[Download] Dan Kennedy & Russell Brunson – Magnetic Marketing 2

[Download] Dan Kennedy & Russell Brunson – Magnetic Marketing

Magnetic Marketing By Dan Kennedy & Russell Brunson

Download Magnetic Marketing By Dan Kennedy & Russell Brunson

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Over $19,997 Worth Of Hard-Hitting, NO B.S. Marketing Material…


Plus, when you say “maybe” and test-drive NO B.S. Magnetic Marketing Letter for a full 30 days, you’ll also receive a subscription to our Marketing Secrets Letter… completely FREE!

I can’t stress how incredible this duo newsletter offer is – it might just be the two best marketing newsletters in the world!

Think ’bout it – you get the NO B.S. Magnetic Marketing newsletter, which teaches you timeless business principles for exponential growth and long-term survival… no more “ADHD Marketing” of hopping from tactic to tactic.

That’s not all! You also get our Marketing Secrets Letter where my team and I show you behind the scenes on our most successful campaigns and how we’re applying Dan’s principles to all of our funnels.

We spend MILLIONS a month in advertising across multiple brands… and we’ll show you what’s working and what’s not, so your precious ad dollars NEVER go to waste again!

⇒ What The Other Legends Of Marketing Are Saying…

Dan Kennedy teaching has been the guiding mantra of every business I have ever started.
– Ryan Deiss

8 out of 10 things that I know about marketing I learned from Dan Kennedy… Dan’s work is timeless… Forever.
– Perry Belcher

No one has had a bigger impact in the field of direct response, advertising and marketing than Dan Kennedy.
– Frank Kern

Dan Kennedy has contributed to the marketing world more than anyone else… all entrepreneurs should invest in Dan Kennedy materials.
– Lee Milteer

You Get When You Say “Maybe” Today!

⇒ NO B.S. Magnetic Marketing Newsletter
Every month you will get a physical copy of the NO B.S. Marketing Letter, chock-full of marketing and business strategies that can explode profits, at will!

I promise – it will feel like Christmas each month when you open it and have your own personal Dan Kennedy print ‘seminar’ delivered to your doorstep!

Every Month You’ll Get:

  • Secrets from Dan Kennedy himself…
  • Renegade Millionaire Secrets…
  • Copywriting Secrets…
  • Magnetic ‘Internet’ Marketing…
  • The Lost Laws Of Success…
  • ​And much, MUCH more!

Free Gift #1 ($359 Value)
“Magnetic Marketing On Demand”
You’ll get the “Magnetic Marketing On Demand” app that will stream great presentations from Dan Kennedy and our guest experts delivered to your favorite devices via our App or your web browsers. Available now on Apple TV, iOS, ROKU, Fire TV, Android TV, Android!

App also works great when you’re driving as audio in a car, mowing your lawn, working out, or just listening when you don’t have the ability to watch the content.

Free Gift #2 ($197 Value)
“Brass Balls Factor”
This course is the sort of “harsh reality” success information that nobody ever talks about publicly… what it REALLY takes to go from scratch to wealth, fast, against all resistance and all obstacles.

Warning: a percentage of you will be offended by this course. The rest of you will dramatically increase your success in life because of it!

In this seminar you’ll learn:

  • What you SHOULD be charging and get it, every time… (and how to avoid the #1 trap most people make when pricing their services)
  • ​Do you always follow “what’s working” for your market? Maybe you shouldn’t and Dan reveals why… (and what to do instead)
  • ​Why measuring “success & failure” will destroy your business… and why this third option is the real key to exponential growth without the frustration!

Free Gift #3 ($97 Value)
“Renegade Millionaire Time Management System”
Time is our ONLY non-renewable asset, and in your business, you are likely surrounded by time vampires. You need to learn how to protect your time so you can get more done in less time.

This is NOT your normal time management course, this was built for RENEGADE millionaires like you – not normal humans!

In this seminar, you’ll learn:

  • Why most time management tactics are outdated and ineffective in today’s day & age (…and how to become an ultra-productive renegade overnight!)
  • “If you don’t set your agenda… others will,” Dan says – and then reveals the trick on how to become ruthless with your time…
  • ​The simple, offline “Disney Secret” used by animators to help manage time and projects that Dan himself uses – and so should you!

Free Gift #4 ($297 Value)
“Midas Touch Marketing & Selling”
Three BONUS Courses To Help Secure Your Financial Freedom:

– Midas Touch Marketing
– Midas Touch Direct Marketing
– Midas Touch Selling

If you want to possess the ability to create income at will, through direct marketing and NOT through manual labor… to transcend any one business or product category and create profitable promotions for virtually any product, service or business – or charity, non-profit, political cause… you need the Midas Touch.

In this rare seminar, you’ll learn:

  • The #1 best form of advertising that doesn’t cost you a dime (And this is how you get more of it…)
  • The best kind of “story” that sells EVERY TIME, without fail… and it can work regardless of business or niche.
  • ​Are you using “direct mail” to sell your products or services? It may seem counterintuitive, but Dan reveals why direct mail might be the best marketing strategy for your ad budget… even in today’s time, and even if you normally sell online
  • ​The key “persuasive elements” EVERY great sales message needs to convert like bananas!

⇒ Behind The Scenes Marketing Secrets Newsletter
We spend literally millions of dollars each month on tests to figure out the best way to structure funnels, write copy, and drive traffic to our offers.

Our NEW newsletter is a ‘behind the scenes’ look at what is working NOW. No theory, no fluff, just proven examples that you can model for your business, hand-delivered to your door each month!

Every Month You’ll Get:

  • New Secrets From Russell Brunson!
  • Sales Funnel Secrets…
  • Traffic Secrets…
  • ​Virtual Real Estate Secrets…
  • ​The Secrets Of Success…

Free Gift #1 ($197 Value)
“Funnelology Masterclass”
The Funnelology Masterclass will teach you the new art and science of funnel building. After looking at over 2,039,482 funnels and 70,728 split tests, we’ve learned exactly which funnels generate 95% of the revenue on the ClickFunnels platform.

This class will teach you HOW each of these funnels work, and how to plug in YOUR OFFER into their proven frameworks!

Free Gift #2 ($97 Value)
“DotCom Secrets LIVE”
Before the DotCom Secrets book was published, Russell taught the principles LIVE to his $50k per year “Inner Circle” members.

There are many things taught at this event that never made it into the final book!

You’ll learn how to create your own value ladder, setup funnels that acquire new customers and get them to keep buying from you over time!

These secrets have only been seen by his ‘Inner Circle’… until now!

  • This super simple ‘Secret Formula’ lures your dream customers right to your doorstep like a bee to pollen

Free Gift #3 ($97 Value)
“Expert Secrets LIVE”
Become the authority and expert you were meant to be. Get front-row access to Russell’s entire LIVE event teaching the principles of his bestselling book, “Expert Secrets.”

Reading the book is one thing… but SEEING it and EXPERIENCING with Russell teaching it takes your understanding to a whole new level.

This exclusive training was reserved for those who paid $50,000 to be in his top tier coaching… until now!

  • Want to be the ‘go to’ expert in your market? Then discover the raw power of the “opportunity switch”…and never look back
  • ​No product? No service? No list? No problem! Here’s how to find a great niche to serve and get people to follow you anywhere

Free Gift #4 ($97 Value)
“Traffic Secrets LIVE”
Earlier this year, Russell did a private 2-day event called “Traffic Secrets LIVE” with his $50K per year students revealing dozens of never before seen Traffic Secrets.

This course has been in the vault and never available to the public for any price…

If you need MORE traffic, then this event will unlock everything you need to know to be successful!

In this LIVE Event, you’ll learn:

  • To master list building, you must master The 3 Temperatures of Traffic and The 3 Types of Traffic. Ready to explode your list?
  • ​How to build a raving tribe, have a massive impact on your audience, and get your message out to the world. (It’s easier than you think!)
  • ​Keep your fans and customers coming back for more over and over again when you implement this proven email strategy.
  • ​Use this proven strategy to take your followers on a seamless step by step ‘buyers journey’…and create a loyal horde of happy customers

What The Other Legends Of Marketing Say About Dan…

Brian Tracy
Dan Kennedy is a Genius
“My friend Dan Kennedy is unique, genius in many ways. I have always admired his ability to see the vital truths in any business and to state these realities with straight language and clear definitions. His approach is direct. His ideas are controversial. His ability to get results for his clients is unchallenged.”

Joe Polish
“My relationship with Dan Kennedy & Magnetic Marketing has been directly responsible for over $500,000.00 in the past two years.”

Ali Brown
Easily Brought In Over $1,000,000 Using His Marketing Strategies
“When I discovered Dan Kennedy’s materials years ago, I immediately became a ‘convert.’ And I’m so glad I did… since then, Dan’s time-tested, proven, no-holds-barred advice has helped me more than QUADRUPLE my business. In fact, I easily brought in over $1,000,000.00.”

Dan And I Wanted To Do Whatever It Took To
Push You Over The Edge And Sign Up Today!
Listen, I know these teachings can transform any business overnight. That’s why I’m not holding back and throwing in MORE high-level marketing material… completely FREE!

Here Are The BONUS FREE GIFTS When You Sign Up Today:

The “Greatest Hits” Of NO BS And Marketing Secrets

Is this your first time reading Dan Kennedy or Marketing Secrets? Then you’ll love this.

I specifically hand-picked two of my favorite issues from NO B.S. that really helped move the needle in my businesses… and two of the most popular issues from our Marketing Secrets newsletter.
Dan Kennedy speaking on stage

74 Funnel Swipe File!
Exactly 653 PAGES of the most profitable, high-converting funnels working for finance… coaching… health… ecomm… info… and so many others!

Get stuck? Not sure what funnel to model?

74 Funnel Swipe File can help guide, inspire, and point you in the right direction for your own funnel.
74 Funnel Swipe File book
Please Note: We printed only 1,000 copies of ’74 Funnel Swipe File’. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. This is NOT available as a PDF and is NOT sold anywhere else online.

Magnetic Marketing
You’ll get a physical copy of Dan Kennedy’s classic, Magnetic Marketing: How To Attract A Flood Of New Customers That PAY, STAY, And REFER!

This is a must-own, must-read-every-year kind of book where Dan takes all of his principles he’s been teaching since the 1970s and shows you how to set-up a steady flow of HIGHLY-QUALIFIED leads for any business or practice.

This will become your next “go to” book that’s on your desk, within arm’s reach… and helps you generate more profit every time you crack it open!

When You Say “Maybe” Today, You Can Have ALL Of This…

  • Magnetic Marketing On Demand………………………………………………..($359 Value)
  • Funnelology Masterclass………………………………………………………………($197 Value)
  • Kennedy’s “Brass Balls Factor” Course………………………………………..($197 Value)
  • DotCom Secrets LIVE!…………………………………………………………………..($97 Value)
  • Renegade Millionaire Time Management System……………………..($97 Value)
  • Expert Secrets LIVE!………………………………………………………………………($97 Value)
  • Kennedy’s Midas Touch Marketing & Selling……………………………($297 Value)
  • Traffic Secrets LIVE!……………………………………………………………………….($97 Value)
  • BONUS! NO BS & Marketing Secrets “Greatest Hits” 4 Issues………($297 Value)
  • BONUS! 74 Funnel Swipe File (physical copy w/ 653 pages!)……….($197 Value)
  • BONUS! Physical copy of Magnetic Marketing book……………………($65 Value)
  • BONUS! In-Person, Half-Day Seminar with Dan Kennedy………….($18K Value)

Total Value: $19,997
(Just Cover $29.95 For Printing & Shipping)

So, What’s The Catch…?
Like I said in the beginning, I’m giving you this insane gift as a bribe, to test drive the NO B.S. and the B.T.S. newsletters.

Why would I do this?

Well, there are actually a few reasons…

1. It’s our way of saying thank you for being a dedicated customer of either Dan Kennedy or Russell Brunson. No matter who’s list you came from, we are grateful for you and wanted to do something TRULY special!

2. We wanted to celebrate the joining of our two companies, and our two newsletters by giving you BOTH of them for the price of ONE! There’s no way we can do this forever, but right now you have a chance to lock in this HUGE discount FOREVER!

3. Unlike other “gurus,” I don’t make all of my money teaching others how to make money (I actually run real businesses online selling software, supplements, physical products and more)… and because Dan is semi-retired, we can do something that NO ONE ELSE can do… we can share with you ALL of our best stuff, without holding back ANYTHING!

4. We get another one of our products in your hands, and when you see how awesome it is, it should get you excited to buy other stuff from us in the future. The more money I can make you now, the more likely you are to join our $10k “Insiders Circle” or my $150k Inner Circle program in the future.

5. I’m kinda a show off… (This is Russell speaking) – I’m not going to lie. I’m sick of people throwing out conversion numbers and their stats without any real proof to back it up. I think 99% of what is said online is complete BS… so I thought it would be a breath of fresh air to publish the TRUTH, show the actual stats and #’s behind what we do, and well… honestly, I just want you to think I’m cool. 🙂

Why Time Is Of The Essence…

This is a limited offer, but even inside of that, there is REAL scarcity that you need to be aware of…

1st) I only printed 1,000 of the “74 Funnel Swipe File” books. Yes, I can order more, but there is a 12-week lag time, so if this page is online now, then we have books in stock…

2nd) Getting TWO NEWSLETTERS for the price of ONE is going away SOON! Because this is not just a digital membership site, we do have actual physical costs and sending you TWO NEWSLETTERS each month is not cheap. Because of that, the “Two Newsletters For The Price Of One” offer will be removed VERY soon. If you don’t lock in your membership NOW while this page is live… you’ll NEVER be able to get this offer again.

3rd) This charter pricing (66% – 75% discount) AND the trial offer will not last forever. We are selling out memberships fast, and as soon as we hit our target number, we will be raising the prices back to full price. It’s simple supply and demand and it’s happening here in real time.

“Do you have a guarantee?”
You Bet. Matter Of Fact, I Have THREE Guarantees For You

Guarantee #1 – 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
100% guarantee that you’ll love this gift, or I’ll return your shipping fees and let you keep the gift anyway.

That’s right. You don’t even have to send anything back. Just email me or call the number on your receipt and I’ll give you back your money with no question asked.

And if you decide at ANY time that you don’t want to be a subscriber any more, you can cancel anytime, and keep the cool package of stuff we sent you!

Guarantee #2 – NO B.S. Support For Success
We guarantee support. We know the entrepreneurial journey can get lonely, with plenty of bumps and unforeseen turns…

That’s why if you have any questions or hang-ups on how to use the marketing material in your business, or need help with a strategy, you’ll be able to reach our team of marketing professionals via email and receive a response within a 24-hour period.

You don’t have to feel alone anymore, second-guessing yourself. We truly care about your success, and that’s why we’ll be there every step of the way.

Guarantee #3 – My Ridiculous and Downright “Dan Kennedy Crazy” 365-Day Guarantee
I’m not BS’ing around here… 😉

Use us for a full 12 months. And if you STILL don’t experience transformative results in your business with the strategies taught by Dan Kennedy… and you’ve given my team and I the chance to personally help you… then I will still refund your initial investment.


How can I have such a powerful guarantee?
Because I know what Dan teaches works.

His advice worked to help grow ClickFunnels into what it is today… and it’s worked for countless other direct-to-consumer companies around the world!

Imagine if you used just ONE piece of business advice from Dan Kennedy… and you begin to see positive results in your business almost instantly.

How much would you pay for the ONE piece of advice?

$10,000…? $20,000…?

Well, today, all you have to say is “maybe” and the gift is yours… for FREE!

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