[Download] MintedSeed – Order Action 2

[Download] MintedSeed – Order Action


​Download Order Action By MintedSeed

​Download Order Action By MintedSeed

FOREX trading at its finest, superseding price action. We have built a self learning course(s) with structured syllabus, designed to be more effective and efficient than mentors
The first ever Order Action course! Making this the most and only comprehensive FOREX trading content.
With more than 600+ pages of interactive content,
Four thoughtfully placed 4 sections with upcoming content,
Complimentary videos for designated topics**



Section 1: Winter – Technical Analysis
The essentials of trading are thought in this section

  • Introduction to trading supply and demand
  • Candlesticks, the price action lie
  • Management, pairs, and technical analysis
  • Market structure (basic price action)
  • Sentiment and fundamentals, it’s all about equilibrium​

Section 2: Spring – Price Action Redefined
Learn Price Action from a different perspective. Here’s we will reveal a number of truths and lies behind the infamous trading jargon. Will you let it go, or will you hold on to it?

  • Technical analysis methods
  • Market Structure
  • Disgusting indicators
  • Ratios and Fractals
  • Classic Patterns – blind analysis
  • New Patterns – deaf analysis
  • Candlestick patterns – mute analysis
  • Sense 101​

Section 3: Summer – Theories Redefined
With technical analysis and price action at hand, retailers look for meaning and understanding to give credibility to their methods. Blindly following a theory that they don’t understand – well, this is the theorist themselves failed to explain it.

  • Theories in a nutshell
  • Charting Theories
  • Mainstream Theories
  • Supply and demand
  • The truth and lies behind these theories​​

Section 4: Autumn – Order Action
Price Action, the lie used to hide Order Action. Price action is so conveniently convincing causing traders to constantly see the wrong things. How to trade with almost zero draw-down – perfect entries exist over and over again!

  • Price action vs Order Action | Looking at prices vs looking at orders
  • Visualizing traders – nothing to do with bull and bears
  • Visualizing orders – nothing to do with the majority
  • Visualizing liquidity – nothing to do with candlesticks
  • Visualizing Equilibrium – nothing to do trends
  • Visualizing Acc/Dis – nothing to do with patterns
  • Order Modules and chart diagrams
  • Order Action and chart formations
  • SOPs – Standard Operating Procedures or Trading Plan

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