[Download] Trader Divergent – Rule Based Price Action 2

[Download] Trader Divergent – Rule Based Price Action

Download Rule Based Price Action By Trader Divergent

Download Rule Based Price Action By Trader Divergent

Rule-Based Methodical Trader: I share my knowledge of the Financial Markets

Helping people take control of their trading!

Rule-Based Price Action Course

By The Divergent Trader

No Guessing, just Rule-Based Trading!!

95% of traders let their emotions get the better of them and end up self-sabotaging themselves this is because most discretionary trading systems can be hard to trade as there is so much subjectivity and added noise to them.

Whereas if they just applied a Rule-Based and Mechanical approach to their trading then their whole trading would literally change overnight

This is exactly what happened to me. Once I began to remove as much subjectivity from my trading as possible and just be able to let myself follow a strict set of mechanical rules that’s when my trading really started to become a whole lot easier and a more enjoyable process.

Literally, No more stress, No more guessing, and most importantly No more lost money.

In this easily digestible course, that’s exactly what I share with you all my systems, strategies & knowledge that I have acquired over the years to make this possible to be successful at what I love to do.

My hope is to help you do the same…

What the RBT does is help to remove most of the emotions, guessing, and decision fatigue.

When you know what to do when to do it without thinking and simply react to your plan. There comes freedom and relief that most traders never get to experience as they are always second-guessing themselves after entry mainly due to not having solid pre-defined rules that take away all the lingering doubt before and after placing the trades.

This is what is so special about mechanical rule-based trading. You don’t have to think, all the thinking has been done for you before you place the trade, you just react.

Aside from the Strategy, I go deep into Psychology and Risk management

There are 3 essential elements to successful trading

  1. Strategy
  2. Psychology
  3. Risk Management

Without one of these then your whole trading crumbles. These are the foundations on which a system will work.

I go into great detail on how to gain the right mindset and how to uncover deep beliefs that may be subconsciously holding you back.

And with risk management, I also go into great detail on how to think probabilistically and let the numbers work for you. As well as deep diving into different trade management styles to help to attune to your risk type personality.

And that’s not all there is so much more covered in this course and more to be added.

”I literally provide you with the actual blueprint that took MY trading to that next level.”

Here are just some of the topics covered in great detail within the course…

  • Simplifying the Process
  • Creating a Trading Plan
  • Psychology/Beliefs/Emotional Control
  • Risk Management
  • How to Journal/Review
  • Backtesting (The easy way)
  • High Probability Techniques
  • The Laws and Rules of Trading
  • Smart Money Trading Strategies
  • Access To All My Software, Backtesting, Journal etc
  • 24/7 Support

Plus so much more…

This blueprint is something I wish I had when I first started out and that’s exactly why I have made this course so I can help those who are in a similar place to where I was and get them past the hurdles that prevented me for so long and shortcut your path to success.

Alongside all of this, you also gain access to all my personal strategy that I use to trade the markets with and a fully comprehensive breakdown on how to trade them. Which trades on any market and any timeframe.

What Strategies do I trade?

I trade Smart money also known as Institutional trading. I trade alongside the big banks and institutions. Unlike many other SM courses and mentors, I actually give you strategies with clear and defined rules to trade the markets not just concepts were you have to figure out along the way.

At the moment I have 3 strategies, 2 that are specifically for trading indices like SP500/NASDAQ, and finally my last strategy which has 2 different versions is my bread and butter system that I trade on all markets but mainly the forex markets. (It also works extremely well on crypto which is a question I get asked regularly)

These strategies are the years of hard work and took a long time to simplify and cut out all the BS so I will be helping you cut out so much wasted time that I spent learning.

I personally believe these are the best strategies out there and my hope is you will too.
What are the benefits of my systems?

  • High Probability
  • Big Risk/Rewards
  • Mechanical/Rule-Based
  • Set & Forget
  • Easy To Trade
  • All Markets
  • Any Timeframe

Best of all there is simply no guessing, all the rules are black and white. Either the setups there or it’s not. Easy to find and easily executed.

About The Course

My aim in the course is for you not to only learn my strategies but also learn to be able to develop your own and become a fully confident trader. I show you the techniques and ways of thinking that you can also eventually adapt to your trading in the future.

First and foremost I want you to become a self-reliant trader, who doesn’t need to rely on anyone else to trade!

Yes, you have my profitable strategy, to begin with, and to use but I teach you how to become a specialist and make it your very own to suit your personality!

Instead of hopping from strategy to strategy I show you how to use one methodology and continuously adapt and improve it to fit yourself and the ever-changing market conditions.

Trader Development Program

I am so dedicated to you becoming a consistent trader that I have developed my trading mentoring and development program to help you transform yourself from an average failing trader to a consistently profitable trader.

We work together and go through my 5 stage process which includes testing, reviewing, mindset, and more. You will have me guiding you through the whole process!

I believe I have created a way of trading like no other. All you need to do is simply follow the proven rules outlined in the strategy guides, and the money will take care of itself.

Predefined Rules, No Guessing!

You don’t think, YOU REACT!

Your job is simple…

  1. Learn the rules
  2. Execute the rules
  3. Profit from the strategy

It’s literally that easy!

So, what are you waiting for?

Take Action Today!!

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