[Download] Melissa Griffin – Email List Academy 2

[Download] Melissa Griffin – Email List Academy

Download Email List Academy By Melissa Griffin

Download Email List Academy By Melissa Griffin

A customized, 90-day system for online creators who want to massively grow their email list, increase engagement, and master the power of email marketing

When I ask my 200,000+ subscribers what their main business goal is, I get answers like…

⇒ “Make money from my blog.”
⇒ “Earn a steady income and be location independent.”
⇒ “Create an income that replaces (and exceeds!) my full time job.”
⇒ “Generate the money needed to live the life I Want.”
⇒ “Launch a profitable course.”

Now, the dollar amount people give varies from “$1,000 a month” all the way up to multiple six figures.

But the sentiment is the same. People want to make money from their blogs and businesses… and they want to change their lives.

And if you’re reading this page, I have a hunch that you’re on the same page.

Well, allow me to let you in on a little secret…

Your email list is your biggest asset as a business owner
Trust me – I went from earning less than $30,000 a year at an exhausting full-time job…

…to a seven-figure business. In just 3 years.

(And it wasn’t because I’m any smarter, more experienced, or harder working than you!)

I was able to grow my business so quickly because I learned a system to grow my email list…

…build a relationship with my subscribers…

…and make sales through email marketing.

I’ll share more about my story in a minute – but first…

I want to get an idea of where you’re at right now.


Any of this sound like you…?

  • You’ve been working at this business thing for a minute now, but you’re having trouble growing your email list.
  • Or maybe you’re brand new in business, and you’ve heard email is important… but how the heck do you even get started? (Hellooooo tech nightmare!)
  • You’ve found some list-building strategies… but either they’re confusing and overwhelming, or you just can’t stay consistent with it (especially since, when you do try them, they don’t seem to work as well as you expected).
  • You know you should be sending things to your email list (even if it’s super tiny)… but you’re not sure what to write – and you just can’t seem to find time to sit down and make it a priority.
  • You see other people’s blogs and businesses take off as their lists grow… and you wonder, “What are they doing that I’m not???”

Yeah. I get it. I’ve been there.
And I’ve taught thousands of entrepreneurs who’ve been stuck in the same spot.

But guess what?

There’s a way… a customized system… to finally see the list growth you want.

Just Imagine…

  • …Finally hitting the coveted “1,000 subscribers” benchmark and feeling confident launching your first product.
  • …No longer feeling like you’re creating content that disappears into thin air…because now you have a list of subscribers who eat up your blog posts and buy your products.
  • …No more struggling with social media algorithms – and instead being able to pop into your audience’s inbox whenever you want to.
  • …Getting heartfelt responses to the emails you write from people who are obsessed with what you create in the world.
  • …Seeing notifications on your phone for new sales that came in from an email you sent to your list.

Sound too good to be true?
After all, can your email list really make that big of a difference in your income?

Short answer?
Allow me to show you exactly how the size of your email list can DIRECTLY impact your revenue…

The Interactive Email-to-Income Formula
The equation below is fully interactive! Just plug in your list-size goal and the current (or future) price of your product to see how much income you stand to make. Play around with a bigger list size or higher product price to see what’s possible as you grow your email list!

(Keep in mind: average email conversion rates are about 2%).

( Your List Size x 2% Conversion Rate) x Your Product Price = Your Income

I know — what ?
How the email-to-income formula works:

The industry average is that 1-3% of your subscribers will buy your product or service.

(Just to keep the math easy, I’m using the average estimate of 2% in the equation above.)

Let’s say you have 1,000 people on your list, and your product costs $300.

1,000 x 2% = 20 buyers

20 buyers x $300 product = $6,000 in sales

Now, what if you have 5,000 subscribers and send an email about that same $300 product?

5,000 x 2% = 100 buyers

100 buyers x $300 product = $30,000 in sales

You can see how exciting this is, right?

Because the more you grow your email list, the more you grow your income, too! This is exactly what I’ve experienced in my own business, and what you can expect to happen in yours.

But here’s what you need to keep in mind:

Not all email lists are created the same.

And to get results like the ones above (or even better!) you need to have a game plan in place to grow your list with the RIGHT people, engage with them in, and send emails that convert.


Spoiler Alert…
There is no one-size-fits-all way to grow your email list and master email marketing.

And if you try to grow your email list in a way that’s not aligned with your unique personality type, then you won’t be able to grow your email list as quickly as other people (or at all!).

Ever see those people whose businesses seem to take off over night? THIS is what they know that most people don’t: that the more you lead with your authentic personality (instead of trying to create a business just like everyone else), the more people will resonate with you…causing your business to thrive.

That’s why Email List Academy is different from

every other email marketing course out there…

You’ll start the course by taking my proprietary List-Building Personality Type Quiz to discover the unique way that YOU should grow your email list, based on your natural personality and strengths.

Then, throughout the course, you’ll get special step-by-step videos and worksheets specifically for your List-Building Personality Type to show you how to grow your email list in a way that is FUN, effortless, and utilizes your natural skills (instead of forcing you to use strategies that don’t resonate with you).

Email List Academy is a totally customized experience, just for you!

Growing and engaging with your email list works SO much better when you’re using a customized game plan that fits YOU instead of trying to copy strategies that may have worked for someone else, but wouldn’t be the best fit for your personality or skills.

Your list-building strategies should be just as unique as you are.


At this point, you might be wondering…

“But what about Instagram and Facebook?

Can’t I grow my following there instead of through email?”

Not-So-Harsh Truth: You don’t own Instagram or Twitter or Facebook.

Even if you get more followers on Instagram, unless you get those visitors on your email list, you don’t really have control over your business or following. Ouch.

Social media platforms can (and have) changed their policies and algorithms with ZERO notice, making it harder for you to reach the audience you’ve worked your butt off to build. (And I have friends who’ve taken HUGE revenue hits on days where these social media platforms have blackouts, algorithm changes, or close down altogether…remember Vine?!)

Frustrating = Understatement.

But with your email list you control EVERYTHING! And that list isn’t going ANYWHERE. So, even if Instagram changes their site so that only three people ever see your posts, you’ll still have an email list full of dedicated followers who read your emails and buy from your sales funnels.

Of everything you could be focusing on in your biz, your email list gives you the most freedom and control.

And instead of having to churn out brand new content everyday for social media, you can create automated email sequences and have them run on autopilot. You’re still building an engaged community (oftentimes, more engaged!), but in less time.

(I also firmly believe that receiving an email is endlessly more personal than reading an Instagram post.)


Here’s what it boils down to…
You can have hundreds of thousands of followers on social media and STILL be struggling to make ends meet.

But if you have even just 1,000 subscribers on your email list
there’s no reason you wouldn’t be able to make a full-time income.

Your income is directly correlated to how many people are on your list.

And that impacts how much freedom you have. Go on a trip, sleep in until 10am, close up shop early to spend the rest of the day with your kids… whatever freedom looks like to you, your email list will be able to give that to you.

In Email List Academy, you’ll get the exact strategies I’ve used and steps I’ve taken to grow my email list to over 200,000 engaged subscribers.

And the best part?
It’s a step-by-step system that gives you the right tasks,
in the right order, on a week-by-week and day-by-day basis.
(Read: not just “a bunch of random, outdated strategies.”)

Because I know that there are a gajillion strategies out there – but if you don’t have a proven GAME PLAN, then you’re almost guaranteed to waste time on the least powerful tactics, or to get confused and slow your growth.

Plus, Email List Academy isn’t JUST an online course — it’s a customized system. You’ll start by taking my proprietary List-Building Personality Quiz to discover your specific List-Building Personality Type. Then, throughout the program, I’ll share specific strategies, tips, and advice just for people with your type!

Gone are the days of “one size fits all” list-building advice. ELA is a truly custom experience, because I believe that when you use strategies that align with your unique personality and strengths, you get FAR better results.

Here’s what I’m teaching you during your 90 days in Email List Academy:

Nail the Foundation
You’ll hit the ground running by learning WHY your email list is so important, developing your first lead magnet, creating a landing page, and engaging with your subscribers using my coveted Nurture Sequence.

Skyrocket Your List Growth
Hold onto your hat. It’s time to rev up your list-building engine and start skyrocketing your email list results. (But don’t worry – I guide you through it all, step by step.)

Master Engagement and Sales
Now that you’ve got the systems in place to build your list, let’s shift focus to boosting your email list and turning it into an automatic sales machine.

Hang on.
Let me highlight something for you.
Yep, you’re going to learn a LOT inside of ELA.

But here’s the thing… all of that material that you’re going to learn?

I’m not just throwing it at you and saying, “Here you go! Good luck piecing it all together!”

Nope. Remember…

I’m giving it to you as a step-by-step WEEKLY SYSTEM.

Which means I’ve got the entire game plan for which tasks you should do, in what order, week-by-week and day-by-day. It’s the opposite of overwhelming. It’s meant to be EASY and totally foolproof.

And if you’re worried you can’t keep up with the 90-day schedule? No worries!

Once you join Email List Academy, you get lifetime access to all of the course materials – which means you can go at your own pace, or take a break and come back to it when you’re ready.

And when you do pick it back up, you’ll know exactly what your next step is.

Before joining Email List Academy I’d been stuck at 250 subscribers for 2 years. Then I followed ELA’s strategies to create a super niche quiz for my audience and got over 400 new subscribers in just a month! I’ve more than doubled my email list to 650, already sold $500 of services and signed up a high ticket client too, just through the powerful freebie!
STEM Consulting

I’m not new to online business, but I’d surrendered to the fact that list building was a painful, slow process until I enrolled in Email List Academy. My list is now growing in the double digits every day and the best part is that most of it is on autopilot thanks to Melyssa’s strategies.
Rule Breaker’s Club

Email List Academy helped me understand how to grow my list faster than ever. I already got over 900 subscribers! And now, I get around 10 to 30 subscribers every day. I’ve even had some days where 50+ people have subscribed! The best part is that it hasn’t required a ridiculous amount of effort on my part. I just post new content on my blog about once a week and use the strategies in the course, and it works like a charm!
Writing Revolt

“What about Bonuses?” you say?


Pay-In-Full Only Bonus
Untold Secrets of My 7-Figure Business $497 value
Remember those value packed income reports I used to do back in the day? Well this is like that but x1000. I’m going to be lifting back the hood on my business so you can learn about my revenue streams, list growth, how I built my team, and more! I have never done this before, and I am beyond excited to share my what I have learned growing a multi-7 figure company.


Attract Your Ideal Audience (Bonus Workbook) $49 value
With the Attract Your Ideal Audience bonus workbook you’ll get total clarity around where those dreamy future friends and customers are spending their time online. From there, you’ll create a game plan designed to make reaching those hearts and minds and getting them on your email list a piece of gluten-free chocolate cake.


How To Organically Grow Your Traffic Masterclass $197 value
In this bonus masterclass, you’ll learn how to grow your own organic traffic strategy to get more subscribers, more sales, and more visibility. Being able to generate organic traffic is the creme de la creme for growing your online business quickly AND the best part is, it’s free!


How to Grow Your List With Free Publicity (Bonus Workshop) $297 value
In this bonus workshop with publicity expert, Susie Moore, you’ll get the strategies and inspiration you need to create consistent visibility, a constant influx of new and engaged subscribers, increased sales, brag-worthy brands to add to the ‘as seen on’ section on your website, and so much more.


Private Email List Academy Facebook Group $297 value
Get instant access to the private FB group and connect with like-minded list builders (and Melyssa!) to get the support, feedback, encouragement, and inspiration you need to grow your list like never before.


60 Days of ConvertKit for Free ($58 value)
Because I want you to be able to try the easiest email marketing platform out there — with the most advanced features…for free! Plus, ELA includes tons of tech videos for ConvertKit to walk you through all the set-up.

♦ Your Investment
Working with me one-on-one costs $10,000 at minimum.

But I truly believe that entrepreneurs have the power to change the world (and it starts with changing our own lives).

The only problem is – building your list is often the #1 thing that’s stopping you from making the kind of impact and income that’s truly possible.

And Email List Academy is the exact course to help you with that.

  • It’s knowing how to set up your list, forms, landing pages, and opt-in incentives so that your visitors can’t help but join your list.
  • It’s knowing how to get more visitors to see those forms, landing pages and opt-in incentives in the first place.
  • It’s being able to nurture your relationship with your new subscribers (or reengage existing subscribers), so they become your biggest fans.
  • It’s gently, respectfully, and effectively getting them to say yes to your courses, products, and services – so you can finally move the needle in your bank account and start living the dream life you started this business for.

That’s why my intention is to make this EASY for you.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Email List Academy combines my very best list-building strategies in a totally custom-to-you system. It’s the only email marketing course that uses your unique personality type to create a list-building game plan that’s aligned with your natural skills and strengths…so that you can get the best results possible.

I want you to be head-over-heels for this program…and if you’re not, I offer a 14-day money back guarantee so that you can try my strategies, RISK FREE.

So who am I, anyway?
And how did I figure out this system?

Hi. I’m your teacher, Melyssa Griffin!
And lest all these photos of happy, sunny me, playing in a happy, sunny workspace lead you to believe otherwise…

…I haven’t always had a successful business.

Just a few years ago, I was living in a 300-square-foot studio apartment. On a $30K/year income. From a soul-sucking day job where I didn’t feel valued.

And things.were.rough.

I remember ending each workday, feeling utterly deflated and defeated.

I remember discreetly checking my bank account while standing in checkout lines just to make sure my card wouldn’t get declined.

I remember starting an online business, hoping against all hope that I’d be able to use it to turn my life around.

At first, it felt like creating a successful business was a luxury afforded to only a few select people. (And I conveniently wasn’t one of them.)

But then, when I had a mere 109 people on my email list, I sent out an email that briefly mentioned I was taking on new clients (this was back when I was a freelance graphic designer).

I was shocked when I got 2 new clients from that email –

which was worth almost $1,500 to me at the time
I remember thinking, “Whoa. That was…easy.”

After months of struggling to get clients on social media and my blog, sending an email seemed to do all the work in a matter of minutes.

I felt like I was onto something, so I doubled down on growing my email list.

By the time I was ready to launch my first online course, I had a few thousand people on my list. I wasn’t sure what to expect. The course price was less than $200, so I was hoping to make at least a couple thousand dollars from it.

That very first online course brought in $25,000 in revenue in one month – just from sending out a few emails.

Within a year, I grew my email list to over 35,000 subscribers, quit my day job to run my business full time from anywhere in the world, and was making high six figures.

Within four years, I had a multi-million dollar business.

And the #1 thing that got me there?

My email list.

And the #1 thing that grew my email list?
Well. Truth is, there’s not just one single thing.

Because, in order to see that kind of crazy growth without burning out, I had to develop a system.

An automated system that I can quickly and easily plug-n-play and rinse-n-repeat over and over again.

A system that doesn’t feel salesy or slimy or fake – but that actually builds trust and rapport with my readers.

A system that capitalizes on MY unique strengths and personality, instead of trying to follow everyone else’s tactics.

Yeah. I’m giving you THAT system.
In Email List Academy.
And I can’t wait to share it with you.

After completing Email List Academy, you’ll…

  • Have 1,000 new subscribers who are gnawing at the bit to open your emails, send thoughtful replies, and buy your products or services.
  • Finally stop feeling like a “fraud,” because now you have hundreds (or thousands!) of people who LOVE what you create and open all of your emails.
  • Have all of the most important email sequences totally set up to run on autopilot, so that you can have an email list that’s engaged and ready to buy from you.
  • No longer feel mystified by the technology that goes into running and growing your email list because Email List Academy will teach you everything you need to know, step-by-step.
  • Finally understand what makes YOU different online and know how to utilize your unique strengths and personality to not only grow your email list, but to maximize all your business efforts.

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