[Special Offer] Seth Kramer - No Code MBA Course 2

[Special Offer] Seth Kramer – No Code MBA Course

Get No Code MBA Course By Seth Kramer

Get No Code MBA Course By Seth Kramer

Finally, you can build your business without code

Join No Code MBA and get access to all three in-depth courses 25% off lifetime access.

  • No Code 101: Learn The Fundamentals
    10 projects | 6.5 hours
  • Build websites in Webflow
    10 projects | 6.5 hours
  • Build apps with Glide
    7 projects | 6 hours

Join 500+ No Code MBA Members

Worth Every Penny
No Code MBA gives you instant ideas to start creating your own projects. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take a deep-dive in Glide, Webflow, and all those other killer No-Code tools.
– Marc

No Code MBA Unlimited

  • Step by step video tutorials building projects like Product Hunt, Tinder, Zillow, and Headspace.
  • Each course is broken into short lessons between 2 and 20 minutes
  • Detailed videos on how to build complex apps like Product Hunt
  • Learn to build beautifully designed apps by learning design fundamentals in no-code
  • Build professional-grade websites using Webflow

The old way of building online required code. You’d spend $10k+ on a developer or enroll in an expensive coding bootcamp just to get started.

But times have changed. Thanks to modern tools like Webflow, Zapier, Bubble, and Glide, coding is now optional.

No Code MBA teaches you how to turn your idea into reality – all without code.

What do you get when you sign up?

  • All course and project video tutorials on No Code MBA
  • 150+ expert-led video lessons
  • Build real apps like Product Hunt, Tinder, Zillow, and Headspace
  • $3000+ in exclusive no-code tool discounts
  • Private community to for support and guidance
  • Regular course updates
  • Access to all future content
  • Best for: Entrepreneurs and marketing teams looking to build products without knowing how to code
  • Beginner-friendly lessons broken down into videos between 2 and 20 minutes

Learn by building

  • Build a dating app like Tinder
  • Build a website like Product Hunt
  • Build a meditation app like Headspace
  • Build a membership recipe app
  • Build a marketplace like Fiverr
  • Build a curation directory site like Startup Stash
  • Build a real estate app like Zillow
  • Build a marketplace app like Craigslist
  • Build a job board website
  • Build a to-do list app
  • Build a stock price text notification app

♦ Reviews

Seth Kramer
Hi! I’m Seth, founder of No Code MBA. I’m super excited to share No Code MBA with you.

If you haven’t heard of no-code before, think of it like coding, but instead of typing words and numbers you build by dragging and dropping in a visual editor (kind of like in PowerPoint).

Now is the perfect time to start learning how to build on the internet. It’s not too late to get started – in fact, the no code revolution is just beginning! No code tools have drastically improved in just the past few years. You no longer need to know how to code to create an online business, or earn money as a freelancer online. There’s still a learning process, but it happens much more quickly.

What makes No Code MBA different is our focus on real-world examples. Each course follows a project from beginning to end, so you’ll finish each course with something real to share with the world. Examples include projects such as a Product Hunt-like community, a dating app, a real estate app, a private blog, and much more.

With your No Code MBA lifetime membership, you’ll get access to all premium courses, lessons, and templates – plus all new content released in the future.

In addition, you’ll get access to our private community where you’ll connect and learn with all No Code MBA Unlimited members. You’ll also get priority access to support if you have any questions as you go through our courses.

Our curriculum is built with all skill levels in mind. Whether you’ve never built anything online before or are looking to level up your ability, we have courses to fit your skill level.

If you’re ready to build apps, websites, and automations without code and launch your online business, No Code MBA is for you!

We hope you take this opportunity and use No Code MBA to make your next business idea a reality. If you have any questions, you can reach me at [email protected].


Taylor Banks
Verified Purchaser
Great tutorials, helpful forum
So far, I’ve only watched two of Seth’s tutorials, but both were excellent. They provided guidance for building apps, yes… but also a framework for thinking about how to build apps without writing code, which was precisely what I’d hoped to get out of them. Further, Seth is quick to reply to comments in his discussion forum to provide ideas and pointers.

Enjoying what I’ve seen so far and looking forward to new content Seth adds over time.

Easy recommendation for those looking to build NoCode apps or MVP’s.

Gillian Fishman
Verified Purchaser
100% Worth It
As a non-technical founder, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I set my sights on building an MVP using “no code” solutions. After wasting multiple days struggling through different platforms with minimal results, I came across No Code MBA. Following Seth’s tutorials I was able to build a landing page and a customer dashboard within a number of hours. My only regret is not joining sooner!


Verified Purchaser
Quality Content
I greatly enjoy the content shared. Learning about no code at my pace to build has given me so many ideas to build my own internet business.


Evan Febrianto
Verified Purchaser
Good platform to learn
I learn a lot of mobile apps using glide. I have created my own app for my small business. So far, it is sufficient to achieve what I want. Thanks!


Verified Purchaser
Great way to learn No Code Tools
It’s great the way Seth teaches how to create several products with No Code tools. It’s great learning them while you are creating something real and valuable.I recommend it so much!


Ahmed Atlas
Verified Purchaser
No Code Changed My LIFE!
Cliche but TRUE. I am now capable of building out mvp’s 10x faster and fulfil my clients needs easier. My work life balance has improved and so has my social life.


Verified Purchaser
Seth’s platform is awesome
This platform contains the know-how we need for Product Development, Marketing and Go To Market. And guess what… without code. Join me along with other members of the community in order to grow our awesome ideas into reality. See you in!


Verified Purchaser
No Fluff. Gets You to Work.
If you are looking for feel-good content, then this is not for you. No Code MBA gets you to work immediately, to start working on projects and to learn by doing. Seth is also very responsive in answering questions and providing feedback in the community.


Uri Strauss
Verified Purchaser
Useful community
NoCode is a cutting edge set of tools that I expect will grow exponentially in the coming years. No Code MBA is a great community for people who are learning and practicing No Code tools. The founder, Seth, is highly engaged and always creating new content.


Verified Purchaser
The service every entrepreneur needs
If you’re looking to bootstrap your own business or product with limited resources, nocodemba is the place to “learn how to fish”.

Verified Purchaser
Jump into the No Code MBA community, learn and build skills
No Code is taking the world by storm. No matter your level of experience, there is something for everyone here. You can learn at your own pace. You can build apps with as simple or complex workflows as you like. I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to have an idea and then actually build it without needing a developer. Yes you can do it all yourself. I jumped in at the deep end and haven’t looked back since. The community is so supportive and everyone is working on something, trying out ideas, building and creating. New year, new paradigm. No better time to get started on your No-Code journey. Build something and share it with the world.


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