[Special Offer] Robert Allen - Become Ridiculously Good with Klaviyo 2

[Special Offer] Robert Allen – Become Ridiculously Good with Klaviyo

Become ridiculously good with Klaviyo in 5 days By Robert Allen

Get Become ridiculously good with Klaviyo in 5 days By Robert Allen

Klaviyo education needs an upgrade.
We all know email is a powerful channel. But when it comes to navigating the tools that make sending emails, building automations and segmenting lists possible, there are so many powerful strategies locked inside “power users” heads. It’s about time we bring the stuff nobody tells you out of the dark and into the light.

Get click-by-click training that’s proven to work.
In 2017, I signed into my first Klaviyo account and felt like I’d walked into the matrix.

I knew this was a powerful tool, but had no idea how to use it.

So I threw myself into learning everything there was to know about it.

I spent hundreds of hours attending free workshops, building flows, sending campaigns, and (most importantly) testing EVERYTHING.

Eventually, I became so good that Klaviyo even featured my work on their site … as a stunning example of what’s possible when you push the limits of their tool.

Today, when I take over an account, I know exactly what needs to be done to grow email revenue rapidly.

In fact, it’s common for my clients to see a 3x-10x increase in email performance … almost instantly. And millions added over the course of a year.

And for the first time ever, I’m going to teach you everything I know about Klaviyo.


♦ Who this course is for

  • Copywriters
    who want to improve their Klaviyo skills and manage email accounts
  • DTC founders
    who want to know how to build flows and grow email revenue
  • Aspiring email marketers
    who want a crash course on getting started with a major ESP

Here’s an overview of everything the course will cover
♦ What you will learn

Day 1

  • INSIDE KLAVIYO: Get a plain and simple overview of all the key areas and features inside a Klaviyo account
    14 mins
  • How To Use This Course
    4 mins
  • Pop-up Power Hour: How to design, write and launch pop ups that convert at 20+%
    25 mins
  • Pop-Up Inspiration Guide!
    3.7 MB
  • Segmentation Superpowers: See how to quickly create segments for campaigns to drive even more revenue
    30 mins
  • SLIDE DECK: Segmentation Superpowers
    2.96 MB
  • Use This Sheet To Find The Average Number of Orders for Your Segments!

Day 2

  • DESIGN!: See how to quickly create well-designed email templates and graphics with nothing more than a free design tool and background colors
    25 mins
    1.1 MB
  • Body Copy Tips and Tricks: What would a Klaviyo training be without some email copywriting tips and tricks
    12 mins
  • SLIDE DECK: Body Copy Tips and Tricks
    1.43 MB

Day 3

  • The Core 3 Flows: See the 3 most critical flows inside a Klaviyo account + the psychology of why they exist
    36 mins
  • SLIDE DECK: The Core 3 Flows
    3.63 MB
  • Core Flows Implementation: Get a click-by-click walk through of how to build the 3 Core Flows
    11 mins
  • Hidden (Lucrative) Funnels: See the most underleveraged flows in all of email… that most people don’t even know exists!
    18 mins
  • SLIDE DECK: Hidden (Lucrative) Funnels
    2.75 MB
  • How to set up custom coupon codes!
    5 mins
  • Swipe This High-Converting Cart Abandon Series!
    7.05 MB
  • Check Out The Cadence of This Sample Welcome Series Flow For A Clothing Brand
    6.96 MB
  • See The First 5 Days of This High Converting Welcome Series For A Supplement Brand
    3.44 MB
  • Check Out This Sample Welcome Series For A CBD Oil
    10.3 MB
  • Sample Browser Abandon Series For A CBD Oil Brand
    3.58 MB
  • More Sample Emails To Model.pdf
    3.55 MB
  • Example Post Purchase and Repeat Purchase Emails
    12.8 MB
  • Example Cross-sell and Upsell Emails for Dog/Pet Niche
    1.79 MB

Day 4

  • BONUS Audit training: See how you can pop into a Klaviyo account and properly conduct an audit. This can be a paid service you pitch to clients or something you do to get your foot in the door to close a new deal.
    16 mins
  • Your Audit Checklist!
    1.7 MB
  • List Hygiene: Get a walkthrough on how to keep lists healthy and strong (and purge dead/non-engaging contacts)
    11 mins
  • SLIDE DECK: List Hygiene
    965 KB

Day 5

  • BONUS RFM training: I’m bringing in a special guest from the world’s leading research and advisory company. He’s a huge data nerd who used to work with me at Dr. Axe/Ancient Nutrition and he’ll be sharing key insights into data you can leverage to create custom campaigns and flows that 99.99% of people will never understand.
    52 mins
  • Maximizing Analytics: How to use the data and benchmarks inside your account to make informed business decisions and monitor growth
    7 mins
  • Progressive Personalization: How to gain incredibly deep and specific insights about your audience one step at a time
    11 mins
  • SLIDE DECK: Progressive Personalization
    590 KB


  • Final Assessment

Active Learning, NOT Passive Watching
If I teach you email theory, you’ll forget it next week.

So this course is structured as: “Learn → Watch Me Do → You Do”.

You’ll get an overview of the core concept.

I’ll show you how to do it with examples and templates. Then you’ll do your best to replicate what I’ve done. Learn by doing!


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Original Price : $198
Our Price : $20
Status: Instant Delivery

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