[Download] Anastasia Blogger – Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets 2

[Download] Anastasia Blogger – Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets

Download Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets By Anastasia Blogger 

Download Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets By Anastasia Blogger 

Last Update: July 2020 for the NEW Pinterest Best Practices

Learn How I Get Over 300,000 pageviews/mo of FREE Pinterest Traffic to my Website!

Advanced Pinterest Course
One of the main problems every website owner is facing on a daily basis is getting free traffic. Most of us, start without any budget for ads, so the main income source for most of us is free organic traffic.

Why Driving Traffic Became So Difficult?
If you started your online business in 2000s, you are now in a privileged place compared to any beginner. Your website is over 10 years old, which gives you a huge authority advantage on Google.

Also, 10 years ago or earlier, the competition was lower in the online world than it is now, when everyone is trying to be location independent and working from home.

I’m not saying that you have to give up on your dreams!
All I’m saying is you can’t rely on the same strategies that worked well for people 10 years ago.

Let’s look at the main traffic generating platforms that used to be great but are so difficult and competitive nowadays:


You can still try to rank for long-tail keywords with low competition. But definitely NOT as a beginner with a 3-month old website. Plus, to get just one high-quality post for Google published, you need at least 2000 words and lots of research on the topic.

This work takes 1-3 days. Just for one post! And then you have to wait several months just to see IF your post was able to get anywhere close to top-5 of Google SERP.

What happened on Facebook in 2017 with public pages should be written in the history for all online entrepreneurs and bloggers to remember that any platform just minds their own business and can shut all your traffic in one day with no hesitation.

Facebook changed the algorithm and it killed the engagement on most of the public pages which were used to drive traffic to websites.
Similar things happened with FB ads.

Instagram makes everything possible to prevent a click-through to your website and keep users inside the app. If you have less than 10,000 followers the only place you can have a link to your site on Instagram, is in bio. With over 10,000 followers, you can have links on stories.

This is it! Still want some traffic from Instagram? Paying for ads is the only solution.

So, what can we do? If you don’t sell products priced above $200, advertising on any of these platforms can be too expensive for you. If you monetize your traffic with ads, forget about buying ads. You will never make more than you spend on ads.


Pinterest Free traffic generating machine is waiting for you. You have to be on Pinterest before it becomes too crowded and competitive.

Each pin image on Pinterest is essentially a direct link to your website! Pinterest doesn’t have any algorithm in place (yet) to reduce the organic results and show more ads.

Like any other platform, Pinterest has its own rules of the game called algorithm.

But if you want to win on Pinterest, you need to understand how it works!

Let me guess… this is exactly what you think every day!
I’ve invested so much time into my content, when do I start getting traffic!?
Will I ever start making money with my website?
Google hates me, I can’t find my pages in the search results!
I’m on Facebook and Instagram every day. But I don’t see any traffic from them in my Google Analytics!

It was me asking these questions, before I figured out Pinterest!

  • I spent at least six months after starting my blog trying to get some traffic from Google. It was the worst place to look for traffic for a new blog because Google puts new sites into the so-called “sandbox”.
  • Then I switched my focus to Pinterest and it just clicked! By the end of the 10th month blogging Pinterest traffic helped me to quit my 9-5 job to spend more time working on my blog!
  • I’m getting over 300 000/mo pageviews to my first website from Pinterest a month.
  • With my second site, I received over 70,000/mo pageviews from Pinterest on the third month since I started it!
  • Some of my pins went viral wildly, so I could see these exciting real-time numbers in my Google Analytics.

Your Website Can Pay Off a Lot Faster with Pinterest!
You can get thousands of visitors to your site for free!

Skyrocket your online income within months!

Grow your email list with Pinterest targeted traffic!

Get customers and sell your services or products!

What is Your Biggest Problem?
One very typical mistake many beginners make is lack of focus. We see that successful online entrepreneurs have raving fans on Instagram, huge following on Facebook page or group, YouTube or maybe even Twitter, etc.

But what a beginner doesn’t realize is that to get to that point, the successful guy or girl didn’t work on all these social media platforms at once.
I can guarantee you that every successful online business you know was primarily successful on ONE platform and only when this one platform started paying their bills, they invested time in expanding to other platforms over time.

If you try to target multiple goals at once, you will miss them all.

As a newbie in online biz, you have to focus on ONE thing at a time.
If you choose Pinterest as your first and main platform, you can get a lot more traffic even as a beginner.

You don’t need to wait months or years to establish your account. You can get lots of traffic even when you following is below 500.

It didn’t take me long to experience the power of Pinterest.

All I had to do – start using SEO strategies and pin more strategically. My traffic doubled from one month to another! My list of email subscribers tripled in two months.

Too good to be true?
Are you thinking now, if Pinterest is so amazing, why everybody talks about Google SEO and not that much about Pinterest SEO?

Let me tell you this: opportunity is where competition is lower!

  • Pinterest was launched in 2010, while Google was founded in 1998!
  • In 2018, Pinterest invited content creators to their headquarters for a conference, for the first time in the history of this platform, to have an open discussion about how things work or could be improved.
  • People are still learning to market on Pinterest. You still have plenty of space to become the king or queen of Pinterest!
  • In the early days of Google getting traffic from it was a lot easier than it is now.
  • Pinterest is still learning to be a smart search engine.

Fact: Pinterest is a combination of a search engine and a social media platform.

My Pinterest course will you teach you to treat Pinterest as a search engine. If you want to drive traffic consistently, your strategy should be based on Pinterest SEO.

You will know the results of my experiments on Pinterest – I share all my hacks and secrets. But you’ll also get the foundations of Pinterest SEO which allows you to start testing and “hacking” Pinterest’s algorithm on your own.

Results of my students

– Shane Paarman – Founder of Awesome Stuff 365

Shane Paarman is a marketing entrepreneur and founder of Awesome Stuff 365 , a popular web magazine featuring Cool, Creative & unique things

Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets helped me increase my Pinterest traffic significantly!

Pinterest is a complex search engine with a lot of moving pieces and Anastasia’s Course helped put all those pieces together into a fine tuned traffic generating machine, now all we do is rinse and repeat 10 minutes a day.

My Pinterest traffic has grown by over 300% in 4 months so far and continues to grow week-over-week and I’m excited to continue this growth. My Pinterest profile has now 4 Million monthly engaged, is gaining around 400-450 followers a week, has a virality score of 4.2 and 49% engagement rate.

Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned marketer with a big website, i highly recommend “Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets” to take you Pinterest game to another level!

Results of my students

– Lauren McDuffie – Founder of My Kitchen Little

I just wanted to say a quick thank-you to you for helping me get my new blog/business off to a fantastic start via your wonderful tips and advice in the Pinterest course. I purchased the course a couple/few months ago after starting my new food blog in September, knowing that Pinterest is a common strategy for boosting traffic. I just wasn’t totally sure how to go about it and what all of the best practices are to really maximize the platform’s impact.
Your course was VERY helpful and I’m just so grateful to you.

I’ve been a successful food blogger for almost 10 years, but only as a hobbyist. I’ve won awards and gotten book deals from my blogs but was never interested in monetization until recently. I decide to commit to a new brand and blog and in September, I began a new site called My Kitchen Little.

In only 4 months of operation, I have already been approved for Mediavine ads and am getting more than 3 million monthly page views on Pinterest. Incredible!
And to give you even greater context here, my old food blog was called Harvest and Honey, and I posted high-quality content to that site for years, and was named a best new voice by Saveur magazine, and even won the award for best personal food blog from the IACP. But, because I did not have a great strategy in place, and wasn’t doing anything to market myself (besides Instagram), I never made any money. So, I’ve learned that it’s not just about great content – you definitely have to have a plan in place to ensure that people see it. And this Pinterest course has really helped me understand how to do that.

Thanks again, Anastasia!!

Results of my students

– Kara, of Dollar Mommy Club
Anastasia’s course was very helpful! My first Pinterest account accidentally got shut down and by the time Pinterest got back to me, I already started a new one. By that time I got Pinterest SEO Traffic Course and was able to grow my second account to 2M in just 5 months, and it took a year to grow my first account to 2M.

My first account compared to my second account is a total night and day difference and this course is what really helped! I’m getting now about 2000 pageviews daily from Pinterest, my account gets more sustainable traffic and doesn’t have those ups and downs I had before implementing Anastasia’s strategies.

I am so excited to share with your some awesome numbers. After I applied what I learned from our call and email my traffic and income exploded!

In Mediavine income jumped from $243.06 to $1313.73!

My sessions in April was: 73,318 and my May traffic jump clear up to: 101,351. When we talked I was at 1.8M monthly views on Pinterest and now I am at 2.3M.
I just wanted to thank you again for your advice it made such a difference!

Results of my students

– Megan Williams
One of my Pinterest pins is still going viral (and many others) this one in particular is Over 3 million now organically.

Everyone wanting to market their stuff for free on social media should totally take my coach’s course. She’s an angel Anastasia! #6million

Results of my students

– Carla, of MomSecrets

I started Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets course three weeks ago, it’s such a short time but Pinterest already has become my main traffic source (about 95%, that’s crazy!).

I even managed to get one viral pin – and my blog is just one month old. I’m totally amazed at how fast my Pinterest views are growing. I’m so happy I took this course and didn’t waste time making 300 mistakes which could cost me so much time and effort. As a new blogger, I had no clue what I was doing on Pinterest. I was just adding pins to my personal account before starting Anastasia’s course having no idea how this could help me drive traffic to my blog.

Now I have a clear strategy and understanding how I’m going to grow traffic. And my Pinterest monthly views are growing so fast!

I’m super impressed how this Pinterest views convert into my blog visitors!

Results of my Students

– Mary, from Healthy Eating Experts
A lot of the tips and hacks in Anastasia’s course are real secrets. I took a lot of Pinterest courses and didn’t find the same content.

I’m blown away by your course and support. Well done!

– Deepak Rathore, of Money Momma Blog
Ever since I took Anastasia’s Pinterest SEO course, Pinterest has been my # 1 source of traffic. I’m totally beginner in the blogging field and don’t know much about SEO, but in this course, she has simplified how Pinterest works and with her strategies, you can even drive traffic to your new blog.

If you are a new blogger or a seasoned one, don’t waste your time and money on the courses which claim high but poor on delivery. I definitely recommend investing in Anastasia’s course if you want the results in the shortest period of time.

She gives her full support beyond the course, whether you ask her about image, fonts, pin description, pin title all queries are answered till you satisfied.

I’m very happy to share my results. I’ve got a viral pin for more than 6 months now and still bringing me decent traffic to my blog.

Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets
Unlimited Access to the Course and All Updates

  • Private FB Group for Questions and Support
  • 20 HQ Pin Canva Templates
  • 15 Photoshop Pin Templates

Unlimited Access to the Course and All Updates

  • Everything from Standard
  • 1:1 Coaching (1 hour)
  • Pinterest Account Audit
  • Email Support

Results of my Students

– Olga Balasa, of ageberry.com
I have gone through the course a few times now, and each time I learn something new that I didn’t notice before. There is a ton of useful information in the course for me. Now I know so much more! I have learned how to make Pinterest keyword research properly, how to use Google Analytics and Pinterest Analytics to my adventure, how to design great pins that Pinterest will love, how to schedule my pins to Tailwind efficiently so it doesn’t take forever to do.

I really like Anastasia’s smart pinning techniques and she has real pin examples from her successful blog. She explains how to use Tailwind’s new smart loop feature. The course answered many of my doubts as I was going through the course. I got to avoid making common beginner mistakes with my Pinterest marketing.

I implemented new techniques on my blog immediately and it increased my pageviews, my followers, and now I have 9.4 million monthly viewers on Pinterest!
But it isn’t just about the new knowledge. Anastasia’s direct feedback for improving my pins was invaluable. The big benefits came from interacting with Anastasia. She answered all my questions immediately. I still have a long list of things to do for my blog but now I am more confident in my approach to Pinterest.

I got more value from Anastasia’s course than from an expensive Pinterest course I bought a few months before. Thanks so much to Anastasia for all her support and for sharing her experience!

Results of my students

– Natalie Holland, of Rags To Niches
I had over 400 visits from Pinterest yesterday! Before doing this course, I was lucky to get about 20 visits and I feel like I’ve really only just started with it! Thank you!!

And I went from 30k Pinterest monthly views to 200k+ Pinterest monthly views.

Results of my students

– Shuayb Chowdhury
This is what I love about Pinterest 😍

The compounding effect. 93k to 1 Million monthly viewers in under 60 days.

And I’m still yet to leverage group boards and my own content.

I’ve been doing a little different strategy which I’m sure with Anastasia’s SEO optimization has worked wonders.

Results of my students

– Peter Nyiri, Founder, of FunnelXpert
I have been studying Pinterest for a few months, I have done a blogging course and the author of the course said she was getting 1 million views on Pinterest with her strategy. That course barely scratched the surface and I was really disappointed.
Then I literally researched around a hundred blog posts on the subject. After all of this, I studied Anastasia’s course and I can tell you that about 90 percent of the course was completely new to me.

The understanding you have on Pinterest is very general, and I can tell you right now that you are missing a lot of fine details…

– Sam of Great Cleaning Gear
Want to be less reliant on Google? Looking for an alternative source of traffic? Want to get started with Pinterest marketing the right way?

I had the above questions in mind for a long time. I’ve used Pinterest marketing in 2017 and stopped a few months later as I didn’t see the results. Fortunately, I accidentally found AnastasiaBlogger.com and decided to join Pinterest SEO course. I just realized what I have done wrong in the past and Anastasia’s course is the answer!

You will find in the course a ton of updated information and tips for Pinterest marketing. She is great at explaining and goes into details. She keeps updating the course and answering in the private FB group. My Pinterest account has finally taken off after I applied what I learned from the course.

If you are in the same situation as I’ve been into, I recommend Anastasia’s Pinterest SEO course!

Results of my students

– Kristen, upcyclemystuff.com
I can’t recommend Anastasia’s course enough. I searched around for a Pinterest course for a while and I know now I made the right choice.

Since following Anastasia’s advice and pinning system I have seen Pinterst become the biggest source of traffic for my website.

My monthly impressions grew from 250k per month to 2.7m per month over 3 months of using her system and the clicks through to my website have grown at a similar rate. Don’t take this course if you aren’t willing to put the work in – but if you are, you couldn’t find a better or more helpful teacher. Anastasia is super responsive in the Facebook Group when anyone is struggling and the rest of the group are nice and helpful too!

Traffic to my new blog skyrocketed in 90 days!
I wanted to prove myself that my Pinterest strategy can work for a brand new blog. I created this blog on Feb 4, 2018. In 3 months my monthly traffic to this blog from Pinterest reached almost 74,000 Pageviews!

What do you get in the course pack?

Lifetime access to all the course content

A workbook to help you go through the modules and structure your knowledge

Feedback and your questions answered in my private Facebook group ($47/mo value for FREE)

We all love Bonuses, here are some for you!

Free updates to the course!
Pinterest is changing, and this happens a lot faster than we probably would like it to. Some algorithm changes can dramatically change the ways you promote content on this platform. My Pinterest course has been updated because of Pinterest changes twice in just six months. I notified all my students about the updates and gave them access to an entirely new module for free!

Bonus Pinterest Secrets Module ($467 value!)
Since I want to master Pinterest, I am a regular buyer of Pinterest-related courses myself. So, I know what my colleagues can teach you.
I have a Bonus module which includes absolutely exclusive Pinterest hacks and secrets which you will not find in any other Pinterest course. These are my own discoveries based on many hours I spend on Pinterest to outsmart the platform and drive traffic and sales to my site like no one else does.

The value of this module is so high not only because it’s exclusive information, but also because it’s something you can only figure out spending hundreds of hours on Pinterest, testing and experimenting. This is what I do all the time. You will get access to all my tricks as a bonus to the fundamental Pinterest training. Hence the word “Secrets” in the name of my Pinterest course.

20 Pinterest Canva HQ Image Templates ($49 value!)
Pinterest is a visual search engine. To win on Pinterest, you have to master your pin images. Not all of us were born with designer eye or skills.

I included in my Pinterest course a Canva video tutorial to help you create clickworthy pins. Canva is a drag and drop tool that works in a browser and you will need to create a free account on canva.com to be able to use the pack of 20 Pinterest Templates for Canva.

Grab these Pinterest graphic templates designed by a professional graphic designer to help you create viral pins that will stand out. You can customize them with your own text, photos, colors, or fonts in Canva and reuse them for multiple pins.

15 Pinterest Photoshop Image Templates ($39 value!)
Pinterest is a visual search engine. To win on Pinterest, you have to master your pin images. Not all of us were born with designer eye or skills.

I included in my Pinterest course a Photoshop video tutorial to help you create clickworthy pins.

Grab these Pinterest graphic templates designed by a professional graphic designer to help you create viral pins that will stand out. You can customize them with your own text, photos, colors, or fonts in Photoshop and reuse them for multiple pins. I also made for you a Photoshop video tutorial which will help you jump start into using these templates.

This is an editable instant download .PSD file and will only work in Photoshop. By the way, you can get a free trial of Photoshop, or it’s available for about $10 a month on a paid plan.

Is “Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets” the right course for you?

This Pinterest marketing course is perfect if

If you a beginner on Pinterest or consider yourself an Intermediate Pinterest marketer. That’s because the course content is designed in a way that can lead you from the basic account settings to sophisticated pinning automation systems. It can teach you to build your Pinterest account from scratch or to fix your account if the traffic has been stagnating for a while. It will help you promote your new content and drive tons of traffic to your old content!

The course works if you are:

  • A blogger
  • Selling services on your website
  • Own an eCommerce site

This course isn’t going to be a good fit if…

  • If your blog is a hobby and you don’t intend to work hard on it to make a sustainable online income.
  • If you believe in a magical pill which you can buy and get rich quick – this course is for people who are ready to actually invest time and efforts in their blog or online business.

Class Curriculum

Module 1. Setting Up Pinterest Account
1. Setup Business Account & Verify Your Site (8:28)
UPDATED! February 2020
2. Enable Rich Pins (8:23)
UPDATED! February 2020

Module 2. Pinterest SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
3. Pinterest SEO Introduction (4:04)
4. Four Main Pinterest SEO Traffic Factors (12:59)
UPDATED! February 2020
5. Pinterest Keyword Research (8:31)
UPDATED! February 2020
6. SEO – Profile and Boards (15:48)
7. SEO – Pins (6:33)
8. SEO – Posts, Images and Hashtags (6:01)
UPDATED! April 2020

Module 3. Pinterest Boards
9. Organize Your Boards + Board Covers (5:57)
10. How To Get Access to the Best Group Boards (21:29)
11. Should You Leave Group Boards? How to evaluate Group Boards? (6:57)

Module 4. The Best Ways to Check your Pinterest Analytics
12. Pinterest’s Native Analytics (what is worth checking on their platform) (9:15)
UPDATED! April 2020
13. Analytics in Jetpack plugin and Google Analytics (5:56)

Module 5. Smart Pinning Technique
14. Manual Pinning Methods (15:19)
UPDATED! July 2020
15. Avoid These Terrible Mistakes on Pinterest – Part 1 (8:56)
16. Avoid These Terrible Mistakes on Pinterest – Part 2 (9:11)
17. What is a Safe Number of Pins per day? What about Pin Duplication? (8:17)

Module 6. The Art of Making your Pins Viral
18. How to Make your pins Viral – My Initial Boost Technique for New Pins (13:24)
UPDATED! May 2020
19. How to Revive Viral Pins to Get Consistent Traffic (15:03)

Module 7. How you Can Design Pins that Stand Out
20. How to Create Efficient Clickworthy Pins (9:39)
21. How to Create Multiple Pin Versions with Adobe Spark (11:16)
NEW! March 2020
22. How to Use Canva to Create Pins – Detailed Tutorial (14:16)
23. Creating Pins in Photoshop Tutorial (14:01)

Module 8. Tailwind Tutorial – How to Schedule Efficiently
24. Setting Up Your Tailwind Account (5:25)
NEW! February 2020
25. How to schedule your own pins with Board Lists (13:56)
UPDATED! February 2020
26. Interval Pinning Schemes (8:44)
NEW! February 2020
27. The Best Way to Schedule Other People’s Content Efficiently (6:27)
28. Tailwind Analytics 1 (2:24)
29. Tailwind Analytics 2 (5:47)
30. Tailwind Analytics 3 (3:06)
31. Tailwind Tribes (7:06)
32. Tailwind SmartLoop (6:50)

Module 9. How To Create Video Pins
33.Why Creating Video Pins? (8:09)
34. How to Create Multiple Video Pins with Adobe Spark (04:07)
NEW! March 2020
35. How To Create Video Pins in Canva (5:12)
UPDATED! April 2020
36. How To Create Video Pins in Wave Video (12:57)

Module 10. Pinterest for eCommerce
37. Pinterest Audience for e-Commerce (7:15)
38. Pinterest Tips Specific for e-Commerce (18:42)

Bonus! My Top Secrets and Pinterest Hacks
39. Social Pug Plugin – Pinterest Sharing Settings (14:38)
40. Secret #1. Having your own group boards – does it help you grow your account? (8:51)
41. Secret #2. In which niches you can get tons of Pinterest traffic? (11:39)
42. Secret #3. How to organize your posts to skyrocket your Pinterest traffic (6:22)

Become an Affiliate for Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets Course!
How you can make money selling this course
FAQ about the Affiliate Program for This Course

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
You have a lifetime access to the course, plus to all the updates in the future. This is a never-ending source of Pinterest secrets!

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?
Yes, sure. If you complete the course and implement my strategies, but don’t see any results, you can email me within 30 days of purchase (a whole month!) for a full refund. All I ask is that you provide evidence that you’ve put these methods into place with your blog and they have not worked for you. For complete details on our customer satisfaction guarantee, please refer to our Terms of Use.

In which format the course is designed?
The easiest way to learn for most of the people is by watching videos. But I know that workbooks are also very handy as they help to build a solid structure for the course material. You will have videos and a workbook.

You also get access to me personally in our private Facebook group for course students, and ask me any questions you have about Pinterest.


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