[Download] Steve Larsen – OfferLab 2

[Download] Steve Larsen – OfferLab

Download OfferLab By Steve Larsen

Download OfferLab By Steve Larsen

Are You Ready To Launch And Cashflow From Your Offer Like A REAL Marketer Does?
If you’re accepted, I will show you how to become a powerhouse marketer so you can sustainably increase revenues in the next 12 Months.

NOTE: OfferLab is NOT for Everyone…
Not everyone can create a profitable online business. Your results are not guaranteed. OfferLab is only for those that are hard working, realize that success does not come easy, and are willing to put in the work when problems arise. OfferLab will however, give you insight behind one of the top offer builders and launchers of all time!

Here’s What You’re Gonna Get
IF You’re Accepted Into My OfferLab:

Entire OfferLab Course For 12 Months
For 12 months, you’ll have access to the home study course including over 22 hours of training, broken down into 12 modules with over 60 lessons and FAQs. You’ll also get the 12-Part “Build-And-Launch” Formula Workbook, which will guild you through Steve’s Funnel Outsourcing and Launching steps.
(VALUE: $11,997)

Two, 3-Day Live OfferLab Intensive With Steve
OfferLab membership gives you access to two, 3-day Intensive with Steve. You can attend in physically or virtually. In this private intensive workshop, Steve will work through his lucrative offer, money message, and cash campaigns models. But it’s ALL at the pace of YOUR needs. You’ll get the answers you need to move forward and create success.

The major output of the three days is Steve’s 12-Part “Build-And-Launch” Formula, which will let you take your business idea to almost any funnel builder, copywriter, and designer to get created with confidence.

High-level guest speakers also give mini-workshops on their expertise.

NOTE: New OfferLab Students have dibs on attending in person, but the event is also always Virtual. The coaches request reminder to you that this is an intensive workshop. They’re PACKED. Steve stops a lot and walks around the room answering questions and they are worth the price of admission alone.
(VALUE: $19,997)

Onboarding Call With OfferLab Coach
Every business and owner is unique. Start your year strong with a call from one of the OfferLab Coaches and get advice on the best place to start in Steve’s 12-Part “Build-And-Launch” Formula.

You’ll get access to all your files, training, and simple management systems. Share your goals and get guidance on the best way to approach your 12 months with us.

While success and progress is obviously on your shoulders, the OfferLab Coaches are here to answer any question you have and help remove any roadblocks coming up for you. They are extremely skilled and have been through Steve’s aggressive vetting process to be part of this incredible program.
(VALUE: $997)

The Private OfferLab Community Mastermind

• Live Offer, Funnel, And Launch Planning with Steve
Steve’s proprietary Funnel Build-And-Launch system is a very unique, but hands-off way to get a sales funnel created and working. He developed it over the last 4 years while working with businesses like yours.

This is the first time Steve has decided to go Live in the community to design every one of his funnels in front of you. You’ll watch him follow his own 12-Part “Build-And-Launch” Formula to make is own Sales Funnels through the talents of others. Real Marketers don’t know how to do every piece of the funnel build, and neither does Steve. Watch the way he coordinates with his team, outside hires, and listens to his audience to make changes. The OfferLab Community Mastermind is the only place he’ll be doing this. All calls are recorded and put in the members area.

• Monthly Live Ads Meeting
Steve has decided to stream his paid ads meeting so you can watch what questions he asks his ads team, how he adjusts the funnel, and what ads he sees needs to be created. This is extremely valuable to be part of and learn from. All calls are recorded and put in the members area.

• Monthly Masterclass with Steve
This is a living, breathing, curriculum. Every month, you’ll have a 60-minute small group coaching call with Steve to work through your trouble spots, to get your Core Offer ready to launch, and for Steve to spot check any issues in the group. Can’t make a call? Submit your question in advance. All calls are recorded and put in the members area.

• Weekly Community Q&A With OfferLab Coach
This private, members-only group is where you bring your questions and get direct help from the professional OfferLab Coaches. Collaborate with other OfferLab students, attend the live calls, and celebrate your progress and sales.
(VALUE: $3,997)

The Famous Lucrative Offer Blueprint
Steve is internet-famous for his lucrative offer creation models. OfferLab gives you access to those proven methods so you can improve the value of what you sell. Whether you sell a physical or digital, subscription or one-time product, product or service, Steve’s models will drastically help your product turn into a valuable offer. This includes the workbook and Trello checklist Steve uses to communicate with his own funnel and campaign team.
(VALUE: $1,997)

4-Part Money Message Framework
Copywriting and stories are they toughest part of the internet marketing game. Steve’s framework lets you collect various assets and stories from your life and then find a professional copywriter do the heavy work for you. There are four unique components to Steve’s Money Message formula.

You’ll capture some of the most valuable assets from your past that are stuck in your head with Steve’s ‘bag-o-stories’ workshop. You’ll learn what copywriters need to hear from you to writer compelling headlines. You’ll learn how to tell your own story in a valuable way (plus, you’ll learn the pieces of your own origin story that you should probably leave out cause they don’t help the sale). You’ll also learn how to handle objections and push-back from your dream customers.

This is one of the most important parts and Steve’s frameworks will help your mess become your message. This includes the workbook and Trello checklist Steve uses to communicate with his own funnel and campaign team.
(VALUE: $4,997)

The CMO’s Rolodex
[Steve’s Personal Team Of Internet Funnel Experts Who Kick Butt And Don’t Get Added Without Extreme Vetting]
One of the crowning parts of all of OfferLab, is the Steve’s Funnel Build-And-Launch framework. This famous 12-Part “Build-And-Launch” interactive workbook is EXACTLY what Steve personally does every time he launches a sales funnel. You’ll follow the same steps, in the same order, that he and his team does. This lets you build funnels and campaigns with confidence.


Congratulations! You’re FIRED from doing everything yourself! OfferLab just re-hired you as the CMO of your own business. You’ll develop your Lucrative Offer, Sales Message, and Cash Campaign to the extent that Steve’s Rolodex needs from him, but then he hands the project off to better builders than himself, like a CMO. This is exactly how Steve “personally” builds every funnel he puts out.

Stop learning all the ins and outs of everything, and just direct Steve’s Personal Marketing Rolodex. Yup! You read that right. Welcome to simplicity!

NOTE: The CMO doesn’t know how to do every job and Steve is NOT telling you to learn how to do everything. The 12-Part “Build-And-Launch” Formula is everything that Steve’s Rolodex asks from him BEFORE they can do what he’s hired them for. Now you know what is important and money-making in the funnel launching process, AND you know WHO to hire to get your project done.
(VALUE: $4,997)

Cash Campaigns (Launch & Evergreen)
The reason for Steve’s success is NOT because he was the ‘Lead Funnel Builder At ClickFunnels’, it’s because he knows how to run cash campaigns. THIS is Steve’s bread and butter, and you’re gonna have access to those money-making strategies here in OfferLab so you can do the same. This is Steve’s favorite part of all of OfferLab and it’s one of the main focuses of the whole program.

Funnels don’t create cash, funnels COLLECT cash. It’s the campaign that creates DESIRE for you offer, and therefore creates the cash. Think of a funnel like it’s a catcher’s mitt for cash. Funnels capture the EFFECTS of your marketing, but simply building a funnel isn’t marketing, itself.

Let me be clear here -you SHOULD have a killer sales funnel (honestly, in Clickfunnels)…But you should ALSO figure out your LAUNCH (or PRESSURE) campaigns whenever you design a sales funnel.

OfferLab will show you two main categories of Cash Campaigns AND help you do them. They’re the Launch Campaigns and the Evergreen Campaigns. During the 3-day OfferLab Workshops, Steve brings in a variety of experts to teach you how to do many different campaign styles. This includes the workbook and Trello checklist Steve uses to communicate with his own funnel and campaign team.
(VALUE: $1,997)

⇒ Meet Your CAMPAIGN Teachers Below
Steve uses his Rolodex and influence to bring in some of the internet’s top earners for the 3-Day OfferLab Workshop. Guest Speakers are not lecturers. They MUST deliver a workshop for you to apply what they’re teaching. This is on top of Steve’s personal Launch and Evergreen Campaigns, and Workbook.

Launch Campaign Teachers
Superstars Who Deliver 1-2 Hour Workshops At Your 3-Day OfferLab Intensive, Showing You Ways To LAUNCH Your Cashflow!
Names Include The Following (And MORE):

Jeff Brewer
Who should know Jeff Brewer? Anyone who wants explosive launches that sell more products, gain lifelong customers, and grow communities of raving fans. Jeff is a ‘Launch’ expert and has a whole business teaching how to get an Offer the exposure it needs. As an OfferLab student, you’ll go through Jeff’s powerful Launch Challenge, for FREE…
(VALUE: $497)

Josh Forti
Josh Forti is internet-famous for his social media strategies. Of course your funnel matters, but Josh Forti teaches you how to use your social media platforms like a sales funnel. He is still one of top revenue generators using simple Facebook Groups that Steve has ever seen. You’re in for a treat.
(VALUE: $497)

Blake Nubar
Very few people have made $500k in a single week, in a JV, using email. Blake Nubar has and is one of the best launching strategists online. Blake is going to be teaching you how to create success using someone else’s list, AND if we’re lucky, he’ll show you how to turn your own Facebook Profile into a lead machine.
(VALUE: $497)

⇒ Evergreen Campaign Teachers
Superstars Who Deliver 1-2 Hour Workshops At Your 3-Day OfferLab Intensive, Showing You Ways To EVERGREEN Your Cashflow!
Names Include The Following (And MORE):

Emily Hirsh
In less than 3 years, Emily Hirsh has built one of the largest and fastest-growing marketing companies in the world. Her proprietary Hirsh Process generates millions of dollars in revenue and ROI for her clients every month. She’s a Facebook Ads genius! As an OfferLab Student, you’ll get training on the Facebook Ads your new Core Offer needs, for FREE…
(VALUE: $497)

Dana Derricks
Dana Derricks is the leading expert on Chet Holmes’ famous “Dream 100” method. He’s a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach, and goat farmer. Dana is in OfferLab to show you how to identify who should be on your Dream 100 list and HOW to get their attention, so you can get explosive growth in your business…
(VALUE: $497)

Marley Jaxx
Marley increased Steve J Larsen’s Youtube watch-time by 1000% (literally). She is a master at content strategy and video creation. Marley will be taking the stage at OfferLab Workshop to walk you through a content strategy that can fit your business marketing needs.
(VALUE: $497)

Grant Larsen
As in, Steve’s dad? Yup! He’s changed the corporate to corporate software world while Steve was a kid and now he’s at it again. Currently, Grant is running Artificial Intelligence in the back of Steve’s ClickFunnels account to show where more sales are that the human eye can’t see… Needa read that again? Grant Larsen founded a company called ClickAI and you’re gonna get several Funnel enhancing AI-goodies as an OfferLab member. Not a joke.
(VALUE: $3,497)

⇒ Your Cashflow Teachers
Superstars Who Deliver 1-2 Hour Workshops At Your 3-Day OfferLab Intensive, Showing You Ways To DOUBLE Your Cashflow!
Names Include The Following (And MORE):

Alex Charfen
Alex teaches entrepreneurs how to stop acting as transactional managers and instead, turn into transformational leaders. Steve has TREMENDOUS love for Alex Charfen both as his personal ‘business scaling’ coach, and for helping Steve know he’s doing what he’s supposed to. OfferLab Students will get the basics of business scaling and optimization so their Core Offer (and personal bodies) can go further.
(VALUE: $1,997)

Brad Gibb
Brad Gibb and Ryan Lee empower those seeking a life of financial independence with the tools and strategies necessary to grow wealth, build cash flow, and create financial freedom. These are Steve’s financial advisors. As an OfferLab student, you’ll receive very lucrative strategies for what to do with the money you’re making… that you can’t learn anywhere else.
(VALUE: $1,997)

Myron Golden
Myron Golden is high in demand as a speaker and trainer in the areas of sales, marketing, business development and financial literacy, with over 27 years of experience. Myron is also the author of the international best-selling book “From The Trash Man To The Cash Man: How Anyone Can Get Rich Starting From Anywhere.” Myron has delivered powerfully, showing you the best in stage selling.
(VALUE: $1,997)

Mandy Keene
When Russell Brunson’s Inner Circle members needed help with mindset and the tough life experiences we all go through, he turned to Mandy Keene and asked her to be the full-time coach for each member. Mandy has now help Steve J Larsen change the tracks and direction of his life four times, in major ways. Steve calls Mandy his “big sis”. She’s a worldclass personality teacher and is teaching a workshop that’ll let you understand your employees and those you hire at a deep level. Her material has been life-changing for Steve and the way he relates to his team. You are in for a treat.
(VALUE: $1,997)

Robbie Summers
Robbie Summers has been one of Russell Brunson’s top salesmen since before ClickFunnels existed. Each time Robbie trains a sales team, they tend to double their output. His extremely powerful yet simple models are a force to recon with and were used many times in the Inner Circle to help members double their business. He’ll be teaching sales workshops that can increase your company faster than you thought possible. You’ve basically just won the lottery.
(VALUE: $1,997)

Oh, No. We’re Not Done Here Yet.

VIP Ticket To OfferMind 2021
Everyone who’s accepted into the OfferLab program will receive a FULL VIP Ticket to OfferMind 2021, in beautiful San Diego, California. OfferMind 2021 will be held in the same room where FHL 2016 was. Why? Because it’s a ‘full circle’ for Steve, who hid a rented bike in the bushes because he couldn’t afford a taxi. All OfferLab students get a full VIP ticket and experience.

(VALUE: $997)

My Funnel Stache
Right after leaving ClickFunnels, Steve didn’t wanna forget all the small funnel-building tricks that he learned next to Russell Brunson (because there ARE tricks). So he rebuilt every one of the most common funnel-types in huge detail, in front of a LIVE audience so they could ask questions. This is a collection of 8+ funnels, the course of Steve building it live, and the email sequences that go with it. You’re gonna get all of it! So whether you wanna build the funnel yourself from a powerful template, or hand the task to another, this is one of the coolest things Steve is handing you and has been sold for $3,000 as its own course. In OfferLab, you’re getting access to the entire thing for free!

(VALUE: $2,997)

One Year, Premium ClickFunnels Membership
Your year of a Premium ClickFunnels Account includes bonuses like ALL of FunnelFlix, EVERY Hack-a-thon, and ZOOM Support (yup)… Steve’s used his connections at ClickFunnels to get your next year completely covered. This is a brand new bonus Steve’s worked out over at ClickFunnels and he’s the only one with this ability for you.

(VALUE: $3,564)

TOTAL VALUE: $74,998

Here’s What Real OfferLab Students Think About The Program

Chris & John Yax
[yoga studios]
“If you have that internal belief that you can’t do it, that’s where the network comes in. That’s where you connect with people and say, ‘Well, how can I do it?’ and THEY will get you to that next level. There’s people in this program that will help get you unstuck.”

Kelly & Jay Shockley
[custom health plans]
“I need things done NOW. There are people’s lives that are not being touched and they’re not being impacted because I haven’t figured out how to get beyond my four walls. With being here at OfferLab, that’s happening. And it’s happening a lot faster than it would if we were just sitting at home.”

Marvin Towler
[network marketing]
“There’s so much value here. He’s really filled the gaps with what’s been missing. He’s teaching us now to not be broke. OfferLab is a LAB. We’re creating here. I’m glad to be working with this crew who are all about how to be profitable.”

Garritt Bake
[equipping police officers]
“Everyone is sold on ClickFunnels and that it works, but I couldn’t figure out how to actually build it all. Steve answered that question! He takes all the chaos that’s in your head and massively simplifies it. I feel calm and confident now.”

“But Steve, Will This Work For Me?”

My Business Is…

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • B2B & Lead Gen
  • Coaching / Consulting
  • E-Commerce
  • Freelance Services / Agency
  • Information Products
  • Network Marketing
  • Software

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