[Download] Josh Sparks - Agency Appointments on Demand 2

[Download] Josh Sparks – Agency Appointments on Demand

Download Agency Appointments on Demand By Josh Sparks

Download Agency Appointments on Demand By Josh Sparks

How to Generate 50+ Appointments A Month On Autopilot With This Secret New Ad Strategy

While only spending $5/day and without using complicated case study funnels

Here’s What You Will Learn

Everything you need in order to launch your first (or next) ad campaign to bring in 50+ agency appointments for less than $5 each

  • Our secret targeting technique that allows us to get “unheard of” results from day one
  • Our Proven Ad Copy and creative templates that generate INSANELY low CPC’s
  • Our Plug-in-play Website funnel that converts at 25% from link click to Appointment

♦ About Josh Sparks

After years of trying to scale my agency with traditional appointment setting techniques…

I quickly realized that there had to be a better way

And after spending thousands of dollars on paid advertising, I finally cracked the code

Now we ONLY use paid traffic to book appointments

with QUALIFIED business owners that are LOOKING for a service like ours

No more sending out 1000’s of emails and 1000’s of cold messages…

Just to book a few calls with uninterested business owners

Instead, we let them come to us

And the calls are much more fun and much easier because of it



Agency owners seem to have a common misconception that running paid ads to book more calls is expensive and hard to do.

What if I told you that you can book calls for $3 each and that you could have your entire appointment setting system run on autopilot.

Generating 50+ appointments a month with a $5/day ad budget.

and not only that but you could also increase your closing percentage by 50% without changing a thing

Because inbound leads ALWAYS close more than outbound leads

What Would $3 Appointments Do For Your Agency?

If your like us, a single client is worth $1.5k a month…minimum

Meaning you would only need to close 1 out of every 500 appointments to make your investment back

Let’s be hyper-conservative though and say that you are paying $30 an appointment…

Even then, you would only need to close 1 out of 50 to make back your investment

and that’s IF you only keep that client for one month

Close 20% of those appointments and sign them on for 3-month minimums and the ROI is insane

($45,000 In Retainers or 3000% to be exact ) 👀

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