[Special Offer] Sean Longden – Agency Blueprint 2

[Special Offer] Sean Longden – Agency Blueprint

Get Agency Blueprint By Sean Longden

Get Agency Blueprint By Sean Longden

This is the EXACT blueprint that we provide to our coaching clients that gets them booking 5 meetings within the 1st day of starting outreach – you get everything they get, except the ongoing support and for a fraction of the price

Too early for the Agency Builder Program?

Or maybe you just don’t need the handholding and would rather go through it at your own pace…

In that case, this is for you.

And if you couple it with access to the Closing Clients Group?

You’re virtually unbreakable

Doesn’t matter if you’ve never built an agency…

Never sent a cold email…

Don’t know where to find people to send emails to…

What niche to choose or how to craft an offer…

Because we walk you through it all

And in the group, you’ll always find people ready to answer any of your questions


If you can’t put at least 2 hours a day to build your agency, it won’t work

It just doesn’t make sense if you don’t have time to invest in yourself

And if you’re not willing to get a lot of No’s… because that’s just a part of the process

So if you’re ready…

⇒ Here’s everything you get in the Agency Blueprint:

  1. The quickest way to set up your domains and inboxes so you’re ready for outreach within 2 weeks… so you can realistically close a client within 3 weeks of getting this blueprint
  2. A brain-dead simple explanation of choosing the right niche along with a list of 15 niches you can choose from… (if you really can’t think of one – this will give you a jumpstart)
  3. An offer creation guide that will have you create your first ‘killer’ offer in just a few hours… (dubbed by Jeremy Schaller as a ‘god-tier guide’)
  4. The only explanation for building an Ideal Client Profile you’ll ever need. With all the criteria you need to have included… A PERFECT ICP and our proprietary ROI-breakdown method which makes closing prospects on calls and pricing your services correctly a walk in the park… so you can stop sweating bullets when pitching your prospect $600 pay per appointment and a $3500 setup fee
  5. A LinkedIn outreach method that brought us 10 interested prospects within 2 days of outreach and just 93 messages sent. We walk you through optimizing your profile, scraping leads and examples of copy you can use… all to get you a client as quickly as humanly possible. Without ever having to refund them
  6. Building a landing page and crafting a VSL in a single day… even if you’ve never built a website before
  7. Choosing the best tools in the lead generation space right now… so you don’t overpay and miss any critical features. We’re not pushing our own tools or affiliate links here – just giving you what’s the best option (or options) currently available
  8. A massive guide on writing cold email copy with all the frameworks we’ve used to get as much as 9% meeting book rate (4% was the average for my clients over 13 months of my agency)
  9. The exact number of emails you should send per day, sending schedules, number of follow-up emails and delays between them with the logic behind it. What we use to keep our deliverability high despite sending 132 emails per domain a day and how you can automate it…
  10. How to handle ANY response to the emails and LinkedIn messages you get… and how to turn them into a meeting in 30s (if you apply the framework that we teach you)
  11. How to send the agreements and what they should look like
  12. What to use to collect the $$ from your clients
  13. The ultimate course on closing lead generation deals… with mock sales calls for you to listen to and the exact script you should use
  14. How to handle fulfillment for your clients – and why cold email scripts and tactics are the least important part of your success
  15. How to map out your whole agency and how to start building SOPs that will turn you from a freelancer with VAs… into a proper agency owner
  16. What to use for your project management (with templates you can just copy-paste)
  17. Everything you need to know about hiring… Who to hire, when and how. Job post templates, role tests and a hiring forecast

So if you want to get a client in 3-4 weeks (1-2 weeks if you have the domains warmed up) this step-by-step (literally) course will get you there

We made it foolproof so that even someone with no experience in B2B sales can get their first deal signed with not much effort


Course Details : Sales Page Link
Original Price : $997
Our Price : $20
Status: Instant Delivery

   For proof and payment detail, please email: [email protected]

Or Message Me on Telegram: @prothom20

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