[Download] The Website Identity Framework (WIF) 2

[Download] The Website Identity Framework (WIF)

Download Website Identity Framework (WIF) By Umbrella Digital Media

Download The Website Identity Framework (WIF) By Umbrella Digital Media

The must have white-label web agency toolkit to stop website projects waiting on content from clients

“Not only does The WIF free up my precious time, it results in a better website, which leads to happy customers and makes me look good.”
~ Rick Heijster, Web Developer

Are Your Web Projects Grinding to a Halt Waiting on Content from Clients?
If the answer to this question is ‘yes’ then you’ve come to the right place to stop waiting on content from clients once and for all.

This white-label framework will give you a process to end the frustration and stress from projects which never get started.

A simple, tried and tested process to follow once your web proposal has been signed off making the web project easy and stress-free for everyone.


The ‘Website Identity Framework’
The Website Identity Framework, better known as The WIF®, is a shareable working document you and your client work through together. It encourages client autonomy too so they come to you with the right information you need to effortlessly move the project into the build phase.

It takes your client through an actionable 7-step process and by the end they will be able to articulate what it is they do, who they help and how they deliver.

  • Articulate how they help their clients
  • Know what makes them unique and different to their competitors
  • Attract the right clients because they have the right customer-focused messaging on the website
  • Put the foundations in place for the right customer journey to improve leads and conversions
  • Have the tools and knowledge to start the content creation process
  • All YOU have to do is GUIDE them through the process

Take a Peek ⇓

  • Delivered in a variety of digital formats, easy for white labelling and easy for sharing with clients to jointly annotate remotely or face to face
  • Broken down into 7 easy-to-do sections to make it manageable for you and your client
  • It guides and educates your client by them ‘doing’ rather than you trying to educate their mindset
  • Makes your discovery meetings more effective and less time-consuming
  • Your client can work through the sections autonomously rather than you having to hold their hand

“If any product is desperately needed in most web designers’ armouries, it’s this one.”

Dave Foy
Creator of No Stress WordPress and No Fear Funnels

“I so dearly wish I’d had Imogen’s Website Identity Framework when I was building websites for clients.

Getting truly effective content from clients, on time, was always an enormous challenge. Yes, our clients are experts in their own field. But they certainly aren’t copywriters and usually have no idea what makes for effective web copy.

I had zero process or framework for guiding the discovery phase of a project. It was no wonder clients didn’t deliver content on time, or that many of my websites had a generic navigation structure with the content shoehorned in. Urgh.

Imogen told me she was working on the WIF a while ago and I couldn’t have been more excited. If any product is desperately needed in most web designers’ armouries, it’s this one! It’s practical, beautifully presented and an absolute joy to use, on clients’ websites and your own website too!

The WIF framework is simple to follow, as part of your standard discovery process. Using it will effortlessly educate clients and help them better understand their own customers’ journey. And that benefits your clients’ business offline as well as on their website.

Your clients will be happier, with a clear structure to follow, and far less hand-holding required from you. You’ll complete projects way faster, and your websites will perform way better, meaning you can charge more and be more profitable.

You need the WIF in your web design project toolkit.”


What’s In The Website Identity Framework?
There are 7 sections to work through which are:

  1. Section One
    To identify and articulate what it is your client’s business really does and how they help their clients.
  2. Section Two
    A dive into understanding what makes your client and their business different from the rest, discovering a true identity.
  3. Section Three
    The beginnings of building the foundations for a customer journey and thinking about the problems prospects seek them out for help with.
  4. Section Four
    Wrap up their services using the ‘Power of 3’ so prospects KNOW what the business does, how it helps them and how they can buy it without having to think.
  5. Section Five
    Put together a simple yet effective website navigation structure and website page plan which makes for an effortless user experience.
  6. Section Six
    Lay the foundations of content creation for the website with focus on the homepage, about page and services pages. This section brings together everything from sections 1-5 to outline a content approach.
  7. Section Seven
    Next steps and now you’re ready for the website build to begin!

The WIF Is Right For You If…

  • You want an easy to follow, ready-made process to help save you time
  • You need to get key information from your clients through a series of simple steps and questions
  • You want a framework you can use with every client
  • You are tired of recreating the wheel for every project
  • You empower the right mindset for your client through ‘doing’
  • Your want your client to work independently rather than holding their hand through every step
  • You want to develop a more efficient discovery process
  • You need a content prompt for clients to work through
  • You have a proactive approach and you want to help your clients
  • You are frustrated by projects grinding to a halt waiting on content because clients don’t know what to write
  • You want to keep projects on track and get paid on time

The WIF Is Not For You If…

  • You already have an easy process of your own you are happy with
  • You don’t have time to put these simple steps into practice
  • You buy the framework and never use it
  • You don’t want a process for every project
  • You would rather hand-hold your client through every step of your discovery
  • Your are happy your clients are are unprepared for your discovery meetings
  • You’re not stressed out chasing your clients for content
  • You want a product which writes all the content for you
  • You don’t want to be proactive and help your clients
  • You don’t mind projects not being finished because you are waiting on content
  • You don’t need to keep projects on track and get paid on time


“The WIF positions me as the expert.”

Simon Kay
Web Designer, StudioK 360

“Gathering usable website content from clients is always a challenge. Some clients don’t know where to start and struggle to organise their content whilst others have strong ideas & opinions on what goes where but have not thought about their client journey.

The WIF is brilliant because it leads clients through 7 actionable steps to clarify their messaging to be customer focused and it helps create a user journey which will deliver results. I found the “Power of 3” step helpful as I plan the website homepage and decide on the menu options. It’s also great at educating your client so they know why you have made certain decisions and this gets design approval quicker.

Implementing the WIF into my process has not only sped up the project but it also further positions me as the website expert. If you are looking for a proven process to help you educate and gather website content from your client faster then I would definitely recommend purchasing the WIF.”

What’s Included?
The WIF is a 3-part product wrapped up in your own portal to access whenever you want and includes:

Part 1: Video Training
A video walkthrough to get maximum use from The WIF with minimum

Part 2: The Files
A choice of 3 digital formats for easy white-labelling into your own branded master document

Part 3: Resources
Extra resources to take a dive into topics in the WIF to gain a deeper understanding

Extra Support Available ⇓

  1. Email Support
    You can submit questions in the portal as you work through the resources. Each section of learning has a form submission for questions. I will answer each question personally by email so I encourage you to ask away!
  2. Solo Agency Help
    Do you need one to one help to work through The WIF on a project together? I can help with that too. Get in touch and let’s have a conversation.
  3. Small to Medium Agency Help
    If you have a team with individual responsibilities for your website projects, then I can work with you and your team to implement The WIF principles so your agency can add in this crucial element of the jigsaw in your discovery process.

How Will The WIF Make Your Life Easier?

  • The WIF is so easy to implement it’s effortless
  • There’s nothing complicated to set up
  • White-labelled so you can easily rebrand it
  • Use over and over for every client
  • A time-saving, ‘no-brainer’ white label tool to add to your website discovery process.
  • All of this wrapped up in a handy product, ready to use out of the box


“As a web design agency we see the benefit of employing the WIF.”

Michael MacGinty
CEO, Meanit Web Design Agency

“The WIF provides a framework to follow with clients to ensure they are on board with our thinking. It helps them see what they need to provide and why.

There is so much to discuss with a client and much of it gets lost, so the WIF will address this challenge, giving a good guideline to educate clients, to have them realise what content is required and why. Plus they will realise they need excellent content rather than filler.

The WIF is long enough to cover the details and short enough to read through.

As a web design agency, we see the benefit of employing the WIF, so we would recommend it. We hope it will become a tool to help clients understand their role in the development of their own website.”


Case Study
The WIF in Action with Owner-Manager, Charlotte Shutt
Charlotte Shutt, Brand Remarkable
Branding Designer

“I was really struggling with my website because my business has developed and diversified in line with what my customer’s needs are over the last 5 years but I haven’t been able to work out how best to communicate that effectively.

When potential customers approached me, I was always having to explain them in detail how I work with my customers. The problem was this information was overwhelming and not easy for them to digest so much so that I took my website offline for a while because it was not communicating how I wanted to come across online.

I didn’t have the headspace to think about how I was going to address this and I had lost sight of my core offering and what my customers really wanted.

The WIF enabled me to step back and consider how my customers see the solution they were coming to me for rather than me telling them what I think they needed to know.

The WIF gave me a breakthrough by working through the website structure and navigation sections and how clients move through the site. The biggest lightbulb moment for me was using testimonials and customer feedback to find out what customers actually ‘got’ from working with me. I had not realised what it is they get from working with me because I had never asked them before.

The whole process working through the WIF has given me total clarity about what it is I do in my customer’s eyes. The whole process was so practical and gave me the focus I needed and not feel overwhelmed doing it.

Before the WIF, I didn’t know where to start and couldn’t see the direction I needed to go in. The WIF is a practical, clear and constructive pathway to follow and explore the best way to present your business and what you offer to customers. I’m now full of confidence and know my way forward. Imogen, you’re a genius! “


“I will recommend the WIF to my WordPress Project Management students”

Beth Livingston
Founder, The WP Project Manager’s Academy

“The WIF helps agencies to help their clients by forcing them to consider THEIR customer AND the overall customer journey BEFORE deciding on the elements that are needed on a website.

I plan to recommend the WIF to my WordPress Project Management students to supplement what I teach them in our methodology about conducting the Discovery Phase. The WIF follows one of our core principles to ‘Break the Job Down’ and will certainly make things easier for my students.”

Who Am I To Be Telling You This?
I’m a firm believer in helping to give other people the information and help they need to make their lives easier and less stressful.

I’ve been a teacher in my career and a web designer and my purpose has always been to be the best communicator I can be and help people understand things for themselves, rather than telling them.

Explaining things in a language other people understand and being the person who tries to step into someone else’s shoes has given me such insight which I want to use and help other people improve their own learning and their lives. The WIF is a culmination of that insight and experience to put together a plan, a process to make things easy and to work to overcome the hurdles put in the way of getting a project off the ground.

Finding Identity
One of the most difficult things I found to do in my own web business was to ‘find my own identity’. I followed many different pieces of advice from different sources and although helpful, I just didn’t ‘get it’ and I struggled to work out who I was and how I actually helped people. I had an overall ‘feeling’ of how I helped people but just couldn’t put it into words.

Starting a website discovery process with clients each time was stressful and overwhelming. My approach was inconsistent and each time I reinvented the wheel as I started a new project.

Clients themselves were overwhelmed at the start of a web project and never knew how to articulate what they did or could clearly ‘see’ how they solved their client’s problems. Clients were so focused on the tasks and services they ‘did’ for clients they could never see the bigger picture from their client’s perspective.

A Better Way
There needed to be a better way, a simpler way to get the information I needed as painlessly as possible. Educating clients by ‘doing’ rather than explaining made it easier for both parties to effortlessly get to the point where we needed to be in order to start to build the website.

How did The WIF begin?
This led me to creating the WIF, a working document which bridges the gap between signing off the proposal and building the website. In the world of web, there are so many helpful tools, courses and resources to help with many different stages in the web-build process but the biggest problem still remained: getting content from clients. More specifically, getting the clients to a point where they know what the content of their website should say (even if it’s not eloquently).

Be Proactive
To get the content we need takes a proactive approach. Guiding clients through the process by ‘doing’ is a less stressful and more fruitful approach. Think of it this way, if you were asked to go and produce the content for your website with no help or guiding star, where would you start?

So the Website Identity Framework was born. Being able to help other web agencies, just like me, to take the strain by adopting a process which works and is a win-win for web agencies and clients alike.

Why The WIF?
Knowing who you are and how you help people makes the content flow so much more easily. Finding your identity is the best work you can do to help everything else flow from it. I felt disheartened every time I read about web developers and designers waiting on content and projects never completing. I felt there had to be a way to help the web community get over this hurdle but by being proactive and guiding their clients. Our clients are experts in their own field, they simply just don’t know how to articulate it. So let’s help them get to where they want to be and help us to stop project grinding to a halt over content.

“This is going to be my starting block for my web projects”

David Hibbert
Web Developer, FluidWeb

“Kicking off the content part of a project has always been a pain point. Sometimes clients don’t know where to start or they just send over loads of content which is not relevant. The Website Identity Framework (WIF) is a great starting block for getting a project going and help the client visualise the way forward. I can really get inside my clients’ head and help them to extract their thoughts and ideas, giving them focus and confidence in what they are doing, and reflect this in their website. It’s going to be my starting block for any new site or redesign project going forward.”


“My clients get a better website and it frees up my time”

Rick Heijster
Web Developer, RAM ICT Services

“Before the WIF I had to hand hold my clients through the whole content process. I’m not even particularly good at copy writing, so I might not be the right person to guide my client on this subject. In comes the Website Identity Framework.

Not only does it free up precious time for me because it saves me from the hand-holding, with the WIF my clients also get better content for their website. That results in a better website, which leads to happy customers and makes me look good.

That’s a Win – Win – Win – Win situation in my book.”

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