[Download] Julian Ash – Instagram Business Builder Bootcamp 2

[Download] Julian Ash – Instagram Business Builder Bootcamp

Download Instagram Business Builder Bootcamp By Julian Ash

Download Instagram Business Builder Bootcamp By Julian Ash

REVEALED: How I Use Instagram Theme Pages To make $70,000+ Per Month With The PRSO System.

I’ve finally decided to work with serious & committed people to help them build their online business with Instagram & travel the world thanks to financial & geographical freedom…

See, the Instagram Business Builder Bootcamp is the most in depth training on the market when it comes to Instagram Theme Pages.

And it’s not just a random online course selling you fake opportunities. I’m Julian & I’m 19 years old, I make $850,000+ a year with my Instagram Theme Pages & travel the world at a young age.

With the Instagram Business Builder Bootcamp, which is my brand new mentorship program, you will be able to learn how to do the same.

Make a living from an Instagram page & reach financial freedom from your phone!

BUT what is the Instagram Business Builder Bootcamp?

This IS NOT a random online course, it’s my brand new mentorship program, which gives you access to:

✅100+ HD Video Lessons, split into 7 full weeks of learning (VALUE: $1997)

✅ New videos continuously added, lifetime access is given (VALUE: $997)

✅ All the strategies & tools I use to generate $20,000+ per month from Theme Pages (VALUE: $997)

✅ Detailed explanations about the PRSO system I use to generate $20,000+ monthly (VALUE: $997)

✅ Worksheets, PDFs, action steps & detailed exercises to literally guide you into building your Instagram business (VALUE: $497)

✅Multiple Monthly Live calls with our coaches, included, where we teach you new skills & continuously guide you & answer your questions (VALUE: $2997)

✅ Direct 24/7 support & access to me & our team of coaches, on Telegram (VALUE: $997)

✅ A Mastermind group, hosted by myself, where you can discuss issues and brainstorm ideas with all of our students. That’s where you’ll be able to get access to the weekly mentoring sessions with us & tons more help! (VALUE: $1997)

✅ A 1 on 1 call with me, in person, when you’ve completed the program so I can best help you scale to the next level & dive into your business directly, to see where I can best help & move you in the right direction.

✅ And so many more bonuses you’re about to read about… 👇

The value is guaranteed, and the Bootcamp is only going for 695€…

I Know A Lot Of Fake Gurus Charging 5,000€ And More For Stuff That Isn’t Even As Useful…

Thomas is a student of mine and he currently makes approximately $10.000+ per month using my proven methods to monetize a theme page from his phone. Cool stuff right? He learnt from me & now is able to have his own schedule and run his business from wherever he wants in the world, using his phone.

Just a word about me… I currently generate over $70,000+ per month from my Instagram theme pages, but it was not always like that, really not…

Look, one year ago, I started my business on Instagram, and I was just 17 years old. I had no idea what I was doing really. I knew I wanted to travel the world at a young age and be financially free as soon as possible.

I was still in high school at that point, and every single person I knew was talking about going to college and finding a good 9-5 job for the rest of their lives.

I just could not imagine my life being like that forever, I knew life had more to offer than that. And I saw people on Instagram making a living by growing a following.

I understood that Instagram was so powerful because people would spend hours on the platform every single day…

I started multiple Instagram theme pages, but most of them failed & I just didn’t know how to make money from them.

It was very hard to get started as I had in fact no clue where to begin. I used to watch YouTube tutorials every day, but all of that free content did not help me at all.

I told myself that to succeed, the best solution was to learn from someone that had the life & results that I wanted in my life too.

Right now, I’m 19 years old & travelling the world (trying my best during this pandemic!). I just took action & spent a few hours a day following someone’s in depth training & mentorship. He taught me every single step of the process so I couldn’t get it wrong.

And now guess what? I make over $70,000 per month, and travel the world at 19! I’m currently living in Dubai.

Anyone who has an hour a day at least and wants to quit the 9 to 5 rat race can get started. I will teach you everything from scratch inside this Bootcamp, no prior experience is needed, you do not need to show your face on Instagram every day and be a slave to your smartphone.

But then, what do you need? You need to be motivated & willing to change your life. I take care of teaching you the rest.

This isn’t just a random $7 course. This is an in depth training, 7 weeks long (you get infinite access, no worries), with the purpose of taking you from scratch to making an extra $3.000/$5.000 per month approximately.

Sign up today & get instant access and start building your theme page with no further waiting!

The Instagram Business Builder Bootcamp is an in depth program, teaching you what it really takes to run a profitable Instagram theme page, within 7 weeks.

It is not another online course which promises you results & ends up disappointing you. This is an online platform with over 100 video lessons (new videos continuously being added) that guide you step by step through the process of starting & making money from an Instagram Theme Page.

By signing up, you’ll get lifetime & instant access to this program. I have been monetizing Instagram for a while now, making 6 figures annually just by running different Theme Pages across Instagram!

I’m sure you’ve come across $7 courses which leave you disappointed after enrolling… With the Instagram Business Builder Bootcamp, you get access to me so I can further guide you through your journey & guide you to monetizing your page as soon as possible.

This is a proper in depth mentorship program, where I guide you to the next level!

♦ Curriculum (new videos will continuously be added. Join now, and get lifetime access.)

Intro & Important Resources

  • Seize the opportunity to have me as your MENTOR…
  • INTRO (0:53)
  • Access Support & Coaching
  • Get to know me & my story! (7:13)
  • Join Our Mastermind Group!
  • Welcome to the Bootcamp (3:26)
  • Claim your free shout out now! (1:26)

WEEK 1: Installing the Mindset of an Entrepreneur

  • Switch your Perception: New Vision (7:44)
  • Setting Goals and Operating at 10X Levels (8:15)
  • MUST WATCH: Daily Habits Dictate your Success (14:26)
  • Creating your Visionboard & its Importance (8:03)
  • Organisation in Business Part 1 Featuring Thomas Gale (3:46)
  • Organisation in Business Part 2 Featuring Thomas Gale (6:01)
  • Hard now or Hard later?! (4:15)
  • Program expectations & final words about the mindset to succeed with Instagram (5:17)
  • Not giving up & staying driven (8:21)
  • The One Thing (6:09)
  • 5 Books That have Changed My Life (5:45)

WEEK 2: The Offer Incubator

  • The Offer Incubator & it’s worksheet (8:10)
  • Buying A Page BONUS (11:56)
  • Demo Structure (9:23)
  • Week 2 Quiz

…and more…

REVEALED: How I Use Instagram Theme Pages To make $70,000+ Per Month With The PRSO System & many different tools!

In the Instagram Business Builder Bootcamp, you will get instant & lifetime access to a 7 Week Training, including over 100 HD video lessons & many worksheets & checklists which will teach you how you can potentially achieve the same…

We literally guide our students inside the Instagram Business Builder Bootcamp to building their online business they can run from anywhere they want in the world, just using Instagram!

This is the most in depth course on starting an Instagram Theme/Niche Page from scratch, without showing your face, and without working your butt off.

You will get to learn my secret PRSO 4 step method I use to generate $70,000+ per month off Instagram.

In no time, you could be making $3.000 per month just by following the steps in this 7 Week Intensive Bootcamp.


✅ From 0 to $1.000 with Instagram in just 5 weeks VIDEO LESSON (VALUE: $497)

✅ Mindset mastery: Week 1, all about rewiring your brain for success (VALUE: $997)

✅ High-Ticket Sales Mastery, teaching you how to close deals for over $1.000 each, lifetime skill nobody can take away from you (VALUE: $1997)

✅Automation secrets (literally make money while you’re asleep)(VALUE: $497)

✅Scaling secrets: take your Instagram Theme Page past $10.000 per month in no time (VALUE: $997)

TOTAL: $5.000 worth of value all for free…

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