[Special Offer] James Lee - Affiliate Site Empire 2

[Special Offer] James Lee – Affiliate Site Empire

[Special Offer] James Lee - Affiliate Site Empire 3

Get Affiliate Site Empire – A Complete Traffic & Monetization System By By James Lee

My name is James Lee and I make a six-figure living from my portfolio of affiliate websites.

I’ve been a full-time affiliate marketer and online publisher since early 2018.

Prior to that, I was stuck in a dead-end sales job that I hated…

When I began my entrepreneurial journey, I never had any intention of building a portfolio of affiliate sites.

It started as a hobby…a side hustle.

I built a single site and through thousands of hours of trial and error, I made it a success.

Once the money started rolling in I thought:

I should start more of these!!!

So I did, and now building affiliate sites is my full-time job.

My top affiliate site earns 5 figures monthly!

Why should you build affiliate sites?

Every time you build a new affiliate site you are essentially creating a piece of “digital real estate”.

Over time, your digital real estate will become an asset that pays you every day.

A few of the benefits of building affiliate sites include:

-No Inventory
-Unlimited Freedom (No Clients or Customers to deal with)
-Low Startup Cost
-Easy to Scale
-Multiple Ways to Monetize
-Affiliate Site Resale Market is Extremely Liquid

What a lot of outsiders don’t know is that the affiliate site market is extremely liquid, with buyers and institutional investors clamoring like crazy to add profitable sites to their portfolio.

Affiliate sites often sell on the open market for 30-40x monthly earnings!!!

Right now if you have a site making $2000 per month (which is pretty easy to do using my strategies)…

You could sell it for $60-80k!

Now imagine if you had a site generating $10k per month…

It’s totally possible by following the Affiliate Site Empire strategy!


Who is Affiliate Site Empire for?
Empire is for anyone who wants to build a sustainable online income that pays them on a daily basis.

If your goal is to replace your 9-5, you absolutely can (I did).

If you just want to dabble and make some additional money for your family, you can do that as well.

Regardless if are setting up one site or a portfolio of sites, you can follow the steps in Empire to create a brand new income stream for yourself!

What will you learn?
Affiliate Site Empire is designed to take your website from just an idea to an income-producing asset!

You will get access to my easy-as-pie traffic and monetization plan that shows you exactly how I generate thousands per month on autopilot.

You will learn:

-My “3 Pillars of Monetization”

-Perfect Site Structure (aka “The Frankensilo”)

-How to “Grow a Garden” of Sites

-My 100k Pageview per Month Pinterest Traffic Method

-The Opportunity Cost of DIY vs Hiring Writers

-How I Automate the Writing Process

-How to Structure your Content so it Ranks

-A Comprehensive Onpage SEO Strategy

-Month-by-Month Backlink Building Timeline

-“Smash and Grab” Link Outreach

-The Power of Tiered Link Building

-How to Uncover the Best Affiliate Programs

-Super Affiliate Tips and Secrets

-How to Automate your Email Marketing

-The “Checkout Line” Approach to Digital Products

-How to Get Approved for the Best Display Ad Networks

…and much more!

By purchasing this course, you will learn all of the same tactics and strategies that I use to build and grow my portfolio of affiliate sites.

***If you have never set up a WordPress site before, make sure to purchase the Bundle or Mastermind Version where you get access to my introductory site building course “Affiliate Site Secret Sauce 2.0”

When you purchase the “Standard Version” you will receive:

✔️ 16 In-depth Video Modules

✔️ An Overview of my Site Building Process (PDF)

✔️ Site Structure Blueprint (PDF)

✔️ Keyword Blueprint (PDF)

✔️ Content Blueprint (PDF)

✔️ Pinterest Blueprint (PDF)

✔️ Backlink Blueprint (PDF)

✔️ Affiliate Blueprint (PDF)

✔️ Email Marketing Blueprint (PDF)

✔️ Display Advertising Blueprint (PDF)

✔️ Digital Product Blueprint (PDF)


Update Log:
📆 How to Choose Supporting Content (Video)

📆 Unsticking Money Pages (Video)

🚀 Upgrade to the “Bundle Version”
The Bundle Version upgrade includes everything in the Standard Version PLUS 2 FREE BONUSES!

***BONUS #1***
Affiliate Site Secret Sauce ($67 VALUE)

Affiliate Site Secret Sauce is my comprehensive introductory site building course.

If you are brand new to building websites, Secret Sauce will walk you through the entire setup process from evaluating your idea to getting your site live.

You will learn:

-The Tools I use for ALL of my Sites

-How I Generate Traffic

-How to Monetize a Site

-How to Properly Evaluate a Niche Idea

-How to Name a Site

-Where you Should Buy a Domain Name From

-Where you Should Host a Site

-My Secret Sauce WordPress Stack (Theme & Plugins)

-Setting Up Analytics and Search Console

You will receive the Secret Sauce 2.0 Ebook PLUS 9 Videos covering:
📺 Setting Up Nameservers

📺 Installing WordPress

📺 How to Build a Site in One Day

📺 My Detailed Secret Sauce Settings

📺 My Favorite Keyword Tool Deep Dive

📺 Complete Theme Walkthrough

📺 Setting up Analytics & Search Console

📺 My Stock SEO Settings

📺 How to Get a Free Business Email Account

***BONUS #2***
45 Profitable Niche Ideas Report ($17 VALUE)

This report contains 45 PREVETTED NICHE IDEAS to help you start your first affiliate site!

🚀🚀 Upgrade to the “Mastermind Version” (50 copies available)
The Mastermind Version upgrade includes everything in the Bundle version PLUS 2 EXTRA BONUSES!

***EXTRA BONUS #1***

Get ACCESS to my community “ATM Mastermind” where you can ask questions, get guidance, and learn new affiliate money-making strategies that I won’t be sharing anywhere else.

You will also have access to a PRIVATE channel only available for Empire students, where you can ask me questions related to the course, and network with other students.

Each month Mastermind members will be eligible to participate in monthly contests and flash giveaways.

Access to the ATM Mastermind is usually $300 per year when paid monthly ($25 /month), but you can get UNLIMITED LIFETIME ACCESS by purchasing the Community Version of this course!

***EXTRA BONUS #2***

My affiliates start out with a 50% commission rate…

But when you purchase the Mastermind Version you quite literally get to “skip the line” and start making top dollar for every product you sell by receiving a bump to 60% commission.

Use the tactics you learn in the ATM Mastermind community to turn around and start a new income stream promoting my products.


Course Details : Sales Page Link
Original Price : $157
Our Price : $20
Status: Instant Delivery

   For proof and payment detail, please email: [email protected]

Or Message Me on Telegram: @prothom20

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