[Download] Surfer – SEO Writing Masterclass 2

[Download] Surfer – SEO Writing Masterclass

Download SEO Writing Masterclass By Surfer

Download SEO Writing Masterclass By Surfer


The market is crowded for average content writers. Don’t be one of them.
Average content writers write. And they have nothing else to offer but a nice Google Doc based on guidelines from a client.

Those copywriters get lost in the sea of underpaid freelancers on Upwork, and they struggle to make ends meet.

Great copywriters know how to tie their writing to results.

And the best way to get results is to dive into Search Engine Optimization.

‍And while the market is full of self-advertised “SEO copywriters”, many of them rely on obsolete tactics that no longer work.

Most of these “common truths” aren’t an aid, but a hindrance to SEO success.

They’re not enough for competitive keywords that generate something more important than organic traffic – money.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for tactics and skills that will take your career to a whole new level. This drive alone gives you a massive advantage over average copywriters.

By getting deeper into SEO, you will build bulletproof content that will keep bringing thousands of potential buyers to your blog posts and landing pages. For years to come.

♦ SEO Writing goes beyond just “writing.”
And we dive into every single part of this process in SEO Writing Masterclass.

    Finding great keywords is hard work. When you chase keywords that are out of your reach, your pages will never rank in the top ten. Learn how to track down keywords that are right for YOU and will bring you the biggest ROI.
    If you understand your competitors, you understand the whole SERP. Find out who to compete with, how to do it, and how to leave everyone in the dust. Skip this step, and you set yourself up for failure.
    One page is not enough to build your authority in a niche. You need to map out the whole content strategy with topic clusters (including money pages, supportive pages, and internal linking structure).
    Even the greatest content won’t work if it lacks prominent phrases. Understanding which words to use and where to place them is key to successful optimization. We’ll teach you how to write content that will comply with Google’s complex algorithm.
    Sometimes it’s better to optimize existing content than to start from scratch. When is the right time to get back to old pages? How to find the best opportunities? And how to optimize them for SEO? The best copywriters know the answer.
    How to distinguish yourself from other writers on the market and increase your wages? You’ll find out how to convince your potential clients to the new, better way of SEO writing. And they will be thrilled to pay more for your work!


People behind this Masterclass are part of the team behind Surfer – the #1 Content Intelligence tool loved by content marketers and SEO experts.
Our everyday work is all about helping marketers write more relevant pages that will 10x their organic traffic. 4,000+ teams use our solution and our methodology.

To deliver better products to all Surfer users, we’ve consulted countless professionals – lots of them our trusted clients – who dabble in SEO, affiliate, and all kinds of digital marketing.

We decided to go one step further and teach you all we know about on-page SEO and content creation.

◊ Tomasz Niezgoda


Tomasz is an experienced full-stack marketer with a deep love for SEO and content marketing, as well as paid advertising and affiliate marketing. At Surfer, he manages a partner program, paid channels, and video production. He consulted dozens of companies and copywriters helping them succeed in SEO. Besides marketing, he’s passionate about geopolitics, energetics, business, and travel.

◊ Karolina Gawron

She’s a T-shaped marketer with her core in content marketing and conversion copywriting. On a daily basis, Karolina educates marketers about data-driven on-page SEO. She puts a great emphasis on the importance of content relevance and quality that will bring a consistent flow of visitors to your site.

◊ Marta Szyndlar

The main content handler at Surfer with a deep love for the written word, social media, and measurable results. Always ready to preach value-based marketing and holistic brand communication. As a keen supporter of combining creativity with hard data, she now helps the Surfer team deliver top-notch content about on-page SEO.

What’s inside

Content strategy and keyword research

Learn a successful keyword research process and create an overview of your content plan. Every battle is won before it is ever fought. And it is also true for SEO and content strategy. When you know the plan, all you have to do is execute.


  • Why do you need Module 1?
  • Content strategy: Content for different stages of awareness
  • Content strategy: Keyword research and prioritization
  • Content strategy: Planning topic clusters for your website

Four phases of SEO writing

Relevance and quality are the core of SEO. Learn the actionable, step-by-step process to create the most valuable content that will be user-friendly and optimized for Google. Let’s bust some old “good practices” and use SEO that will work in 2021.


  • Video 1: Introduction: 4 phases of content creation
  • Video 2: Discovery phase: Digging into search intent
  • Video 3: Discovery phase: Analyzing on-SERP features
  • Video 4: Discovery phase: Find the best content that ranks for your keyword
  • Video 5: Discovery phase: Create an outline based on top pages in search results
  • Video 6: Discovery phase: Create guidelines for words, phrases, and content structure
  • Video 7: Writing phase: Rules of thumb
  • Video 8: Writing phase: Title tag
  • Video 9: Writing phase: Meta description
  • Video 10: Writing phase: Enrich your content and gain authority
  • Video 11: Writing phase: Images and alternative texts
  • Video 12: Writing phase: Internal linking
  • Video 13: Conversion strategy: Make an irresistible offer
  • Video 14: Conversion strategy: The good, bad, and ugly of gated content and lead generation
  • Video 15: Conversion strategy: Plan call-to-actions across your content
  • Video 16: Optimization phase: Check your rankings with Google Search Console
  • Video 17: Optimization phase: Run SEO audit for your article
  • Video 18: Optimization phase: Organize your SEO optimization process

Increase wages for your content services

Charge more for your work and upgrade your sales process. No matter if you work as an in-house writer or freelancer, we’ll explain how to sell your ideas and strategy. You’ll learn tactics that will help you position yourself as the top SEO copywriter and charge accordingly.


  • Video 1: Introduction + why you should probably charge more
  • Video 2: Sell the process, not just your content piece
  • Video 3: Sell the content strategy, not just an article
  • Video 4: Use Content Score and offer content tiers
  • Video 5: Things you can outsource to your virtual assistant

You may be wondering…
“Is this masterclass right for me?”

We crafted this training for all content creators out there.

Freelance writers who want to charge more
If you feel like you should get more money from your copywriting services or you’re looking for new ways to impress your clients, this course is for you. You’ll learn a solid SEO copywriting process, plus tactics that will help you upsell your services.

In-house content creators
This course will take you from a content writer to a content marketer ready to prepare long-term solutions with measurable effects. Become a viable partner for any marketing discussion that brings working solutions to the table.

Marketers who want to dig into SEO writing
Do you feel like you’re not “creative” enough to write content? Or would you like to learn what separates just “writing” from copywriting that drives $$$? Great part of SEO copywriting is about data, strategy, and optimization. You’ll learn all those things in this Masterclass.

You’ve got 14 days to put SEO Writing Masterclass to test.
If you watched the videos, did the work, and still couldn’t find value in this training, just contact our team and we will pay you back the whole amount you invested. If we failed to teach you effective SEO writing, you deserve your money back.


I did it! I finished ahead of schedule. Indeed, deadlines are very motivating ⏰ Thanks, @surfer_seo, for this dose of knowledge. If anyone here hasn’t taken the course, then there are two days left to do so for free. Tick-tock! 😃
— Weronika Master @Weronika_Master
February 26, 2021

I really enjoyed every part of this course. It was through this course I got to know the keywords to choose to be able to rank well, also I got to know how to charge for contents and the best way to make them pay for what I am charging@surfer_seo
— Emmarni McAfe @oboyebi
February 25, 2021

This could be the best SEO Writing Masterclass I ever attended. Thanks a bunch @surfer_seo!
— Floyd G. Buenavente @wisemktgsecrets
February 25, 2021

SEO Writing Masterclass from @surfer_seo is very useful! Simplified blog creation with clear kw to be used according to how long your content needs to be!
— Kevin Liew @puipuiKev
February 25, 2021

SEO Writing Masterclass from @surfer_seo is a bomb. It’s packed with insights for copywriters and marketers. Join if you want to 10x your results from content marketing:
— Nikki @nikki_elardo
February 25, 2021

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SEO Writing Masterclass
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  • Special deals only for the course graduates
  • Personalized certificate of completion

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