[Download] Monica – Triple Dip Funnel 2

[Download] Monica – Triple Dip Funnel

Download Triple Dip Funnel By Monica

Download Triple Dip Funnel By Monica

The Ultimate Sales Funnel for Converting Cold Traffic into Loyal Customers

After working with thousands of clients and students, I’ve discovered that the missing piece to selling your digital products online is usually a fully-strategized sales funnel. Sales funnels might sound overwhelming, but simply put, it’s mapping out your customer’s journey from browser to buyer.
It’s where the customer’s problem is solved using your solution highlighted by your unique expertise. These three ingredients are mixed together to make you money in an unbeatable formula called the Triple Dip Funnel.
The Triple Dip Funnel is my FAVORITE sales funnel for converting cold traffic into paying customers… meaning it’s perfect whether you already have an audience, or your business is brand new.
Many people preach that it’s next to impossible to convert cold traffic into sales, but I’ve cracked the code!
The Triple Dip Funnel has been a complete game-changer for my own business as well as for my students!
In fact, I’ve made over one million dollars using this funnel strategy.
You may be thinking, “Monica, clue me in, what exactly IS a sales funnel?”
Remember, a sales funnel is just a fancy way of saying your customer’s buying journey. There are FIVE stages to creating the perfect customer journey.

If you can say, “Yes, this is me!” to any of these statements, then this course is FOR YOU!
“I have a team or a VA and would love to train them in sales funnel creation so I can focus on other aspects of my business.”
“The tech around sales funnels has always mystified me… I just want someone to tell me exactly where to click and how to connect everything together.”
“I have a digital product I want to sell but I don’t know how to actually deliver it to my customers.”
“I’m a total sales funnel tech newbie! What are all these platforms you’re talking about and how can I use them to sell my products?”
“I’m a VA and would like to add building sales funnels to my list of services.”
If you said yes to ANY of these, I promise you this course will have you jumping out of bed, running to your computer, and pumping out sales funnels faster than a my toddler devouring blueberries at snack time!

Hi, I’m Monica!
In 2013 I launched my blog, Redefining Mom, seven months after my first daughter was born and in the thick of severe postpartum PTSD. I was working in a Fortune 100 company running multi-million dollar marketing campaigns with huge brands like Microsoft, HP, and Cisco at the time.
I was initially just looking for a place to vent about frustrating maternity leave policies in the United States, but I quickly realized I was giving a voice to other working mothers struggling with the same feelings I had. I knew my blog could make more of an impact on my audience than I thought if I was willing to dive all the way in.
I put my MBA degree in finance and marketing to good use and began to promote my blog using a variety of ad platforms. Pinterest quickly became a frontrunner and showed me the most return on my investment. When I saw that no one was leveraging promoted pins yet, I knew I had stumbled across GOLD. I decided to pour all of my focus into learning them inside and out. What I discovered became the crux of my future business. In 2016 my business had become profitable enough to quit corporate for good.
Becoming a sales funnel expert has allowed me to grow my blog, brand, and profit beyond my wildest dreams. Today I make multiple 6-figures each year from my digital product business. I serve over 25,000 students through all my Pinterest and marketing courses. But nothing compares to the time this has given me to truly be present with my family. I have made over $1 million using my unique sales funnel strategies, which even allowed me to self-fund my last 8-week maternity leave, which is one of the greatest personal rewards I’ve received from this business.
If you want to learn how to amplify your products and take your business to the next level, you are in exactly the right place. I created the Triple Dip Funnel course to teach you everything I know so you don’t have to stay stuck in overwhelm anymore.

The Triple Dip Funnel is the perfect selling solution designed for digital product sellers.
With the Triple Dip Funnel, You Will…

  • Create a uniquely designed sales funnel for digital products and opt-ins
  • Build your “Know, Like, and Trust” factor with your new customers
  • Attract new customers from cold traffic
  • Actually MAKE MONEY on your ad spend
  • Grow an engaged email list full of ideal customers that will buy from you

In this course, I’m lifting the curtain to my Triple Dip Funnel to show you the exact strategy and tech I use to sell digital products to a cold audience. This includes tech trainings in…
Leadpages: Creating landing pages that convert
ConvertKit: Email management platform for nurturing your customers
SendOwl: Checkout system for selling and delivering your digital products
Proof notifications: Social proof pop-ups to instill confidence in customer purchases
Zapier connections: Platform for connecting all your tech together

You will also get access to the exact tools I use to create and track my funnels…

Triple Dip Funnel Tracking Spreadsheet: As you will learn, it is imperative to TRACK EVERYTHING when building your Triple Dip Funnel
Nurture Sequence DONE FOR YOU SWIPE COPY BONUS: To get you started and off to the races, I’ve included TWO BONUS swipe copies for your “Opt-in email nurture sequence” and “Purchase email nurture sequence”

And WAIT there’s more! You’ll also get these four BONUS trainings…

ThriveCart: Build-your-own checkout system for increased revenue
Thinkific: My favorite online course platform
Elementor: My favorite page builder for WordPress
Analytics BONUS Module: Learn to read your data and optimize your funnels for better conversion rates

You’ll learn the strategy behind WHY this funnel works and WHERE it works best — and it’s not just Pinterest!

Rachel has TRIPLED sales of her eBook since diving into sales funnels…
I wanted to take this course so I could better grasp how I can improve my funnels for organic traffic so I can move onto paid ads.
This funnel advice has tripled my eBook sales!
I’m so excited! I love how excited Monica is about this stuff – it’s infectious.
I would highly recommend this course. It’s simple to understand, practical, and Monica has so much knowledge. It’s one of the best funnel courses I’ve ever done.

A Sneak Peek into the Triple Dip Funnel Course

Set the stage for sales funnels; learn the strategy, software stacks, and tools behind my highest converting funnel, the Triple Dip Funnel.
What exactly goes into the Triple Dip Funnel sales page, tripwire page, and checkout page.
Everything you need to know about Leadpages, from building with templates to creating sales pages from scratch, and all the little tips and tricks that will take your sales pages from “mess” to “yes!”
Everything you need to know about using SendOwl to create and sell digital products. You’ll get the special trick for earning more money from each customer.
Everything you need to know about leveraging ConvertKit for nurturing customers, from setting up purchase email sequences to customer segmentation and link triggers. It’s all in there!
Discover why you need social proof as a digital product seller and how to set up a Proof purchase campaign.
See the Triple Dip Funnel in action, pack your toolkit with analytics tips, and learn a few bonus strategies on how to optimize for EVEN BETTER conversion rates.

The Triple Dip Funnel is being used by HUNDREDS of my students!
TDF Student Example Two Loves Studio
Rachel has seen her ebook sales TRIPLE since implementing her new tripwire strategy!
TDF Student Example Gina Poirier
Gina Poirier saw increased conversions just a few weeks after tweaking the funnel for her Learn How to Rest in God’s Strength online course!

Heather Farris is using the Triple Dip Funnel for her Perfect Pin Blueprint to grow her list and increase sales in the B2B niche!

Amanda Glenn is seeing increased conversions since using the Triple Dip Funnel for her Exclusive Pumping Schedule Workbook!

Kimberly is seeing funnels in a new light after learning these strategies…
I’m now approaching how I make my sales pages totally different. It really has opened up my eyes.
This course definitely will benefit your business. You gain knowledge about how to make funnels and to convert a long lasting customer. Monica has gone the extra mile to help you understand this process.

What would be possible with more leads, more profit, and more time in your schedule?
You started your business to break free and enjoy life on your terms. Scaling your business sustainably is so possible with passive income, and the Triple Dip Funnel make this so easy!
Don’t wait any longer to crack the code for attracting a loyal audience while getting paid at the same time.
Start making more money with the Triple Dip Funnel TODAY!

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