges
Eliminate Negative Emotions…
10 Powerful Tools & Processes will take you step by step through eliminating what’s holding you back
​Eliminate any fear including fear of failure, judgment, success, loss, negative thoughts and leave you feeling focused & confident
​Get rid of self doubt and any negative thought patterns using the self-doubt tool
​Eliminate all other negative emotions: anger, resentment, frustration, fear & anxiety, self doubt, feeling judged, guilt & shame, Grief & loss, depression & infatuation…
​Keep the tools forever and use them to keep you focused, resilient and confident as challenges in life arise
($997 Value)

Step 3: Create Your Future
Get what you want in life…
 4 Practical Tools & Processes to help you get everything you want and more
Learn why traditional goal setting and “massive action” doesn’t work
​Discover your Greatness process will guide you to uncovering your life purpose
​Goal Setting Workshop will help you set goals that you will actually achieve (you’ve never heard it like this)
​Linking Process will guide you to true alignment and will link your goals to your purpose so you are pulled to achieve them
​Chunking & Planning Process will guide you to create an actionable, practical game-plan for every area of your life
​Daily routine & practices for maintaining a bulletproof mind
($997 Value)

Private Community
Get 24/7 support & networking…
Ask questions & get help from John and his team anytime, anywhere
​Live Q&A Calls
​Priority access to updates
($997 Value)

12 Bonus Lessons
Accelerate your progress…
Dealing with negative people 101
​Your mind & time
​Your mind & money
​Using your mind to boost your immune system
​Increase your value & self worth
​How to stop any unwanted habit
​How to start any desired habit
​Recommended reading & programs list
​The truth about the brain
​How to learn things incredibly fast
​The truth about therapists
​The consistency tracker tool
($1,497 Value)

Finally, Practical, Measurable
Mental Development.
John will guide you step by step using the Bulletproof Mind tools & processes to neutralize anything that’s holding you back…

…and track it on the industries first mental tracking dashboard.

There’s a tool for everything you want to eliminate!
Anger Tool
​Resentment Tool
​Frustration Tool
​Fear & Anxiety Tool
​Self Doubt Tool
Feeling Judged Tool
​Guilt & Shame Tool
​Grief & Loss Tool
​Depression Tool
​Infatuation Tool

Everything you get today…

Course: Complete 3-step Bulletproof Mind™ Course ($997 value)
​Community: Winning Facebook Community ($497 value)
​Tools & Processes: 15 Tools & processes to remove fear, self-doubt, frustration & gain focus, consistency & confidence. ($997 value)
​Discover Your Greatness: Uncover your purpose & align it with your goals ($997 value)
Bonuses: 12 Bonuses to skyrocket your focus, consistency & clarity ($1,497 value)
​Lifetime Access: Access to all curriculum + future updates forever
​Life-Changer Guarantee

What others are saying about The Bulletproof Mind…

“This material has been absolutely mind-blowing – you can really feel the change!”
I was struggling with fear, frustration & self doubt and the tools helped me change my perspective.
This is really powerful and you won’t regret getting this program!

Alfredo A. – Colombia

“Completely blew my mind and exceeded all expectations!”
For every negative mind-state you could be in, he gives you a tool to break through it.

No matter where you find yourself, you’re going to find a tool in the program to overcome it.

Ken U. – New Jersey, USA

“Do it! It’s going to change your life… it really will – it’s no BS”
I would recommend this if you feel stuck and you’re not really sure why.

John provides a lot of different tools to remove the negativity and feel better.

Maheen K. – Washington, USA

“I went through the frustration tool and it completely changed my perspective”
If you’re thinking about getting this course, it’s very well organized and the tools that he’s providing you can use for the rest of your life.

Michelle G. – USA

30 Day Money Back Life-Changer Guarantee
When you enroll today, go through the curriculum and use the tools & processes, your life will change for the better or I’ll give you a full refund.

If this isn’t the most powerful personal & mental development training you’ve ever experienced, just send us an email letting us know and we’ll refund your purchase, no questions asked.

Still trying to decide if it’s right for you?
Here’s a few more people to hear from
to inspire you to take action…

“I was brought to tears of gratitude”
I’ve done a lot of mindset coaching and it was a lot of fluff – so I was reticent to do this course, but to be honest, this course is incredibly powerful.

I’ve dealt with a lot of self doubt over the years and this program is definitely the fix!

Daniel V. – USA

“With one tool I’ve made such a massive shift… it’s worth it!”
I thought this was “just another program”.

Nothing has been able to get rid of these blocks like the Bulletproof Mind Program.

You’re talked through it so clearly that everything makes sense.

Isla M. – Scotland

“It’s quick… I already feel more confident in myself!”
Self doubt & lack of focus has delayed my progress in life. I went through the self doubt tool and already I feel more confidence in myself and have a new sense of clarity.

John has put together some critical tools that are super effective.

John C. – Virginia, USA

“This is a great course for anybody looking to make a lasting shift”
I had a tendency to overanalyze things and the negative self-talk has been keeping me from being my best.

I’ve tried a lot of things that haven’t gotten me to where I want to be, but this program will make a huge difference in your life.

Nicole P. – USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?
This course is for you if you’re:

✔️ Looking to build a stronger mindset & focus
✔️ Looking to be more consistent, confident & resilient
✔️ Trying to get rid of fears including fear of failure
✔️ Trying to get rid of self doubt
✔️ Comparing yourself to others and feeling inadequate
✔️ Looking to get rid of negative thoughts & feelings
✔️ Overwhelmed or stressed at times by life & responsibilities
✔️ Struggling to get other personal development material to work
✔️ Looking to get rid of negative thoughts & feelings
✔️ Looking to be, do and have more in this life
✔️ Struggling to find your life purpose
✔️ Struggling with procrastination, lack of focus, lack of consistency
✔️ Struggling with confidence and self doubt

What is the end result? How will I know when I’ve achieved it?
The end result of this program is for you to know you’re more focused, your mindset is stronger, you’re more confident & resilient… in other words… bulletproof!

Bulletproof Mind
ˈbo͝olət – pro͞of – mīnd

noun: bulletproof mind; plural noun: bulletproof minds

1. Indisputable & unshakable ability to command & influence one’s own life & environment at the highest level of power, strength & courage.

How long does the program take?
The program starts today and you have lifetime access to everything forever.

Each video lesson has been created to give you quick, practical action steps so you can make progress with only a few minutes per day.

Most students begin noticing shifts within their first few days.

If you focus on completing the program and working through all the modules, you will see lasting changes within your first 30 days.

The tools & processes are designed to be used on an ongoing basis as situations in life come up!

What makes this course different from any other self-development course on the market?
Most self-development programs, books & practices work to install new beliefs & actions ON TOP OF the old “mental crud”.

Kind of like putting a new coat of paint on an old rotting barn – it doesn’t remove the rot.

The Bulletproof Mind program removes the rot.

Do I have to finish the course within a certain amount of time?
Nope! You can take as little or as much time as you’d like to complete the program.

Can I join now and start later?
Absolutely! When you join today with the special discount, you’ll get instant access and never lose it. You can start whenever you’d like.

What if I’m doing another program or process?
This program is designed to make any other programs or processes work even better.

How does the guarantee work?
You have 30 days to test drive the program, use the tools & processes, join the community – and if you don’t feel this program has changed your life forever, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

How long does it take to get results?
Most students begin noticing shifts within their first few days.

If you focus on completing the program and working through all the modules, you will see lasting changes within your first 30 days.

The tools & processes are designed to be used on an ongoing basis as situations in life come up!

Will this actually make me bulletproof?
The Bulletproof Mind is a metaphor for strength and resilience. We highly recommend staying out of the line of actual bullets 🙂

I have trauma, PTSD, etc. will this work for me?
Absolutely! The tools & processes in this program are designed to dissolve any negative blocks – even the most severe.

What if I have questions during the course? Do I have access to John?
Yes! You are encouraged to ask a ton of questions in the private community. John and his team monitor closely and have every intention of helping you succeed!

Do I need any prior self-development knowledge or experience for this program to work?
Nope! All you need is a computer, an internet connection and the intention to win. We cover the rest!

How do the tools & dashboard work? Do I need to buy anything else?
The tools & dashboard are custom created on Google Sheets, you’ll make your own copy of the tools and use them as outlined in the program.

You do not need to buy anything else!

What tools will I receive?
Clearing Your Charges:

✔️Anger Tool
✔️Frustration Tool
✔️Resentment Tool
✔️Fear & Anxiety Tool
✔️Self Doubt Tool
✔️Feeling Judged Tool
✔️Guilt & Shame Tool
✔️Grief & Loss Tool
✔️Depression Tool
✔️Infatuation Tool

Creating Your Future:

✔️Discover Your Greatness Tool
✔️Goal Setting Tool
✔️Linking Process Tool
✔️Chunking & Planning Tool

Who is John Whiting?
I grew up wildly disliked, frustrated with life, nobody wanted to be around me, I was confused and I was a mental mess. My parents sent me to psychiatrists… people were concerned.

In 2012 after playing a few years of college and professional golf, I decided to commit myself to mastering my mind, learning all I could about it and being the best version of myself.

I’ve personally spent well over 10,000 hours on personal and mental development programs and coaches and have studied dozens of philosophies and mental techniques.

Fast forward to today, I built a large marketing agency that had 17 employees and over 400 clients and sold it in 2019. My education programs have served over 2,000 students. I’ve been featured in MSNBC, Fox Business, New York Times Weekly, Yahoo Finance and Thrive Global.

In the last few months, I’ve decided to take the best of the mental knowledge and processes I’ve learned – that have been 99% responsible for my life-turnaround and impact thousands of people – and share them with you!

Everything in life is governed by our mind – and feel that it’s the most important thing we can possibly master.

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