[Download] Tom Gaddis & Nick Ponte – Yellow Brick Road 2

[Download] Tom Gaddis & Nick Ponte – Yellow Brick Road

Download Yellow Brick Road Tom Gaddis & Nick Ponte

Download Yellow Brick Road Tom Gaddis & Nick Ponte

Get On A Better Road And…


Discover the #1 Never-Fails Breakthrough That Permanently Vanishes Fears About Getting Clients Once And For All—GUARANTEED!
(Using the system, consultants like us had their best year ever in 2020!)

Dear Future Hands-Off Agency Owner:
What if you found a way to escape the “normal” 9-5 grind work-for-someone else and let them determine how much to pay you, how much time you have off, and what kind of life and lifestyle you could provide your family?

And what if that “escape” enabled you to work the hours that you want to work, with the people you choose to work with, and the level of income that you want to earn?

Finally, what if you had a FOOLPROOF process for adding all the local clients you needed and could handle?

How would your business (or your life, for that matter) change?

Would your day be one of mostly your own choosing, with time spent with loved ones enjoying things you really wanted to do? Would you take more real vacations and go out to dinner more often? Would you be free to buy gifts for your family and friends? …and not worry over an unexpected expense?

We’ll show you in the next 2 minutes the secret
that will change your financial and business life forever…

But be prepared because:
You’re Getting a Clear Shot at the Strategy That Doubled Our Revenue in Only 12 Short Months… WITHOUT All The Normal ‘issues’ that spoil a great opportunity like…

NO multi-level or network marketing
NO bothering friends, family or neighbors
NO get-rich-on-the-Internet program
​NO product to buy, inventory, handle or ship
​NO office needed outside your home
​NO salaried employees (unless you want)
​NO credit required
NO Cold Calling strangers
NO Expensive mailings
NO special education required
NO long learning curve
NO equipment to buy or lease
NOT a difficult business
​NO expensive advertising
​NO licenses or permits needed
​NOT time-consuming (as little as 10 hours a week)
NOT disruptive to your family life
NOT real estate or stock market oriented

(That’s a relief, isn’t it!)
First, let’s tackle the BIG MYSTERY…
“Why Do So Many Aspiring Business Owners Never Achieve Success?”

Because the depend on themselves, but they are only an army of one!

  • They do the prospecting
    (which they hate)
  • They make the calls
    (which they despise)
  • They do the mailings
    which are so tedious
  • They go to appointments
  • They pitch the prospects
  • They do the
  • They sign the deals
  • They gather all the documents
  • They do the
    post-sale interview
  • They design the marketing plan
  • They execute the campaign
  • They track
    (and adjust)
    the campaign
  • They stay in touch
    with clients
  • They repeat process
    again & again

Despite Being Overwhelmed By All These Tasks,
Most Owners Begin And Stay Solo Practitioners
And Even If They Succeed…
More Roadblocks Are Waiting For Them…

  • The ‘Big Boy’ marketers can be too much competition
  • No Name – Without any brand name all but the tiniest businesses are gun shy to hire you…
  • Poor Quality Of Clients
  • ​Scalability is difficult (unless you know how)
  • ​Many local markets are glutted
  • Retaining clients takes know-how
  • Insufficient management expertise
  • Lack of support resources
  • ​Too many small projects
  • ​Can’t be 2 places at once
  • ​Unwilling To tell client the truth (fear)
  • ​Charging too little

Which still leaves the biggest flaw in
every local consultant’s solo strategy:
No Consistent, Automatic Marketing Outreach!

This Shouldn’t Be A Surprise, Since We Already Know What Works!

Every survey, every case history, every interview shows successful consultants, agencies and advisors need a steady stream of qualified prospects.

This is NOT optional, it's not a theory, it's not unproven... it is the "oxygen" that gives life to our business.

The World Has Changed…
Businesses everywhere are adjusting to a ‘New Normal’…
Local Marketing Consultants are only now waking up to the reality they confront.
…and while they are beginning to move in the right direction, they’re still making

3 Major Mistakes:

  1. Focusing on Fads & Gimmicks
  2. Trying to Become a Master Salesperson / Prospector
  3. Ignoring the NUMBER ONE Process That

Guarantees Success 100% Of The Time:
Scores of consultants have no idea this repeatable, automatic system for attracting clients even exists!

You’re About to Discover How our Simple
“Fast Agency Model” With Built-In Automatic Prospecting Delivers A Phenomenal Income
For The Rest Of Your Life…
Without ever personally making a cold call or cold visit…

Introducing the Road to a 100% Ethical Life-Changing Automatic Marketing Agency…

“The Fast Agency Model”

More on the Fast Agency Model in a minute, but let’s get personal…

We know the typical local marketer agrees they have to prospect to get appointments and land clients…


…in fact they will do almost ANYTHING to avoid prospecting.

We see that conflict at the core of why so many are failing.
Our solution isn’t a CHOICE, It’s more like an ULTIMATUM.

In 2021 You MUST Build An AGENCY Focused On Consistent, Constant, Creative Prospecting

  • Does that mean YOU have to do the prospecting?
  • Should YOU make the calls?
  • Should you personally visit businesses?
  • Should you cold call night and day?


Every survey, every case history, every interview shows successful consultants, agencies and advisors need a steady stream of qualified prospects.

This is NOT optional, it's not a theory, it's not unproven... it is the "oxygen" that gives life to our business.

We can’t emphasize this enough…
The ‘Jack-Of-All Trades’ Local Consultant Is History!
A Simple Test:
Think about this: If you wake up tomorrow and
your car doesn’t start, what do you do?

Enroll in Auto Mechanic School

Hire a Mechanic!

If your tax returns are due, and you don’t know
the first thing about it, what’s next?

Start taking night classes in Accounting

Hire H&R Block!

Leave the “Dead End Highway” of…

  • Planning to prospect but never getting started…
  • Taking course after course but never doing anything…
  • Searching for alternatives to prospecting…
  • ​Convincing yourself you don’t need to prospect…
  • Complaining about the time it takes to prospect…
  • Trying to depend on ‘easy methods’ like social media…
  • Prospecting just enough to barely survive…

We teach what’s working NOW!
Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover building
an appointment-generating engine the smart way:

  • ​Why this approach is superior to ALL other forms of prospecting
  • ​Why the biggest most successful agencies ALL use this model. (pretty much no exceptions)
  • ​How much experience should you require for the appointment setter job?
  • ​​Wasting my time interviewing novices OR are novices the best?
  • ​Interviewing On Skype, Zoom or good old fashioned phone
  • ​Are places like Upwork a good place to start?..or do they suck?
  • ​Forget Craigslist…OR is it a hidden Goldmine?
  • ​Nobody’ Fool: Realistic expectations advertising for appt setters
  • ​Are Bonuses important or a waste of money?
  • ​Tactics for using bonuses correctly. (when bonuses can hurt!)
  • ​Questions you MUST ask them & ones to avoid…
  • ​Secrets to maintaining good rapport without kissing a**
  • What’s the right and wrong way to pay appointment setters?
  • Sneaky? Should they all be on the same pay scale?
  • ​SPECIFIC pay examples you need to know.
  • ​Is there software you recommend?
  • ​Clever way to track their hours on the phone making calls.
  • ​If they complain, maybe YOU’RE The problem?
  • ​We reveal the best way to train appt setters. (light years ahead)
  • ​How do I avoid paying their taxes AND Stay Legal?
  • ​What’s the Best, Easiest, Tested Script for them to use?
  • ​Be honest, how long until they are really productive?
  • ​Want to fire someone? Here’s how we do it

Maybe you’re saying to yourself…
OK, Tom it seems like a winner, but is this all really necessary? Why can’t I learn this on my own – hey, I’m smart.

We’re sure you are smart, but don’t you want to succeed as soon as possible? Did you know you’ll get there A LOT faster with direct guidance and mentorship from a team that actually runs an appointment sales service…a team that actually built a successful agency with these techniques.

If not for this rapid scaling model, you could still be ‘figuring it out’ 6 or 8 months from now! (and probably get sick of it).

Isn’t NOW the time you want to turn things around?

Feast Your Eyes On The BEST ADVANCED TRAINING For Appointment Setters

M O D U L E # 1
Start Here

  • Welcome
  • ​The Fast Agency Model
  • ​Community

M O D U L E # 2
Ready, Set, Go!

  • Building Your List
  • ​Give Them Something to Talk About
  • ​The Script
  • ​Email vs. Phone
  • ​On a Tight Budget? Do This to Get Cashflow Now

M O D U L E # 3
Removing Yourself From Prospecting

  • How Many Hours Do You Really Need?
  • ​Hiring Local vs. Overseas
  • ​Paid vs. Free Fishing Spots
  • ​Pay Structure: Hourly vs. Commission
  • ​Using O.P.M. (Other People’s Money)
  • ​Interview Process

M O D U L E # 4
The Well-Oiled Machine

  • Explaining Their Role & Responsibilities
  • Getting Them Comfortable With The Script
  • ​30 Day Orientation Strategy
  • Free Tools for Setting Up Your Appointment Machine
  • ​Adding Leads To Your CRM
  • ​An Interview With Our Appointment Setter

M O D U L E # 5
Tracking Success & Scaling

  • Setting K.P.I.s
  • ​E.O.D. Checkout
  • Time Tracking
  • ​When to Expand Your Team

Secrets To Successful Appointments

  • You Have An Appointment… Now What?
  • Virtual vs. In-Person
  • ​Moving It Forward
  • ​What Do You Sell?

P L U S . . .
17 Done-For-You Downloadable Assets

  • Appointment Setter Script
  • ​Email Follow-Up Template
  • ​Direct Message/Email script
  • ​Social Media Job Posting
  • ​Job Posting Templates
  • ​Who To Hire, And Who Not To
  • Appointment Setter ​Interview Script
  • Interview Questions
  • ​Role & Responsibilities Cheat Sheet
  • ​Your Business One Page
  • ​End-of-Day Checklist
  • ​Time Tracking Worksheet
  • ​Appointment Script
  • ​Tips For Successful Appointments Cheat Sheet
  • ​Phone Appointment Checklist
  • ​Virtual Appointment Checklist
  • ​In-Person Appointment Checklist

Make no mistake… this is an Advanced Strategy and requires attention and commitment.
However, we believe ANYONE can do it if they’re committed to developing real and
unique expertise and delivering exceptional value to their clients.

THIS Is Exactly
How WE Do It

And I’m sure you know that it would cost a small fortune to replicate what we’ve built inside the Members Area. That’s why we’re bringing you this Turn-Key package NOW, while it’s still affordable…

Can you see why we were so excited when we saw the results we’ve been getting? Nick and I knew INSTANTLY this was something we wanted to share with all of you…

We know what this training can do for your business… it’s revolutionary. But maybe you’re still unsure? Then ask yourself one question:

Ask Yourself…

Are you getting results that give you confidence and optimism for the future? Are you able to enjoy being an independent marketing consultant

OR are you tied down to a desk, making mind-numbing cold calls OR knocking on doors personally, hoping to get ‘lucky’?

…Listen, if your future does not get you excited, there’s only one action you must take and you must take NOW…

Join Nick and I in the Members Area and discover the best kept secret, The FAST AGENCY MODEL, that can turn your whole career around.

This is for serious marketers who want results, not rah-rah or ‘feel good’ motivation. If you can follow a step-by-step formula you CAN succeed.


You Take No Risk – Just Say You’ll Try It!

There’s no commitment required on your part when you join Yellow Brick Road.

We’re asking for nothing more than your signal of interest and small payment to get you started. We think that’s fair…

When you add your name to our membership you’ll be first to receive all the training, tools and support we’ve promised.

Getting in early gives you some distinct advantages. You’ll be ahead of the crowds that are likely to enroll and you’ll get a jump on any local competition.

AND we’ll offer you a significant discount when you join early. Later purchasers will definitely pay more. In fact some of our earlier training products…
Now cost up to 300% more than when they launched!


It’s Time To Take Action!
Can We Offer Some Admittedly Biased Advice?

  • Don’t be forced to
    pay $97
  • Don’t kick yourself
    for waiting
  • Don’t be skeptical
  • Don’t think you’ll
    figure it out alone
  • Don’t overthink it
  • Don’t pretend you
    don’t need it
  • Don’t get shut out
  • Don’t give up.
    Just try It

WE Already Know How To Do This…
It’s YOU That Needs Automatic Daily Clients
So go ahead NOW. We’re urging you, if you’re at all interested in having appointment setters replacing your efforts, and creating a self-perpetuating, profit-surging practice, then you need to get in on this!

This is a tested and proven approach, where you take no risk… and, by the way, it really works… RIGHT NOW.
In fact, as I’m writing this right now, our appointment setters are reaching out to business owners and bringing in new business. If this is like most days we’ll have a new batch of appointments and probably get 2 new clients signed up—just like that.

Don’t procrastinate any longer…

Join us today while all this is fresh in your mind. You will not regret it.

There Are No Roadblocks On The Yellow Brick Road…
We’re anxious to welcome you to the group and get your reaction to everything that awaits you!
We know you’ll be excited, as excited as the momentous day we started down the same
road (a road with no roadblocks, no deadends)…
“The Yellow Brick Road”.

Nick & Tom’s Story

(The Nick & Tom You Don’t Know)

Life is good for us, but it wasn’t always that way.

Nick and I were definitely not born with silver spoons in our mouths..

Back in Oklahoma, I was a restaurant manager. Do you know what that means? Long hours and crummy pay. I really saw little chance for advancement, and those upper jobs didn’t look much better than mine. With a wife and 2 young children, I felt trapped.

Nick wasn’t doing well either. As an auto mechanic he was unfulfilled and severely limited in his income. Despite what you may think, while auto shops can charge a lot, most mechanics never get rich.

We’ve always believed that success leaves clues… so in the simplest terms; we followed the clues.

It seemed the most successful people took action – DECISIVE action. So, we could continue to live lives of quiet desperation, mired in debt, sick to death of our jobs… OR


It would not be easy, but what meaningful change is easy?
It would not happen overnight, but we understood that.
It would not solve all our problems since nothing does…

But it would set us on a course that would change our lives forever.

Most of us have this vague dream of retirement – no job, lots of freedom, nothing to do – no purpose.

But purpose is vital and when one purpose is being fulfilled, it’s time to add another. We’re not mega rich but we’re both rich in friends and enjoy helping others do better.

Eventually, we came out of the haze of disappointments and frustration to a realization…

If we could start building an agency by the ‘Golden Rule’, we could do things a little differently than others and we would get noticed. That was our admittedly simple and maybe naive belief, but it came true.

Yes, we want our agency to succeed but even more we want to materially impact the lives of others. We know, first hand, how good this business can be. And we know the challenges.

We don’t want to lose the money that we’ve earned over these years and we don’t ever want to have to start from scratch again…. But Here’s The Key: We Know We Could.

What we want most, is to live “in” the process – experience the moment as it happens – have a good time producing value in our life, and in the lives of those in our groups. We want our customers to be our friends and our friends to be our customers.

So that’s the journey we’re on. Yes, we have come a long way, its almost hard to believe as we look back…but we spend most of our time looking forward.

A local consultant’s road to success is a rocky one, one that’s VERY hard without the right mentors…we aim to change that.

Now (today) is your chance to be virtually mentored by (modesty aside) the best there is, Nick & Tom.

Why not follow our process to building a local agency and realize your dream… once and for all?

Paired with our 30 day money back guarantee, your only risk here is NOT taking action.

Join us and breathe a sigh of relief… when it comes to your career, you’re home, in a place you belong with people who care about you.

There’s no commitment required on your part when you join our new “Yellow Brick Road of Success.”

You need to do nothing more than signal your interest and a small payment will get you started. It’s that simple and easy!

When you join our membership you’ll go to the head of the line. You’ll be first to receive all the training, tools and support we’ve promised.

There are distinct advantages to starting now. You’ll be ahead of the crowds that are likely to enroll AND… you’ll get a jump on any local competition!

PLUS we’re offering you a substantial discount when you join early. Later purchasers will definitely pay more. In fact some our earlier training products now cost 200% or 300% more than when they debuted!

So take action NOW. If you’re the least bit interested in adding the most powerful Quick Income Method we’ve seen yet, take this no-risk, no-commitment step and join us today, right now, while it’s fresh in your mind.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you into the group and we’re excited about getting your reaction to everything that awaits you.

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