[Download] OMG Machines – Maps Rainmaker 2021 2

[Download] OMG Machines – Maps Rainmaker 2021

Download Maps Rainmaker 2021 By OMG Machines

Download Maps Rainmaker 2021 By OMG Machines

Who else wants to practically FORCE new business clients to beg to give you money, because you have the EXCLUSIVE software and know-how to deliver EXACTLY the digital marketing bundle they are looking for…
…Because Getting Even ONE Client Paying You $1500 Per Month Will Change Your Life!…
…yet an absolute beginner can learn this within about 1 month!

Here’s the Rundown of how you will become a Maps Rainmaker!

7 Million-Dollar “Adventure-Preneurs” Collaborated to Make the Ultimate Digital Service at the Ultimate Price, for their Apprentices to Offer to Clients
The awesome strength of Maps Rainmaker lies in four places: EXCLUSIVE SOFTWARE that gives you an impossible advantage, WHAT we train you to be able to do, WHO is training you, and the PRICING. Maps Rainmaker will be very affordable for YOU, just as its price to your new business clients will make it irresistible to THEM.

Access to not just one, but two pieces of EXCLUSIVE SOFTWARE: One is an overall Command Center for selling and fulfilling Maps Rainmaker to clients, and the other gives exclusive and targeted access to an ocean of ideally created incoming website links that are part of the digital services you’ll offer to clients.

(The exclusive software is paid for separately, but is a minimal cost: Command Center comes free for 60 days, and is $19/month after that, and will save you over $300 in services that your “competition” would have to pay. The other will only need to be paid for as you request the links, out of money you receive from your clients.)

WHAT money-getting method: experience has taught us that there is a specific set of services that most local (and national) businesses know that they want to pay for, but they have a very hard time getting that service done reliably and competently. There is also a specific way to approach and sell the owners of these businesses that has been thoroughly tested by us!

Maps Rainmaker is a very specific set of digital marketing services, targeted in two ways:

1) You can learn the skill to perform these services (which relate to Google and DuckDuckGo, etc.) Search Engine Optimization, with special focus on the Maps listings) within about a month.

2) Businesses know that they want these exact services, at a particular price point (see below) but have great trouble finding somebody to competently perform them!

WHO does the training: Greg Morrison, Dan Anton, and Joe Marfoglio will teach you, both step-by-step and by demonstrating with real clients, how to fulfill these digital marketing services for clients. Each of them has many many years of experience, and millions of dollars earned in their own 1- and 2- person digital marketing agencies, doing exactly what they are teaching you in Maps Rainmaker.

Eric Brief and Michael Tesalona will teach you how to approach potential clients, and exactly how we sell them Maps Rainmaker. You’ll have the script pieces you need, the training, and the how, what, and why. You’ll be using exactly what our apprentices have used to get their own clients, plus what Eric, Michael, Dan, Joe, and Greg use.

The Price You Will Charge Your Clients: Just one client, over a year, can make you $18,000! We give you the skills to offer new business clients a service that they know that they want, for which they will pay you $1500/month! Plus, you can and will scale up with what they pay you! These are starting prices, and you will make them so happy, with what we teach you, that you can do much more for them, as a win/win, and get paid even more, plus get referrals!

Your Investment: Maps Rainmaker is either one payment of $1499, or you can choose to make 4 payments of $399.

Refund Policy: We have a no-refund policy on payments. We’ve found that policy creates the highest level of seriousness and trust from ourselves and from our members.

What about canceling the payment plan? We ask that you treat us honestly, in return for us treating you honestly. Our payment plan isn’t a month-by-month subscription. To benefit you the most, and not hold you back by dripping out information, you receive all of your training immediately upon joining. We understand that you can run into a financial emergency, and if you request (7 days prior to the billing) to cancel or postpone payment, we will honor that.

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