[Download] Justin Saunders - The 6 Figure Boss 2

[Download] Justin Saunders – The 6 Figure Boss

Get The The 6 Figure Boss By Justin Saunders 

Download The The 6 Figure Boss By Justin Saunders

The curriculum behind this online course is being built out as we go. Remember, you are part of the beta program so a lot of things will be switched up as we make progress.
Most importantly, get at it! The biggest mistake i’ve realized after coaching 100’s of students is the lack of action. If you can take massive action on what you’re taught. You will succeed.
Week 1: The Foundation

Welcome To The 6 Figure Boss
Determining Your Niche
Tools To Rule By
Join The Private Mastermind Group
The Foundation & Understanding The Business Model
Your Service Offering Important Links Homework- Week 1

Week 2: Mindset

Reprogram Your Mind
Organize Your Life & Day To a Routine
Level Up, It’s Blitz Mode
How To Think Like a 6 Figure Boss
Homework- Week 2

Week 3: Prospecting

The Foundation Of Your Pipeline
How To Scrape Leads Facebook- Prospecting Instagram- Prospecting The Prospecting Law The Cold Email Prospecting Have 100+ Clients Calling You! Client Stacking
6 Ways I’m Filling My Calendar With Booked Appointments & How You Can To
Linkedln- Automation
Homework- Week 3

Week 4: Sales

Understanding The Sales Cycle
The Qualification Process
The Scales Script// Presentation
HowTo Handle Objections How To Improve Your Sales How To Close 3 Month Deals
Homework- Week 4

Week 5: How to Perform

Learning Facebook Ads As A Beginner
Set Yourself Up For Success By Creating A Business Manager The Right Way
How To Master FB Ads For Lead Generation 101
5 Step Formula For Creating Successful Ad Copy
The Two Types of Campaigns You Should Be Running
An Overview Of All The Types Of FB Campaigns
How To Create A Winning Campaign And Cut Cost Per Results By 50%
A/B Split Testing 101
Creating Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences
How To Find Out Which Ads Work In Your Industry (Spy On “Competitors”))
How To Set Everything Up After You Sign Your Client
Homework- Week 5

Week 6: Retention

“How To Get My Client Results” Masterclass
Secret Hack To Getting Your Client FAST Results
How To Keep Clients Forever
Homework- Week 6

Week 7: Systems and Processes

HighLevel Automations
Cash Flow
The Carpet Cleaner Make Your Prospect Know You!
Homework- Week 7

Week 8: Bonus

How To Hire A Virtual Assistant for $2 per Hour
How To Ensure Any Type Of Ad Works & Spy On Your Competition
Website Template
HowTo Go Viral on IG
The Future Of Chatbots
Sales Books Recommended
Homework- Week 8

Coaching Call Replays

Sales Page

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